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B2B Content Marketing: 5 Trends That You Need to Watch in 2020

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How has B2B content marketing changed since the start of the pandemic? What challenges do content marketers face? What do successful content marketers do that set them apart from others? 5 B2B Content Marketing Trends That You Should Know.

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How to Use Content Marketing for PR and Social Media Success

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The value of content marketing for PR and social media has become a slam dunk when it comes to digital marketing. And if we had any doubts, a new study from Brunswick shows that investors and analysts are making decisions based on the digital content of executives and companies. These statistics prove a direct link between your content and communications and how willing people are to invest in your brand -- aka, your bottom line. What makes LinkedIn so valuable?


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How to Boost Buyers with Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

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Your B2B content marketing strategy plays a powerful role in a buyer’s journey. But new research shows that a strong B2B content strategy goes beyond simple information; it influences audiences. Content Marketing Institute and SmartBrief joined forces and recently released a study that reveals the impact of a content strategy on the purchasing process. A strong B2B content strategy goes beyond simple information; it influences audiences CLICK TO TWEET.

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5 ways to use LinkedIn for content marketing

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With more than 364 million registered users in roughly 200 countries, LinkedIn is a powerful and active social media network. Although users can hunt for a new career, share online portfolios and connect with other professionals, LinkedIn can also boost marketers’ and PR professionals’ efforts to create and share content. Here are five ways to use LinkedIn in your content marketing strategy: 1.

The 7 Worst Mistakes You Can Make in B2B Content Marketing

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In B2B content marketing, we’ve almost seen it all: The success when people get it right. The mistakes that cause content to crash and burn. Some of these mistakes are old timers -- others are newbies as the B2B marketing industry has evolved. We've created a comprehensive list tthat will help you ace content marketing. 7 Mistakes That Harm B2B Content Marketing Success. Handpicked Related Content. Infographics.

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Post, Ping and Pray is *Not* a Content Marketing Strategy

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Today I wanna talk about a fundamental error I see many companies make with regard to Content Marketing. More recently infographics have been all the rage. The content changes but the marketing strategy rarely evolves – beyond the addition of new outposts, e.g.: “We’ll tweet it; we’ll post it to Facebook; we’ll upload it to (YouTube or Slideshare); we’ll post it to our LinkedIn page; and pin it on Pinterest!”.

Survey Finds Tough Grades on B2B Content Marketing

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If content marketing was a self-evaluated college class, marketers would give themselves a “C.” That’s my sense after reading the new B2B Content Marketing 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America report. The annual report is a joint effort between MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute. Now in its sixth year, the report is derived from a survey of 1,521 North American B2B marketers. Content Marketing Effectiveness.

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Drive Blog Traffic With These 4 Content Marketing Tools


When it comes to content marketing, there’s a lot of “been there, done that” out there. Infographics and Graphics. Infographics are another great visual addition to your content marketing arsenal. There are even tools to help you create your own infographics, like Piktochart. Since we know that visual imagery can have a huge impact in engaging an audience online, it’s a content marketing tool worth the time investment.

State of Healthcare Content Marketing: 5 Trends Transforming the Industry

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” Good medicine, like good content, comes down to trust and results. But the rise of digital health content has complicated the way people think about healthcare. So it’s never been easier to search and find health content online.

Long-Form Content is King: 4 Studies Show the Power of Long-Form in Content Marketing [UML]

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Data analysis of millions of articles and surveys thousands of bloggers find long-form content outperforms short form. Something similar has happened in content marketing and blogging in the marketing community.

The Ultimate Checklist: 20 Points that Will Lead You to the Best B2B Content Marketing

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What are your content goals? That’s why we’ve created this ultimate checklist to get your B2B content marketing on track. This checklist has been designed to help you prioritize your content creation, come up with content ideas, and grow your audience over time. When developing the correct content marketing mix you should leverage the newest techniques and platforms so you won't be stuck in the past. Create a B2B Content Strategy.

How PR pros invented content marketing

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That was the advent of content marketing. Many years and lots of technology upgrades later, content marketing and public relations seem to have drifted apart, taking on identities of their own. However, a great public relations practitioner knows content marketing like the back of their hand. Why, through content, of course. Content marketing vs. public relations. Five examples of content marketing.

5 steps to outstanding content marketing

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By now, most organizations realize that content marketing should be a crucial part of their PR and marketing strategies. However, it can get overwhelming to remember to update your blog regularly, distribute your newsletter on a consistent basis and focus the necessary time on social media marketing. Fortunately, by counting to five, you can remember the crucial tenets of content marketing: 1.

64% of PR and Marketing Pros Will Increase Content Marketing Efforts in 2016: Marketwired Survey and Infographic


If you’re curious about content marketing, a quick Google search will serve up no shortage of information on trends, best practices, benefits for B2B and B2C companies and what it all means as 2016 approaches. The Marketwired Team wondered what PR, marketing and corporate communications pros are doing with content today , and what they’re going to be doing tomorrow. Check out the survey highlights in our original infographic and read more in our news release.

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5 steps to simplify content marketing efforts

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Are you investing in content marketing? It can get confusing to remember to update your blog regularly, distribute your e-newsletter on a consistent basis and focus the necessary time on your social media marketing. Fortunately, by counting to five, you can remember the foundation of what’s really important in content marketing. If you’re going to invest your time and resources in social media marketing , make it count.

3 ways infographics can power your content marketing campaigns

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Despite some naysaying, infographics are thriving. A recent article on infographics on PR Daily reviewed a report from Clutch that stated: “The age of infographics is dying, and most of them are quite bad.”. RELATED: Ragan creates custom content, from white papers to emails to intranets and more! When done well and as part of a larger marketing and PR strategy, a creative infographic can make otherwise dull content more digestible for a wider audience.

10 ways infographics can power your content marketing strategy

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Some of my favorite infographics are about infographics. Here are the 10 reasons to use these visuals in your content marketing strategy, from the fine folks at Digital Marketing Philippines. Infographics position you as an expert. You can use them to expand beyond digital marketing. Infographics can make your content more understandable. Infographics can increase your search marketing results.

Content Marketing: How to Get Ridiculously Awesome Reach With Minimal Effort

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If I did a better job of creating content, it could be even better! Can you imagine the fantastic reach you could earn for your content if using SlideShare with dedicated time and energy – backed by a specific, focused content strategy? Since SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn, you can improve the reach of your uploads even further by connecting your SlideShare account to LinkedIn. Content Marketing 10,908.

Instagram’s sagging engagement, LinkedIn’s new marketing tools, and Google’s revamped news section

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Related reading: Instagram enables marketers to boost influencers’ sponsored content. Many companies are challenging Amazon’s Prime Day with deals and campaigns of their own, but eBay took a sassy tack with a video called “Honest Alexa”: LinkedIn offers marketing optimization tools. The tools are labeled as objectives to help marketers meet business goals. Related reading: How to use LinkedIn Groups to create marketing magic.

Libraries, Long-Term Value and the Influence of Creativity in Content Marketing [UML]

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One of the risks in marketing is the tendency we all have to get caught in a habit. As the conversations around the marketing table often begin with, “At my last company we…”. However, if there’s one thing the internet did for marketing, it showed us how dramatically things can change – and that they are changing at increasingly faster pace. This means we must, as marketers, maintain a student’s mindset , continuously challenge assumptions , and actively seek out new ideas.

21 influencers share top tips for 2021 digital marketing

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But what can we learn and apply to our digital marketing and communications strategies in 2021? Here’s how 21 influencers answer this question: What one piece of marketing advice would you offer to brands as we head into the new year? David Berkowitz, founder, Serial Marketers.

4 ways brand managers can amplify content-marketing efforts

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Content marketing is an important component of every digital-marketing strategy. Though most businesses know they need to do content marketing , many don't gain much traction. In an effort to help you improve your content-marketing efforts, here are some tips that will greatly improve your results. You need a very detailed plan if you want to experience success with your content marketing.

Infographic: How to use LinkedIn to increase conversions

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LinkedIn, apart from being a popular social networking site, is also a great content marketing channel. Many think of the platform only as a digital destination to connect with industry peers and search for jobs—and it is a great place to do so—but finding relevant leads and sharing valuable content on the site can lead to increased conversions. This infographic. Check out the full infographic.

How you can turn basic reporting into stellar content marketing

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Reporting can also be turned into interesting content that expands your reach, showcases your brand personality and provides exceptional value to people. If you’re looking for new content marketing inspiration, your company’s most recent report might be your next piece of PR gold. Here’s how seven clever brands have turned surveys, reports, data and insights into fantastic content to connect and engage with the public: 1. MailChimp’s annual reports (culture marketing).

Why SlideShare should be part of your content marketing plan

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If you’re in any way involved in content marketing, SlideShare had better be part of your strategy. The presentation (and PDF) sharing platform is an ideal venue for marketing materials that go beyond the bounds of a tweet or status update. It gets five times more visits from business owners than social media sites, including even LinkedIn.

12 ways to polish and elevate your content marketing efforts

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Are you tired of producing mediocre, half-hearted content marketing? Here are 12 ways to up your content marketing game: 1. Content Marketing Institute offers a free subscription to its magazine. Subscribing to this complimentary magazine is an easy start toward making content marketing work for your business. Listen to content marketing webinars. To find out about upcoming webinars, keep tabs on: Content Marketing Institute.

Strategizing for 2016: Content Marketing Trends & Tips (Infographic)

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Meaghan is the Content Marketing Manager for ZenContent , a company that provides tailored, quality content for brands of all varieties. Say hi on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn. ContentThe following is a guest post by Meaghan McBee.

5 ways content marketers can stand out online

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Content marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries and quickly becoming a key part of organizations’ marketing strategies. million pieces of content. Multiply these statistics by 1,440 times per day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year—and it quickly becomes clear that we’ve reached a point of total content saturation. The question thousands of marketers, businesses, and bloggers have is, “How can I make my content stand out?”

PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards finalists chosen

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We wanted to know how you engaged a global audience with enticing video content, interactive social media, revealing blog posts or content series. We sought to recognize the best marketing and communications professionals who put their passion into writing, editing or film to create appealing content to promote a brand or organization. Next, our judges will go over the semi-finalists in eleven categories and name the top content marketing experts in the field.

2016: The Year of Content Marketing

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A few months ago, our agency learned that more of our clients and prospects were in need of greater content marketing assistance. While we’ve always been a PR and Marketing agency, the majority of our work has primarily been focused on media relations. It means putting out quality content on a continuous basis. That content varies from writing to photos to video and can be shared on a blog, e-newsletter and social media channel.

How to Get Your Brand Noticed in a Crowded Market


You’re in a busy market, and not sure how to stand out from the crowd. What do you do when you don’t have the loudest voice, the biggest network or the most money to throw at marketing? Marketing isn’t your audience finding you, rather it’s you finding them. You market where they live, work and go for entertainment. So many brands make marketing the main priority, but don’t give much thought to on-going customer support.

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30 Pragmatic Marketing and PR Predictions for 2020

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As I’ve done in recent years, I’ve asked a whole bunch of smart people for their marketing predictions or PR predictions for the next year. And now on with the marketing and PR predictions for 2020. 1) Marketing embraces sustainability. 5) Marketers will slow down.

How to Adapt to the Future of B2B Inbound Marketing

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B2B inbound marketing started some 10 years ago in response to growing frustration with traditional, outbound marketing tactics. Meanwhile, the methods and priorities of b2b marketing strategies grow and evolve. Hubspot’s State of Inbound 2017 report delves into the details of inbound marketing, ferreting out the details of 6,000 marketers, including both inbound and outbound marketers, who were polled. Handpicked Related Content.

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5 ways to adapt your PR efforts in a post-COVID world

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Tools such as Zoom create new possibilities and PR professionals should consider inviting media to Zoom calls with the offer of showing graphics, infographics and other visuals and making sure to use video to add a personal touch. Tim Johnson is president at Upraise Marketing.

8 Ways Public Relations Can Fuel Successful Content Marketing

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Editor's note: This post was originally published by Content Marketing Institute and has been edited for comprehensiveness. And your project management system has been stacked with all the standard elements of a successful content marketing campaign, such as: An eBook: All of the brilliant (and statistically valid) research and insights you’ve gathered have been neatly packaged into a downloadable eBook. Amplify the content.

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Infographic: Social media marketers say Facebook offers best ROI

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Despite the growing power of Instagram and Twitter, as well as newcomers like TikTok, marketers believe the best investment is still Facebook. . Many communicators are putting together their annual budgets, and some teams are pushing for more spending on social media content and promotions. However, many marketers say Facebook is the best investment of their limited social media budget. . Key insights include: Some 94% of B2B marketers share content on LinkedIn.

Dos & Don’ts of Content Creation

Critical Mention

Getting started with content creation can take time. First, you have to decide where the content will be published. Make your content identifiable by sticking to one or two font types for all your content. Leave white space in your content.

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How to Conquer the 10 Hurdles to Successful B2B Marketing Strategies

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A lot has changed in the realm of B2B marketing strategies over the past year. New technologies have entered the market. Executives have new demands on marketers. Hubspot’s recently released State of Inbound report has provided us with key data that reveals what challenges are top of mind for marketers in 2017. 10 Hurdles That Today’s B2B Marketing Strategies Face. Actively participate in your content creation. Infographics? Content marketing?

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A Marketing to Media Translation Dictionary For Journalists Turned Content Marketers

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In the marketing world, professionals tend to glom onto useful marketing buzzwords as a shared language, and those terms can actually prove useful to professionals in adjacent industries. As the marketing and media industries continue to look more and more alike, their lexicons overlap too. Ultimately, marketers and media employees want the same thing— engaged audience members —but we’ve all been taught to talk about attention and audience using industry-specific terms.

4 Ways to “Automate” Good Design with Canva

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For marketing and PR professionals, generating images for campaigns or any other needs can be a trying and expensive process. Certain images, such as infographics, are “allowed” to have a lot more information packed into them than other images. Marketing Coordinator. . You’ve probably realized by now that at SHIFT, we like to work smarter, not harder. That’s why we try to automate our work when possible.