7 guidelines for content marketers to craft winning listicles

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Some content marketers—and readers—have grown weary of listicles. Defined as “writing or other content presented wholly or partly in the form of a list,” listicles communicate succinctly. FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 ways to spin content marketing leads into gold ]. The poor reputation of listicles may derive from how writers typically create them rather than from the format itself, Sean Callahan writes in the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog.

5 guidelines for exceptional livestreaming

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Get creative with your content, prioritize relevant, helpful pieces, and make sure that Wi-Fi signal is strong before mashing ‘record.’. Video livestreaming has moved quickly from a fun fad to a full-blown marketing strategy. It’s an inexpensive, quick, easy way for companies to produce engaging, highly personalized content. RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. ]. Produce worthwhile content.

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Why content marketers shouldn’t overlook niche outlets

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Part of creating effective content is knowing where you want it to end up. By outlining your goals and knowing whom you want to reach with your content, you can decide which publication is the best bet for your company. First off, it’s important to understand the difference between the two types of publications you can pitch content to, and what sort of content makes sense for each. a content marketing agency. Content Marketing

11 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


If you’re developing digital content in any capacity, you’ve probably run across some of the following advice: Develop a content strategy. Write “good” content. You could develop a content marketing strategy , but that doesn’t mean that it will be a good strategy, or that it is related to the corporate goals in any meaningful way. You could develop content to entertain and never sell, but what if people really want to buy from you?

Better vs. New: How Content Marketers Can Reset Their Priorities

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If there’s one thing every content marketer loves, it’s the grind. I was high on the grind myself recently, fresh out of Uberflip’s stellar Conex conference and sitting in Cleveland for Content Marketing World , typing so fast my laptop was (almost) billowing smoke. Marketers don’t slow down. If a sales team’s motto is Always Be Closing , the marketing team’s motto is Always Be Creating.

Content marketing and brand journalism best practices

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You need content marketing and brand journalism. Push your organization past competitors to the top of your field with takeaways from the Brand Journalism and Content Marketing Summit, Nov. Join 12 experts at Children’s Hospital of Colorado for an agenda packed with strategies that will turn your content into captivating communication. Establish consistent editorial and style guidelines. Reach millions of people searching for viral video content.

Avoid these 11 content marketing mishaps

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If you're developing digital content in any capacity, you've probably run across some of the following advice: Develop a content strategy. Write "good" content. You could develop a content marketing strategy , but that doesn't mean that it will be a good strategy, or that it is related to your corporate goals. You could develop content to entertain and never sell, but what if people really. When editing, you're too focused on optimizing content.

Content marketing is changing with every passing second – A discussion

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In today’s hi-tech, fast-moving, cluttered digital world, content marketing is one of the most practical, effective and useful marketing strategies to date. It’s an essential aspect of today’s digital marketing landscape. With 70% of internet users saying they’d prefer to learn through content rather than ads (as per Shonaliburke.com), don’t pass off content marketing as just a buzzword just yet.

How to Get the Most Out of Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

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B2B content is the word du jour withmany companies having invested int their own B2B content marketing strategy. Today, it's s no longer a matter of companies implementing content within their marketing plan. The issue now is using that content to its fullest potential. Many companies have tackled the need for content with full gusto, pumping out top-notch content as if their lives depended on it. Create a Content Management Strategy.

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5 content marketing lessons from 'Pretty Little Liars'

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Pretty Little Liars" drives the type of engagement that content marketers dream of. Whether you are a frequent visitor to Rosewood (the fictional town in which the series is set) or not, the show offers some valuable advice to new and veteran content marketers alike. Although there is nothing wrong with playing it safe and ensuring your content always tightly adheres to brand guidelines, there is also something to be said for the element of surprise.

Announcing PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards finalists

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The finalists in PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards know that compelling content can capture the attention of busy audiences. Content Marketing for the Purpose of: Brand Awareness. Powerful Content Marketing Helps Customer Deliver Awareness and Business Growth for a Greener Ice Melting Solution, BASF. Smart Marketing Marketing Smart, Stein IAS with Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure. Employer Brand Marketing, T-Mobile US, Inc.

How to boost your content marketing with video

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Video content marketing is the new normal for brands and agencies that are eager to find relevance in a cluttered and ever-evolving landscape. Meanwhile, we’re questioning the efficacy of traditional ad-based digital media, such as banners and pre-roll content. It’s also pretty easy to launch a video content campaign these days. We spend hours poring over brand style guides with exact color schemes and logo-sizing guidelines.

State of Healthcare Content Marketing: 5 Trends Transforming the Industry

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” Good medicine, like good content, comes down to trust and results. But the rise of digital health content has complicated the way people think about healthcare. So it’s never been easier to search and find health content online. Yet that same content can be incorrect, promotional, contradictory, or overly complex. More importantly, what should doctors, hospitals, insurers, and healthcare companies do to improve the state of healthcare content online?

10 essential social media guidelines

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Using the power of content and social media marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way. It's vital that you understand social media marketing fundamentals. Success with social media and content marketing requires more listening and less talking. Read your target audience's online content and join discussions to learn what's important to them. Social media and content marketing success doesn't happen overnight.

4 Teamwork Tips for Content Marketers and Product Managers

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The strength of this relationship depends on products that make customers’ lives easier and content that shows them how. And accomplishing both of these things hangs on the strength of another relationship: The relationship between marketers and product managers. When product and marketing teams are aligned, brands can take their product launches to the next level — inspiring customers to adopt, support, and even advocate for a new product.

LinkedIn Pulse: The Next Content Marketing Must-Have?


Not too long ago, you , as a marketer, signed in to LinkedIn to check your messages , catch up on an old colleague, and maybe update your new profile picture. Rebranding to “LinkedIn Pulse” in late 2013 , the app has quickly become a key part of making LinkedIn a content marketing machine. LinkedIn Pulse essentially analyzes what’s being written and aggregates content based on your industry, your connections and what you choose to follow on the network.

4 Powerful Examples of Earned Media in 2020

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Tracking earned media is essential for PR pros, communications experts and marketers because it can help them to amplify brand awareness and build strategies for the future. Early on, TV stations started recommending bicycles as a safer alternative to public transportation and great leisure activity that adhered to social distancing guidelines.

Marketing Content: A Decision Matrix for Reviews and Approvals Done

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Here are some ideas for developing guidelines for the timely approvals of marketing content so you can drive business results A few years back, a client of mine was having trouble getting content published. Reports and long-form content would never see the light of day.

5 essentials for finding and partnering with a worthy influencer

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Perhaps the most important—and yet most difficult—part of an influencer marketing campaign comes before you ever make a pitch. Many marketers rely on follower count and engagement rate, assuming those metrics will help them find high-quality influencers. Quality of content.

How PR should be tapped to support investor relations

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Prior to a capital raise or exit, it is especially important to create a discoverable track record of success to excite and entice investors and the market. Develop IR and marketing calendars with clear quarterly goals in mind. Provide a realistic market size estimate for investors.

Top 7 Communication Resources

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PRSA’s student-geared webinars on PRSSA provide great tips and guidelines on how to get started with public relations. The New Rules of Marketing & PR. The New Rules of Marketing and PR” provides great tips on how to confidently market your brand.

Consumer brands must tap technology to stay relevant post-pandemic

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But new restrictions on public gatherings and social distancing guidelines left Alice’s Table struggling to figure out how to bring people together. Branding Content Marketing Crisis Communications External Communications Marketing Measurement Media Relations PR Industry Storytelling Visual & Video CommunicationsTraditional brand experiences are being replaced by virtual interactions and activations—but consumers desires haven’t changed.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade goes virtual, Facebook launches climate change hub and Lego promises to eliminate plastic packaging

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These efforts, combined with cutting the parade’s participants by 75%, will help it maintain CDC guidelines during COVID-19. These fact-checkers can and do rate climate science content.

7 tactics to make the most of pay-per-click marketing

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Despite a pivot toward content marketing, PPC can be cost-effective and quite successful—if you know its particulars. Follow these guidelines to save yourself money and undue aggravation. . The rumors about pay-per-click marketing’s demise are greatly exaggerated.

Why website accessibility is crucial for a client’s digital reputation

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Although the Department of Justice has not released official guidelines, applying the ADA to websites is nothing new. In addition, the Web Accessibility Initiative’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) provide the key standards that all web content developers must follow. Public relations professionals must make sure their clients are adhering to these guidelines—not just to avoid bad publicity, but also to strengthen their digital reputation.

Report: Only 10% have extensive plans for a return to work

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Safety guidelines (84%), COVID-19 updates (79%) and new organizational procedures/policies are the top three topics shared with employees, according to the survey.

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How colors can shape and shade perceptions about your business

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Savvy marketers know that color can influence emotions, actions and perceptions. According to “ The Impact of Color on Marketing ,” people make up their minds about products within 90 seconds—and most of that assessment is based on color alone. Of course, there are no clear-cut global guidelines for selecting colors for products or branding, but there are cultural perceptions and trends that can help inform your design strategy.

3 SEO tips to increase your Google rank

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That means Google is now analyzing the context around your keywords to better determine your content’s purpose. Google can now determine if you’re posting content just to influence rankings,” he says. It’s only a threat if your content is SEO bait,” says Bush.

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10 tips for making website content easily accessible by voice search

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With Siri, Alexa and other mechanized listeners helping consumers find everything from pizza to piñatas, marketers must tailor their online presences with an eye—and ear—to that trend. Voice search has become a crucial element in digital marketing. FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 ways to spin content marketing leads into gold ]. Marketers who embrace voice search optimization before their competitors will gain an advantage. Learn about Google’s voice search guidelines.

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How brand managers can make an impact with contributed content

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However, many publications continue to welcome contributed content. FREE DOWNLOAD: How to create content that converts leads into sales ]. conducted a survey of 44 editors , only five of whom said they were decreasing guest-contributed content. If you don’t think your content is a fit for the big name publications, lower-tier media outlets are a good target. For example, many industry publications depend on contributed content to fill their pages.

How to use LinkedIn Groups to create marketing magic

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It’s also an incredible (and free) marketing opportunity. Here are some best practices on how to optimize marketing opportunities via LinkedIn Groups. RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. ]. After finding a LinkedIn Group that aligns with your customer persona and marketing objectives, review the rules carefully. Many, for instance, have strict “no selling” guidelines to discourage personal promotions.

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Study: Effective influencer marketing requires authenticity

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As consumers spend more and more time immersed in new and traditional media channels, marketers must find ways to pierce the clutter and build rapport. The right influencers deliver new and untapped markets, creating strong connections between brands and target audiences. A new study, “Connections: Travel Influencers & Destination Marketing,” explores the relationship between brands and influencers. Be ready to talk about expectations and guidelines from the start.

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Why and how PR pros can create a content experience

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Marketers and communicators must learn to properly package their content to reach new online audiences. Content marketing has become standard operating procedure for many organizations. However, it’s becoming increasingly important to focus on the “content experience.”. Content marketing encompasses the creation, distribution and analysis of content, whereas a content experience focuses on the content’s environment, structure and level of engagement.

How to generate authentic brand advocacy from your employees

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They’ve learned that employees offer an authentic and cost-effective way to spread company PR and marketing messages. Consumers trust personal connections more than brand marketing or promotion. Some PR and marketing pros caution against the practice, questioning whether it’s effective or ethical. RELATED: Share the content that captivated audiences ]. Centralize content in a hub, and explain why it’s important to different internal groups.

4 indicators that your content lacks a strong point of view

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Consumers are inundated with a flood of content and you’ve got a very small window to make an impression. Here are some signs that your content is playing it too safe. New topic areas get rapidly saturated with content, so it can be a challenge not only to get a publication editor to see your article as original, but also to get the reader to press that share button. FREE GUIDE: Brand journalism and content marketing—what’s the difference? ].

5 SEO Strategies for 2020

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It’s important for marketing, communications and PR pros to keep SEO strategies in mind when creating content. While some top tactics, like keyword stuffing, die out, the following trends are great to keep in mind when working on your site and creating the content provided within.

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Employee emails worsen Boeing’s reputation, Taco Bell offers $100K salaries, and Carnival bans offensive clothing

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Communicators looking to hone their skills might enjoy the “resolution suites” aimed at expanding your network, building a business or cultivating photography skills that can boost your social media content.

5 ingredients for becoming a repeat guest contributor

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Publications have a contributed content gatekeeper in charge of selecting contributors and ensuring they maintain the standards of the outlet. Some publications have clear guidelines for how to pitch contributed content — like PR Daily’s “Pitch Us” landing page — but others limit information, providing an email alias or nothing at all. A cup of content. You must have good content. Brand Journalism Content Marketing Marketing Writing & Editing

Ragan Training makes it easy to offer new ideas

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Covering everything from tech platforms to linguistic guidelines, Ragan Training has you covered when you face your biggest challenges. Public relations and marketing. Brand Journalism Content Marketing Crisis Communications Executive Communication Marketing Media Relations PR Social Media Storytelling Visual & Video Communications Writing & EditingAnswering the call for a fresh approach can be as simple as a yearly subscription.

How Do I Become a PR Influencer

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But PR pros can follow some important guidelines for becoming an established voice in the PR world. I also have an MBA, and my first entrepreneurial venture was to launch my own marketing and PR firm. You need to be in tune with the market to remain relevant.