Engineering the Enterprise for Content Marketing

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Thinking Differently about Employees and Content. Janet Fouts , who founded Tatu Digital Media , read this post – Scale Content Marketing: Employees are the Secret – and invited me to a Google Hangout to discuss it (She previously produced The Friday Hangout , a regular weekly show with Steve Farnsworth and Adam Helweh ). Second , this is the third time I’ve embarked on a content marketing program for an employer. The content beast has a voracious appetite.

SMG Connects the Dots Between Content Marketing and Business Outcomes


In the past, the SMG Brand Marketing team wasn’t necessarily excited to share reports with the business, and the metrics SMG reported on rarely helped enhance content strategy. The post SMG Connects the Dots Between Content Marketing and Business Outcomes appeared first on Onclusive.


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Content marketing for professional services firms & advice-based businesses

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It’s no secret that content marketing – becoming your own media channel – can be just fantastic for a broad range of different types of businesses. Now, you could be a very big company, or a fast growing enterprise, or you could be a one person show, and you are the brand, the personal brand and the business, and everything is wrapped up in your brand and your reputation. It doesn’t matter, because content can work across all of those different sizes.

Content Marketing is the New Conference and Trade Show During Quarantine [UML]

Sword and the Script

There are several strategies for this including: You can help people – content has utility value. You can captivate people – content has entertainment value. Obviously, we cannot congregate today, and marketing and PR are scrambling to defend or reallocate their budgets.

The 10 Best PR & Content Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2019


PR and content marketing are rapidly evolving with new access to data and insights, new methods of measurement and more channels to reach your audience than ever. Attending conferences can not only be an effective way to sharpen your skills, but can provide you with lots of networking with other PR and marketing pros navigating our evolving industry. Content Marketing World. Content Marketing Conference. Confab, The Content Strategy Conference.

5 Essentials of an Effective Content Marketing Strategy


Content marketing is all the rage nowadays. And there’s no shortage of marketing firms touting content marketing as the latest bandwagon you don’t want to miss. Yet, truth be told, content marketing is nothing new. Whether you’re a neophyte content marketer or a grizzled pro, you’ll get better results if you approach content marketing as a strategic discipline. 3: Conduct a Content Audit.

Conquer Today’s Top B2B Content Marketing Challenges

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This week I was reminded of a post I wrote back in March on jumpstarting your B2B content. MarketingProfs’ latest B2B Content Marketing 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends report. The report provides some great insight into how B2B marketers are thinking about content and where they’re stuck. Challenge #1: Producing Engaging Content. This will help you further dictate and target your content. Challenge #2: Producing Consistent Content.

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Survey Analysis: Competition in B2B Content Marketing Heats Up

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B2B marketing has overwhelmingly adopted the concept of content marketing, according to the 2018 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends survey. That may mean content marketing is maturing, but that also means competition for an audience will heat up. In fact, 80% of all respondents, and 92% of the most successful content marketers, said their organization is focused on building an audience.

Executive Bylines: 5 Tips for Working with a Ghostwriter

Meltwater - PR

As an executive, it's important to distribute more content across all channels. Enterprise Executives Marketing PR & Comms Content Marketing Social MediaBy sharing your thought leadership on LinkedIn and other social media, your company website/blog, or through bylines on… Read More >>>.

The Relationships You Must Commit to for Content Marketing Success


With just one statistic, Joe Pulizzi delivered a stark wake-up call to this year’s Content Marketing World attendees. When we asked global enterprise marketers how committed they are to their content marketing approach, 20 percent said they’re fully committed,” said Joe during Day 1’s welcome address. It’s not necessarily about content or technology, he explained in his keynote. Influencer marketing is not one and done.

How to Overcome 7 Top Content Marketing Challenges


Content marketing has never been more important. A report from Content Marketing Institute (CMI) conducted in 2016 found that 47 percent of enterprise marketers planned to increase their budgets for content marketing over the following 12 months. While it’s indisputable that content marketing is making waves in the business world, many marketers still complain about challenges they face on a daily basis.

State of Content Marketing 2019: Creativity Strikes Back

Contently - Strategy

Content marketing just doesn’t work,” they said. I’ve worked at Contently, one of the pioneers in content marketing, since 2013. The truth is a lot of companies have figured out content marketing and turned it into their secret weapon, driving hockey-stick growth and leaving their competitors lingering in the shadows. Starting in 2013, brands started hiring journalists to work on their content programs.

What Does It Take to Implement Content Marketing Effectively in B2B?

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What does it take to implement content marketing effectively in a B2B organization? It’s not an easy question to answer broadly because: a) every team has its own dynamics; b) every organization has constraints and limitations, and c) every vertical market has its own unique characteristics. c) every vertical market has its own unique characteristics. 1) Hands on marketing leadership. PR, Social Media and the Imperative of Content Marketing [UML].

Free webcast: Get ahead of your competition with enterprise video

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Join Gwynne Dalseg, director of enterprise sales for the West Coast at MediaPlatform, and Shazia Haq, senior content marketing manager at MediaPlatform, as they offer new ideas for creating a leading video strategy that will energize your entire organization. How to deliver your content to audiences of any size, regardless of your employees’ devices or location. Discover the world of enterprise video, and elevate your digital strategy.

3 Content Marketing Hacks Driven by Listening

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Marketers respond to tweets, we receive feedback from surveys and we watch sales trends to determine whether messaging and targeting is effective. Where these types of insights can have the greatest benefit is in content marketing, where knowing what people care about most can deliver impactful results. Listening at an enterprise scale requires specialized tools that can collect, sort and tag mentions from millions of authors in real-time.

5 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs PR


Gartner predicts that by 2020 customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without ever interacting with a human being. This underscores a profound shift in the buyer’s journey where much of the responsibility for identifying, attracting and converting potential buyers has shifted from sales, to marketing and PR. Content Marketing

Content Marketing vs. Marketing Content: Analyst Firm Gartner Weighs In

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The technology analyst firm Gartner recently weighed in on the difference between “content marketing” and “marketing content.”. Marketing content, according to Gartner, is “All content assets created by marketing teams.”. To borrow a phrase from 1980s-era marketing, content assets are more or less synonymous with the term marketing collateral. If one source doesn’t provide utility in content, another will.

How to Get Executive Bylines in Publications

Meltwater - PR

Thought leadership and subject matter expertise are essential to an effective marketing strategy. Enterprise Executives Marketing PR & Comms Content Marketing Media OutreachPositioning company leaders as industry experts helps the brand express a point of view, vision, knowledge, and… Read More >>>.

A Decade of Content Marketing

Flatiron Communications

We’d do it ourselves, but we’re smart enough to know we’re not experts in everything. :)” I’m mulling it over, but do I really need the kind of swag that an enterprise-driven SAAS company can offer? Content reigns supreme more than ever. This week Facebook announced its intentions to enhance its social sharing platform by hosting more substantive content from established news organizations. And isn’t this what content marketing is all about?

Be All In Or Get All Out With Content Marketing

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If you’re only partially committed to creating and distributing content, Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi would rather you do no content marketing at all. This may not have been the message Content Marketing World attendees were expecting to hear during Joe’s welcome address. This comes on the heels of CMI’s recent conversations with global enterprise marketers. Content Strategy Checklist.

Change Agent Spotlight: Content Marketing Institute Leader Gives Inside Look at Model Inbound Approach

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These marketers aren't afraid to take risks to make an impact. In this spotlight, we’ve featured Cathy McPhillips ( @cmcphillips ), Vice President of Marketing at Content Marketing Institute ( @CMIContent ). Just in case you’re not familiar, CMI is the leading global content marketing education and training organization, teaching enterprises how to attract and retain customers through compelling, multi-channel storytelling.

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4 content marketing lessons from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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For many content marketers, millennials—who have $1.3 that millennials’ resistance to content marketing occurs when they think the content is unoriginal, boring, irrelevant or deceptive. Simply calling it “content” and not “marketing” doesn’t mean they’ll find it more valuable than a typical ad. This can better inform your personas and ultimately help you create valuable content that resonates with this demographic.

Influencer Roundup: Top 5 Content Marketing Trends for 2017

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As content marketing continues to evolve, businesses across the globe have adopted it at a rapid pace. So what’s predicted to become of content marketing this year? Forbes ( @Forbes ) describes content marketing as a digital trend that is evolving fast , which means companies must jump on the bandwagon ASAP. Some aspects featured in this article that will continue to progress and impact content marketing strategies include: Mobile.

9 free and low-cost tools for content marketers

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Despite its importance in today's marketing strategy , content marketing can be costly, especially for a small to mid-size business operating on a limited budget. The newly launched Pro version helps marketers stay informed and produce more effective content marketing through content alerts and detailed insights into what elements are working for any topic or business. Infographics are good for early-phase content needs, and

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Role of Audience Targeting and Segmentation Through Digital Channels

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Business is an engine and marketing work as a fuel to run it Be it a small-medium enterprise or a big multinational giant, it is indispensable for every kind of business. Social Media Uncategorized Content Marketing Digital Marketing Digital Media

How AI Can Help Your PR Strategy


A 2016 survey from Narrative Science found that 58 percent of enterprise business executives are already using predictive analytics within their organization. The MarTech and AdTech revolutions have forever changed the way marketers work and measure their success. The methods they use to attribute business achievements and even revenue back to marketing efforts have given birth to bigger budgets and new skills. Blog AirPR content content marketing PR public relations

The current crisis demands more external communication

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Here is why the current business environment calls for scaling, not slashing marketing and PR efforts. We’re often talking six or seven figure software and hardware investment at an enterprise scale which could take over a year to finalize. Pick your most valuable content.

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B2B Marketing: When You Finally Achieve Thought Leadership, Don’t Let it Slip Away

Sword and the Script

She works for a B2B tech company that “doesn’t believe marketing” but she knows they need it desperately. And I don’t think any competent marketing expert that’s being honest can. And marketing lives and dies on momentum.

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A Marketing to Media Translation Dictionary For Journalists Turned Content Marketers

Contently - Strategy

In the marketing world, professionals tend to glom onto useful marketing buzzwords as a shared language, and those terms can actually prove useful to professionals in adjacent industries. As the marketing and media industries continue to look more and more alike, their lexicons overlap too. Ultimately, marketers and media employees want the same thing— engaged audience members —but we’ve all been taught to talk about attention and audience using industry-specific terms.

How to avoid punctuation and case missteps in quoted matter

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Content aside, quotations can present technical problems for writers. As Jones so eloquently observed, “The ability to recognize that the winds have shifted and to take appropriate action before you wreck your boat is crucial to the future of an enterprise.”.

Twitter to flag misleading COVID-19 vaccine content, Instagram launches ‘Live Rooms,’ and Volvo pledges to go fully electric by 2030

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Also: Six Dr. Seuss titles will no longer be published due to racist imagery, brand managers ramp up content for Women’s History Month, 66% of marketers are boosting online lead-gen budgets, and more. Are you increasing audio content (podcasts, Clubhouse, etc.)

How to adapt your PR strategy for the COVID-19 outbreak

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With the coronavirus dominating the headlines, and marketers needing to pivot in the face of cancelled live events, here’s how communicators can make a change. For many businesses, there’s a pressing question: What should you do about your marketing and public relations initiatives? With headlines about the coronavirus dominating the news, it’s challenging to develop marketing and PR plans and execute accordingly.

Brand managers celebrate Inauguration Day, Unilever launches sweeping DE&I commitments, and Netflix tests a ‘shuffle’ feature

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Also: Data-backed digital marketing trends for 2021, TikTok previews a Q&A tool, Pillsbury and Oreo team up on a new product line, and more. Educational and informative content can go a long way in helping you accomplish this.

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How starting a conversation boosts social media engagement

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A community member who retweets content that you’ve posted offers the perfect chance to increase brand engagement by simply asking them questions about the article. Plus, sharing your own thoughts enables you to flex your muscles and demonstrate your expertise, thus confirming your position in the market. Perri Robinson is an enterprise marketing manager for Meltwater.

Organizations remember Kobe Bryant, internet brims with rising ad spending, and Amazon workers speak out

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Though a best practice in a tragedy such as this would be to shutter social media posts along with PR and marketing messages, “more than half of the [NBA’s] 30 teams were scheduled to play,” The New York Times reported.

3 Keys to Building a Strong Enterprise-Level Social Strategy


Today, a successful social strategy requires a combination of digital, content and PR across departments and teams. At her recent webinar, “ Enterprise Level Social Media Strategy ,” strategic advisor Rebecca Lieb shared how your business can create a successful social media strategy with targeted plans and support from others in your organization. The demand for content is growing, and so are the ways we consume it. Stories don’t just come from marketing,” says Rebecca.

How and why B2B companies must embrace CSR

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Corporate social responsibility efforts such as sustainability and human rights are no longer a mandate solely for consumer-facing enterprises. It’s marketing 101 for consumer companies: What you stand for is as important as what you sell. Content Marketing Marketing

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Should Communications Pros Use LinkedIn Stories? Blog

The new format enables business professionals to share lighthearted content about their professional lives and start conversations without worrying about the content being permanently attached to their profile. Some marketers and social media experts say yes.

5 crucial elements of brand storytelling

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Just like a child does not want to hear branded content, neither does your customer. He told me he just could not focus on brand storytelling as part of his marketing efforts. RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. ]. Their antagonist, then, became the big enterprise software solutions for both customer relationship and project management. Content Marketing Marketing Social Media Storytelling branding

Why telling sustainability stories is important year-round

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So much of the content is not discoverable by the automated tools used by ESG ratings and rankings researchers, and by search engines. A best practice is to unlock the content contained in ESG reports and publish the stories, photos, videos, infographics and data over weeks or months.