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7 PR Blogs You Should Be Following

Critical Mention

Adjusting to new trends is part of the business for PR professionals. While we certainly encourage PR and communications pros to follow our insightful Critical Mention blog , we also want to share a few of our other favorite PR blogs. Ragan’s PR Daily. PR Daily is a news site that delivers news, advice, and opinions on the public relations, marketing, social media, and media worlds. PR Couture.

29 Advanced Digital Newsletters That Help You Learn


You want to find a more time-efficient way to curate content. You’re an SME struggling with web marketing. You’re bored of reading the same old content and want some new authors. You want to learn more about digital marketing and SEO. There’s some good advice about two systems you can use to curate content: the painstaking way, and the easy way. It recommends 29 advanced digital newsletters you can subscribe to. Content Curation.

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How to be a PR Pro Without Losing Your Soul


Similarities to PR. And the more I read the more I realised that a graphic design consultant’s life bears an uncanny resemblance to that of the PR man/woman/pro. So here are 21 tips from the author, Adrian Shaughnessy, for any graphic designer (or PR). This is the book waiting to be written about the PR industry. It shines more light than any book I’ve ever read about being a PR consultant (and it’s about design). PR/Business blog