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4 trends that prove content marketing is on the rise

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You’ve probably come across the same marketing trends, posts and research studies that everyone else has. You’ve seen that video content continues to dominate social media. RELATED: Create powerful corporate content that engages both internal and external audiences ].

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4 content marketing lessons from Caterpillar

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When you think of cutting-edge marketing companies—brands such as Coca-Cola that consistently dominate the advertising world—there’s a good chance your mind doesn’t immediately jump to Caterpillar. People appreciate creativity mixed with the familiar.

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5 Tips to spark creativity and improve writing

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Writing can be a therapeutic, relaxing way to share ideas and express yourself. Writer’s block is frustrating, especially when you’re unable to even think of an interesting topic about which to write. This free site allows users to create boards with potential content topics.

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Writers and Content Marketers?

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published on Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute (MAII), a new community for modern marketers created and powered by PR 20/20. Gartner predicts that a full 20 percent of business content will be written by machines starting in 2018.

5 Powerful Ways to Craft the Best Content for Your Personal Brand

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As content marketing progresses, we learn more and more about how audiences interact with our content. And as we understand more, we're able to create the best content possible, whether for our business or personal brand. Why Your Personal Brand Needs Content Marketing.

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Are You Writing Intelligent Content? Should You Be?

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Intelligent content aka structured content is breaking out of its traditional boundaries. Today, organizations are looking to use Structured Content for their ebooks, case studies, research reports and blogs. What is Intelligent Content? The need for Bot-Readable Content.

Avast scrambles after data-collection reports, Boston Market’s bawdy Twitter fail, and emoji become more inclusive

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It can serve as a reminder to consider whether your content features diverse and inclusive images. If it’s not, you might want to add that to your content marketing strategies. FREE DOWNLOAD: How to create content that converts leads into sales ].

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How many blog posts should you publish?

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Your content strategy can deliver big returns, but only with the proper investment. Though the perfect amount of blog content doesn’t exist, there is a range to shoot for. RELATED: We're recognizing the brightest minds in digital marketing and social media. ].

How to Create a Content Contributor Guide


When you invite internal and external subject matter experts to contribute to your content marketing program, it’s important to have guidelines for them to follow. Think of your content contributor guide as a map for creatives to follow. Want to write for Cision®?

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The Caffè Latte Content Strategy

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I will describe a specific content marketing strategy — which also happens to result in the type of content I prefer to consume myself. When browsing online content, we all come across small, but deliciously creamy bits of useful information.

3 writing lessons from infographics

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Infographics reach 54 percent more readers than blog posts do and can increase content marketing profits by as much as 12 percent, according to Contently. The popular visual format can also teach writers how to improve their content overall.

Owned Content: How to Harness the Power of the Content You Create

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Owned content , also known as owned media, is just one part of the puzzle in your PR strategy. This post will address how you can most effectively use the content you publish and own to move your brand ahead. What is Owned Content? Visual content. Create Visual Content.

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The Caffè Latte Content Strategy: How to Delight Followers with Actionable Servings

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I will describe a specific content marketing strategy — which also happens to result in the type of content I prefer to consume myself. When browsing online content, we all come across small, but deliciously creamy bits of useful information.

8 Reasons Your Content Campaigns Fail (And How To Fix Them)

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90% of content campaigns fail to meet business objectives. What’s more, only 5% of content produces 90% of audience engagement. So when you’re launching your content campaign, the odds are already stacked against you. You made the content about you.

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6 Resources That Will Make You a Better Storyteller

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But while stories can work magic for corporate communicators, writing a good story isn’t easy. If you’ve ever stared helplessly at a blank Word document, you know what I’m talking about. Surprise yourself,” you’ll be breaking out of ruts and livening up your writing in no time.

Are You Using These 33 Ways to Promote Your Content That Most Marketers Overlook?


The latest content marketing trend our PR agency is seeing is the move toward less content creation and more content promotion. In 2017, let's all agree to maximize the ROI of our writing efforts by focusing equal efforts on distribution.

7 Media Statistics from an Annual Survey of Reporters that Gives PR a Glimpse of their Mindset

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It’s also a key reason why blogging and content marketing has become an important tool in the media relations toolkit. based reporters said, “ensuring content is 100 percent accurate is the most important” in their organization. A good place to start is with your own content.

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How Simple Automation Saves Time And Tedium In PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Social content is simple. Many clients task their PR agency with posting social content, ensuring appropriate brand messaging and driving engagement. But like any other kind of content automation, social content needs human oversight.

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3 lessons in branded content from the Associated Press

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Marketers strive to be great storytellers. Paul Caluori, Associated Press global director for digital services, says branded storytelling can be a successful marketer’s most powerful tactic. Along the way, they’ve dug deep to find creative ways to put a story in front of an audience.

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Netflix channels ‘Stranger Things’ kids in a legal warning

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The note abandoned legal jargon for the voice of the ’80s tweens from the popular show: My walkie talkie is busted so I had to write this note instead. RELATED: Join us for the Brand Storytelling and Content Marketing Conference at The Coca-Cola Company. ]. Creativity counts: Legal documents are often ignored, but the radical departure from legalese made it a compelling and surprising read. You can’t always summon the Demogorgon.

6 signs a PR career is right for you

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3 best creative and media job, writing: The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment for public relations specialists will grow 6 percent between 2014 and 2024. PR is also becoming more important to marketing efforts , which opens even more opportunities. reported : Public relations has always played its part in the marketing mix, even if it was added to plans late and rarely recognized like other disciplines. You write well.

10 Must-See Presentations at #CMWorld 2016

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Content marketing is all grown up. With 88% of B2B and 76% of B2C marketers saying their organization uses it, the art and science of content marketing have exploded over the past few years. Content Strategy: Clarity, Constraints, and Common Sense.

The Pressure for Clicks; Off Script #14: Erik Sherman, Freelance Journalist

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He has also been a marketer and accepts an occasional commission for business writing. His experience sitting on both sides of the table, and a conceivably comparable pressure for clicks, has given him a balanced and long-term perspective on business communications and marketing.

In-Housing Trend: What PR Agencies and Marketing Firms can Learn from Law Firms

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It mirrors a trend that’s already underway in PR’s sibling departments in marketing and advertising. For example, there have been numerous surveys and a pile of anecdotal evidence that CMOs are bringing more marketing work in-house. The Role of Technology on the Legal Market.

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Top 20 Digital Tools for a Winning Nonprofit Strategy

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Once a nonprofit has identified its target market, it needs to learn about it, and what better way to do that than with Facebook? When building and marketing a website, nonprofi ts need to make the right keyword choices. It’s an excellent way to get marketing strategy and content ideas while keeping an eye on how organizations perform. Make Content Creation Easier. Instead of guessing which content will do the best, Buzzsumo can find those answers.

6 Major Marketing AI Takeaways from MAICON

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As marketers, we’re obsessed with trends and technologies that make us more efficient, drive better campaign results and simplify performance reporting. That’s why PR 20/20 and Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute launched the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON).

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INBOUND 2018:  A Practical Look at Artificial Intelligence's Role in Digital Marketing

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Burger is a content marketing specialist with more than ten years of experience in technical writing, content management, social media strategy and analytics. If Google has this technology, how long until it [penetrates] what we’re doing in digital marketing?”

3 approaches to revamping your content strategy

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Test your skills and reenergize your team by giving yourself ambitious content goals. You’ve defined your brand position and have a clear marketing strategy. You’re settled on content marketing to get your message to your audience. Try it as a writing exercise.

How to Get On in New Communications: Be Nice


You work in public relations, SEO, content marketing or social media marketing. You’re thinking of completely overhauling how you market your company. So I jotted down a list of PR/digital/SEO/content marketing influencers.

25 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

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The life of a communications pro for a nonprofit organization is one that seems to require a daily mix of magic tricks, extreme sport level time management and creativity. This list is of free digital marketing tools for non-profits is a great place to start. Visual Content Wanted.

How to Overhaul Your Blog: 5 Steps to a More Distinctive Brand Identity

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Talk about content fatigue.for both the writer and reader alike. It might be time to re-evaluate your blog from top to bottom, and awaken a more stimulating, creative brand personality. Peruse competitor content. >> Must read: How To Use BuzzSumo for Content Marketing.

3 approaches to revamping your content strategy

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You’ve defined your brand position and have a clear marketing strategy. You’re settled on content marketing to get your message to your audience. Let’s even assume you’ve documented a content strategy—to one degree or another. Try it as a writing exercise.

5 Mistakes Entry-Level PR Job Seekers Make & How To Avoid Them


Today, PR people are expected to know B2B content marketing strategies, SEO, social media campaigns along with traditional media pitching, press release and speech writing, require PR newbies to come prepared from Day One to significantly and professionally contribute to strategic PR work.

25 New Facebook Features Released Last Week


To organize these features for you, I categorized each change into one of these five buckets: Content Improvements – Changes that give publishers more access to Facebook, hoping to increase interaction on content. Content Improvements. Test it out by writing to