What Makes a YouTube Video a Hit?

Ronn Torossian

The pandemic heightened the value of videos as more home-bound consumers […]. The post What Makes a YouTube Video a Hit? By the time we ring in the new year, video social media advertising will have exceeded $28 billion for 2020, according to Statista.

Google lets marketers target consumers through Gmail, YouTube

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On Monday, Google announced Customer Match, which enables marketers to target consumers through Gmail and YouTube by uploading email lists into AdWords. On Tuesday, Google also introduced Shopping Ads to YouTube advertisers. Using Google merchant data, marketers can promote their products directly within YouTube videos.


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Report: Consumers 55 and older watch more YouTube ads, but marketers are ignoring them

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Younger consumers might comprise YouTube’s future, but advertisers shouldn’t ignore parts of its present audience. Ask teenagers about their TV viewing, and you’ll notice a trend: Even though most teenagers watch a few shows on TV, they’re far more likely to rattle off a list of YouTube stars they follow. Recent data from StrikeSocial dives into the generational divide on YouTube across industries.

Survey: LinkedIn joins Facebook and YouTube as a video marketing go-to

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The research shows consumers clamor for product explainer videos. New research reveals that LinkedIn offers a surprisingly effective channel and that consumers desire short videos and videos that explain and demonstrate brands’ products and services. What do consumers want?

BuzzFeed to acquire HuffPost, YouTube launches audio ads, and Nintendo issues marketing rules for ‘Animal Crossing’

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The announcement follows similar acquisitions across digital media publications as organizations fight for both consumer attention and advertising revenue. YouTube launches audio ads. Why it matters: Regardless of whether you create an audio YouTube ad, consider Nikolic’s advice.

Report: For detailed reviews, turn to YouTube ‘micro-influencers’

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As digital marketers partner with influencers across social media platforms, many are also embracing the rising video trend with YouTube creators. However, not all YouTube creators are equal—and the size of one’s audience doesn’t necessarily dictate success. Shorr said that more than 1,000 of these types of videos are uploaded each week, with top YouTube creators amassing billions of views. Overall, haul videos garnered the most video views per YouTube influencer.

YouTube and Instagram Stories offer more interaction and targeted content

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New YouTube and Instagram features can help PR and marketing pros looking to increase engagement and stand out from competitors online. YouTube recently announced a new Stories feature for users with more than 10,000 subscribers. Each video under YouTube Stories is available for a week to both subscribers and non-subscribers of a users’ channel. looking to capitalize on short attention spans and increase brand mentions and consumer clicks.

How to Utilize YouTube for Your Brand

Konnect Agency

With the rise in popularity of social media channels with a variety of platforms and uses — TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more — YouTube is still just as great a platform to utilize for your brand. Why YouTube?

3 ways brands can support consumers’ mental well-being

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We are now, as marketers, all in the service industry when it comes to what we deliver to consumers via our marketing and media tactics. Start by actively listening and applying consumer feedback to your marketing initiatives and campaigns.

YouTube to overtake Facebook in website visits

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Google has fallen off, though it maintains its top spot, but YouTube is on the rise—and could surpass Facebook as the No. Should they now invest in another platform, specifically YouTube? Among the consequences of such a precipitous drop is the opening it’s given to YouTube, which the study’s data shows is about to overtake Facebook to become the second biggest site, traffic-wise, in the U.S. Facebook’s popularity is waning—at least in the United States.

YouTube launches TV service

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Streaming live TV over the internet is nothing new, but the practice gained a major proponent with Google’s announcement that it’s launching YouTube TV. YouTube announced the service in a blog post and an accompanying video: Viewers will be able to stream live TV from any device and record unlimited programs from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, Fox Sports, Comcast SportsNet and several cable channels. YouTube will have plenty of competition in the effort to win cord cutters’ hearts.

Costco tightens mask policy, Deutsche Bank suggests WFH tax, and YouTube ditches its annual ‘Rewind’

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Why it’s important: As organizations continue to adjust to the changing consumer and workforce landscapes during COVID-19, communicators should issue information in clear, simple terms and provide consistent updates and reminders to both consumers and employees.

YouTube, Instagram increase filtering for user content

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The video hosting juggernaut YouTube has announced it will add staff to increase monitoring to remove distasteful or offensive content from its site. wrote : Now that its bottom line is being affected , YouTube says it will begin to take additional steps to protect its advertisers and creators from inappropriate content on its network. YouTube had said then the channel’s removal was part of a new tightening of its child endangerment policies.

Disney, Google team up with YouTube stars

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It’s the summer of the YouTube star partnership. The Walt Disney Company and the Olympics are linking up with some of the most popular YouTubers to deliver content to their massive audiences. Here’s LaurDIY in Tokyo: Here’s what Dan Reynolds, VP of content, social and programming at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, told Mashable : We've been looking at how Disney fans have been embracing everyday street style and we wanted to bring those stories to life.

Apple CEO Tim Cook defends privacy updates, U.S. adults use YouTube in record numbers, and Lululemon counters employee claims of ‘toxic positivity’ in workplace

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In a new study conducted by Pew Research , 81% of Americans said that they now use YouTube, up from 73% in 2019. Communicators, take note that an increased amount of traffic on YouTube makes it a particularly useful platform for publishing thought leadership videos and long-form content.

YouTube Shifts Serve as an Example of Narrative Evolution


There’s a general rule of thumb that people can “learn just about anything” on YouTube – and the entertainment value is high, too. Recently, though, new and unique topics have been trending on YouTube, underscoring how the platform is both art imitating life and life imitating art. .

Influencer marketing lessons from a 6-year-old YouTube star

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Many were gobsmacked to learn that a 6-year-old kid named Ryan has made Forbes’ list by reviewing toys in YouTube videos. wrot e : Since he was three years old, Ryan’s parents have been capturing videos of him opening toys, playing with them and “reviewing” them for videos posted on their YouTube channel, “Ryan ToysReview.”. Ryan has become a multi-millionaire, according to Forbes magazine’s just-out list of highest paid YouTube entrepreneurs.

Facebook, YouTube share how they remove offensive posts

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Facebook and YouTube are asking for consumer trust—and taking steps to improve their transparency to earn it. Whether it’s Facebook’s fake news problem or disrespectful YouTube videos, consumers have clamored for regulation—and Silicon Valley is trying to get a head start. YouTube recruits reviewers and AI. YouTube has also faced criticism for insensitive or abusive content online, even from established YouTubers.

Buh-bye, Facebook: Teens favor YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat

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YouTube emerged as teens’ preferred platform, with 85 percent saying they use it and 32 percent reporting they use it most often. Those data, combined with decreasing user numbers overall, can be problematic to a social platform hoping to woo more marketers to spend money to appeal to younger consumers—especially those with more disposable income. YouTube and Reddit were not included as options in the 2014-2015 survey but were included in the current survey.

YouTube rolls out ‘fact check’ feature, Twitter users want brand content, and TripAdvisor lays off 25% of workforce

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Why it matters: Consumer behaviors have shifted in response to COVID-19, and some of them will remain long after shelter-in-place orders are lifted. YouTube introduces ‘fact check’ panels.

Can Product Review YouTuber’s Become Brand Ambassadors?

Rock the Status Quo

Okay, maybe YouTuber is a bad word… It makes me think of tubers, as in potatoes. Shall we agree to call them “YouTube product review queens? Wouldn’t that make an epic impression on consumers? If it were me, I would post a comment on the YouTube video, then share it everywhere. Is it simply a consumer sharing love for the product? Inner tubers, even. A bit cumbersome, maybe, but crystal clear.

YouTube cuts 30-second ads that users can’t skip

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The annoying 30-second commercials that play before YouTube videos will soon be a tactic of the past. CNet reported : To the surprise of no one, most viewers are not fans of YouTube ads. more than half of YouTube’s video views come from mobile devices —and clears out what’s becoming a relic of advertising yesteryear. Scrapping the ads doesn’t mean marketing pros have no options when it comes to catching the eyes YouTube's more than 1 billion users.

The Gap deletes post-election tweet, ‘Baby Shark’ becomes most-watched YouTube video, and Snapchat adds follower counts

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Hello, communicators: “Baby Shark” has become YouTube’s most-viewed video in history, racking up more than 7.04 The post The Gap deletes post-election tweet, ‘Baby Shark’ becomes most-watched YouTube video, and Snapchat adds follower counts appeared first on PR Daily.

Facebook’s dominance grows, overtaking YouTube as top video channel

Agility PR Solutions

YouTube is practically synonymous with “online video,” but new research shows that it may not be the top social video site any longer—for consumers or communicators. […]. The post Facebook’s dominance grows, overtaking YouTube as top video channel appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Study: How to make the most of your YouTube channel

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What kinds of videos perform best on YouTube? from Pew Research Center says about half of YouTube visitors are looking to acquire a skill. Only about 28 percent say they go to YouTube just to “pass the time.” Accordingly, YouTube might be the wrong platform for a PR stunt or other effort to snag wayward eyeballs. YouTube users report going to the site with a particular purpose, so PR pros and marketers would do well to meet specific needs.

Twitch removes Hispanic Heritage Month emoticons, YouTube ‘Shorts’ to compete with TikTok, and McDonald’s offers ‘spicesurance’ and free McNuggets

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Hello, communicators: Airbnb is offering a few lucky consumers the chance to stay in the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s” mansion, hosted by Will Smith: hey…who turned on the lights? YouTube to launch ‘Shorts’ to compete with TikTok. Image courtesy of YouTube.

4 reasons PR pros should use YouTube Live

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Live streaming is nothing new on YouTube— except that soon, creators and brand managers will be able to go live from their mobile devices. Soon, we’ll be putting the power of YouTube live streaming in the palm of your hands,” read the company’s blog post announcement. Here are four reasons why YouTube Live should be on every PR pro’s radar: 1. Most organizations already have a YouTube presence. A vast majority of organizations already upload video content to YouTube.

Best Practices for Finding and Reaching out to YouTubers That can Help Your Brand


Most marketers think that they should be looking for content publishers/bloggers to promote their businesses, but there is one very significant group that they are missing out on: YouTubers. YouTube. YouTube is the second most visited website in the world only after Google.

Bon Appétit journalists quit YouTube series, Facebook employees to WFH until July 2021, and Hasbro pulls Trolls World Tour doll

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Bon Appétit journalists of color leave YouTube series. Following the departure in June of the publication’s former editor in chief, Adam Rapoport, three journalists are quitting Bon Appétit’s thriving YouTube series, “Test Kitchen.”.

Social aging—Gen Z dominates YouTube while other generations prefer Facebook

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The firm’s new report finds that all but some of the youngest consumers […]. The post Social aging—Gen Z dominates YouTube while other generations prefer Facebook appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Social media platforms may be sprouting like weeds, but new research from Visual Objects, a global portfolio website that showcases work from top creative firms, reveals the OG social sites still rule for all ages—even if the hierarchical order tends to shift.

As newspaper criticism fades, YouTube video essay flourish

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In YouTube’s golden era, video essays are winning over millennials. In Honest Trailers, an essay produced by the YouTube channel Screen Junkies, the creator criticizes a single movie. For example, former MSNBC producer Evan Puschak published The Evolution of Batman’s Gotham City to the YouTube channel The Nerdwriter. This interactive format has made video essays more popular with younger consumers compared with their textual counterparts.

YouTube juggernaut moves to silence online trolls

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YouTube. Policing the comments section of a brand’s YouTube channel can be a thorny problem for social media managers and PR pros. A comments section is a powerful tool for fostering community and engaging consumers online—and it’s crucial to YouTube’s algorithms. Vishal Srivastava, a YouTube expert and consultant with Trainedge Consulting, says comments are essential for getting more views.

Disney drops YouTube star PewDiePie over anti-Semitic content

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Social media influencers can be a boon to an organization looking to reach younger consumers—but they come with a risk. Such is the case with Swedish YouTube star Felix Kjellberg, known to his followers as “PewDiePie.” At 27, Kjellberg has amassed a gigantic following: More than 53 million people are subscribed to his main YouTube channel, which has roughly 14.7 That didn’t stop him from nabbing partnerships with YouTube, Google and Walt Disney Co.

Amazon embraces YouTube stars—as Disney Channel cuts one loose

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The quickest way to consumers’ hearts (and wallets) seems to be through their online heroes. Amazon is partnering with ad agency and video production company Kin Community to launch a six-episode show called “Overhaul,” which will feature popular YouTube vloggers getting home makeovers. and make YouTube videos geared toward an older audience than the tweens who typically watch the Disney Channel.

Virgin Media, T-Mobile and more disclose data breaches; YouTube demonetizes ‘coronavirus’; and Tito’s Vodka corrects a COVID-19 fallacy

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Why it matters: Data breaches are becoming increasingly frequent, but that doesn’t mean they can’t destroy consumers’ trust in your organization. YouTube demonetizes ‘Coronavirus’ content.

5 ways to stand out on YouTube

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YouTube has become the second largest search engine online, and it is crucial that you grab a share of that audience. Consumers are looking towards video rather than text-driven blog posts to answer their questions and entertain them. It doesn’t take a massive effort to get started on YouTube , and the payoff can be huge. One of the most effective things you can do to increase YouTube views is have your viewers watch the videos you produce back to back.

Google to defend YouTube creators in fair use cases

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YouTube has been in the middle of these copyright infringement battles for years, but now it’s stepping up to help its community of creators fight back against unfair claims of intellectual property theft. YouTube will now protect some of the best examples of fair use on YouTube by agreeing to defend them in court if necessary. With approval of the video creators, we’ll keep the videos live on YouTube in the U.S.,

5 Tips on Creating an Extraordinary YouTube Channel for Your Brand

Shift Communications

Ah, YouTube. Many brands don’t leverage YouTube to its fullest extent – which can mean a major missed opportunity. From a survey of consumers, 80% report that video is helpful when researching a purchase decision. And a report shows that video traffic will comprise 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2019. However, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Why are you joining YouTube? Are you getting traffic from YouTube?

How to use micro-influencers to target ‘local’ consumers

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At Mitchell, we recently published an extensive report that maps out consumers’ evolving notion of local. For “OmniLocal consumers,” as we’ve named them, a local buying experience is about feeling connected to a brand, regardless of whether it’s a hometown boutique or a global retailer. Though “OmniLocal” consumers no longer limit locality to city boundaries, there’s absolutely something to be said for understanding the geographic community on an intimate level.

Local 131

WeWork cuts 2,400 jobs, Victoria’s Secret ends fashion show, and YouTube courts brand managers favoring ‘edgier’ content

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L Brands’ former chief marketing officer, Ed Razek, stepped down following a Vogue interview in which he said that transsexual models weren’t consumers’ “fantasy.” Creators are the of @YouTube.