How Sports #PR has Changed for the Better (Mostly)

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Consumers, especially young ones, are getting most of their content from social media and online platforms. This is even more evident in the sports world. Sports organizations would conduct their PR through traditional forms of media; newspapers, television, billboards, things like that. When people share these posts and use hashtags, it doesn’t cost sports teams like Manchester United anything. Most major sports leagues stream their games online.

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Dick’s Sporting Goods doubles down on removing guns from stores

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Dick’s Sporting Goods has a new message about removing firearms from its stores: It’s good for business. The company first made a splash when it announced it would no longer sell assault-style weapons and would sell only hunting guns—to consumers age 21 and older—in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Gun rights advocates criticized the chain, and many swore to buy their sports gear and apparel elsewhere. Shares in the sporting goods store fell 11.2

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The Biggest Consumer Trends for 2020


As consumers adapt and adjust to the changing times around them so do their priorities, interests, and the brands they engage with and purchase from. Some large brands and corporations struggle with these changes and find themselves working overtime to keep up with what consumers want and expect from them, but a handful of others seem to be ahead of the game in identifying what consumers want. As specific consumer trends evolve, so does brand messaging.

Playing the Game: 4 Tips for Building a Career in Sports PR


During my 35 years in sports public relations, I’ve met many people, from college students to mid-career executives, who aspire to build a career like mine because of their passion for the game. However, a love of sports alone is only the price of entry. An undergraduate anthropology major at University of Pennsylvania, I didn’t actively consider a career in public relations until I was fortunate enough to secure an internship at NBC Sports in New York after my sophomore year.

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DirecTV comes under fire for ads in Sports Illustrated

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A set of DirecTV ads in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated ads has some consumers seeing red. Sports Illustrated. According to Business Insider , DirecTV issued a statement saying the ads were a tongue-in-cheek way to fit into the magazine’s material: The ads were specifically created to run in the 2015 Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and were meant to work within the context of the editorial of the magazine, which is beautiful women in swimsuits.

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Twitter apologizes for misusing data, Dick’s Sporting Goods mulls ditching all guns, and why employers must support mental health

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Also: Many consumers think social media has too much sway on news, WeWork to lay off 500 employees, insights on ‘snackable’ content from Amazon, and more. Why it matters: As privacy and security concerns loom large, take extreme care when handling consumers’ data. If a breach or mistake occurs, own up to it immediately to start the process of regaining consumers’ trust. Dick’s Sporting Goods considers pulling all firearms from shelves.

My Bet Is On Fantasy Sports

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As a voracious consumer of media, I’ve found it impossible of late to avoid the barrage of advertising and promoted content touting DraftKings and FanDuel on nearly every screen in my life. Get used to them, because there appears to be no end in sight for the fantasy sports onslaught.” ” This was followed shortly by a class-action lawsuit filed by some disgruntled fantasy sports customer out of Kentucky. The online fantasy sports site has asked former U.S.

A Conversation with Jason Michael, VP Consumer Tech


Our guidance comes from more than 20 years working across the tech landscape, including the aerospace, AI, fintech, health tech, and sports and entertainment categories. We wanted to share some of these insights with you, our blog followers, so I asked our consumer tech guru, Jason Michael, to participate in a Q&A. The post A Conversation with Jason Michael, VP Consumer Tech appeared first on Barokas Communications.

4 tips to score and excel in a sports PR career

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Millions of people aspire to a career in sports because of their passion for athletics. That’s a valid motivation, but a love of sports is only one facet of the game. If you’re hoping to cultivate a career in sports public relations, or in virtually any communications function in the field of athletics, remember these four things: 1. To deliver irreplaceable value to your client partners, you must develop a thorough understanding of all aspects of a sport.

Nordstrom to lay off 400; Sports Chalet parent files for bankruptcy

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Consumers' increasing desire to use online platforms has given communicators many content marketing opportunities, but the shift is hitting retailers hard. Vestis Retail Group, the operator of brand Eastern Mountain Sports, Bob’s Stores, and Sport Chalet, officially filed bankruptcy papers today, outlining a restructuring plan that focuses on closing 56 stores.

How brand managers are encouraging consumers to vote

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On social media, hashtags such as #GOTV and #Elections2018 are helping consumers find election-themed offers. USA Today wrote : Usually, businesses roll out deals with presidential elections for voters who sport "I Voted" stickers even though it is technically illegal to offer freebies in exchange for votes, according to federal law. “It Would a free cookie persuade you to vote in the 2018 midterm elections?

How Product Placement Can Drive Consumer Trends


Thanks to Crockett and Tubbs, the world wanted to wear t-shirts under pastel sport coats or skinny ties with double-breasted suits and relaxed trousers. The post How Product Placement Can Drive Consumer Trends appeared first on 5W PR News and Updates, NY Public Relations Agency Blog. The right product placement can prove to be a huge windfall both for the entertainment media and for the brand in question.

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Rihanna Uses Competitor’s Public Relations Trouble to Enhance Her Brand


In the weeks leading up to the recent edition of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show , the program and the brand came under fire from critics and social activists that feel the brand is out of touch with the younger consumer market. Once the idea of product inclusion was fresh in the minds of interested consumers, Savage doubled down, attacking one of the more popular criticisms against Victoria’s Secret, that the company markets to men, not to their actual customers.

Kroger joins push for tougher gun laws, consumers readily change brands, and WeWork’s founder walks back trademark sale

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Dick’s Sporting Goods doubles down on removing guns from stores. Consumer disloyalty is the new normal. It reported : New Nielsen findings demonstrate that just 8% of consumers consider themselves to be firmly committed loyalists. A whopping 46% of consumers tell us they are more likely to try new brands than they were five years ago; a clear signal to a trend we should expect to intensify. Consumers say they are open to trying new products.

To entice consumers, McDonald’s tests Sriracha, Nutella

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Alli (@women_in_sports) November 11, 2016. Millennials are said to love Sriracha sauce. McDonald’s wants millennials to love its burgers. Can you picture what might be in the middle of that Venn diagram? McDonald’s will expand its test of a Sriracha Big Mac. Ohio is the latest market to be graced with its spiciness, with 126 restaurants making available their Sriracha Big Mac sauce for burgers or fry/nugget dipping. This is the first Sriracha Big Mac test off the West Coast.

What Can We learn from the partnership between Tiger Woods and Nike?

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Tiger Woods took the sports world by storm with his unexpected victory at the 2019 Masters Tournament. The relationship between the legendary golfer and the American sports megabrand dates back to 1996, the early stages of Tiger’s professional career. Take the example of Michael Phelps, the legendary American swimmer who dominated his sport starting with the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. In other words, Nike is so powerful that it transcends sport.

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Sports organizations respond to Jacob Blake shooting, Coca-Cola offering 4,000 voluntary job cuts, and Girl Scouts offers its members new looks

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Also: ‘The West Wing’ reunites to urge voting, Giphy offers moving Zoom backgrounds, Gen Z consumers are shifting the PR and marketing landscape with values, and more. Sports leagues postpone games, practices after Jacob Blake shooting. Gen Z consumers are 1.21

Content We Love: How to Score a Touchdown with Current Events and Consumer-Friendly Tips

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Because football now officially holds the title of America’s favorite sport — according to about 33% of sports fans — the fan base is not limited to a specific demographic, but rather is comprised of people across all audience segments. While this press release is effectively targeted for a specific audience, it can also prove useful to those who are uninterested in tailgating – or even sports for that matter.

5 Tips to Effectively Engage Generation Zers


By 2020, Gen Z will account for 40 percent of all consumers according to an Accenture report , and some experts estimate their current spending power to be as much as $140 billion. As Gen Z, individuals born starting in 1997 as defined by the Pew Research Center, replaces millennials as the primary consumer target for many corporations, organizations and brands, PR practitioners must delve into this consumer segment and understand how to effectively engage them for the next 15-20 years.

Empathy and Analytics: Communications Trends for the 2018 MLB Season


In professional sports, winning often depends upon how well a team can communicate. Since taking over as MLB commissioner in 2013, Rob Manfred has emphasized speeding up the sport, teasing special rules for extra innings base-runners and instating a new regulation limiting mound visits. For his players, Francona isn’t just a manager, consumed by his analytics charts and crafty lineup strategies.

Be a PR Game Changer: Lessons Learned From the Sidelines of the NBA


We know that strategic public relations and marketing can be a game changer for the way brands connect and communicate to their consumer base. International sports partnerships lend a high-visibility platform with engaging content like live-action imagery and player endorsements to communicate brand messaging in a dynamic way. National programs have reach and can be the quickest way to engage a large consumer set.

Q&A with Bryan Harris, COO, of Taylor


For the first 15 years, I managed a wide variety of accounts for leading consumer brands and organizations in the sports and lifestyle space. I was on the ground supporting sponsorship activations at marquee sporting events around the world, including the FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championships, Olympic Games, U.S. How has the growth of social media changed the way in which those in sports break news? PR Specialization media public relations Social Media sports

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Branding and Public Relations Go Hand-in-Hand


When consumers buy into a brand proposition, they often do so because they have expectations and those expectations have been met or exceeded by the brand. It becomes the same as the desired result in the mind of the consumer. How valuable is it for a brand to become the thing the consumer wants to accomplish, feel, or create? What sort of name will consumers be drawn to, and which names will put them off?

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Barstool Sports founder’s anti-union rant, Philly and VW ads banned in the UK, and Kohl’s partners with Facebook to reach millennials

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Also: Top obstacles for social media marketers, Swarovski apologizes to Chinese consumers, and Dunkin’ gets ahead of Starbucks (and the autumn) with a pumpkin-palooza. Good morning, PR pros: Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy’s anti-union rant has gone viral , making the rounds across social media platforms, as well as in headlines. Why it matters: Use social listening analytics and data from consumer trends and interactions to identify and drive current and future campaigns.

Adapting Strategies for Effective Storytelling in the Social Media Era


For those who work in sports and entertainment PR, there are many areas of our practices we should be evaluating from how we pitch media in the social media era, to crafting captivating press releases, packaging media stories and effectively communicating our messages to the right audiences in real time. Currently, I’m the Public Relations Director for adidas America, working across all brand categories in both Sport and Style.

How to Make Research Relevant

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Its latest research, which was published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness , showed that incorporating a core-workout programme into your running regime can improve your overall 5k time by as much as 66 seconds! Action Blog Health and Fitness PR and Communications consumer events CXWORX Events Les Mills media events ResearchThose who work in PR love a bit of research.

Creative executions and experiential storytelling: A #SMprof experiences College Gameday

Karen Freberg

The past few days have been somewhat of a whirlwind of creating content, consuming coffee (wait… that happens every day!), engaging in discussions about social media and sports, and talking all about football and shoes. I will be writing a more detailed post for Front Office Sports on the #MakeTheNight event, but I have to give a quick shout out to the adidas team who allowed me to be part of this event, including: Dustin Geddis – NCAA Comms & Marketing Director.

Mastercard turns to TikTok to engage fans during UEFA Champions League

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With companies seeking virtual opportunities to bring people together around sports and e ntertainment, here’s how a major brand turned to social media video. Sports have come back to our TV screens, but fans still can’t gather in full force to cheer on their favorite squads.

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Five Reasons Why B2B PR Works

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

That’s probably because I started my career at consumer marketing PR agencies and enjoyed the work immensely for many years. The rise of Direct-to-Consumer brands was a big factor in the shift. More importantly, those budgets are available only to top consumer brands.

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A new meditation app that changes your brain

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It features more than 350 meditations, founded on 20 years of rigorous scientific research and psychology, exploring 11 different focus areas including worry, anxiety, stress, pain, sports and pregnancy – designed not just to relax, but to actually heal you. Consumer Technology Reviews Training and Tips App PR Meditation This last couple of weeks my team and I have been preparing for the launch of a brilliant new meditation app called Anamaya.

Athletes’ endorsements may carry more risk than reward

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NFL star Antonio Brown is the most recent celebrity endorser athlete accused of “unsportsmanlike conduct,” as is reported in a Sports Illustrated article. There are obvious reasons to avoid using sports stars as publicity generators: Prowess on the sports fields cannot prevent past or present misbehavior from being reported on. Some athletes represent so many products that consumers and media outlets don’t take their endorsements seriously.

Communications Strategize to Bypass the Super Bowl

Ronn Torossian

It’s the biggest sports show of the year. Plenty of consumers turn on the game just to watch the commercials. With 100+ million viewers in the U.S. alone, the Super Bowl is one of the most coveted slots when it comes to advertising. On the Monday following the big game, commercials are deconstructed, rehashed and dissected around the water cooler.

The Statistics, Effectiveness and Politics of Super Bowl Commercials [UML]

Sword and the Script

The advertisements during this sports event do command a lot of attention, but is it worth the $5 million in marketing spend – not including the cost of production – for a 30-second spot? Established brands are able to spark new interest and engagement with their consumers with strong creative execution that can create meaningful differentiation—either introduce a new value proposition, showcase a brand purpose or simply use offbeat humor to rekindle brand love.”.

Mattel’s Black Barbie runs for president, 60% of COVID-19 restaurant closings are permanent, and Post partners with Dunkin’ on caffeinated cereal

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Also: Consumer Electronics Show 2021 will be entirely online, the NFL shares a conversation about allyship and workplace culture, Twitter to remove links to hateful content, and more. The Consumer Electronics Show was scheduled for Jan.

The surprising origins of brand names

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Consumers are exposed to anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 brand mentions per day. They’re the small chocolate candy many consumers have eaten since childhood. CVS Pharmacy — Consumer Value Stores. ESPN — Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. Many common company names once started as acronyms for longer—sometimes cheeky—organization monikers. Do you know where these brand names come from?

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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The most exciting two minutes in sports” takes place this weekend. One notable, non-sports staple of the historic event is the attendees’ garb. Around 120,000 mint juleps , the official drink of the Derby, are consumed each year at the historic racetrack. PR account executive – consumer—Ogilvy UK (United Kingdom). Break out your fancy chapeau, and pour yourself a minty bourbon delight; Derby Day is approaching.

4 keys to savvy influencer marketing campaigns

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Obstacles abound, such as consumers’ plummeting trust and waning attention spans. Consumer trust in what influencers have to say sits at just 4% , and advertising has a trust level of 37%—behind banking, energy, and telecommunications—according to Edelman’s most recent trust barometer. CEO influencers who resonate with consumers are transparent and forthright. Here’s how to make this approach work for you without busting your budget.

5 Brands That Earned Our Trust in 2018

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In August, the fitness clothing brand Athleta launched their “Stay in the Game” campaign, which encouraged young teen girls to stay involved with sports. According to Marketing Dive , Athleta Vice President of Marketing Sheila Shekar Pollak noted: “By 14, girls' confidence plummets, as 50% of girls drop out of sports— that's two times the rate that boys do. For girls who do stay in sports, their confidence levels dip less and go back up quicker.".

How to adapt your PR strategy for the COVID-19 outbreak

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The coronavirus pandemic has led to heightened fears, and with stock markets in freefall, travel at a standstill, an overburdened healthcare system and grocery stores struggling to cope with consumers rushing to stock up on home items, there’s been plenty of news for reporters to cover. For example, sports journalists are now being moved to general news desks to cover COVID-19 now that no major sporting events or tournaments are being held.

6 storytelling lessons from the ‘NBA Bubble’

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Consider these insights from a rookie player as he invites fans to look at life inside of the isolation zone at Walt Disney World and the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex.