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Facebook reveals plans to pivot to privacy-focused platforms

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The watch word, says CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is privacy. However, critics say the changes will require a completely new business model for the company, and Zuckerberg doesn’t have a base of strong consumer trust to build upon. Instead of encouraging public posts, he said he would focus on private and encrypted communications, in which users message mostly smaller groups of people they know. The changes seem to mirror consumers’ wishes and current online behavior.

Why Boeing’s Reputation Radar Failed

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

That was his story, and he was sticking to it, both in public statements and in discussions with regulators and pilot groups. Professor Sucher argues that, had Muilenberg framed the accidents more broadly by acknowledging uncertainty and pledging to investigate a possible connection between the two crashes, he might have limited the damage to Boeing’s reputation. In some ways it’s analogous to the 2017 data privacy scandal experienced by Equifax. CC BY-SA 4.0.


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Linking Cybersecurity and Corporate Reputation. Survey Results Coming Soon!

Reputation Us

In the coming weeks, RepUs and DHM Research will nationally unveil the results of the first of its kind survey that links the impact cyber attacks have on corporations’ reputation. The study will also explore the variables of trust and confidence consumers have after a result of a cyber incident. ReputationUs is a firm specializing in helping mid- to large-sized businesses and nonprofits enhance, advance and protect their valuable reputations.

Cruise lines embrace CDC restrictions amid government fight, P&G works to overcome Apple’s privacy measures, and eBay removes auction for art made in Japanese internment camp

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Hello, Communicators: Facebook is adding additional labels to posts that appear in News Feeds that identify the posts as “public official,” “fan page” and “satire.”. P&G confirms partnership with Chinese company to circumvent Apple’s privacy settings.

The importance of civility for brand reputation in 2020

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COVID-19 has further eroded the patience audiences have for the Twitter wars, and consumers in 2021 might be looking to reward companies that can help bring back a level of civility to public discourse. How are you showing a duty of care to stakeholders from employees to consumers?

How and why you should be measuring reputation in 2020

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Consumers are choosing everything from cars to chicken sandwiches based on corporate values. This year, you’re probably wondering how you can renew your reputation, or how establishing your purpose can help you avoid social and moral disengagement with your customers and employees.

5 Questions with Mark Cuban About Online Privacy

David PR Group

It might seem like a contradiction that an executive and celebrity with a huge public persona would be blazing trails for online privacy, but billionaire Mark Cuban is doing just that. Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a star of CNBC’s Shark Tank , takes privacy so seriously that he has multiple business interests devoted to helping individuals and companies send and receive messages and post on social media more securely and more privately.

How Privacy Conscious Brands Can Gain an Edge on the Competition

Beyond PR

As consumers become warier of digital ads that infringe on their privacy, brands must think of ways to relate to their customers without appearing to intrude on them. Is there an opportunity for brands to get ahead by establishing themselves as privacy-conscious, at a time when targeted — even invasive — ads are the norm? Is Privacy Consciousness the New Corporate Social Responsibility? For today’s consumer, quite possibly. Public Relations

Data distrust is creating big reputational risks for brands—5 steps PR must take now

Agility PR Solutions

Consumers are increasingly fed up with fears of their personal data being compromised virtually every time they make a purchase—and new research from global comms consultancy Ketchum shows that the brands and businesses that endanger their customers’ privacy are taking real reputation risks with security shortfalls. The post Data distrust is creating big reputational risks for brands—5 steps PR must take now appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Big Tech Has A PR Problem. Can It Close The Trust Gap?

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A new survey of 31,000 people in 27 countries has documented what most of us in PR know – Big Tech has a reputation problem. But things are changing, and shifting public opinion is one reason why. So far, Wall Street isn’t too bothered by the reputation hits.

Stressing user privacy, Apple offers a monthly news bundling service

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However, those media mentions carry precious weight in an era of cratering public trust and concerns about authenticity in online messaging. Amid that context, Apple plans to offer a subscription service that would bundle many print magazines and a couple of newspapers into a single offering—all while putting a premium on user privacy. The latest iteration of the app will integrate magazines, digital publications and newsletters, and more visual works of journalism.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg proposes new systems to police social media content, General Mills defends reputation after shrimp-tail scandal, and Jay Leno apologizes for history of anti-Asian jokes

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Users instantly protested the new feature, saying that the ability to send messages to strangers created numerous privacy concerns and the potential for abuse. It’s crucial that external stakeholders are engaged before any new user features go public.

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Has Apple Lost Its PR Magic?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For a decade sales have climbed along with profits, and its reputation for innovation has flourished. In consumer technology, it’s the norm for sales to slow and profits to erode over time. To compound matters, Apple started 2019 with another type of stumble – in data privacy, where it has worked hard to build a reputation as a champion for consumers while Facebook suffers one scandal another over its handling of user data.

J&J offers to settle in Ohio, consumers question leaders’ ethics, and how TikTok fills a specific niche

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One thing that deeply angers consumers is when a giant corporation can wreck people’s lives and never acknowledge its mistakes. It’s not about privacy and friends, but strutting on the world stage. When combatting a crisis narrative, you will have to overcome a healthy skepticism if you want to change public perception. Taking notes can be tedious and time-consuming, but technology might finally have an answer for tired typists.

5 Trends Shaping Tech PR In 2018

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Privacy regulations. The GDPR privacy rule officially blazed into our lives in May. And it won’t be the last data protection or privacy regulation we’ll see. In July, the state of California passed its own data privacy regulations called CCPA , and other states are sure to follow. On the bright side, GDPR has presented opportunities for data privacy and security thought leaders to build visibility and reputation through insights and expert commentary.

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Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

Stuart Bruce

My name is Stuart Bruce and I’ve been tasked with speaking to you about the future of social media and its impact on public relations. I’m a member of the elected council of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations and also a founder member of its social media panel. In the next half an hour or so I’m going to talk about what some of the implications of social media are for the public relations profession. Public relations has always relied on relationships.

Supercharge Your B2B PR With Newsjacking

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

“Newsjacking” is how public relations people secure reactive coverage by jumping on a story that’s already in the news. The announcement may mean nothing to most consumers, but for our clients in media, ad tech, data privacy, and digital security, it’s a big deal.

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Turn Your Secret Sauce into a PR Asset with these 4 Steps

Flack's Revenge

First, if you’ve gotten patents, it is for all intents and purposes public info that anyone can look up. Identiq: Anti-fraud privacy protection for e-commerce. Campaign Analysis Public Relations Tech Tech PR Technology core technology intellectual property secret sauce

Deborah Weinstein on the Challenges Confronting PR and Digital Marketing

Flack's Revenge

Deborah is a recognized thought leader and speaker, and a former journalist with numerous awards including the Queen’s Diamond and Golden Jubilee Medals for Outstanding Service to Canada and its Communications Industry, and the United Nations Grand Award for Outstanding Achievement in Public Relations (and an impressive Twitter following to boot; see Deborah Weinstein’s full bio ).

How To Supercharge B2B PR With Newsjacking

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

“Newsjacking” is how public relations people secure reactive coverage by jumping on a story that’s already in the news. The announcement may mean nothing to most consumers, but for our clients in media, ad tech, data privacy, and digital security, it’s a big deal.

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Why and how communicators must protect their brands from ‘techlash’

PR Daily

Technology’s increasing presence in the marketplace has more and more consumers voicing ethical concerns and posing tough questions about those companies’ stands on key issues. These companies are under more scrutiny and face even more challenges when it comes to their reputations.

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5 Reasons Tech PR Is A Different Animal

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The fact is, the public relations industry is becoming more specialized and diverse. In recent years the tech sector has faced a reputation problem, from its lack of diversity to data privacy issues. The recently enacted GDPR European data privacy rule challenged virtually every department in most companies, but it also offers opportunities for relevant commentaries and point-of-view content.

Big Tech Advertising: Olive Branch or Smoke Screen?


Advertising is a fascinating study in social strategy and messaging, and marketers tend to be observant of the initiatives other brands are taking to reach consumers. Several key factors likely played into this strategy to push out mainstream advertising in order to update a brand’s reputation or make a push for consumer involvement. It’s made promises surrounding the consumer data privacy debate.

Alphabet shutters Google+ following data breach

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Engadget reported : Though Google allows developers to collect Google+ profile information when granted access by users, a bug gave developers access to the profile data of friends of those users as well, regardless of whether those friends had chosen to share that information publicly. The planned closure of Google+ is part of a broader review of privacy practices by Google that has determined the company needs tighter controls on several major products, the people said.

Google 101

5 Reasons Tech PR Is A Different Animal

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The fact is, the public relations industry is becoming more specialized and diverse. In recent years the tech sector has faced a reputation problem, from its lack of diversity to data privacy issues. The recently enacted GDPR European data privacy rule challenged virtually every department in most companies, but it also offers opportunities for relevant commentaries and point-of-view content.

PR Lessons From The Bungled Equifax Crisis

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Public relations people like to talk about anticipating or “getting in front of” a crisis; in fact, for a taste of a real-life crisis simulation, check out this stress-inducing story by The New York Times ‘ Sapna Maheshwari. But the truth is, it’s a myth to think that you can prevent most events that could wreck a company’s reputation. Crenshaw Communications crisis management imPRessions Equifax PR public relations

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Twitter slapped with GDPR fine, Utah’s Dixie State University to change name, and Coca-Cola offers gifts via Twitter Santa

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Here are today’s top stories: Twitter fined for breaching EU privacy law. The social media platform was slapped with a fine from European Union’s privacy law, GDPR—the first for a United States company in a “cross-border case” in the two and half years the law has been established.

7 Signs Your Company Is Ready To Step Up Its PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

At a certain point, most small businesses outgrow their first forays into public relations. When considering an agency to handle reputation management and media relations for a company, consider these signs as indicators of the need to boost PR efforts. But we in public relations do. Ideally, company leadership has had the foresight to engage a PR firm well ahead of any potential events or circumstances that have the potential for negative reputation impact.

8 tips for health care organizations to foster better communication in 2016

Reputation Us

The health care PR professionals at LT Public Relations considered the latest insights from industry conferences and the company’s health care clients to identify the top trends affecting health care communications in 2016. Casey Boggs is president of Portland-based LT Public Relations. Here are eight forecasts for this year from the firm — presented as potential strategies for managing your reputation. Before forming LTPR, Boggs served as public relations director at AIG.

4 Ways PR Creates Brand Attachment

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The shooter’s phone was ultimately cracked without Apple’s help, but its stand on privacy was consistent with long-held principles and arguably those of its core customers. Patagonia, a smaller, privately owned company, has earned a loyal customer base by making good products, but its communications has also played a big role in engaging consumers. Public relations programs are designed to bring such values into the public conversation.

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Who Is Fighting Fake News? [article]

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

has radically changed journalism and public relations , two industries that rely on the free exchange of information and ideas. The online communications revolution has unleashed a Pandora’s box of disturbing problems that threaten privacy, democracy — even the concept of objective truth. The initiative will create a subscription tool for consumers, so readers can safely subscribe to their favorite news outlets through Google. Web 2.0

Legal and Ethical Dimensions: Using Online Data for PR Strategies


Privacy is the major issue in ethical use of data within public relations. The discussion emphasized privacy isn’t just about gathering data. An organization’s reputation is tied to how it treats its publics, and users are a public. In global public relations, not all countries’ privacy and data laws work the same. What are potential missteps when it comes to using — or misusing — consumer data?

Facebook to woo marketers with Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp integration

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The move, slated for 2020, means brand managers can better reach consumers and target their ads. However, critics pointed to anti-trust issues and Facebook’s ongoing data privacy issues. Each app will also tout end-to-end encryption—an important element, considering Facebook’s ongoing crises regarding users’ privacy and data. Many have expressed privacy concerns, especially with user trust declining after crises such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Announcing Ragan’s 2020 PR Daily Awards

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Campaigns, PR Events and Publications. SSPR: El Paso County Public Health Department COVID-19 Campaign. Shirley & McVicker Public Affairs: Citizens for Responsible Solar. Quicken Loans Public Relations: Rocket Mortgage Classic. Publications. Digital Publication.

6 tips for crisis comms strategy in the post-election period

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Despite news from Pfizer that a vaccine might be on the horizon, the public health calculus for businesses hasn’t changed much. Anxiety and worry have affected many consumers in recent months, and when it comes to COVID-19, that might not change soon.

Crisis 111

Behind Amazon’s Magic PR Touch

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Big Tech’s reputation has taken a beating lately. Facebook’s clumsy handling of its data privacy scandals has been a PR and government relations disaster. Google, too, faces data privacy challenges, as well as periodic revolts by its own workforce. Take data privacy, for example. It collects a huge amount of data from consumers who are in shopping mode and will only grow as an ad platform.

Announcing PR Daily’s Media Relations Awards finalists

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Crisis or Reputation Management Campaign. Carbon Engineering, Yulu Public Relations and Carbon Engineering. Government or Public Affairs Media Relations Campaign. Leveraging a Lawyer’s Impeachment Experience to Secure National Media Coverage, Reputation Ink with Lightfoot, Franklin & White LLC. Pepperoni Pucker, BML Public Relations with Villa Italian Kitchen. Pizza Bouquet, BML Public Relations with Villa Italian Kitchen.

Apple/Justice Dept. Battle is Ideological (Not PR) Struggle

Return on Reputation

It’s a deep-rooted ideological issue pitting privacy against national security , where PR plays a supporting role. The PRISM controversy suggests Apple must take a strong stand on privacy, while the FBI needs to develop a less controversial reason to hack a phone. Apple is up against a far greater challenge, which is balancing the interests of privacy and national security. The FBI has a job to do and cares little about its public image.

Barbie grows more inclusive, Zuckerberg says Facebook needn’t be liked, and Popeyes Chicken debuts clothing line

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Why you should care: The success of Barbie’s new looks show that diversity and inclusion efforts aren’t only good for your organization’s reputation: They can also boost your bottom line. for our Speechwriting & Public Affairs Conference ].

Popeye’s chicken sandwich returns, Adobe breach hits 7.5M, and rushing to measure ROI won’t produce results

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In an age of constant security breaches and data privacy concerns, most consumers recognize this. Why you should care: Watch for continued crisis and reputation management lessons as the company continues to struggle with its brand image issues. Moves to cut jobs and marketing campaigns, along with focusing on ways to decrease underage vaping, are meant to repair Juul’s tattered reputation, as well as its relationships with regulators and consumers.