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A large budget makes it easier to obtain substantial media exposure and measure the results of PR and marketing. But most organizations don’t have millions (or even thousands) to spend on media measurement. Set goals that are easy to measure. Measure against goals.

How COVID-19 is reshaping the art—and science—of business writing

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A solid majority — 60% — measure the impact of language. Email marketers measure — and test — everything from the subject line to the body copy. The post How COVID-19 is reshaping the art—and science—of business writing appeared first on PR Daily.

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How to measure the impact of communications during COVID-19

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It enables an organization to stay in touch with community stakeholders and participate in the conversation around an all-consuming crisis. A good measurement strategy is based upon expected outcomes. You outline what effect you hope to have before executing a plan, and then establish systems to measure key performance indicators. This dilemma is the focus of PR Daily’s Media Relations & Measurement Virtual Conference May 14–15. Measurement and PESO.

How and why you should be measuring reputation in 2020

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Consumers are choosing everything from cars to chicken sandwiches based on corporate values. Yet for all the talk of corporate purpose, and the reputational benefits earned through its pursuit, there is a lack of guidance on how to measure reputation’s existence and value. A recent global study found that 62% of consumers want companies to take a stand on pressing issues such as fair employment practices, immigration, data privacy and climate change.

How marketers are wooing consumers with augmented reality

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In consumers’ eyes, augmented reality (AR) is the touchstone for innovation. About one-fourth (26%) of consumers said AR led them to think a brand was technically savvy, higher than artificial intelligence (19%), facial recognition (18%), chatbots (6%) and cryptocurrency (4%), Mobile Marketer reported. In addition, 44% of consumers want AR to improve shopping experiences by portraying products in real-life settings. However poor AR content can hurt consumer perceptions.

Instagram drops IGTV button, public speaking tips from MLK, and how consumers get news from social media

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MEASURED THOUGHTS. Take advantage of what consumers are saying about you, the industry and your partners online, and jump at the chance to be a part of the conversation (when appropriate). The post Instagram drops IGTV button, public speaking tips from MLK, and how consumers get news from social media appeared first on PR Daily. Also: Sainsbury’s wins Twitter with Beyoncé tweet, Walmart and others get kudos on sustainability, brands cash in on big NFL game day, and more.

WhatsApp limits forwarding to slow misinformation, SeaWorld CEO resigns, and measuring PR in a crisis

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Along with sharing content from official sources and helping your employees and consumers to identify misinformation, also consider using influencers and your organization’s biggest advocates to further your messages through smaller or one-on-one conversations (which can increase trust). MEASURED THOUGHTS. Here’s a visual funnel you can use as a guide to adjust your measurement strategies: Image courtesy of Hill + Knowlton Strategies.

Snickers gobbles up a world record, Delta staff bonuses earn kudos, and Edelman reports consumer trust at all-time low

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Many brand managers are teasing their Super Bowl ads as well, extending the life of their expensive campaigns and aiming to capture consumer attention and excitement. MEASURED THOUGHTS. Edelman’s 2020 Trust Barometer revealed that consumers’ trust of organizations is at an all-time low: None of the institutions measured was considered both “competent” and “ethical.”. That lack of trust extends from consumers’ to employees’ fears.

Boyd Gaming lays off 2,500 employees, Apple asks retail employees to WFH, and earned media drives 88% of consumers to websites

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Fabricland in Ontario, Canada also mentioned social distancing, but in an effort to inspire consumers to buy its tape measures: Having trouble eye-balling the 6 foot social distancing rule? A tape measure might help. In addition to bottles for Diageo, Pulpex has set up a “partner consortium” of fast-moving consumer goods, or FMCG, businesses. MEASURED THOUGHTS. Hostess is asking consumers to vote on a new name for its brownie: You STILL haven’t voted??

Smarter Ways to Measure Authoritative Content

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If you’ve bought into that, then how do you find smarter ways to measure authoritative content? First, I’m going to do the possibly douchey thing of quoting myself, primarily to provide context for this post (I don’t want to assume you read last week’s post): The reason social advertising is becoming so successful is that people are consuming and sharing content, significantly via mobile devices, and significantly via social networks, now more than ever before.

Twitter offers permanent WFH, Kaiser Permanente uses esports to promote mental health, and how consumer behavior hinges on trust

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The effort is a brilliant way to support trending consumer behaviors with online platforms (shelters across the United States have reported pet adoption booms during COVID-19). The social media platform said its workplace measures while staff sheltered in place have been successful, and said that while “opening offices will be [its] decision, when and if [its] employees come back, will be theirs.”. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

LiveRamp and Cision Combine Forces to Better Measure Earned Media Impact


Cision’s CEO Kevin Akeroyd discusses the organization’s new partnership with LiveRamp to help communicators better measure the impact of their earned media efforts with the Cision Communications Cloud™: Communications and marketing professionals will now be able to identify the audiences that are digesting earned media, allowing them to analyze key audience insights such as consumer or business attributes, as well as key behavioral, sentiment, and intent data.

Fortune 500 Firms Embrace Blogging, “Unfriend” Social Media Blog

“2020 was a year to use blogs to help consumers through a challenging time,” researchers stated. As owned media, blogs offer better measurement insights. And, they would own the metrics,” writes Arik Hanson, principal of Hanson Communications, in his email newsletter.

Popeye’s chicken sandwich returns, Adobe breach hits 7.5M, and rushing to measure ROI won’t produce results

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In an age of constant security breaches and data privacy concerns, most consumers recognize this. MEASURED THOUGHTS. LinkedIn released a survey that revealed that most digital marketers (77%) measure ROI within the first month of their organizations’ sales cycles—and, by doing so, miss the true value of their efforts. Only 4% of digital marketers measure ROI over a six-month (or longer) period—the length of an average B2B sales cycle.

Context in Marketing Campaigns, Mediums and Measurements [UML]

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Writing, Labels and Cohorts; Words Really Do Matter [UML]. A new study by eMarketer demonstrates just how distracted we are becoming: US Adults Now Spend 12 Hours 7 Minutes a Day Consuming Media. One-half of every day consuming media sounds like a lot, right? 3) Context in measurements. Good measurements include the flow of traffic, conversions, leads and sales. Marketing marketing context marketing tactics measurement unscripted marketing

Measurement: Why Business As Usual Just Doesn’t Cut It

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If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” ~ Peter Drucker. I measure. Perhaps more importantly, the measurements I use directly align with the business goals of my company. Measure? THAT you can measure against. Still measuring your company’s “likes” on Facebook and followers on Twitter? Find a way to measure engagement instead. Studies often tell us the more engagement consumers have with a company, the more they will buy.

7 steps to accelerating your writing

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Most of them observed that editing or revising takes much more time than writing—a sentiment I echo heartily. A third said: "I—or anyone—can write crap as fast as I can type…" (I don't think she realizes how many people struggle with producing a crappy first draft, for all the reasons I outline here.). We all have our own grounds for wanting to write faster. The faster they can write, the more they can earn. Writing is no different. Writing is no different.

How to Write an Agency Brief

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Writing an agency brief for a PR or marketing campaign can be a difficult task. However, taking the time to write a proper brief will help you avoid headaches and ensure both you and your agency find the winning idea faster. It can be both frustrating and time-consuming working without a brief. Some may require some thought and consideration, but the time you invest in writing a good agency brief will pay dividends in the future. What are you going to measure?

Google co-founders step down, Riot Games pays $10M in harassment suit, and most consumers distrust organizations’ data use

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The framework includes provisions that protect “a vulnerable group of consumers over age 12 and under age 16,” the option for consumers to “request access to and deletion of” any personal information organizations have gathered, requirements to make organizations’ privacy policies “much easier to read and understand,” and more. The framework underscores consumers’ growing concerns over data collection and privacy, and calls are mounting for organizations to find solutions.

Google’s Mother’s Day salute, Souplantation permanently closes, and only 4% of consumers demand a halt in advertising

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Also: Gerber’s 2020 spokesbaby is adopted, HBO looks for engagement with writing challenge, Microsoft axes ‘reply-all’ email storms, and more. Hello, communicators: HBO’s social media team started the week with a writing challenge based on its dark comedy show, “Run”: Kicking off week-long #RUNHBO #WritingChallenge with a question from showrunner @JonesDryWrite : Is there one person from your past who could just knock on your door right now, and say, “Come with me”, and you’d go?

PR Measurement Advice From The Client

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This was PR measurement. And even as PR became more digital and social media was adopted as a common PR medium, PR measurement did not seem to keep pace – mostly we just went from reporting impressions to reporting unique monthly visitors, likes, followers and other vanity metrics. It measured activity against strategic objectives, it showed progress towards goals, and it provided hard data to support the impact of media coverage. By Seedepth.

Why one size does not fit all in PR measurement

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For many industries, services can be measured and return on investment can be easily quantified. PR measurement has become a point of contention even to those within our industry. What is frustrating is that they stop short of offering a new solution, or they offer intensive measurement processes that completely bypasses that time spent on measurement means time away from pursuing PR opportunities. Public Relations is a service.

BuzzFeed to acquire HuffPost, YouTube launches audio ads, and Nintendo issues marketing rules for ‘Animal Crossing’

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The announcement follows similar acquisitions across digital media publications as organizations fight for both consumer attention and advertising revenue. MEASURED THOUGHTS. Tap into Tailwind to expand and measure your reach on Pinterest and Instagram.

5 tools to help PR pros measure storytelling efforts

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However, like many traditional PR strategies, measuring the impact and success of storytelling campaigns can seem an insurmountable task. Use these five measurement tools to help prove your worth to executives and clients: 1. RELATED: Start winning with words, stories, and message mapping at our PR Writing Summit in Chicago, Aug. Curalate uses image-recognition algorithms to analyze and measure content on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook.

Chatbooks and Sam’s Club offer virtual Santa visits, HomeGoods to launch e-commerce site, and Google relaunches Pay app

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The launch highlights the opportunities for PR and marketing pros to reach consumers and increase purchases through digital-first content and features. However, as the COVID-19 crisis continues, TJX is looking to get ahead of the competition and reach a new consumer base.

How to Measure PR and Marketing Outcomes on Snapchat

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As you can imagine, Snapchat measurement is not straightforward. What I want to do in this post is examine the metrics that you could use to measure Snapchat and the metrics that you should use. These types of stories are meant to be consumed at once and tell their own unique story.” ” Of course, a lot of this can be measured. Cunningham describes the three measurements that Snapchat offers you: Audience size ( A ).

Online ads have ‘oversaturated’ consumers, Gucci’s straitjackets meet backlash, and Yahoo unveils a new logo

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Good morning, PR pros: During Advertising Week New York , Hearst’s former chief content officer, Joanna Coles, bluntly told attendees that advertisers were to blame for consumers’ aversion to ads. She later said it was because marketing and advertising pros “oversaturated” consumers. Especially in today’s climate where more and more consumers urge organizations to respond to both political and social issues, making a statement shouldn’t be tied to a marketing move.

The Wildfire way of measurement in PR


So, forgive me in this blog post if I talk about the logical aspect of PR, rather than the creative, and use this as a chance to talk about measurement. PR has a reputation of being beastly to measure. We were lumped into the same boat as advertising, where measuring the effectiveness of a campaign was wholly unscientific. Marketers expect PRs to be able to do the same, and then we end up trying to measure the wrong thing, which serves nobody well.

18 Tips to Improve Your Organization’s Social Media Listening Blog

A growing number of successful use cases, better monitoring and measurement tools, and better understanding of data analytics continue to encourage more brands to embrace social media listening, also known as social media monitoring. Write “or” to find any of the desired search terms.

The Aesthetics of Text: Writing Readable Blog Posts

Sword and the Script

Although visuals are important, the aesthetics of the text itself can influence how many people consume content and how long they spend engaged with it. This why a good content marketer can take a dense white paper, identify the most interesting parts , re-write it for the web, and then watch it get more traction than the first time around. 1) Write short sentences. Other readers liked these related posts: B2B Blog Metrics: 4 Effective Categories to Measure Success.

KFC suspends ‘finger lickin’ good’ during COVID-19, McDonald’s introduces Spicy Chicken McNuggets, and personalized email pitches net 83% positive replies

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Why it’s important: As COVID-19 continues, brand managers will have to get more creative to find ways that help them grab consumer attention as well as headlines—without causing backlash or criticism. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

J&J offers to settle in Ohio, consumers question leaders’ ethics, and how TikTok fills a specific niche

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One thing that deeply angers consumers is when a giant corporation can wreck people’s lives and never acknowledge its mistakes. It writes: TikTok isn’t about you or what you’re doing. MEASURED THOUGHTS. FREE DOWNLOAD: Timeless secrets for rocket-powered writing ]. Taking notes can be tedious and time-consuming, but technology might finally have an answer for tired typists.

How much money is bad writing costing your business?

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Bad writing causes 40 percent of the cost of managing business transactions, writes William H. How much is bad writing costing your organization? Try to imagine the costs of poor writing … in business, government, and law,” writes Joseph Kimble, chair of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School’s research and writing department. FREE GUIDE: 10 ways to improve your writing today.]. How can you measure and report the cost of bad writing at your organization?

Consumers question PR pros’ integrity, United courts Gen Z with discounts, and KFC offers a ‘date’ with the Colonel

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MEASURED THOUGHTS. A new study for Bospar reveals that many consumers have a similar view about the state of the media and the role of PR in creating that distrust. Now, the chain is leaning into its oddball brand voice by offering consumers the chance to date “the Colonel” virtually: The rumors are true, we are making a game where you can date Colonel Sanders. Survey: Gen Z consumers are skeptical about most businesses.

Measurement… Supplemented

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Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Measurement… Supplemented October 22nd, 2010 Tweet Last week, Priya Ramesh, CRT/tanaka ‘s director of social media, joined us for the bi-weekly #measurePR chat. One of the major elements of the campaigns was to get consumers to fill out an online interactive wellness scorecard. decision on what to measure will be unique to each company.

Zoom lifts Thanksgiving call limit, WW launches personalized wellness program, and SEC chair to step down

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USA Today reported : The Oprah Winfrey-backed company’s new myWW+ comes with a more personal approach that can help with stress eating and lack of sleep, which have hit not only weight-conscious consumers during the coronavirus pandemic. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

Travel 111

Stop writing content for the sake of writing content

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Content that’s a source of measurement? I received an email from a client asking my team to write content that “spreads automatically and makes consumers want to buy the product,” and to do it immediately. Developing, managing and measuring the effect of content to adjust and improve it is a full-time job. The measure should not be how much content. What is the desired outcome and how will I measure it?

Why We Need a New Way to Measure Earned Media

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While those of us in marketing or PR are quick to applaud technologies that allow us to do more, reach more, or earn more, we don’t seem to have the same attitude about updating our measurement tools and processes. Many public relations professionals continue to measure media exposure based on what the equivalent costs in advertising would be. And yet, that’s not a precise measure when it comes to earned media. How Mature Is Your Earned Media Measurement Strategy?

Twitter and Facebook flag Trump’s election posts, Burger King UK implores consumers to buy McDonald’s, and MeUndies apologizes for ‘Harry Potter’ collection

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is encouraging consumers to buy from its competitor McDonald’s: We know, we never thought we’d be saying this either. MEASURED THOUGHTS. Hasbro is looking to appeal to adult consumers’ playful side with a new line of scented Play-Doh called “Grown Up Scents.”

MGM Resorts cuts 18,000 jobs, NBA teams to offer arenas as voting locations, and 78% of B2B marketers say prospects rely on influencers’ opinions

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Why it’s important: It’s important to provide context to bad numbers that will drive headlines, but don’t expect most news consumers to look much farther than the top paragraph. MEASURED THOUGHTS .