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Report: Consumers want to be entertained on social media

PR Daily

A new study from Sprout Social reveals that PR has a lot to offer online campaigns, including understanding the target audience, content generation, brand visibility and more. How invested is your organization in social media strategy?

Frank Strong on Next Steps in Social Media Marketing

Flack's Revenge

I have been writing about issues challenging social media and digital communications, and speaking with thought leaders on the topic. In this installment, I interview Frank Strong, Founder & President of Sword & Script Media, LLC. What comes after social media?

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5 Offline Marketing Tactics That Boost Social Media Engagement


According to a recent study by Fluent , consumers who are reached through a greater number of channels engage more with, and buy more from, brands. billion are active on social media. There’s still a lot of audience to be tapped into outside the social media world.

15 courses to improve your social media knowledge

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Do you know the latest trends and tips to make your messages soar on social media platforms, from Facebook to YouTube? What are your goals for social media in the coming year? . Social media training from Hootsuite Academy. Sprout Social’s webinars.

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Singles’ Day on Chinese Social Media

Flack's Revenge

In August, Alibaba Group partnered with consumer electronics retailer Suning Commerce Group in an effort to match or exceed JD’s capabilities. Social Media in China: E-commerce operators are working on providing deep interactive experiences for customers via social media.

Six social media trends in 60-seconds


Social media advances at an incredibly rapid rate. Prohibition’s social media trends in more detail. Influencer marketing maturity. The rise of dark social. Social commerce. Social Media social media Social Media Marketing

Fixing the broken web

Stephen Waddington

A new #FuturePRoof guide highlights the ills of the web. It’s the start of an important conversation about how communicators tackle disinformation and fix the broken web. It disintermediated all previous forms of media enabling anyone to become a publisher. social media

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5 Reasons to Network Across all Social Media Sites

Critical Mention

Social media platforms may have been created for friendly networking, but since then, they’ve evolved into tech hubs where anybody can network with anyone else. So, it’s important for all organizations to acknowledge and react to the impact social media has on consumers.

How social media is driving the climate change conversation


With coverage about climate change comes a lot of conversation on all social platforms, but first we wanted to see which stories are rising above the rest in terms of engagement. million engagements across the web and social and was shared over 265k times on Facebook.

How to tailor your videos for different social media platforms

PR Daily

Video is far more than just the latest social media buzz or digital trend. This is fundamentally changing the way we consume content on the web and social media is on the frontline of this digital revolution. Marketing News Feed Breaking News Social Media

Fragments, Social Media & Channels; Unscripted Marketing Links

Sword and the Script

Ask any PR or marketing pro with digital chops how a dynamic web has changed marketing communications and the answers are liable to boil down to ease, speed, volume and accessibility. In 2015, there are literally hundreds of channels where consumers access content.”.

26 Thoughtful Marketing Predictions that Could Actually Happen in 2019 Across PR, Content, Digital, Social Media and Customer Success

Sword and the Script

As I’m wont to do at year’s end, I ask many brilliant marketing and PR types for their take on what might transpire over the next twelve months. 1) Owned media gains on distrust of mass media. 2) Microtargeting augmented by social surround sound.

7 costly social media marketing mistakes

PR Daily

Social media can be a powerful tool for brand promotion and consumer connection, but what happens when buzz goes bad? Many businesses and marketers have suffered damage from a social media mistake. Assuming social media marketing is free.

How to build your social media content calendar

PR Daily

How often should you post content to your social media channels, and what should that content look like? PR pros agree that social media is vital to their work. It starts with a social media editorial calendar.

Top 50 PR, Marketing & Social Media Podcasters to Follow


But why is podcasting important to PR and marketing professionals? Welcome to The #AskGaryVee show, where I answer your questions about marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship. Tools, tips and tactics on everything marketing and social media related.

Courting young consumers, Instagram launches in-app checkout

PR Daily

The feature suggests a new direction for social media marketing. The social media platform has introduced a bevy of changes over the last couple of years as it has become the most popular network for younger consumers.

How to use micro-influencers to target ‘local’ consumers

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At Mitchell, we recently published an extensive report that maps out consumers’ evolving notion of local. For “OmniLocal consumers,” as we’ve named them, a local buying experience is about feeling connected to a brand, regardless of whether it’s a hometown boutique or a global retailer.

Local 171

Six social media trends in 60-seconds


Social media advances at an incredibly rapid rate. Prohibition’s social media trends in more detail. Influencer marketing maturity. The rise of dark social. Social commerce.

8 reasons to invest in social media video

PR Daily

Social media video marketing is not only accessible, it’s affordable and one of the best ways to reach many people while increasing brand awareness. Here are eight reasons why social media users respond so well to video: 1. Social media video builds brand awareness.

Video 163

6 keys to successful social media measurement

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Social media measurement tools enable marketers to determine which tactics work best. Marketers use measurement to track their progress and contribute to meeting their organization’s overall goals. A social media dashboard can save time and provide access to trends.

Measuring Social Media Success with @AdamSinger, Data King and Google Guru

Social PR Chat

who has been a digital marketing consultant for everything from SEO to PR to social media to measurement. The University of Florida alum took some time to interview with Lisa Buyer, who teaches Social Media Management in the Gator Nation. Social media?

Google 124

Report: Social media leads the way in online advertising

PR Daily

analyzes how companies are marketing themselves online, getting responses from 501 marketers from across the U.S. RELATED: Join us in San Jose for the Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Intel.]. Are you investing in online marketing?

This Twitter Ad Shows Us Why Social Media Advertising Needs Cross-Functional Teams Empowered with Compassion and Humanity

Sword and the Script

You can’t just spend your way to success in social media advertising. The notions of social proof work both ways. Today, when you get ad through approval and into market…your job isn’t done. 3) Empower the social team with compassion and humanity.

Should PR pros scale back their social media time?

PR Daily

Is it time for you to “take a break from social media?”. While it might not be entirely realistic for today’s marketer, there are some ways doing less could actually help you produce more content. Take a break from social media,” he said.

What Social Media Marketing Can—& Cannot—Do For Your Business


I remember when I first adopted social media marketing as a way to promote my business. At the time, I knew intuitively that social media would be useful, but I didn’t have a good handle on my goals. So I recruited a social media pro to help. What can social media marketing actually DO?”. If you’re still finding your way in social media marketing, trying to understand how it can—and cannot—help your business, read on.

Social media changes enable users to avoid missteps, reach customers

PR Daily

Realizing a tweet meant for your personal Twitter account was just posted to your brand’s profile has been a nightmare come true for many social media professionals. The Twitter tool’s social media team sent the following tweet Monday explaining how the service works: New on TweetDeck!

Have you committed these 8 social media crimes?

PR Daily

Social media marketing makes it easier than ever to connect to thousands of potential customers, but winning the trust and interest of your audience isn’t always straightforward. Failing to use video content in your social media marketing.

5 social media truths to boost your SEO efforts

PR Daily

Social media is a term you cannot fail to mention when talking about search engine optimization. There are many ways that social media influences SEO efforts. This is great for consumers who are searching for content, but for brand managers it can be a problem.

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The dos and don'ts of social media pitching

PR Daily

One of the most disruptive things to happen to the PR profession has been the mass adoption of social media. One study suggests that over 96 percent of journalists use social media every day. only 13 percent of PR practitioners are pitching on social media.

Announcing the finalists for the 2014 Social Media Awards

PR Daily

We asked to see your best social media skills: contests/games, hash tags, videos, Facebook and more. Entries came in from across the globe, flooding each category with impressive, creative examples of social media at its finest. Best Content Marketing/Brand Journalism.

Kroger joins push for tougher gun laws, consumers readily change brands, and WeWork’s founder walks back trademark sale

PR Daily

Walmart walks back guns stance, content marketers stay loyal to text, and Forever 21 sued over Ariana Grande ‘lookalike’. Consumer disloyalty is the new normal. It reported : New Nielsen findings demonstrate that just 8% of consumers consider themselves to be firmly committed loyalists.

Social media insights for Father’s Day 2018


In our latest social media insights report, we take a look at the top trends for Father’s Day content across the web, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. According to the National Retail Federation, consumer spending will reach a near-record […]. The post Social media insights for Father’s Day 2018 appeared first on NewsWhip. Brands Communications & PR Facebook Content Marketing Instagram analytics Pinterest Data

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

PR Daily

Here are four reasons PR and marketing pros go gaga over their careers: There’s a fast-paced, versatile schedule. Marketers must be nimble and continually adapt to changes in the industry. PR and marketing pros are happy knowing their efforts will be well compensated.

Snapchat rolls out a slew of changes to entice marketers

PR Daily

The social media platform has seen stagnant user growth, and execs have watched as Instagram and Facebook have copied some of its most popular features. The mobile games market was expected to hit $63.2 The Next Web wrote : So what’s the motivation behind building these features?

3 ways content can transform social media fans into customers

PR Daily

Social media is great, but with so many people and posts, it’s easy for even a practiced online marketer to feel overwhelmed. High-quality content is mandatory if you want social media users to become regular visitors and customers.

Why you should include influential social media users in your PR strategy

PR Daily

Marketers have a lot of options when it comes to choosing how to best reach customers: traditional marketing, mass media, digital, social media, public relations, celebrity promotions, guerrilla marketing, etc.

Fans swarm the web to save Spider-Man, SFO and Hasbro are getting rid of plastic, and more online fans equals less engagement

PR Daily

Good morning, PR pros: Social media users were buzzing yesterday as Disney’s Marvel Studios deal with Sony Pictures crumbled, kicking Spider-Man out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As one consumer pointed out , this won’t affect the plastic used in its products.).

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How to tailor your videos for different social media platforms

PR Daily

Video is far more than just the latest social media buzz or digital trend. This is fundamentally changing the way we consume content on the web and social media is on the frontline of this digital revolution. The do’s and don’ts of social media brand video.

Video 85

The Future of Social Media Isn’t Video – this is…

Norton's Notes

When was the last time you came across a marketing campaign without a video element? With the help of Instagram, the first visually focused social network (well apart from Flickr), video content seems to be taking over. According to this article , over 60% of marketers plan to increase their investment in video over the next year. Consumers expect daily, engaging, interactive content that can capture their attention without clicking an article link.

30 Pragmatic Marketing and PR Predictions for 2020

Sword and the Script

As I’ve done in recent years, I’ve asked a whole bunch of smart people for their marketing predictions or PR predictions for the next year. And now on with the marketing and PR predictions for 2020. 1) Marketing embraces sustainability. 5) Marketers will slow down.