5 consumer behavior trends PR pros should know for 2021

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As communications pros, the power of the pivot hinges on understanding our consumer. What are consumers feeling and experiencing right now, and what are they looking for, expecting from the brands they love? More than words, consumers want action.

Why brands must focus on their relationship to consumers’ needs

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For organizations eager to build a bond with consumers—and reap the wonderful rewards that spring from establishing genuine connections—it’s going to take a heavy investment in integrated communications. And now how they intersect in one holistic consumer-facing channel.”.


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Why and how to embrace multimedia storytelling

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Storytelling is also a growing trend within the communications discipline. In our Future of the PR Pro Report , 73% said storytelling was the No. And in the modern media landscape, storytelling is visual. Visual elements provide a critical advantage in storytelling,” he says.

What Does “Storytelling” Mean to You? 105 Answers from Communicators

Sword and the Script

Storytelling is a powerful means of persuasion; it can be both a strategy, as in an overall narrative but it also can be a tactic, like using vignettes; here’s what a recent survey found. The idea of “ storytelling ” was even stranger. I’m a believer in storytelling.

Facebook defends plans for kid-centered Instagram, YouTube viewers increasingly consume videos about everyday tasks, and NBC drops Golden Globes

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Also: AAA seeks to calm consumer fears over gas shortage, Twitter tip jar posts home addresses, and Patagonia’s CEO shares strategies for activism campaigns. Ragan is delighted to add industry event and thought leadership brand Communications Week to our portfolio.

As brands rethink Super Bowl engagement, what stands out for consumers?

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For brands looking to grab a share of the game day spotlight, French says there is plenty of opportunity when looking at the overall consumer interest in the game, with many people still stuck at home waiting out the virus.

How can data improve your storytelling?

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Unfortunately, a business that prides itself on storytelling and communication may feel threatened by the influx of data-driven PR and marketing methods that leave little room for creativity. Data supports storytelling by bringing credibility to your PR message. Here’s how to add data to your storytelling: 1. According to Edelman’s trust report , 48 percent of consumers do not believe the messages that businesses offer, especially when it comes to paid media.

Make A Greater Impact In 2018 With International Speaker & Storyteller, Cameron Brown

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I had a conversation with International speaker and storyteller, Cameron Brown , about creating impact in 2018. Stop (or reduce) watching TV and be conscious of your time online to help you personally determine your consumer behavior. Leadership Mentoring PR 2.0 The New Year is off to a great start and you may be working on the different ways to create greater impact in your career and life.

Uber pledges to double Black leadership, Kroger releases COVID-19 comms ‘blueprint,’ and Trader Joe’s addresses ‘racist packaging’

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However, retailers must listen to consumers and meet them with solutions in today’s “new normal.” CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. Have your storytelling efforts shifted during COVID-19 and as your organization responds to the nationwide movement for racial equality and inclusion?

Increasing Your Media Coverage Through Storytelling


We all love a good story, and research shows that conducting media relations through the lens of storytelling provides optimal results. To make your storytelling effective, approach it as you would a strategic communications plan. Dust off that manual from your “Creating a Strategic Plan” training last year and incorporate SMART — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound — goals into your storytelling process. On Jan.

Snickers gobbles up a world record, Delta staff bonuses earn kudos, and Edelman reports consumer trust at all-time low

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Many brand managers are teasing their Super Bowl ads as well, extending the life of their expensive campaigns and aiming to capture consumer attention and excitement. That lack of trust extends from consumers’ to employees’ fears.

How can data improve your storytelling?

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Unfortunately, a business that prides itself on storytelling and communication may feel threatened by the influx of data-driven PR and marketing methods that leave little room for creativity. RELATED: Join us in San Jose for the Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Intel.]. Data supports storytelling by bringing credibility to your PR message. Here’s how to add data to your storytelling: 1. With consumers’ continuously losing trust.

Boyd Gaming lays off 2,500 employees, Apple asks retail employees to WFH, and earned media drives 88% of consumers to websites

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Fabricland in Ontario, Canada also mentioned social distancing, but in an effort to inspire consumers to buy its tape measures: Having trouble eye-balling the 6 foot social distancing rule? It doesn’t take that long to reap the benefits of storytelling within media relations efforts, either.

How Data-Driven Storytelling Drives PR

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No one should underestimate the power of data for storytelling. Yet it can yield real insights for inclusion in a thought leadership program for key executives. Whatever the case, B2B and technology-based businesses are in an excellent position to use data-driven storytelling as part of a PR strategy. Since PR and journalists (as well as publishers and social platforms) are on the front lines of the war against false news, they value data-based storytelling.

Twitter offers permanent WFH, Kaiser Permanente uses esports to promote mental health, and how consumer behavior hinges on trust

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The effort is a brilliant way to support trending consumer behaviors with online platforms (shelters across the United States have reported pet adoption booms during COVID-19). CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

Inside Experian’s bid to help consumers boost their credit scores

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consumers to voluntarily add payment histories for things like their mobile phone and utility bills to their credit profile. This is particularly relevant to consumers with “thin” credit files. RELATED: Join us for our Leadership and Executive Communications Conference ]. Consistently making mobile phone or utility payments has never been a factor in determining a credit score, let alone a consumer’s being able to control the addition of that information.

Kroger joins push for tougher gun laws, consumers readily change brands, and WeWork’s founder walks back trademark sale

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Also: Nissan’s leadership crisis escalates, MillerCoors wins an injunction over corn syrup messaging, and Vienna reigns as the world’s most livable city. Consumer disloyalty is the new normal. It reported : New Nielsen findings demonstrate that just 8% of consumers consider themselves to be firmly committed loyalists. The company is facing a fresh leadership crisis after CEO Hiroto Saikawa admitted he had been overpaid.

How to connect to your audience with storytelling

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The answer: storytelling. Join Justina Chen, one of Ragan’s highest-rated speakers, in Chicago on July 23 for our Storytelling for Communicators Workshop and learn how to integrate this crucial technique into your skill set. The anatomy of inspirational thought leadership. Connect with consumers, communicate complicated messages, and strengthen the bond between your organization and your audience—all through the use and careful craftsmanship of storytelling.

4 ways marketers can attract new consumers

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This younger generation of consumers is continuing to cause a massive shift in the market across all industries and sectors. That's why this ice cream company wanted to cast off its stuffy, traditional image and connect with millennials over craftsmanship and storytelling. For example, we worked with one university's leadership who wanted to reduce and manage back-office printing costs.

New Yorker suspends reporter for exposing himself on Zoom, CVS to hire 15,000 employees and 64% of consumers to holiday shop online during COVID-19

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Deloitte’s 2020 Holiday Retail Survey revealed that more consumers than ever before are shopping online to prepare for the holidays during COVID-19. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK. Though these managers are ambitious, the career path to social media leadership roles remains unclear.

Google co-founders step down, Riot Games pays $10M in harassment suit, and most consumers distrust organizations’ data use

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privacy4america Advisor Stu Ingis: “This framework offers a detailed new approach with robust protections for consumers and clear penalties for companies that do not comply.” How do you think PR pros can help regain consumer trust and protect privacy?

Online ads have ‘oversaturated’ consumers, Gucci’s straitjackets meet backlash, and Yahoo unveils a new logo

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Also: Amtrak blames millennials for dining car’s demise, storytelling wisdom from Toyota and Hilton, and why you should combine newsrooms with social media. Good morning, PR pros: During Advertising Week New York , Hearst’s former chief content officer, Joanna Coles, bluntly told attendees that advertisers were to blame for consumers’ aversion to ads. She later said it was because marketing and advertising pros “oversaturated” consumers.

How to use TikTok in your content strategy and prove ROI

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Brands began experimenting with TikTok in 2019 to connect with Gen Zers and millennial consumers who are less likely to respond to Facebook posts, YouTube videos and other platforms that have become essential elements of communication between companies and consumers.

Google’s Mother’s Day salute, Souplantation permanently closes, and only 4% of consumers demand a halt in advertising

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Google’s efforts are an example of the virtual offerings and messages many brand managers shared for Mother’s Day, as many consumers celebrated while also sheltering in place. The good news for PR and marketing pros is that only 4% of consumers think organizations should stop advertising.

Why communicators must be responsible for getting the information they need

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One thing I’ve found helpful in this regard is a principal that I learned early during my tenure at Honda, first as an insider and later as a senior agency partner, over the course of 26 years, and most recently in my leadership role with global agency Finn Partners.

How to measure your organizational authenticity

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In today’s competitive environment consumers aren’t just looking for value, they’re closely looking at your values—and examining what you do about them, not just what you talk about.

How marketing tied to environmental activism results in ‘greenwashing’

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To the consumer, these efforts feel authentic and accountable. For example, changing an entire business supply chain is an extraordinary expense, and if it negatively affects the consumer’s experience, it can cost you even more.

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Own Your Idea, Grow Your Audience with Storytelling [Case Study]

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Regardless of whether marketers embrace AI, it is accelerating change in the industry and transforming careers along the way: Consumers will demand greater personalization, while wanting to control their data and privacy. Thought Leadership:70+ interview and speaking requests, earned media placements, and quotes attributed to Marketing AI Institute and its thought leaders.

Post-pandemic, communicators must integrate the online and offline experiences

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Consumer confidence is on the rebound as the COVID-19 pandemic recedes and workers begin to return to the office. And so, even as 68% of consumers predict an economic recovery in the next two years, the data shows that many expect the economy to look very different from how it used to.

After COVID-19, events are set to emerge stronger than ever

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Digital transformation, accelerated by habits and behaviors ushered in by the pandemic have demonstrated that consumers like choice. Content Marketing Leadership Communications Marketing Media Relations PR Industry Storytelling Visual & Video Communications

Why communicators must harness the power of livestreaming

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According to Sprout’s 2020 Social Index, 40% of consumers report wanting to see more live video from brands. Employee Engagement Internal Communications Leadership Communications Storytelling Visual & Video CommunicationsLive video’s not going anywhere but up.

Arctic winds offer a Texas-sized lesson in crisis communications

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You must plan for the worst and unexpected scenarios and know how your leadership and business will respond. When crisis planning, audit past crises that have affected your company and evaluate how leadership responded at the time. As a result, consumer trust was lost.

5 ways PR pros can support Black influencers in 2021

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Brands focus on multiracial influencers to ensure consumers know they care about communities of color. You have three seconds to capture consumer’s attention. Leadership Communications Media Relations PR Industry Social Media Storytelling

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Spotify CEO silent on Joe Rogan’s anti-vax comments, female leadership helps organizations embrace risk, and JP Morgan to send employees back to the office

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Hello, communicators: The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has announced it will return to Las Vegas in January of next year as an in-person event following 2021’s virtual show. Remember to deploy data points and research when making a case for the diversification of your leadership.

10 Top Media Trends for 2021

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Consumers will need to pay for most objective content, and as many won’t, that means most will get their news from sources that follow their own political beliefs. Leadership Communications Media Relations PR Industry Storytelling Visual & Video Communications

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How to Use Data to Tell Stories and Attribute PR Value


Most companies would agree that consumer trust is a valuable commodity — one that can’t be bought or sold. According to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising study , consumers trust earned media and recommendations from friends and family more than any other source. Why Data Is Required for Storytelling. Storytelling is an art, and when done well it touches on human emotion and evokes a connection. Thought Leadership brand storytelling consumer data use Data

Data 113

Is brand purpose overblown?

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Consumers say they want companies to act ethically, but not many are willing to alter their purchasing habits — or sacrifice comfort for convenience. There is a growing body of research that says consumers care about their world and the impact businesses have on it.

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How PR Can help shape marketing messages

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Your PR team could run a thought leadership campaign around the benefits of wearing sustainably made products for the environment, personal health and personal finances.

Taking a stand against Asian hate

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RELATED: Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Network is your go-to source before, during and post-crisis ]. As the Asian American population grows and its voices and concerns become part of the national dialogue, so will their expectations of the brands they consume.

2021 trends CMOs are watching

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In the course of a few months in 2020 we witnessed products and services move online, employees shift to remote-working models and consumer behavior change to focus even more heavily on digital platforms and channels.

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