Infographic: YouTube, Facebook Stories on the rise in 2020

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According to data from Animoto, communicators should consider investing in YouTube and branded stories on Facebook. They compiled some topline stats into this handy infographic. To see all the tips on how to embrace social media video, read the full infographic.

5 ways to stand out on YouTube

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YouTube has become the second largest search engine online, and it is crucial that you grab a share of that audience. Consumers are looking towards video rather than text-driven blog posts to answer their questions and entertain them. It doesn’t take a massive effort to get started on YouTube , and the payoff can be huge. One of the most effective things you can do to increase YouTube views is have your viewers watch the videos you produce back to back.


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Infographic: How Generations X, Y and Z consume video

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Generations X, Y and Z might be the youngest consumers out there, but woe to the communicator who thinks he or she can communicate with them in the same ways—especially when it comes to video. An infographic from Adweek breaks down how much each generation watches video content, as well as what video platforms they prefer and what types of videos they like to watch. Check out the infographic below for more: (View a larger image

Infographic: The state of video marketing for 2020

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Check out this infographic to learn how you can create and deploy content that wows your audience. According to this infographic from Depositphotos , 80% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic to their website and generate leads.

Infographic: How much time we spend on social media

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This infographic offers vital insights. This infographic from Famemass offers insights into how users use their social media apps and what topics keep them engaged. Instagram (53 minutes) and YouTube (40 minutes) come in second and third, respectively. The infographic lists a few key topics for keeping people engaged: Staying up to date on the latest news. To see more about how consumers use social media platforms, consult the full infographic.

Facebook tests ‘News’ feature, Lyft offers rides to job interviews and doctor visits, and YouTube’s 20M trees campaign

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However, today’s banner ad gets a click-through rate of roughly 0.5%, partially because the average consumer is faced with 1,700 banner ads every month. Given the sea of content and branded messages bombarding consumers’ attention, marketers must be even more innovative with their tactics. Infographic: The benefits of purpose-driven marketing. YouTube creators come together to plant 20M trees. Study: How to make the most of your YouTube channel.

Infographic: How to protect your online reputation

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In a new report, consumers say seeing ads alongside offensive content damages their opinion of that brand. As online platforms struggle to contain the spread of fake news and disinformation, as well as to respond to controversial content and hate speech, some consumers say they won’t forgive an organization’s misstep. In this infographic from AdColony, respondents said seeing offensive content alongside an organization’s ad damages the brand.

Infographic: 7 essential digital marketing trends

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Consumers are constantly bombarded with online messaging and advertising. As brand managers vie for the attention of distracted audiences, it’s important that ads and owned content occupy optimal positions to sway consumers making purchasing decisions. Serpwatch created this robust infographic with trends and statistics brand managers should be aware of when planning or updating their digital marketing strategy. Infographics Marketing digital marketing marketing infographic

Infographic: How to capture the Gen Z demographic

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These young consumers are becoming ever more influential. For companies looking into the future, pulling in young consumers is essential. If you can’t bring in new shoppers, you eventually won’t have any buyers, so many marketers are hyper-focused on converting Generation Z, consumers ages 18–24. This infographic from Campaign Monitor offers fresh insight into what moves this unique demographic. Here are tips for how to earn their attention and loyalty.

Infographic: How creating live videos can elevate your organization

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Whether you are broadcasting on Twitter or YouTube, connecting with live audiences can be a powerful way to convey authenticity and spark loyalty. Only 20% of consumers will finish an article they start reading, and 69% would rather learn about your product from a video. This infographic from Switcher Studio offers tips on types of live videos your organization can start creating right away. Infographics Visual & Video Communications

Infographic: How influencers make their money

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As brand managers look to recapture consumer trust and build new audiences, turning to trusted online figures has proven a valuable way to build a following. Kite asked over 200 of these social media stars to describe how they talk to their audiences and make money from their online presence, with the data compiled in this infographic. YouTube is the top platform for influencer content. The post Infographic: How influencers make their money appeared first on PR Daily.

J&J offers to settle in Ohio, consumers question leaders’ ethics, and how TikTok fills a specific niche

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One thing that deeply angers consumers is when a giant corporation can wreck people’s lives and never acknowledge its mistakes. Infographic: How to get your message out on TikTok. Taking notes can be tedious and time-consuming, but technology might finally have an answer for tired typists. The stock price hasn’t taken a big hit, in part because Nike has been so successful in selling directly to consumers and developing a strong relationship with its audience.

30+ Amazing Video Insights to Get Brand Exposure and Reach on Social Media [Infographic]

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There are also YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and a plethora of smaller platforms that are yet to make their break into the mainstream. Eighty two percent of consumers who were surveyed for one recent study said they favor live video over other types of social posts. Breadnbeyond has curated 30+ more video insights on how to leverage videos to help you get better social media publication and organic reach in this infographic below. Social PR infographic

Infographic: How your organization can capitalize on mobile marketing

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That’s the gist of a new infographic from The company shows how mobile use has driven marketers to find new ways to reach consumers and to highlight exciting success stories from brands like Home Depot and Starbucks. Average conversion rates have gone up 64 percent for mobile devices, and 90 percent of consumers watch video on their mobile (compared with 60 percent on desktops). Home Depot’s successful DIY videos on YouTube.

Dos & Don’ts of Content Creation

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Include your logo in infographics, social media posts or any other content that has the potential to be shared by others. . Let your content design consume the page and overpower the message your brand is trying to convey. Getting started with content creation can take time.

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Infographic: Why you should produce less blog content

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An infographic from HubSpot. Consider these findings: Audiences are more likely to thoroughly consume videos, social media posts and news articles than blog posts. Forty-five percent of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos each week. Do you know where your customers prefer to consume your content? Learn more in the infographic below: ( View a larger image.

64% of PR and Marketing Pros Will Increase Content Marketing Efforts in 2016: Marketwired Survey and Infographic


Check out the survey highlights in our original infographic and read more in our news release. Here are 5 quick survey takeaways: PR & marketing pros use a lot of different kinds of content in their communications: blog posts (55%), photos (29%) and news releases (24%) are used most frequently by our respondents, but newsletters, video, infographics and white papers were also named, along with case studies, webinars and tip sheets. [By Lisa Davis].

Survey 137

Financial Services Content Report: Industry Benchmarks & 5 Keys to Success

Contently - Strategy

It’s a wide umbrella, spanning everything from consumer banking, investment banking, credit cards, fintech, insurance, and more. Companies in this space have a unique opportunity to build meaningful relationships with consumers. Create social videos and infographics.

How to Boost Your Strategy with B2B Video Marketing

B2B PR Sense

Some find it hard to picture B2B CEOs scrolling through video on social media or surfing YouTube, especially to view business-related content. YouTube? Do your research to find out where your audience consumes its video content and what platforms have the tools you need.

B2B 205

Personal Branding Tips: How to Ensure Success for 2021

B2B PR Sense

Content like blogs, infographics, videos and podcasts help your audience to get to know and trust you. Create and share as much as you can across your social media and other platforms where your audience consumes content.

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Blueprint for social media success

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Managing multiple social media accounts can be a time-consuming nightmare. Alas, the good people at MarketingProfs have shared an infographic that plots a course to success on six popular networks. The graphic offers an image sizing chart, keyboard shortcuts, advice for best times to post content and rundowns on new features for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. More branded content on YouTube.

The social video starter guide

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To put a number to it, video will account for more than two-thirds of consumer Web traffic by 2017. For instance, did you know that Instagram is a great resource for business-to-consumer marketing? And what about YouTube ads? The infographic below from 1-800 Numbers answers those questions and more This piece originally ran on PR Daily in April 2014. You likely know that video is a huge component of online marketing, and it’s growing.

Video 95

How to recycle key marketing and PR content for superior reach

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Regardless of your company’s size, marketing and PR consume a significant amount of the budget. . Some enjoy reading blog posts; others prefer deriving information from an infographic. Still others prefer listening to a podcast or watching a YouTube video.

Personal Branding: How to Grow Your Social Media Audience

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Learn what websites people visit, what kind of content they consume, and what networks they're most active on. And on YouTube, there are 1 billion hours of video that is watched every day!

4 content lessons from Jimmy Fallon

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million views on YouTube. Fallon’s show has been popular for far longer than just this week; its YouTube channel alone has more than 5.9 million YouTube subscribers, and “Team Coco” (Conan O’Brien and friends) has around 2.4 Here are a few things Fallon and his “Tonight Show” team do that have helped the program gain nearly 6 million YouTube subscribers—not to mention even more viewers and a whole lot of online buzz—in less than a year: 1.

Fans swarm the web to save Spider-Man, SFO and Hasbro are getting rid of plastic, and more online fans equals less engagement

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Also: YouTube will stop targeting ads to children, Facebook offers users a data-control feature, and wangles for a plug in wedding vows. Many consumers issued calls to save Spider-Man: Look, I'm not in the mood to be excited about something right now! As one consumer pointed out , this won’t affect the plastic used in its products.). Consumers are vocally supporting organizations that are working on environmentally friendly alternatives to packaging and more.

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Study: Producing engaging content is marketer's biggest challenge

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The study revealed that 58 percent of business-to-consumer marketers preferred to use Facebook for content marketing efforts. More than half said their content was successful on Twitter, and several preferred YouTube (49 percent), Instagram (43 percent) and Instagram (41 percent.). has summed up its results in this infographic For any company considering a content marketing strategy, one question persists: Does it work?

Study 131

Best PR Uses For Video Content

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Video enhances SEO, has the best ROI, keeps consumers engaged longer, and is more shareable than many other content forms. The 97-year-old co-op Land O’Lakes makes extensive use of video on its website and YouTube page, showing its values of innovation, cooperation, and service in a series spotlighting various business partners. Meanwhile, explainer videos are a terrific way to delight and educate consumers while dispensing with the hard sell.

Video 133

5 tips for producing professional-caliber DIY videos

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Video content is all the rage online, but video production can be expensive and time-consuming. Pony up for consumer cameras that give professional results. If you want to up your game beyond filming with an iPhone, source a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) consumer camera and a tripod as your main interview camera (also known as your “A-camera”). Here are some tips to help you produce your own videos cheaply.

Video 126

Measuring risk for ‘scandal insurance,’ Walmart defends gun sales, and yes, pumpkin-spice Spam is a thing

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Also: AP Stylebook offers a back-to-school guide, Tiffany markets diamonds for men , and YouTube changes its copyright policies. Impress your boss: Is there an audience you haven’t previously considered or an unconventional way that consumers are using your product or service? Related reading: How native content helps consumers 50 and older make purchasing choices. Survey: Gen Z consumers are skeptical about most businesses. YouTube updates copyright policies.

Why Vertical Video is a Social PR Secret

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Next, Instagram’s IGTV and Youtube’s video ads later confirmed that vertical video is here to stay. Snapchat reported that it has 5x greater consumer engagement in terms of its’ swipe-ups compared to the click-through rates on most mobile ads after launching Snap Ads. The folks at Breadnbeyond have compiled everything you need to know about how to incorporate vertical videos for your marketing strategy, so make sure to take a look at the infographic below.

Video 105

State Farm and St. Jude embrace #GivingTuesday, McDonald’s offers free McRibs to fans who shave, and Starbucks gives free coffee to frontline workers

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Also: Burger King racks up engagement with tweets tied to Utah monolith, Hawaii entices remote workers with free tickets, mobile wallet consumers spend more per purchase, and more. Don't forget to join @MatPatGT and @StateFarm tomorrow on @YouTube as we raise money for @StJude !

Time releases ‘worst year ever’ cover, Lufthansa Group to lay off 29,000, and Zalando co-CEO steps down to support wife’s career

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Also: Microsoft embraces positivity and connection with its holiday commercial, Planters ages its mascot again, a guide to creating effective infographics, and more. However, not all infographics are created equal. More insights about infographic marketing here: [link].

The rise of the vlog will help you find your true audience

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Vloggers, YouTubers and video content creators now hold the most power in the battle for attention online. Video already consumes more than 50 percent of digital data online, and the demand is growing by the day. Since 2006, the true battlefield for video dominance has been on YouTube, the second-largest search engine in the world. YouTube has become the new home of answers and entertainment for many. The birth of the internet quickly led to the age of the blogger.

Cleveland’s MLB team to change name, Reddit purchases short-form video app Dubsmash, and mobile video games to reach $165.9B this year

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Hello, communicators: Google experienced an outage on Monday morning, which stopped users from accessing YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive or Google Classroom for roughly an hour until the company’s services were back online for many users after 8 a.m., You can view DCI’s entire infographic here.

Reddit 105

Social Media Marketing: One Size Does Not Fit All


Not to mention YouTube’s lofty 2 billion monthly users that are spread rather evenly across most age groups. Instagram users tend to look for clean and concise infographics and picturesque images.

5 tips for producing professional-caliber DIY videos

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Pony up for consumer cameras that give professional results. If you want to up your game beyond filming with an iPhone, source a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) consumer camera and a tripod as your main interview camera (also known as your “A-camera”). If you are willing to invest a little more time and energy, YouTube has plenty of tutorials on how to build a DIY lighting setup with a paper lantern and a dimmer (available on Amazon) for around $30.

Video 131

Google employees to WFH until July 2021, Target to close for Thanksgiving, and social media channels remove viral video for misinformation

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Also: Many consumers won’t feel comfortable traveling for nearly another year, Instagram attempts to lure TikTok creators to its new service, a social media pun, and more. Here’s how Ketchum split up consumers and their shifting behaviors: Image courtesy of Ketchum.

Viral 95

Brands celebrate International Women’s Day, Hollywood Foreign Press issues DE&I commitments, and 60% of Google searches are on a mobile device

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YouTube (@YouTube) March 8, 2021. Enabler Space recently published an infographic that highlights key takeaways for digital marketers and communicators looking to adapt to a rapidly shifting landscape. You can also view the infographic here.

Disney reorganizes to focus on streaming, Facebook bans Holocaust denials, and Barbie speaks out about racism

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Chapek said in a press release : Given the incredible success of Disney+ and our plans to accelerate our direct-to-consumer business, we are strategically positioning our company to more effectively support our growth strategy and increase shareholder value.