Why and how to embrace multimedia storytelling

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Storytelling is also a growing trend within the communications discipline. In our Future of the PR Pro Report , 73% said storytelling was the No. And in the modern media landscape, storytelling is visual. Visual elements provide a critical advantage in storytelling,” he says.

Infographic: How to respond to negative consumer reviews

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How you respond to consumer reviews can be just as important as the review itself. According to an infographic from Housecall Pro, 89% of consumers read the business reply to reviews. Additionally, 86% of consumers report reading 10 or more reviews before deciding whether to trust a business. The infographic lists several ways a business should respond to negative reviews.

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How Data-Driven Storytelling Drives PR

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No one should underestimate the power of data for storytelling. Whatever the case, B2B and technology-based businesses are in an excellent position to use data-driven storytelling as part of a PR strategy. Journalists look for pitches that are backed up by data in the form of charts, graphs, tables, or interactive infographics. Infographic from a 2017 article in MarTech Advisor. Infographics also offer SEO opportunities for both the news outlet and the sponsor.

How to Improve Your Press Release Best Practices with Storytelling

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Why Storytelling Enhances Press Release Best Practices. Many have found that implementing the art of PR storytelling has a profound effect on the way their press release is received by journalists and their audience. Take a page out of the storyteller’s handbook when you write your next press release, and approach it with a new, fresh look. Good storytelling reigns," remarks Kevin Allen, a storyteller and blogger for PR Daily.

Monday Roundup: Compelling Storytelling

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When it comes to storytelling, quality over quantity is a pretty standard rule of thumb. Compelling storytelling can expand your audience and strengthen the bond you have with your customer base. This week’s roundup is chock full of advice to spice up your storytelling. 7 Ways Storytelling Makes Your Content More Compelling. Storytelling 101: 3 Tips for Creating Compelling Content Marketing. Pedal-powered Storytelling.

Infographic: How to feature your organization in Instagram Stories

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The video blogging feature has become a major hit with users on the social media platform, but do consumers want to interact with brands in the same way? This infographic from Animoto shares how organizations are already using Instagram stories and how marketers can elevate their brands with new campaigns. To learn how to make your Instagram offering stand out, read the full infographic. Infographics Social Media Storytelling

Infographic: The formula for a perfect explainer video

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Often, a business or service exists to fill a specific consumer need. RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling Conference at Disneyland. ]. This infographic from Breadnbeyond offers templates for different types of videos and insights for crafting a winning script. For more tips on how to create a clever video that will develop new sales leads and establish your organization as a industry powerhouse, read the full infographic.

Infographic: Do’s and don’ts for social media marketers

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This infographic offers some basic do’s and don’ts for communicators who want to engage on social media. Be prepared to field questions, concerns and criticism from your consumers. RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. ]. To learn more about what works and what irks on social media, consult the full infographic. The post Infographic: Do’s and don’ts for social media marketers appeared first on PR Daily.

Online ads have ‘oversaturated’ consumers, Gucci’s straitjackets meet backlash, and Yahoo unveils a new logo

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Also: Amtrak blames millennials for dining car’s demise, storytelling wisdom from Toyota and Hilton, and why you should combine newsrooms with social media. Good morning, PR pros: During Advertising Week New York , Hearst’s former chief content officer, Joanna Coles, bluntly told attendees that advertisers were to blame for consumers’ aversion to ads. She later said it was because marketing and advertising pros “oversaturated” consumers.

Infographic: 10 ways tech is transforming digital marketing

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Spiralytics created this infographic to help identify the technology that is disrupting the marketing landscape. Bots offer 24/7 communication options for reaching consumers. Virtual and augmented reality provide immersive storytelling opportunities. See the full infographic for more ways technology can improve your marketing efforts. The post Infographic: 10 ways tech is transforming digital marketing appeared first on PR Daily.

5 quotes that highlight the power of storytelling

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Through compelling storytelling, brand managers can increase their organizations’ exposure, build relationships that lead to brand loyalty and gain the attention of journalists—without sending a pitch. Here are five quotes that show just how important storytelling can be to your organization: 1. Gone are the days when you could hawk your wares to consumers, hoping that the sheer brilliance (or stupidity) of what you made would entice people to pay attention to your brand.

Report: Most consumers recognize content marketing, but say it’s useful

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The typical consumer is bombarded with marketing messages as they surf the web and interact on social media. To capture attention, many brand managers create articles, videos, infographics and other visuals to reach audiences and help them solve pressing issues. Communicators can no longer ignore content marketing—and consumers, too, recognize the trend. RELATED: Join us at Intel HQ for the Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference. ].

J&J offers to settle in Ohio, consumers question leaders’ ethics, and how TikTok fills a specific niche

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One thing that deeply angers consumers is when a giant corporation can wreck people’s lives and never acknowledge its mistakes. Infographic: How to get your message out on TikTok. Taking notes can be tedious and time-consuming, but technology might finally have an answer for tired typists. The stock price hasn’t taken a big hit, in part because Nike has been so successful in selling directly to consumers and developing a strong relationship with its audience.

Google’s Mother’s Day salute, Souplantation permanently closes, and only 4% of consumers demand a halt in advertising

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Google’s efforts are an example of the virtual offerings and messages many brand managers shared for Mother’s Day, as many consumers celebrated while also sheltering in place. Rio SEO compiled results from surveys conducted by Ipsos, Nielsen, Forrester and Binary Fountain and placed them in an infographic that shows how consumer behavior has changed during COVID-19. You can check out the entire infographic here.

Businesses close for global climate protests, Facebook’s new ad formats, and major brand communicators offer storytelling lessons

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This means marketers and communicators will have new ways to engage consumers on their channels. Infographic: Facebook leads all social media with 68% of U.S. Brian Pittman reports from Ragan’s “Brand Storytelling and Content Marketing Conference” at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, about how to put feeling into your storytelling.

Infographic: A guide to Instagram’s IGTV

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RELATED: Join us in San Jose for the Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Intel.]. The content channel promises to offer new access for brand managers to reach consumers and for social media stars to entertain diverse followings. offers an infographic guide to posting content to IGTV and offers insights on the kinds of material that will perform best on the new channel. To discover all that IGTV offers, see the full infographic below

Infographic: 10 essential parts of highly ranked websites

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This infographic. RELATED: Join us in San Jose for the Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Intel.]. Learn what steps you can take to make your website a potent brand magnet for consumers by reading the full infographic below When customers want to find you, are search engines offering your website as a top result?

Infographic: How small organizations can join the video craze

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Videos increase engagement, hold audience attention and demonstrate professionalism and quality to potential consumers. RELATED: Join us in San Jose for the Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Intel. ]. This infographic. Seventy-one percent of consumers who watch a video end up making a purchase. For these insights, as well as the kinds of videos you can use right away and where to post your video creations, see the full infographic

Infographic: Tips for more purposeful, effective blogging

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Websitebuilder has an infographic to help you whip a saggy blog into shape. RELATED: Weave storytelling into every corporate communication, and craft copy that captures your brand voice. ]. Seventy percent of consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads. According to the infographic, the ideal blog post title is 60 characters. Review the infographic below for guidance on achieving blogging success

Snapchat disses Instagram, 81% of consumers want brands to do ‘right,’ and Snickers campaigns to move Halloween

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Also: Edelman drops a client to avoid a crisis, exclusive insights from Microsoft’s chief storyteller, and Ohio State Fair gets sassy. . Infographic: How to use Snapchat to reach new audiences in 2019. Edelman’s 2019 Trust Barometer Special Report revealed that for 81% of consumers, trusting the organization to “do what is right” is a major consideration for purchasing. However, only one in three consumers trust most of the brands they regularly patronize.

Infographic: Be mobile or go bust

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RELATED: Get the newest advances in PR measurement, media relations and PR storytelling at PR Daily World in NYC. So, what are people consuming on their smartphones? Marketers must adapt to mobile storytelling. For more on the mobile revolution, check out the infographic below from Yieldr To succeed in 2016, marketers must have a robust mobile strategy. Can’t believe it? Consider these stats: There are currently 6.1 billion active smartphone users in the world today.

Mobile 118

Snapchat’s redesign keys on UX, Mobile World Congress is canceled, and how one’s economic assessment skews by party

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The footwear will officially launch in Spring 2020, but consumers can sign up to be notified of the collaboration through Crocs’ website and share their excitement under the #KFCCrocs hashtag. Why it’s important: Consumers’ calls for greater transparency, along with the rise of organizations’ stands on social and political issues, increase the pressure on PR and marketing pros to produce ethical campaigns that align with the organization’s mission and values.

7 Reasons Why Video Needs to Be in Your PR Plan


3: Videos Are Easily Consumable (Especially On-the-go). Videos are so easily consumable that they’re perfect for on-the-go entertainment. That same Impact infographic tells us that, “By merely mentioning the word ‘video’ in the subject line of an e-mail campaign blast, the click through rate increased by 13%,” which is huge! Blog Photography & Video Advertising award winning PR brand Brand Story brand storytelling infograph PR Advice Reimagine PR social media

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What is the future of the press release?

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People that are consuming news and content are moving away from text-based, long-form, written material,” says Gregg Castano, founder of News Direct , adding that it might not be a “good thing” for society. That’s how they consumed data.

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Why telling sustainability stories is important year-round

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Purpose-driven storytelling should be told year-round, not once a year when your corporate social responsibility report is published. Storytelling around your organization’s purpose and socially responsible efforts shouldn’t get pushed down your priority list.

Zoom lifts Thanksgiving call limit, WW launches personalized wellness program, and SEC chair to step down

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USA Today reported : The Oprah Winfrey-backed company’s new myWW+ comes with a more personal approach that can help with stress eating and lack of sleep, which have hit not only weight-conscious consumers during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Instagram fights bullies, Blue Bell’s viral mess, and the top reason consumers unfollow brands

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Infographic: How to feature your organization in Instagram Stories. Blue Bell’s social media team has been responding to concerned consumers with tweets such as these: We understand your concerns with our products, and we are always looking for ways to improve, including looking at methods within our manufacturing process to add additional protection to the carton. In our coverage of Sprout Social’s Social Media Index for 2019 , consumers reported that the No.

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How to get more PR value from surveys

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Whether it’s polling your audience or customers through social media, your email list or a website survey, or even using a third party service such as Survey Monkey to reach people outside of your existing audience, gathering data has become less expensive and time-consuming. 2. Create an infographic. Visual content is king right now because people want to consume information that they can understand quickly while scrolling through a newsfeed.

Survey 113

AOC nabs third-largest Twitch stream ever, Amazon allows employees to WFH until June 2021, and Cathway Pacific cuts 8,500 jobs

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Why it’s important: As more consumers turn to streaming content and video games, savvy communicators can take advantage of engagement opportunities by following the congresswoman’s lead. You can view thee entire infographic here.

Disney reorganizes to focus on streaming, Facebook bans Holocaust denials, and Barbie speaks out about racism

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Chapek said in a press release : Given the incredible success of Disney+ and our plans to accelerate our direct-to-consumer business, we are strategically positioning our company to more effectively support our growth strategy and increase shareholder value.

Microsoft announces permanent hybrid workforce, British Airways’ chief steps down, and how far in to the future PR pros are planning

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The effort is a great example of tailoring your offerings to your audience and the power of listening to your consumers’ needs. Considering that more than 56% of consumers use their smartphones and other mobile devices to access your offerings, it’s crucial to adopt a mobile-first mentality.

Adjusting your social media messaging during a global pandemic

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Pinterest came out with an infographic highlighting content guidance. Individuals are consuming more content than ever and are looking for ways to learn a new skill, be comforted or find activities to deal with boredom. We’re recommending our clients find ways to add value to their consumers, whether that means sharing expertise or offering a virtual service. Everyone has had a total disruption of normal routines, and consumers are craving “normalcy” in their content.

McDonald’s to require masks, Everlane addresses claims of racism and toxic culture, and Microsoft teams up with NBA on virtual fan experience

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Also: Red Robin maps out consumer decisions, Frito-Lay highlights its offerings in its 2020 Snack Index, O: The Oprah Magazine to stop printing, and more. Red Robin’s social media team turned to charts when persuading consumers to order: Stay in or go out?

5 tips for producing professional-caliber DIY videos

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Video content is all the rage online, but video production can be expensive and time-consuming. Pony up for consumer cameras that give professional results. If you want to up your game beyond filming with an iPhone, source a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) consumer camera and a tripod as your main interview camera (also known as your “A-camera”). Marketing Storytelling Visual & Video Communications

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How to tailor your Instagram for millennial audiences

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Younger consumers won’t respond well to traditional advertising, so your social media strategy must get creative. That’s why you need to take an omnichannel approach by repurposing content for various platforms (converting a blog post into an Instagram post, presentation, or an infographic). Reusing other content on your Instagram channel will also help your storytelling and make it easier to keep posting engaging ads. Engage consumers before trying to sell to them.

Fisher-Price toys inspired by COVID-19’s WFH, the world’s last Blockbuster is on Airbnb, and Dunkin’ debuts fall menu early

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As you look for ways to capture consumer excitement and boost your revenue, throw convention out the window. You can view the entire infographic here. Think of new ways you can engage consumers and employees who are staying at home and also have information overload.

Audi pulls ‘insensitive’ ad, Disney+ to release ‘Mulan’ and Instagram rolls out ‘Reels’

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The effort is a creative way to offer consumers a family-friendly activity while still adhering to COVID-19 guidelines, and can serve to boost the brand’s reputation as well as earn it kudos and headlines. You can view the entire infographic here.

The 5 most popular stories on PR Daily this week

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This week, readers were interested in striking the right ton with employees, Starbucks’ apology, Bleacher report’s Twitter mistake, data on consumers’ social media preferences and more. Here are the five most widely read stories this week on PR Daily : Infographic: What managers should never say to employees. Report: Consumers want to be entertained on social media.

Country Time bails out lemonade stands, Headspace offers first Snapchat ‘Mini,’ and KFC prepares for 3D-printed chicken

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The video is a humorous look at consumers’ current experiences staying at home, featuring modified exercises, bread making, couch sitting, hobbies and more. How does your crisis strategy match up with this infographic?

Washington Football Team hires first Black president, Cartoon Network drops actor over social media posts, and pepperoni is latest COVID-19 shortage

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Mention recently published an infographic outlining seven reasons to lean on influencer marketing during the COVID-19 crisis, including the fact that 63% of people trust social media heavyweights more than they do brand managers.