Consumer brands must tap technology to stay relevant post-pandemic

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Traditional brand experiences are being replaced by virtual interactions and activations—but consumers desires haven’t changed. Six years later and Maven is continuing to adapt to remain an essential fixture in the daily life of consumers during the COVID-19 crisis when women are facing at-home, “DIY pregnancies” and new parents are being forced to go it alone. FREE DOWNLOAD: 2019 Internal Communications Measurement Survey Results ].

10 guidelines for launching a global PR strategy

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Americans often see European statements as insufficiently transparent or forthright, whereas European communicators usually view measured responses as more appealing to their constituents. How do they prefer to consume information? Expanding your business to foreign countries can be daunting for any entrepreneur. There are so many hoops to jump through: new distributors, legal requirements, different marketing channels, new competitors to monitor.

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A New Era for Measuring Communications Campaigns


We all know it’s important to measure our PR campaigns. However, according to Muck Rack’s 2020 “State of PR Survey,” 64 percent of public relations pros still struggle with quantifiable measurement — a 1 percent improvement from last year’s findings. Surprisingly, MuckRack’s report revealed that more pros reported measurement as a challenge than COVID-19-related issues including losing clients/revenue or placing coverage during this news cycle.

3 guidelines for using social media monitoring during a PR crisis

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Keep a log of customer and consumer feedback for planning and message nuances. RELATED: Learn to measure better at our PR Measurement Summit. ]. What do the comments reveal about the issue or consumers’ perceptions of it? This piece originally ran on PR Daily in March 2013. It’s no secret that stupid and illegal social media activity can cost people their jobs. The latest they-did-what?

Twitter offers permanent WFH, Kaiser Permanente uses esports to promote mental health, and how consumer behavior hinges on trust

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The effort is a brilliant way to support trending consumer behaviors with online platforms (shelters across the United States have reported pet adoption booms during COVID-19). The social media platform said its workplace measures while staff sheltered in place have been successful, and said that while “opening offices will be [its] decision, when and if [its] employees come back, will be theirs.”. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

Measurement… Supplemented

Waxing UnLyrical

Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Measurement… Supplemented October 22nd, 2010 Tweet Last week, Priya Ramesh, CRT/tanaka ‘s director of social media, joined us for the bi-weekly #measurePR chat. One of the major elements of the campaigns was to get consumers to fill out an online interactive wellness scorecard. decision on what to measure will be unique to each company.

Guinness asks consumers to ‘raise each other up,’ LVMH and distilleries offer hand sanitizer, and YouTube cracks down on misinformation

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In response, Guinness released an uplifiting message for the holiday: “When you raise a pint of Guinness, also remember to raise each other up,” Guinness said in its video, also reminding consumers that it “wasn’t going anywhere.”. These actions can increase goodwill among both employees and consumers, and bolster your reputation. MEASURED THOUGHTS. A good #communications strategy is short, measured bursts of more frequent engagement.

Disney says older movies have ‘outdated cultural norms,’ Facebook axes 5.4B fake accounts, and Michigan workers sue McDonald’s over ‘toxic culture’

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The Washington Post reported : The decision to attach this message to some animated films was met with both praise from people who viewed it as an accountability measure and criticism from those who thought its wording was dismissive. As consumers face more misinformation along with the slew of content and branded messages cluttering the digital media landscape, trust will continue to decline. Moreover, PR pros have a responsibility to help audiences be savvy news consumers.

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Hilton partners with Lysol on ‘CleanStay’ initiative, NBA’s Lakers return $4.6M loan, and 51% distrust news media outlets

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The program aims to ease consumers’ concerns and stop the spread of COVID-19 as travel bans and shelter-in-place orders lift. RELATED: Join us for PR Daily's can't-miss Media Relations & Measurement Virtual Conference ]. MEASURED THOUGHTS. The basketball franchise is returning its Payroll Protection Program loan following backlash from consumers and negative headlines. In order to financially support our in-shop employees, and based on SBA guidelines (1/3).

6 steps for establishing a strong social media policy during the pandemic

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With the shifting media landscape during this crisis, it’s important for your entire team to have clear guidelines on how to share messages online. With work from home orders still in place across much of the country, and phone lines and emails tied up with an influx of traffic, more consumers than ever before are turning to social media searching for answers or to air their frustrations. Your content should motivate your consumers to act.

Transparency and accountability in digital advertising: can P&G make it happen?

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Procter & Gamble is one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies, making products with household names such as Tide, Crest, Febreze, and more. Any marketer, communicator, advertiser, or PR person who has dealt with measuring and reporting on social platform metrics likely understands one of P&G’s major frustrations: the varying standards for each channel. Getting measurement standardized for digital advertising is a must for P&G.

Google, Facebook and Microsoft extend WFH dates, Wendy’s offers online scavenger hunt, and Microsoft seeks more inclusive language

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Also: Consumer content consumption trends during COVID-19, TSA embraces humor to share information and updates, take our survey, and more. So here’s our handy guide to help based on the @CDCgov social distancing guidelines. ? RELATED: Join us for PR Daily's can't-miss Media Relations & Measurement Virtual Conference ]. MEASURED THOUGHTS. As people stay at home, they’re consuming more content than ever.

South Dakota meth PSA goes viral, Chick-fil-A drops donors after LGBTQ protests, and 72% of consumers switch to competitors after bad service

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Though Chick-fil-A’s messaging is on point with its brand voice and vision, it remains to be seen whether consumers will take this as a welcoming move or merely clucking to attract attention. That’s why it’s helpful to have guidelines to direct your decision making and help convince skeptics in your organization. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

TikTok launches PR campaign, Boeing announces more layoffs, and Walmart’s e-commerce sales rise 97%

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If local guidelines allow and it’s safe to do so, in-person sales may also be available in certain areas. MEASURED THOUGHTS . The statistics are another reminder of shifting consumer behaviors and the crucial need to embrace both e-commerce and a digital-first format.

How To Safeguard Your Digital Reputation

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That’s why all devices must be secure and security measures clearly communicated and enforced. The most challenging part of building a digital reputation for many is content production, because it’s time-consuming and your quarterly editorial calendar may be scrapped when something happens… like a terrible new coronavirus that shuts down businesses. The foundation of a good public relations campaign is reputation management, and it’s important now.

8 rules for better communications during COVID-19

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Here are some important guidelines to avoid tone deaf gaffes. Reconsider stories for business & consumer press. Any stories for the general business and consumer media that are not coronavirus-related will face a strong headwind for the next few weeks (at a minimum). If you have a story for a consumer or business press audience that can be pushed out, I’d do so. What are some of your observations or guidelines for communicators during this crisis?

7 ways the revised Barcelona Principles can fix PR’s past mistakes

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In 2010, roughly 140 PR practitioners from more than 40 countries gathered in Catalonia, Spain for a meeting hosted by the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication—the world’s largest trade body representing communications research, measurement and insights. These new voluntary guidelines were to be used for measuring and evaluating communications and PR campaigns. Goal setting and measurement are fundamental.

Everything PR Pros Need to Know About Influencer Marketing Part II

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This section covers working with influencers, measuring your success, and maintaining the best communications for your brand. Contracts are very important because they outline the goal of the program, the length, the content expectations, content points that must be included in the output, the use of disclosure language such as #spon or #ad, distribution platforms, launch and completion dates, how the program will be measured and, of course, payment terms.

Why the PESO model includes ‘paid’

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Moreover, when we apply dollars, we open up new metrics to measure those campaigns, thereby ensuring our client can see the ROI on our work.”. Research suggests that trust in institutions and media is at record lows, with younger consumers having a healthy dose of skepticism about most businesses. Is the pay-to-play media pipeline undermining trust for consumers? Respecting consumers’ discernment.

2020: A Year of Thinking Slow

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This is because this automatic, ‘fast’ thinking is less energy-consuming than the alternative. Am I following the latest government guidelines? This means that we need to start – or continue – measures to adapt to this temporary (but lengthy) difficult period.

10 tips for making website content easily accessible by voice search

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With Siri, Alexa and other mechanized listeners helping consumers find everything from pizza to piñatas, marketers must tailor their online presences with an eye—and ear—to that trend. More and more consumers are using voice to perform search engine queries, find local businesses, make purchase decisions and more.”. Learn about Google’s voice search guidelines. How does PR measure its impact ? “It

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New Rules That Every PR Person Should Know

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As PR measurement guru Katie Paine puts it, “The people brands are trying to reach simply will ignore everything most companies spew.”. But today so-called “thought leadership” is also relevant to consumer product companies. Even consumer brands need to position themselves and their companies as leaders. Everything is measurable and measured. Both the practice and business of public relations has grown enormously in recent years.

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How digital marketers should take risks

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RELATED: Join us for our one-of-a-kind Measurement for Communicators Academy. ]. By measuring precedents—case studies of similar campaigns that have been well-received—digital marketing pros can make a case for an edgy or otherwise “risky” campaign effort. A consumer base that’s more open-minded, has a sense of humor or is generally well-mannered will be more receptive than an audience with very strict beliefs and guidelines they follow.

Study: Effective influencer marketing requires authenticity

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As consumers spend more and more time immersed in new and traditional media channels, marketers must find ways to pierce the clutter and build rapport. Americans now spend an average of 11 hours a day —that’s nearly half of every single day—consuming some form of media. Although it’s focused on destination marketing, its lessons have wider applications for businesses that want to build authentic campaigns that resonate with consumers.

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Financial industry group sets social media rules

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Financial services companies have new guidelines to follow in social media. Promotions that fail to be ''fair, clear and not misleading'' can pose a risk as they could lead consumers to buy the wrong product – ultimately with unhappy outcomes for them and for firms. Become a PR measurement master. ]. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has released its guidance on financial promotions in social media after “detailed engagement and consultation with the industry.”.

How you can keep your organization relevant in the midst of a global crisis

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Brand managers that can help connect audiences with their community, provide comfort and share crucial messages about safety and solidarity can keep their names on the tips of consumers’ tongues. Many brands are using the opportunity to try to clarify what have been confusing messages around guidelines and encouraging people to take care of each other while taking care of themselves. PR Daily: How should we think about measurement right now?

What Happens When PR and Marketing Mesh


Brand strategy teams set mandates around key messages by creating a boilerplate, message card, branding guidelines and so forth. Many of the insights Riggs discovered were due to his use of PR analytics and measuring the nuts and bolts of PR campaign success. Because they’re constantly consuming news and putting context around brand stories for journalists, PR people are an incredible resource for trend spotting and research.

WarnerMedia?s specific plan to support Black Lives Matter, Facebook labels state-controlled media, and NYT apologizes over op-ed

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Hello, communicators: Many organizations are grappling with their responses to continuing protests as consumers call upon brands to take stands—and call out those that are insincere. Why it matters: Though donating to organizations is one way to support the Black Lives Matter movement, consumers are calling upon brands change the status quo. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

Social media platforms ban groups for hate speech, Wendy’s speaks out after Twitter silence, and brand managers celebrate #NationalSocialMediaDay

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The Verge reported : “Like anyone else, politicians on Twitch must adhere to our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. After updating our guidelines to better address supremacist content, we saw a 5x spike in video removals and have terminated over 25,000 channels for violating our hate speech policies,” a YouTube spokesperson said in a statement to CNN Business. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

How to Create a Content Contributor Guide


When you invite internal and external subject matter experts to contribute to your content marketing program, it’s important to have guidelines for them to follow. At Cision, we discuss earned media, identifying and building relationships with influencers, crafting campaigns and monitoring and measuring impact. Guidelines for Submitting. Guidelines for author bios. In fact, Cisco predicts that consumer internet video traffic will surpass 80 percent by 2019.

Google limits political ad targeting, Facebook announces brand ‘safety controls,’ and Taco Bell enters the ‘chicken wars’

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Also: Twitter tests scheduling feature, organizations that tap into consumer emotions can come out on top, a comms expert shares how she accomplished broad change, and more. More and more fast-food chains are clucking at the chance to get a piece of Popeyes’ continuing viral fame as consumers clamor for chicken sandwiches and beyond. state-level candidates and officeholders, ballot measures, and ads that mention federal or state political parties.”. “We MEASURED THOUGHTS.

4 rules Grubhub follows to drive social media success

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The company’s senior manager of social media says online marketers must put consumers first, think of each platform and prepare with mobile devices in mind. These interactions shape consumers’ experience with your brand. Match the content type to the platform and user behavior, and you’ll find that you can better reach consumers across social media platforms. Keep in mind platform differences when you measure your efforts. Think like a consumer.

Creative approaches to make your business more social

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Additionally, some companies belong to regulated industries, such as banking and healthcare, which have strict guidelines governing the contents of their external communication. million customers, content about finances is not a topic the majority of users would want to consume in their free time. Additionally, as a member of a regulated industry, YBS faces certain guidelines about the messages they broadcast.

Why and how PR pros can create a content experience

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From banners and chatbots to pop-ups and video, all of the ways a visitor engages with a brand while consuming content is considered part of the user content experience. Marketing agencies should create content that is easy to comprehend and consistent with brand guidelines, such as colors, fonts and image style. Marketers can measure content engagement by looking at metrics, such as the number of email sign-ups and the amount of time visitors spend on individual content pages.

How to avoid pestering customers online

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Brand managers have a social media problem: Consumers think they’re annoying. Frequent promotions, pitiful attempts at humor and failing to respond to queries or criticisms irritate consumers, and these transgressions often provoke them to click “unfollow.”. Nearly 90 percent of consumers use social media to connect with various brands, data from the Q3 Sprout Social index show. is the chief marketing officer of CyberAlert, a media monitoring and measurement service.

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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade goes virtual, Facebook launches climate change hub and Lego promises to eliminate plastic packaging

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From brands however, consumers don’t find it funny. These efforts, combined with cutting the parade’s participants by 75%, will help it maintain CDC guidelines during COVID-19. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

Navigating authenticity and openness in the face of racial injustice

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One challenge facing brand managers and other communicators is knowing how to make a statement on an issue that many consumers demand a response to, but that can have many pitfalls for careless communicators. Consumers are demanding almost every brand stand up and speak out,” he says. In research from Edelman’s Trust Barometer in 2019 and its special “In Brands We Trust: Multicultural Report,” brands had a long way to go to convince consumers that they were doing the “right thing.”.

8 often-overlooked steps to take before crisis strikes

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Here are eight easy measures you can take now to ensure you’re ready for any gales and swells that might arise: 1. Consumers. These guidelines will help you respond more quickly,” Gilliam says, “but they’ll also allow your audience to more easily understand important information.”. As we’ve seen disasters come in all shapes and sizes, and dealing with a pandemic is quite unlike walking back a CEO’s PR gaffe. Still, these fundamentals can help you keep your business afloat.

3 often-overlooked steps to take before crisis strikes

PR Daily

Here are three easy measures you can take now to ensure you’re ready for any gales and swells that might arise: 1. Communicators and legal teams work best when they’re partners before a crisis, says Nancy Bistritz-Balkan, vice president of consumer education and advocacy at Equifax. These guidelines will help you respond more quickly,” Gilliam says, “but they’ll also allow your audience to more easily understand important information.”.

Mattel’s Black Barbie runs for president, 60% of COVID-19 restaurant closings are permanent, and Post partners with Dunkin’ on caffeinated cereal

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Also: Consumer Electronics Show 2021 will be entirely online, the NFL shares a conversation about allyship and workplace culture, Twitter to remove links to hateful content, and more. MEASURED THOUGHTS. The Consumer Electronics Show was scheduled for Jan.