Customer Service Is The “New” PR

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Good PR and great customer service have never been more intertwined. The best way to understand a company’s reputation — and its values — is to look at its response to customer reviews and complaints. It may invest heavily in customer service and response.

Customer Service in a Social Media World


Social media has undoubtedly transformed the way brands serve and interact with customers. According to a recent infographic by GO-Glove, 90% of businesses will use social media for customer service by 2020.

Social media unpopular for customer service

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According to a new study, customer service is not one of them. M2Talk surveyed 1,000 people nationwide to see which platforms are the most popular forms of customer service. percent saying it’s their preferred customer-service conduit.

How to provide excellent customer service on social media

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Of all the social media benefits and uses for organizations, none compares to customer service opportunities. Customer service is a “feast or famine” function. Thirty-three percent of social media users prefer using social media over calling a customer service line.

Study: Get personal with customer service on Twitter

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In a piece of advice that should not come as a surprise to social media practitioners (yet probably still will), Twitter suggests that you should make your customer service more human.

How to leverage customer service to boost your bottom line

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The value of providing excellent customer service has now been clearly established , and you should build your own brilliant customer service. But, how do you take the next step and leverage that service into increased sales? Request reviews after providing service.

4 reasons to bring back ‘old school’ customer service

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Digital marketing has exploded, and organizations have innovated wildly to meet customer expectations. Sleek, streamlined, fast-paced organizations abound, and although it’s what customers want, there’s something cold and impersonal about many 21 st -century transactions.

How to use social media to win at customer service

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Social media has become the customer service center for most organizations, large and small. Include a comprehensive description of what your company is “about,” your hours, price range and anything else applicable to consumers. Consumers love to get the inside scoop they love.

26 Thoughtful Marketing Predictions that Could Actually Happen in 2019 Across PR, Content, Digital, Social Media and Customer Success

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There’s something in here for every discipline of marketing – be it strategy, PR, content marketing, SEO, digital, social media, customer marketing, and so much more. 3) Emotional connection with customers. “I 5) Alignment of marketing and customer success. “A

How Public Relations And Customer Relations Can Work Together

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Good customer service and good public relations have never been more aligned. One of the quickest ways to understand an organization’s reputation is to look at its response to a consumer complaint. So how can public relations and customer service work together?

Human Touch? Not So Much: 44% of Consumers Say They Prefer Chatbots for Customer Service

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Category: Flack Me Summary: According to new research from interaction management firm Aspect, the desire for automated interaction is real—and actual human connections in service exchanges may be becoming obsolete. Forty-four percent of respondents to the company’s annual survey said that—if a company could get it right

6 Ways to Connect With Consumers Using Periscope


With forecasts estimating that video will make up 80 to 90 percent of global consumer traffic by 2019 , live video streaming apps like Periscope are expected to stay in the spotlight. Here are six ways Periscope can influence the way your brand interacts with consumers: 1.

Fix (or Establish) Your Brand Reputation

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Brand reputations can make or break a company; a few bad reviews or questionable comments on social media could turn away customers instantly. Make your customers happy. Make your customers happy by revving up customer service and customer interactions.

Man poses as Target on Facebook, trolls complaining consumers

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In a move that will make you say, “I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often,” a man posed as a Target customer service rep on Facebook and gave hilarious fake responses to real outraged customers.

Public Relations is Everyone’s Business

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So guess which hotel I – as a guest aka consumer – will recommend to friends, or people who ask for recommendations, when it comes to hotels in New Orleans? Public Relations Shonali Burke building relationships customer service ritz-carlton new orleans

Report: 55 percent of consumers complain on social media to see results

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When traditional customer-service avenues don’t offer a solution, many consumers turn to social media. Some consumers even take to online channels first. Airing customer service grievances online has become increasingly common.

3 ways brand managers can interact with consumers online

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Customer service is a crucial element of social media efforts. It’s also important for brand managers to remember that social media isn’t just an extension of your customer service team.

Who Should Care About Public Relations? Everyone

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So guess which hotel I – as a guest aka consumer – will recommend to friends, or people who ask for recommendations, when it comes to hotels in New Orleans? Business Public Relations Shonali Burke business ambassadors customer service guest relations

How integrated marketing is building new connections with today’s consumers 

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As businesses seek to compete on CX, marketers increasingly leverage customer problem resolution to offer a positive brand experience that leads to increased satisfaction and loyalty and potentially, sales. In effect, this approach integrates marketing and customer service in the ways that customer relationship management (CRM) always promised.

Marcom for Healthcare Providers: Engaging the Empowered Consumer

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Today’s consumer has more power than ever before. Tools like social media have enabled everyone to have a louder voice in regards to customer service and brand experiences. Another aspect of audience engagement is customer service.

This Twitter Ad Shows Us Why Social Media Advertising Needs Cross-Functional Teams Empowered with Compassion and Humanity

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Because your customers and prospective customers get a vote. Here are some examples of the verbatim comments: “Service is meh and they will not allow any port forwarding so some of your home devices may not work and they could give two craps. Customer experience matters.

Damn It, Let's Get Those Metrics Going!

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Sure, you see ads for products and services all the time. But permission to purchase said product or services comes when you read about its use or adoption. Consumer? At our firm we train all customer interfacing folks--in a big happy group.)

Twitter offers up 122-page 'playbook' for brands

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Twitter has now for quite some time dominated the social media customer service game. Nearly 80 percent of customer service questions posed to brands social media happen on Twitter, according to Socialbakers. Enter the Twitter Customer Service Playbook.

How and why to boost customer satisfaction online

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Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter have enabled brand managers to reach billions of consumers. Though social media has provided engagement opportunities, platforms have also become an avenue for people to complain about customer experiences.

7 steps for marketers to prepare for 2017’s chatbot trend

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It’s taken a long time for companies to master customer service via social media. As social media and marketing technology platforms have enhanced their customer service offerings—such as Twitter’s stripping away direct message restrictions and Facebook’s “Very Responsive to Messages”.

Trends 115

Book Clubbin': How Marketers Can Incorporate Talk Triggers Into Their Marketing Strategies

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According to the authors, talk triggers are defined as “a built-in differentiator that creates customer conversations.” Consumers rely on others, especially ones they trust, to provide them with honest feedback. This is customized to tailor to the receiver's needs.

4 PR and marketing lessons from ‘The Golden Girls’

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You might not offer your executives, employees or consumers slices of cheesecake, but you can still offer them something that satisfies. Listen to their needs and feedback online, and regularly interact with them to provide the customer service they crave. The time spent uncovering your organization’s tales that can capture audiences’ attention is well worth it when you make a splash with both consumers and reporters.

4 tips for using word-of-mouth to tout your brand

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Personal recommendations carry great weight with would-be customers. Consumers’ word-of-mouth is marketing gold. Customer reviews are easy to access in the internet age, and many people look at online reviews before buying a product or employing a service.

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Report: The best (and worst) brand reputations

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Poor leadership and company vision, involvement with controversial groups or issues and problems with customer service were all reasons these brands had bad reputations. Financial organizations are still trying to regain consumers’ trust.

4 ways e-commerce marketers can make a splash

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If you’re charged with boosting the brand of an online retailer—or are launching a shop of your own—consider these ways you can better reach consumers and boost your bottom line: 1. But this is just the latest of Google’s attempts to regain ground from Amazon in consumer product searches.

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Infographic: Why you should show loyal customers some love

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Developing a long-term relationship with customers can be a beautiful thing. If a consumer loves your product and feels appreciated by your organization, they’ll continue to come back for future purchases and become loyal brand ambassadors.

9 trends to watch for social media marketers

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Moreover, some 80 percent of consumers are concerned about the access advertisers have to what they post on social media and 81 percent of consumers want brands to focus on being transparent on social media. Responsive customer service. Social media is always changing.

Listen to Your Customers: Why You Need to Embrace Customer Complaints


Are you listening—REALLY listening—to your customers, even (perhaps especially) those that are upset? Erin got a green light to add nudges for feedback to just about every customer touch point. That is remarkable, and means that your unhappy customers are your MOST IMPORTANT customers.

The Future of Twitter

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Used correctly, Twitter can have a huge impact on customer service, perception and reputation. It’s become an International dial tone, like the internet itself, like your phone service or your AM, FM, and Ham Radio spectrum.

3 Things to Know About Social Listening (That No One Tells You)


Influencer detection and customer relationship management. Probably the least exciting aspect of social listening is customer service. 31 percent of social users interact with brands to gain direct access to customer service representatives or product experts.

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6 reasons to invest in organic reach on social media

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Social media is a customer care channel. What’s sometimes overlooked is that they serve another role that is equally as important: customer service. It’s essential to have the right people in place when using social as a customer service channel.

Study: How social media buzz affects your brand's image

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A single customer mishap can quickly grow into a PR nightmare. The bottom line is this: Customer service matters more than ever, and new research from Corra proves it. The study reveals shows which online platforms customers use to complain: 1.

Study 119

5 lessons from America's most hated companies

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It takes a lot to make consumers hate you, but many large companies did admirably at it last year. Remember, PR pros: People will talk about your organization or client no matter why they’re in the news, but bad publicity won’t make anyone a loyal consumer.

Handling Social Media Complainers

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It also supports why a one-size-fits-all approach to customer service is rarely a good idea. . Customer service is a HUGE component of social media, but does it apply to public relations? How can we use OUR OWN customer service experiences to help clients?

Study: To win over millennials, increase your digital presence

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When interacting with brand managers online, millennials are paving the way for an abundance of consumers to move toward digital. To drive brand loyalty, brand managers must strive for consistency in their customer outreach and response—and must do it across multiple channels.

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