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Arctic winds offer a Texas-sized lesson in crisis communications

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An agency leader reflects on the takeaways from the crisis that left thousands of Texans without power as cold temperatures shut down power plants and compromised water treatment facilities. This recent crisis was no different. You want to be empathetic in a time of a crisis.

5 consumer behavior trends PR pros should know for 2021

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First, a strong communications strategy and crisis communication plan are key for not only staying afloat, but also coming out of the pandemic in a stronger position. As communications pros, the power of the pivot hinges on understanding our consumer.


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Why brands must focus on their relationship to consumers’ needs

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Modern reputation and crisis management will demand that organizations do the tough work of learning what they stand for and how that should be expressed to a fractured marketplace. Crisis management in the coming months will require soul searching—and the sooner, the better.

Thousands of brands’ ads found on sites with COVID-19 misinformation, Facebook labels UK climate change posts, and job listing language leads to museum’s leadership change

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Hello, communicators: The Aquarium of the Pacific racked up views on TikTok and Twitter recently with its interview of Magellanic penguin Admiral Fancy Pants for Fashion Week: @aquariumpacific Admiral Fancy Pants is interviewed for ##Penguin ##FashionWeek ‍ ‍ ##aquariumofthepacific. ?

Uber pledges to double Black leadership, Kroger releases COVID-19 comms ‘blueprint,’ and Trader Joe’s addresses ‘racist packaging’

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Hello, communicators: . As your organization navigates policies and procedures during COVID-19, make sure you frequently communicate both changes and updates to employees and customers. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

Snickers gobbles up a world record, Delta staff bonuses earn kudos, and Edelman reports consumer trust at all-time low

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Many brand managers are teasing their Super Bowl ads as well, extending the life of their expensive campaigns and aiming to capture consumer attention and excitement. That lack of trust extends from consumers’ to employees’ fears.

6 ways to fortify your crisis response for 2021

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Here’s how to ramp up crisis plans with P2P, purpose and empathy. The pandemic has broken down silos between external and internal communications—with crisis communications now part of the job no matter where you sit on the org chart. Prepping for 2021?

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Twitter offers permanent WFH, Kaiser Permanente uses esports to promote mental health, and how consumer behavior hinges on trust

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Hello, communicators: Pedigree is offering what it promises to be “the best Zoom meeting you have all day” with its new campaign called “ Zoom Dogs.” CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

Taking a stand against Asian hate

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RELATED: Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Network is your go-to source before, during and post-crisis ]. As the Asian American population grows and its voices and concerns become part of the national dialogue, so will their expectations of the brands they consume.

How to protect your brand from social media impersonators

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With fraudsters creating fake accounts and causing other messaging mayhem that can harm consumer trust and brand reputation, here’s how to defend against digital grifters. Branding Crisis Communications Leadership Communications Media Relations PR Industry Social Media Storytelling

Is brand purpose overblown?

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Consumers say they want companies to act ethically, but not many are willing to alter their purchasing habits — or sacrifice comfort for convenience. There is a growing body of research that says consumers care about their world and the impact businesses have on it.

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5 proven strategies for making better decisions in stressful moments

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To craft better crisis messaging, bolster your emotional resilience and stay cool when the heat is on, follow this data-backed guidance from two distinguished psychologists. RELATED: Join us for our virtual Business Fluency Boot Camp for Communicators ].

2021 trends CMOs are watching

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In the course of a few months in 2020 we witnessed products and services move online, employees shift to remote-working models and consumer behavior change to focus even more heavily on digital platforms and channels. RELATED: Showcase your crisis comms work ].

Trends 164

How your PR and customer service can—and must—work together

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Don’t let this crucial consumer touchpoint be a stain on your brand’s reputation. RELATED: Attend our Internal Communications and Culture Next Practices Virtual Conference ]. Include a content calendar that maps the timing for each communication.

New Yorker suspends reporter for exposing himself on Zoom, CVS to hire 15,000 employees and 64% of consumers to holiday shop online during COVID-19

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Hello, communicators: . Along with the New Yorker’s suspension, CNN said it gave Toobin time off to handle the crisis. Though many are making jokes, the incident is serious—and will become an even bigger crisis if Toobin’s actions were intentional.

Can corporate communications stay in the spotlight post-COVID?

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Will the gains remain once the crisis fades? Harboring dreams of Cannes Lions and huge marketing budgets, agencies pivoted resources toward consumer marketing. Someone needed to communicate what to do in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.

Kroger joins push for tougher gun laws, consumers readily change brands, and WeWork’s founder walks back trademark sale

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Also: Nissan’s leadership crisis escalates, MillerCoors wins an injunction over corn syrup messaging, and Vienna reigns as the world’s most livable city. What are the best cities for communicators and PR pros to live and work—and why? It’s crucial for corporate leaders to speak out on significant topics—and to communicate careful policies that back up those stances. Consumer disloyalty is the new normal. Consumers say they are open to trying new products.

Report: How 10 brands succeeded—and failed—to respond to Black Lives Matter

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that a majority of American consumers want brands to take a stand on racial justice—and more than sharing vanity images and messages of support on social media, but take action to address the blight of racism in U.S. This report is brought to you by Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Board.

Report 164

Brands tone down April Fools’ Day gags, Microsoft and others speak out against Georgia voting law, and Johnson & Johnson loses 15 million vaccines

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Also: New York’s message on legalizing cannabis centers racial equity, trust in leadership declines, Hasbro’s job opening for TikTok expert goes viral, and more. Considering all we’ve gone through in the last year, consumers are looking for lightheartedness and a good laugh.

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PR agencies must look inward amid race to counsel brands on climate

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Now, consumers are also learning about the PR companies working to launder the reputations of controversial firms such as American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturer—and the reputational harm is metastasizing. The short answer is no,” says Eric Yaverbaum, president of Ericho Communications.

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11 predictions for 2021 from PR insiders

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Here are the some predictions that top communicators are sharing for the year ahead. In 2021, it will be critical for internal communicators to communicate benefits in a way that stresses their impact across the entire employee base, not just for a few particular groups,” she says.

How COVID-19 made concise messaging even more crucial

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Much like it has with other trends heading into 2020, the global pandemic has ramped up transformation and forced communicators to innovate to find new audiences. For audiences exhausted after six months of crisis and information overload, you must be concise.

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5 Instagram lessons from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence

PR Daily

However, the ODNI’s account can provide communicators with several social media takeaways for Instagram and other social media platforms. As the COVID-19 crisis continues, that includes visuals of people wearing masks and social distancing.

Cruise lines embrace CDC restrictions amid government fight, P&G works to overcome Apple’s privacy measures, and eBay removes auction for art made in Japanese internment camp

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Hello, Communicators: Facebook is adding additional labels to posts that appear in News Feeds that identify the posts as “public official,” “fan page” and “satire.”. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS.

4 proactive steps for preserving brand reputation

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RELATED: Showcase your crisis comms work ]. A survey of C-suite executives, investors and consumers from the United States and Canada found that 76% of C-suite respondents said they know about something in their corporate pasts that might conflict with today’s ethics and standards.

In 2020 and beyond, earned media should take priority

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In 2020, marketing budgets have made a shift in allocation of funds to different tactics, and the data show quality content plays an important role in attracting and retaining attention among consumers. Focus on storytelling in 2020.

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5 examples of clever, creative COVID-19 pivots

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Applying lessons from the 1973 oil crisis spurred by OPEC’s embargo, Honda and Toyota designed larger cars around the idea that fuel efficiency alone was not enough to entice American consumers. The crisis is only accelerating that crisis.

PR Daily’s top stories of 2020: Nos. 11-20

PR Daily

Crucial parts of holding statements in crisis PR. 5 consumer behavior trends PR pros should know for 2021. 5 tips for identifying—and avoiding—cognitive bias during a crisis. 4 lessons from a mismanaged crisis response.

The importance of civility for brand reputation in 2020

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COVID-19 has further eroded the patience audiences have for the Twitter wars, and consumers in 2021 might be looking to reward companies that can help bring back a level of civility to public discourse. RELATED: Showcase your crisis comms work ].

Apple CEO Tim Cook defends privacy updates, U.S. adults use YouTube in record numbers, and Lululemon counters employee claims of ‘toxic positivity’ in workplace

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Hello, communicators: U.S. Communicators, take note to partner with your legal teams on an appropriate action regarding vaccine IDs that is specific to your industry and the needs of your stakeholders. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

4 reasons why your internal strategy should drive and dictate external efforts

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Here’s why your internal messaging should shape, influence and animate all your communication. The line between external and internal communication is thinning, to the point of being erased. Human beings–whether consumers, clients, employees or colleagues–crave authenticity.

Why a rapid-response website is essential in a crisis

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It was not only the biggest challenge the Nashville Electric Service (NES) had ever faced, it was the biggest communications challenge it had ever faced. 10-11 to find out what the future of communications holds ].

Crisis 164

Aflac’s comms senior VP: ‘Communicators need to be the calm in the chaos’

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Here’s how Catherine Hernandez-Blades is steering her organization through the current crisis. Since the coronavirus crisis hit with full force in early March, Aflac’s communications department has produced more than 200 pieces of communications for internal and external stakeholders.

6 tips for protecting brand reputation in 2021

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The COVID-19 crisis continues to surge across the U.S., RELATED: Submit your nominations for Ragan's Top Women in Communications Awards ]. That might mean using the direct-to-consumer model that is part of a massive shift in the retail marketplace. “In

GM takes flak for flip flop; Amazon faces union vote, and Telegram rockets to the top in downloads

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Good morning, communicators: Tom Brady won his 7 th Super Bowl last night as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated last year’s champs, the Kansas City Chiefs, 31-9. Make sure your storytelling efforts adapt to the latest technology and make use of all the assets you have to offer.

Reddit 115

Facebook’s Zuckerberg proposes new systems to police social media content, General Mills defends reputation after shrimp-tail scandal, and Jay Leno apologizes for history of anti-Asian jokes

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Hello, communicators: Workplace communication app Slack rolled out a new feature Wednesday morning that allowed users to DM anyone, including those outside of their organization, without having previously connected. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS.

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5 racially offensive phrases PR pros must delete from their vocabulary

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As we face this generations’ largest civil rights moment, it’s our duty and responsibility to ensure our communication and the professional counsel we provide are respectful and culturally sensitive. Toni Harrison is CEO of Etched Communication, A Ten35 Co.,

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5 PR lessons from ‘Tenet’

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The new film from director Christopher Nolan offers communicators several takeaways as they navigate crises and more within their organizations. Tenet” was meant to be the film that coaxed United States consumers back into theaters, but reporters are saying Nolan’s effort hasn’t worked.

Film 157

How to lead clients beyond COVID-19 without denying its impact

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Communicators and PR pros must be ready to offer solutions that help clients reframe expectations for the future. Now as we begin our “new now,” PR pros are charged with the challenge of advising clients on what their forward-focused communications should look like.

How To 165

Can energy companies like Exxon shed their image as polluters—and should PR pros help?

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As businesses and consumers demand more action on climate change, what will it take for fossil fuel companies to remake their image? That’s the goal for communicators like Henn who are pushing for PR agencies to make big changes to their portfolios. “We

Energy 136