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Guest Post: How to Sell #Content #Marketing to Your Bosses

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Content marketing as a discipline is still relatively new, and it’s evolving into whatever we professional communicators and marketers say it is. How do you most effectively package your company’s unique value propositions and expertise, and deliver it to the market? But I’ve seen first-hand how content marketing can make a significant impact, especially to B2B organizations. So show them how content feeds the sales and marketing machine.

7 guidelines for content marketers to craft winning listicles

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Some content marketers—and readers—have grown weary of listicles. Defined as “writing or other content presented wholly or partly in the form of a list,” listicles communicate succinctly. They lend themselves to online sharing and increase web traffic. FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 ways to spin content marketing leads into gold ]. Shorter lists perform better than longer ones for B2B content, according to a BuzzSumo analysis of more than 50,000 B2B list articles.

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11 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


If you’re developing digital content in any capacity, you’ve probably run across some of the following advice: Develop a content strategy. Write “good” content. You could develop a content marketing strategy , but that doesn’t mean that it will be a good strategy, or that it is related to the corporate goals in any meaningful way. You could develop content to entertain and never sell, but what if people really want to buy from you?

Scale Content Marketing: Employees are the Secret

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The biggest challenge is that we are moving from an industry that could create one amazing commercial to reach consumers to an ecosystem with a diversified channel structure,” according to Mike Scafidi , marketing operations with PepsiCo. His commentary was presented in a white paper titled The Future of Content co-produced by The Content Counsel and an AdAge team that writes sponsored content for brands. Frictionless content. by Frank Strong.

15 Metrics You Should Measure in Content Marketing

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Did you know that 47% of B2B marketers and 34% of B2C marketers don’t measure content marketing ROI? Another reason why marketers don’t measure content marketing ROI is that they simply don’t know how to do it. Guest Post by Brandon Brown.

Better vs. New: How Content Marketers Can Reset Their Priorities

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If there’s one thing every content marketer loves, it’s the grind. I was high on the grind myself recently, fresh out of Uberflip’s stellar Conex conference and sitting in Cleveland for Content Marketing World , typing so fast my laptop was (almost) billowing smoke. Marketers don’t slow down. If a sales team’s motto is Always Be Closing , the marketing team’s motto is Always Be Creating.

How content marketing has changed PR

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Whether it’s media relations, brand journalism or managing corporate communications, content has always played an essential part of effective PR efforts. However, PR pros that don’t sharpen their skills for content strategy, development and measurement are quickly left behind as the future of digital PR evolves. That connectivity enables consumers and brand managers to create, consume, publish, interact and transact anywhere, at anytime. TopRank Online Marketing.

Survey Analysis: Competition in B2B Content Marketing Heats Up

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B2B marketing has overwhelmingly adopted the concept of content marketing, according to the 2018 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends survey. That may mean content marketing is maturing, but that also means competition for an audience will heat up. In fact, 80% of all respondents, and 92% of the most successful content marketers, said their organization is focused on building an audience.

7 tech mistakes content marketers make

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If you aren't allocating ample time to the tech side of content marketing, you're probably wasting a lot of time. It's easy to become consumed with creating content, but smart content creation requires a lot of thought and planning. Here are seven costly technology mistakes content marketers make. Not optimizing content for Google. Find out what people are searching for that is relevant to your business, and write content about those topics.

Avoid these 11 content marketing mishaps

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If you're developing digital content in any capacity, you've probably run across some of the following advice: Develop a content strategy. Write "good" content. You could develop a content marketing strategy , but that doesn't mean that it will be a good strategy, or that it is related to your corporate goals. You could develop content to entertain and never sell, but what if people really. When editing, you're too focused on optimizing content.

Why Content Marketing and Public Relations Need Each Other

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This new trend some were calling content marketing had the hallmarks of a soft and subtle pitch. Media Changes mean PR needs Content Marketing. It used to be that the salespeople, knew far more about a vehicle than the consumer ever could. The web has obviously changed that – a few quick product searches on a mobile device leads a buyer to reviews and commentary from sources other than the brand. Credibility: Why Content Marketing also needs PR .

10 Content Marketing Tricks That Will Help Your Brand Stand Out

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The best way to stand out from the noisy crowd is by employing a few tricks of the content marketing trade. As you work on your content marketing strategy, keep these in mind: Talk to your audience, not at them. Segment your target markets. And long-form content.

10 ways to combine SEO and content marketing

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Now you must to add content marketing to your arsenal of digital marketing tool if you want to gain search engines’ approval and ultimately win the heart of online users. Given the important role content marketing now plays in the success of online business, it's time that SEO ties the knot with content marketing. Here are 10 ways you can ensure that the two digital marketing tools work in harmony: 1. Create SEO-optimized content.

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Buzzfeed and Twitter seek to turbo-charge content marketing

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Content marketing and social media sharing are trends that have become cemented in the day-to-day lives of brand managers, but that doesn’t mean they won’t evolve. Two recent announcements seek to make the processes more effective for the growing number of PR, marketing and social media pros moving to online campaigns. recently introduced Pound, a technology that tracks a piece of content’s spread across social media platforms.

Content marketing – it’s not just content for contents sake


Consider the changing shape of the comms industry, and you will undoubtedly come across the phrase ‘content marketing’. Content has become the ‘buzz word’ for the industry – whether you specialise in SEO, digital marketing or indeed more traditional avenues such as online advertising and PR. But what does content mean? At the risk of teaching you to suck eggs, content is – in a nutshell – what makes the communications industry go round.

The Ultimate Checklist: 20 Points that Will Lead You to the Best B2B Content Marketing

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What are your content goals? That’s why we’ve created this ultimate checklist to get your B2B content marketing on track. This checklist has been designed to help you prioritize your content creation, come up with content ideas, and grow your audience over time. When developing the correct content marketing mix you should leverage the newest techniques and platforms so you won't be stuck in the past. Create a B2B Content Strategy.

How to use consumer insight to hone content marketing efforts

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One of the best ways you can improve your content is to understand how audiences interact with it. Data can tell you a lot about your users’ experience with your website and online content. For example, 47 percent of consumers expect web pages to load in two seconds or less. RELATED: Ragan creates custom content, from white papers to emails to intranets and more! All content should have a purpose.

10 major challenges for content marketers

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Content marketing attracts, retains and engages customers—that is, if you’re doing it right. Research shows many businesses don’t have a content strategy and, not surprisingly, aren’t seeing results. Getting the most from content initiatives involves a shift both in the way marketers operate and how they serve and support sales teams, and they face many challenges along the way. Let’s examine the state of content marketing today and the major challenges we face.

3 magical content marketing tips from Disney Parks

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We [always] ask ourselves these questions,” Disney Parks’ editorial content director, Tom Smith, told eager marketers and PR pros during Ragan Communications’ fourth annual Social Media for PR and Corporate Communicators Conference. “We We took this newsroom mentality that’s driven our blog and other channels, and [we’ve] spread it through marketing. That’s the genesis for our culture of content blog.”. Humanized content is something all readers seek, Smith says.

11 Simple Ways for PR to Score Content Marketing Points

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The salespeople, knew far more about a vehicle than the consumer ever could. The web has obviously changed that – a few quick product searches on a mobile device leads a buyer to reviews and commentary from sources other than the brand. It’s easy for a consumer to solicit instant opinions friends on Facebook the micro-moment before a purchase. The web has completely changed attitudes and behaviors of buyers – the same way significant events change generational outlook (i.e.

5 ways to boost your SEO through content marketing

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This volume of content has a term: Content Shock. With so much content available on the web, how do you rank high on search engines and make sure your content is read? The answer is simple: Find out what your audience is searching for and how you can help them—then answer their questions with your content. Write headlines that answer consumers’ top questions. How do you know what questions consumers ask?

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Forecasting 10 hot marketing fads for 2020

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Find out which content trends will ascend and what tactics are nearing an end. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which 2020 content trends will rise—and which shall fall? A handful of what’s in store is listed below: Content gets tailored to voice search and smart devices.

Most Powerful Free SEO Tools


It’s the marketing discipline which helps visitors easily find your site in popular search engines like Google. Basically you want to design your site in a way that the Web at large can easily understand it and share it with your target audience. B2C – Business to consumer.

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Making marketing more measurable – the hacks that ensure your campaigns convert


The world of marketing looks very different from what it once was. Only 5% of all branded content online content gets 90% of consumer engagements, so standing out from the crowd and ensuring campaigns and convert has never been more important – or more difficult.

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Plan, Do, Check, Act: How to Optimize Your Content Marketing

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In the PR and marketing industry, we can witness kaizen being practiced more and more often. As we explore in the white paper Defining the Metrics that Will Demonstrate ROI , new tools have made it easier to measure the precise impact of our efforts and optimize content creation and promotion. When optimizing your multichannel content program, consider the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” (PDCA) approach. DO: At this point, you’re ready to execute your content promotion.

5 ways communicators can bolster SEO

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As search marketing is now an essential PR and marketing element for any business, SEO can increase your search engine ranking and drive more traffic to your website. Content Marketing Marketing Media Relations PR Industry Storytelling Websites Writing & Editing

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Cisco, Maxwell PR, Alibaba Group lead the way among Digital Marketing Awards winners

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Dozens of outstanding companies and agencies earn accolades as the best of the best in online audience engagement, consumer awareness and a host of other specialized categories in PR Daily’s recent awards program. Digital marketing comes in many shapes and sizes, as evidenced by the array of victorious campaigns in PR Daily’s 2020 Digital Marketing & Social Media Awards. Clearly, even pre-coronavirus, health concerns were top of mind for marketers and consumers alike.

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Take advantage of these top B2B content marketing tactics

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Anyone who’s worked in business-to-business marketing knows that it’s a much different game than the business-to-consumer approach. The B2B space has tended stay behind the curve, with B2C marketers taking on the most innovative work. Social media and content marketing has leveled the playing field, with value-packed content continuing to win the day. RELATED: Ragan creates custom content, from white papers to emails to intranets and more!

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4 content marketing lessons from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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For many content marketers, millennials—who have $1.3 that millennials’ resistance to content marketing occurs when they think the content is unoriginal, boring, irrelevant or deceptive. Simply calling it “content” and not “marketing” doesn’t mean they’ll find it more valuable than a typical ad. Fortunately, one pop culture trend is rich with insight into millennial personalities and what moves them as consumers.

Convert your Web traffic with these 6 tips

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If you’ve developed your content marketing strategy , planned your publishing schedule and honed your writing skills, you’re probably driving relevant traffic to your website. If your conversion rates are still low, don’t fret; you’re facing one of content marketers’ most frustrating challenges. These bits of text reassure visitors about their decision to click on your Web address. digital marketing agency.

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AI in Content Marketing: What It Is, How to Use It and Companies to Demo

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This post originally appeared on the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute's blog. The Marketing AI Institute was created and is powered by PR 20/20. No matter what content you write or what stories your brand tells, there’s a good chance a machine can help you do it better. Artificial intelligence, despite any hype or buzz you hear, is a very real force in the marketing industry—and it’s changing the way brands and people create content.

LinkedIn Pulse: The Next Content Marketing Must-Have?


Not too long ago, you , as a marketer, signed in to LinkedIn to check your messages , catch up on an old colleague, and maybe update your new profile picture. Rebranding to “LinkedIn Pulse” in late 2013 , the app has quickly become a key part of making LinkedIn a content marketing machine. LinkedIn Pulse essentially analyzes what’s being written and aggregates content based on your industry, your connections and what you choose to follow on the network.

30 Pragmatic Marketing and PR Predictions for 2020

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As I’ve done in recent years, I’ve asked a whole bunch of smart people for their marketing predictions or PR predictions for the next year. And now on with the marketing and PR predictions for 2020. 1) Marketing embraces sustainability. 5) Marketers will slow down.

Fans swarm the web to save Spider-Man, SFO and Hasbro are getting rid of plastic, and more online fans equals less engagement

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Many consumers issued calls to save Spider-Man: Look, I'm not in the mood to be excited about something right now! As one consumer pointed out , this won’t affect the plastic used in its products.). Consumers are vocally supporting organizations that are working on environmentally friendly alternatives to packaging and more. That’s what a study from Influencer Marketing Hub discovered for its 2019 Benchmark Report. YouTube to stop marketing to children.

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3 Powerful Ways to Link Your Business to a Social Cause


Many companies are going out of their ways to affiliate themselves with established charities or prevalent issues to help their marketing efforts. This concept is called cause marketing. Not only is it a phenomenal way to network, but it’s also a great way to show consumers where your values lie and build a strong following. Supporting a social cause is especially effective for younger consumers. Cause marketing starts with proper affiliation.

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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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— JAXA Web (@JAXA_en) September 5, 2016. Check out these jobs from a few of the top phone manufacturers: Apple seeks a marketing producer in Cupertino, California. Samsung is searching for a digital marketing manager in Dubai. Marketing and communications specialist—NC State University (North Carolina). Senior director, Canada marketing—Canada Goose (Canada). Account director, consumer public relations—Ogilvy (New York).

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3 ways content marketers can sweep customers off their feet

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Whether you love it or hate it, the day of love can be a way to connect with consumers. Valentine’s Day is the first major consumer holiday of the year, making for a great opportunity for organizations to share the love and capitalize on romance-driven content marketing. billion in 2016, with the average consumer spending $146.84. Check out these three brands, which are catching consumers in cupid’s crosshairs: 1.

How Will #PR & Marketing Pros Approach #Content in 2016? A Q&A With Lisa Davis, Marketwired

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Content marketing will be more than just a trend to watch in 2016. Creating and distributing consistent and relevant content is considered a proven strategic marketing approach that attracts and retains an audience and drives customers to action. to find out exactly how PR and marketing professionals felt about their content efforts in 2015, and to also see how they plan to approach content marketing in 2016. Content PR 2.0

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Why website accessibility is crucial for a client’s digital reputation

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Despite being a crucial issue for website owners, web accessibility is widely overlooked and misunderstood. Web accessibility does not refer to people having internet access, though that is important in its own right. Rather, web accessibility is the idea of making sure people with disabilities can fully use a website and its features. Though web accessibility historically has not received as much attention as other issues , recent events have helped put it in the spotlight.

Why and how you should infuse personalization into your PR

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Apps, geotargeting and customized content are the trends to ride. Consumers today expect brand experiences to be designed just for them, and the real-time data available today helps PR professionals deliver unique messages to a micro-targeted audience. Chatbots and branded apps certainly create personalized engagement, delivering the convenience and custom content that drives deep connections. These kinds of apps desperately need expert content. Customized content.