New Yorker suspends reporter for exposing himself on Zoom, CVS to hire 15,000 employees and 64% of consumers to holiday shop online during COVID-19

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Deloitte’s 2020 Holiday Retail Survey revealed that more consumers than ever before are shopping online to prepare for the holidays during COVID-19.

Business leaders decry election fraud claims, consumers have more fear in 2021, and Albertson’s takes backlash from DoorDash partnership

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Consumers have more fear heading into 2021 than they did a year ago, according to data from Edelman. See more insights on how consumers’ minds have changed after a year of crisis and disruption—and what that means for your messaging in the new year—by reading the full report.


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Halloween PR: Millennials admit to buying stuff just for social posts

Agility PR Solutions

When it comes to Halloween spending, 48 percent of millennials say they’ve made Halloween-related purchases to use in social media posts, according to a new survey from credit card comparison firm With Halloween rapidly approaching, the company asked consumers about their spending habits for the holiday, including how much they spend on Halloween compared to […].

Study: Marketers struggle to prove social media ROI

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Sixty percent count interaction with consumers as social media engagement. In comparison, only 34% count revenue attribution as engagement, with 32% of marketers saying engagement is inspiring consumers to take action (such as clicking a link or visiting the website). Only 29% say engagement is stoking an emotional response from consumers. How social media platforms rank vs. consumer behavior.

Study 131

How millennial and Gen Z PR pros can and must accelerate what’s right

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These generations may focus less on a person’s race, religion or sexual orientation—in comparison to how our older counterparts might—because a diverse population is the norm. Additionally, the Gen Z consumer is on the rise.

Turn Your Secret Sauce into a PR Asset with these 4 Steps

Flack's Revenge

Secret sauce challenges: Identiq aims to stop the rampant propagation of personal info and combat consumer fraud through a “provider-less trust network” that validates customer identity for e-commerce companies without sharing, sending or storing PII (personally identifiable information).

Career guidance for aspiring communication pros in 2020

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The stock market was in a downturn, consumer confidence was low, and there was a glut in the job market. Here we are in 2020 amid a global pandemic with unemployment near 8% — which makes graduating in 2002 seem like a breeze in comparison.

Report: When marketing to seniors, drop the humor and emotional pleas

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Despite stereotypes, older consumers are embracing technology and digital platforms—but still seek specific marketing messages. Though 41 percent of people in the United States think consumers ages 55 and above don’t understand or enjoy using technology, a recent report by the Age of Majority and Head Solutions Group reveals otherwise. Thirty-eight percent of consumers 55 years or older have purchased smart speakers or plan to buy them within a couple years.

Report 100

How to Measure PR & Marketing on a Limited Budget Blog

Many are obsolete or unhelpful and consume precious time and energy. It also allows you to make better price comparisons. Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay. A large budget makes it easier to obtain substantial media exposure and measure the results of PR and marketing.

How to identify meaningful marketing metrics

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Of course, it’s crucial to gather facts and figures to demonstrate marketing success, but don’t neglect qualitative insights such as customer conversations, brand sentiment, social media engagement and consumer feedback. Different marketing channels offer different datapoints to gauge, which makes it crucial to measure for apples-to-apples comparisons across platforms.

How To 122

Bakery recalls bread over glass shard danger

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from the company states: The company announced the recall after receiving 3 consumer reports of small pieces of glass found on the outside of the bread. How would you rank Bimbo’s recall notification in comparison with the others this year? The year of the recall continues.

EU slaps Google with $2.7B fine

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The Commission concluded that Google "gave prominent placement in its search results only to its own comparison shopping service, whilst demoting rival services. It stifled competition on the merits in comparison shopping markets.". And most importantly, it denied European consumers a genuine choice of services and the full benefits of innovation. Google has been slapped with a record-breaking $2.7 billion fine from the European Union for manipulating shopping search results.

10 Most Common Media Monitoring & Measurement Mistakes – And How to Fix Them Blog

But many consumers refer to a company by its nickname, like WallyMart or Wallyworld. Comparisons to the wrong competitors. Image by Tumisu from Pixabay. Although more companies and nonprofit organizations now use media monitoring and measurement, many don’t gain its full benefits.

How to…calculate and compare owned media engagement rates across multiple social channels

The Resolution Blog

Engagement rate combines factors related to audience (reach / impressions) with those related to actions (evidence of consumers reacting to your content, likes, comments, shares, link clicks etc). This makes it easier for you to paste multiple rows into a bigger combined master worksheet when carrying out analysis over a longer time period than the Facebook system allows, perhaps for year on year comparisons. Social media measurement programmes can be complex.

The Implications of the Growth of Social News


The decline of television as a news source pales in comparison with the decline of print, which has been drastically declining since 2013. This hypothesis is further strengthened by the increased consumption of media utilizing visuals in comparison to media using just text—the constraint of print media. This is in comparison to 81 percent of those between 18 and 24 who consider online or social media as their main source of news.

6 considerations when choosing a media monitoring platform

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For the over 20 years I’ve been in PR and PR Tech, I have been perpetually fascinated by how technology continues to change, how organizations communicate and how we all consume media and information. The ability to monitor social media, import third-party data and run comparisons is where strategic insights are, at the intersection of multiple data sets. What are the features and services that differentiate the different products? Here are some things you should think about.

How writers can embrace being edited

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Beyond that, editors make sure text is concise, unambiguous and fluid, so it’s easily digestible—even supremely palatable—for the consumer. Ask your editor to track changes, or conduct a side-by-side comparison of the original versus the edited version. The professional nitpicker is your friend—honest. The seemingly arbitrary changes and brutal hacking of your magnificent prose are purposeful. Here’s what you should know.

Do industry benchmarks for social media still hold value?

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Together, these variables create an environment that makes apples-to-apples comparisons of paid campaigns nearly impossible. Even within the health care vertical, we work with a variety of disease states, and each has a nuanced audience with individualized needs and unique behaviors in the way they seek and consume information on social media. In a world dominated by paid campaigns and audience hyper-targeting across social media, is there still a place for industry benchmarking?

Hormel buys Planters for $3.35B, Facebook working on Clubhouse clone, and Lucasfilm drops Gina Carano

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Our competencies in brand stewardship, revenue growth management, e-commerce, innovation and consumer insights will be key to driving growth for the Planters ® brand and for our customers. You don’t need to purchase a snack brand to embrace shifting consumer behavior, however.

A Useful New Model to Get The Edge in Public Relations

B2B PR Sense

While PR people spend a lot of time talking about the niceties of paid, earned, owned and shared media, the average consumer doesn’t give a whit. “ In five years, the average person will not be able to make a distinction between paid, earned, shared and owned media when they are consuming information,” according to the Global Communications Report. In comparison, the New York Times and Washington Post ranked at 14 and 11 respectively. Photo Credit: Frank McKenna.

Report: Millennials focus on mobile apps’ utility, despite the price

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consumers spend 57 percent of their time on digital media through mobile apps on their smartphones and tablets. The platform captured 81 percent of consumer’s mobile app use. 3 among consumers ages 18 to 34. Instead, millennial consumers are focusing on utility rather than entertainment. Sixty-four percent of consumers ages 18 to 34 purchased at least one app in the past year, with 36 percent buying five or more apps within that period.

How to use Twitter Audience Insights for Marketing

Shift Communications

You get consumer behaviors such as credit card brands owned, consumer buying styles, and CPG purchase categories. If your brand or company falls into any of the categories above, such as B2C consumer purchases, then the information is an obvious home run. What if you’re not a consumer goods maker or a TV producer? The greatest hidden power of Twitter Audience Insights, however, is comparison.

Search listening and insights

Stephen Waddington

Search Listening is a specialist consumer insights consultancy. Sophie is the author of the book Consumer Insight in the Age of Google. A search trends comparison in the past 90 days shows the correlation between COVID-19, lockdown, and jobs in my own city of Newcastle.

Minneapolis hires influencers to share information about George Floyd trial, brands tweet for Golden Globes, and 77% of ‘outperforming’ CEOs say workplace wellness is crucial

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Also: Arby’s takes aim at McDonald’s with new fish sandwich, Brazo Electric Power files for bankruptcy, Apple and Target team up to attract more consumers, and more. It’s offering consumers a check for $3.79

Data-use questions resurge, this time with Google in the vortex

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The details in those Terms of Use consent agreements hold just so much sway with consumers. New reports have Gmail users asking just how secure their data is—and drawing comparisons to other recent data scandals. But the internet giant continues to let hundreds of outside software developers scan the inboxes of millions of Gmail users who signed up for email-based services offering shopping price comparisons, automated travel-itinerary planners or other tools.

Do We Really Want State Farm’s Rodgers Rate?

Mindful Marketing

”—It’s often the first question consumers ask and one that companies like to avoid until after they’ve described their products’ features and benefits. I’m one of those people who is not above bragging about his consumer conquests.

Why today’s SEO requires a three-pronged approach

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Long valued in the marketing world, SEO must align with a company’s PR, design and social media efforts to help a brand rise on consumers’ screens. Earned media can be one of the most credible and far-reaching types of promotion due to its organic nature, in comparison to paid media channels like ads and search engine listings. As search engine algorithms become ever more sophisticated, the old tricks no longer cut the mustard.

SEO 95

Report: PR pros aim to increase online reputation monitoring

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What consumers say about your organization can quickly spread through digital channels, affecting your brand image. Nearly half (48 percent) of communicators who use social media to monitor reputation also use at least one other digital platform to track brand sentiment and overall reputation online, with the most popular including Google search results and consumer reviews on sites such as Yelp or Amazon.

The “data-led approach” of MHP + Mischief: Q&A with Digital Director, Darika Ahrens


Darika: MHP + Mischief brings together more than 200 strategic communications professionals with expertise spanning areas from consumer and corporate comms to financial PR, health communications, policy and crisis. We recently had the chance to sit down with Darika Ahrens, who is the Digital Director at ENGINE MHP. In a wide-ranging conversation, we talked about the use of data as part of the day-to-day operations of an agency, and how agencies should think about their tech stack.

Digital marketers’ guide to online reviews

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It’s becoming rare today for consumers to make an online purchase, choose a restaurant or a settle on a local service provider without first perusing online reviews. Consumers who view user-generated content tend to convert into customers at a higher rate, too—133 percent—than those who don’t check out what consumers are saying. Can consumers really trust those reviews?

How to Use Video Content to Generate Leads and Drive Sales

Contently - Strategy

Naturally, consumers want to see content that helps them make an educated and informed decision as to whether your product or service is the right choice. Fifty percent of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before buying, and as many as 80 percent of consumers believe demonstration videos are helpful when making purchases. Product comparisons & reviews. You can blend a Rubik’s Cube.

Video 72

Toys ‘R’ Us partners with Target, Uber tests pet-friendly rides, and 25% of women have never asked for a raise

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Expanding your products and services offering should be based on consumer behavior and what’s most important to them. The partnership enables consumers to view popular toys through Toys ‘R’ Us’ website, redirecting them to purchase the items for delivery or pickup through Target’s website. Why it matters: As retailers struggle to attract consumers’ attention and wallets, partnerships can offer better user experiences and benefit both organizations in the equation.

‘The Simpsons’ earns kudos for hiring Black voice actor, Fry’s Electronics shuts all stores, and 61% of marketers say video is crucial

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Though the retailer was popular with consumers for its themed locations, including “a UFO decoration crashing through the exterior of the store,” according to CNN , Fry’s “didn’t innovate its online operations as rapidly compared to its larger rivals.”.

Video 106

Twitter to flag misleading COVID-19 vaccine content, Instagram launches ‘Live Rooms,’ and Volvo pledges to go fully electric by 2030

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The proliferance of fake news has severely damaged trust between consumers and organizations, and comms pros can lead the way by helping audiences, both internal and external, become savvier consumers of information.

The 8 Digital PR Tools You Need in 2021 (According to the Experts)


It takes search data for keywords and transforms the results into visualisations of the most commonly asked questions, the most searched for terms surrounding the topic and the comparisons, that are often searched for, surrounding that topic.

Tools 104

Top PR Takeaways For The Year

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

We know they are rare in comparison and that is what makes them so important to acknowledge. As well, we conduct quarterly consumer surveys that look at everything from millennial housing fears to consumer shopping habits. Each December public relations agencies spend time crafting pitches and byline articles capturing clients’ takeaways for their particular industry.

Schools suspend on-site classes as COVID-19 spreads, Reddit launches a marketing feature, and Wingstop offers ‘wearable billboards’

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A comparison of February 2019 rates to those this year show an even larger wage discrepancy: On average, female content creators made $108 less than their male counterparts last year. In comparison, 76% of gun influencers are men, and similar numbers dominate biking and football (74% and 73%, respectively). Most Reddit users are savvy content consumers and skeptical of branded content.

Behind the Headlines with Jennifer McDermott


Just a few months ago, Jennifer McDermott joined , a personal finance comparison website, as the Communications Manager. is a personal finance comparison website that is all about helping people make better financial decisions. What advice do you have for brands looking to improve their communication and better connect with consumers?

Travel 150

Email Newsletter Subscribers or Blog Subscribers: Which is Better?


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—these popular social media platforms all pale in comparison to the power of email and an email newsletter. Consider the stats: Close to two-thirds of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of receiving an email marketing message ( Direct Marketing Association ). Email has 3 times as many users as Facebook and Twitter combined ( KissMetrics ). For every $1 spent, the average ROI of email marketing is $44.25 ( ExactTarget ).

The Updated Media Monitoring Module by Agility PR Solutions is a Solid Tool for the Price Point [Product Review]

Sword and the Script

This was for comparison purposes – to see if the results would be helpful to me as an agency and PR practitioner working hard for clients every day. That’ll add noise to your search results and consumes computing resources for the platform. The next few images will show you some of the different charts you can use to analyze the coverage: Below is what a Quick Report the system made for me on CrowdStrike looked like: You can also do a number of comparisons views.

Tools 72