Connect your hospital blog with your community

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Blogs connect your community hospital with the online health care community. You need to establish a plan and a niche to expand your hospital’s presence on the Web. RELATED: We're looking for comms pros who navigated the complex world of health care PR and marketing ].

How an Ohio dentist used podcasts to engage his community

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With the alliterative title ‘Talkin’ Teeth,’ Dr. Kyle Bogan and his team calmed and informed their audience around oral health—winning our Health Care PR and Marketing Award for podcasts. How can health care community leaders and corporate communicators learn from Bogan’s example?

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Scale Content Marketing: Employees are the Secret

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The biggest challenge is that we are moving from an industry that could create one amazing commercial to reach consumers to an ecosystem with a diversified channel structure,” according to Mike Scafidi , marketing operations with PepsiCo. Frictionless content. by Frank Strong.

Get Inspired by These 3 Content Marketing Innovators


Here are three big names to take a look at for content marketing inspiration: BuzzFeed. This Internet media company has been making waves for almost a decade, focusing on churning out content that spreads. Best Practices Featured content marketing marketing innovation

Engineering the Enterprise for Content Marketing

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Recently a puzzle like the one nearby made rounds on the web. Thinking Differently about Employees and Content. Initiatives that take a few days to begin in a start-up community, take weeks, even months to begin in large companies. The content beast has a voracious appetite.

One Prediction Each for PR, Content Marketing and Social Media  

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There’s more than one way to look at the annual cycle of prediction posts that surface on the web, as the final days of another calendar year wane. Some see them as fun and a break from the usual content routine. PR is the Best Kept Secret in Effective Content Marketing.

Content Marketing Consistency: How Often Should You Publish?

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How often should a business publish content in order to achieve a level of effectiveness in content marketing ? More than anything else, consistency is the single most valuable attribute in content marketing. But We Produce a lot of Content.

How the New York Public Library’s Blog Mobilizes Communities


The term “content marketing” casts a wide net when it comes to ways to promote and publicize a brand or organization. However, blogging is one of the leading tools in any brand’s content marketing strategy. Want to stand out with content?

The 4 Engines You Need to Pull Off Content Marketing Successfully

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Everyone is doing content marketing these days. In fact, some 80% of respondents say they are doing content marketing according to 2017 survey data. To build an audience you have to get visitors to your content hub. What content coverts subscribers?

Undertaking a rebranding, Firefox solicits community input

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As the internet evolves, the organization has increased its offerings and now plans to offer a range of web browsers and apps that make users safer, more efficient and happier overall. RELATED: Join us in San Jose for the Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Intel. ].

Content marketing – it’s not just content for contents sake


Consider the changing shape of the comms industry, and you will undoubtedly come across the phrase ‘content marketing’. But what does content mean? At the risk of teaching you to suck eggs, content is – in a nutshell – what makes the communications industry go round.

The Ultimate Checklist: 20 Points that Will Lead You to the Best B2B Content Marketing

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What are your content goals? That’s why we’ve created this ultimate checklist to get your B2B content marketing on track. This checklist has been designed to help you prioritize your content creation, come up with content ideas, and grow your audience over time.

10 major challenges for content marketers

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Content marketing attracts, retains and engages customers—that is, if you’re doing it right. Research shows many businesses don’t have a content strategy and, not surprisingly, aren’t seeing results. but that’s hard for many marketers to swallow.

Building a New Kind of Cruise Community

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Regular WUL readers know that Shonali (a friend and former colleague at ) showcases guest posts about how to build, engage and sustain an online community, among other things. so that others might gain insights for their own community efforts. Our team’s goal is to help bring social, mobile and digital to the cruise world – a huge, sprawling, largely analog $38 billion market. Assumption 1: Create content. Building a New Kind of Cruise Community.

Is it time to get more aggressive with your content marketing?

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Content marketing is essential in business today. Now that both audiences and commerce are online, it’s crucial that you produce engaging, high-quality digital content to attract those audiences to your site. That content should include.

Fans swarm the web to save Spider-Man, SFO and Hasbro are getting rid of plastic, and more online fans equals less engagement

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I appreciate the support of our SFO business community in making this bold move for our environment.”. That’s what a study from Influencer Marketing Hub discovered for its 2019 Benchmark Report. YouTube to stop marketing to children.

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Change Agent Spotlight: Content Marketing Institute Leader Gives Inside Look at Model Inbound Approach

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These marketers aren't afraid to take risks to make an impact. In this spotlight, we’ve featured Cathy McPhillips ( @cmcphillips ), Vice President of Marketing at Content Marketing Institute ( @CMIContent ). Q&A with VP of Marketing at CMI.

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3 Powerful Ways to Link Your Business to a Social Cause


Many companies are going out of their ways to affiliate themselves with established charities or prevalent issues to help their marketing efforts. This concept is called cause marketing. Cause marketing starts with proper affiliation. Build a community.

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LinkedIn Pulse: The Next Content Marketing Must-Have?


Not too long ago, you , as a marketer, signed in to LinkedIn to check your messages , catch up on an old colleague, and maybe update your new profile picture. Rebranding to “LinkedIn Pulse” in late 2013 , the app has quickly become a key part of making LinkedIn a content marketing machine.

7 reasons why effective PR is more important than ever

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Drastic changes in the media and cultural landscape have altered PR and marketing in recent years. consumers say they are suspicious of news content. What’s bad for digital content providers is also bad for the PR industry.

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3 tips to catapult your B2B content and news past the noise

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Brand marketers, PR professionals and journalists know that their roles as content creators, news sources and media gatekeepers are evolving within the crowded online space. Here are three tips to catapult your B2B native content and news past the noise: 1.

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Content Curation’s Last stand?

Flack's Revenge

Quora recently sent me an email asking about my favorite content curation examples. But now we’re all exhausted from content overload. The problems start with Free; the assumption that it is our God-given right to access content and apps at low or no cost.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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RELATED: Share the content that captivated audiences ]. Here are 30 of the top new jobs in PR and Marketing: Senior PR manager—Walker Sands, Illinois. Marketing director—YMCA of the USA (National Resource Office), California. Director of PR and social marketing—Chico’s FAS, Inc.,

20 ideas for content that readers want to share

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As many communicators turn to owned media to tell their organizations’ stories, it is important to create content that readers want to share on social media channels. It’s not easy to have consistently fresh blog content that people want to read and share. Content Marketing blog tips

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Epstein puff pieces put focus on PR and pay-to-play publishing

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The answer reveals the complex web behind many digital publications in today’s media landscape, as well as the threat posed to the PR profession by unscrupulous practices. It changed their reputation from being a respectable business publication to a content farm,” Mr. Kiesow said.

TikTok’s ads anger influencers, Instagram tests ‘Group Story’ feature, and Houston Rockets apologize for Hong Kong tweet

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AdAge reported that although some content creators appreciate being featured, others complain that TikTok uses their content to boost its user base (and, ultimately, its revenue) without sharing the profits.

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Monday Roundup: Measuring Storytelling

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Smarter Ways to Measure Authoritative Content. Why: “So when the nature of authoritative content is changing so dramatically, how you measure the success of your content has to change as well. A solution to the content marketing measurement puzzle.

How Long Should a Blog Post Be? [A Data-Driven Answer for B2B]

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In corporate blogging and more broadly, in B2B content marketing , it’s not so simple. In other words, bloggers are spending more time promoting fewer, but more in-depth, content pieces. Content Marketing: Don’t Make Home Improvements to Rental Property.

Digital advertisers seek transparency, Facebook fights content ruling, and PR faces a gender trust gap

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For President Donald Trump, a miscalculation resulted in his tweet being struck down by Twitter’s content moderators. Go to the tweet this morning, and you will find a note from Twitter saying the copyright holder has asked for the content to be taken down.

Six Content Distribution Tips that Everyone Else Isn’t Already Doing

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Creating good content is just half the content marketing equation. The other half is content distribution. First, for many marketers, so much effort is poured into the creation that distribution becomes an afterthought. What’s the open rate in email marketing?

26 Thoughtful Marketing Predictions that Could Actually Happen in 2019 Across PR, Content, Digital, Social Media and Customer Success

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As I’m wont to do at year’s end, I ask many brilliant marketing and PR types for their take on what might transpire over the next twelve months. 5) Alignment of marketing and customer success. “A 6) Marketing spend rationalization. More content marketers will get frequency right.

How Will #PR & Marketing Pros Approach #Content in 2016? A Q&A With Lisa Davis, Marketwired

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Content marketing will be more than just a trend to watch in 2016. Creating and distributing consistent and relevant content is considered a proven strategic marketing approach that attracts and retains an audience and drives customers to action. Content PR 2.0

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Monday Roundup: Content Creation Ideas

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To kick things off, this week’s roundup brings you seven super posts on content creation ideas that are also authored by women. 4 Ways to Streamline High-Quality Content Creation. The No-Fluff Guide to Writing Client-Attracting Content.

Many fooled by Instagram hoax, Spicer joins ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ and LinkedIn shares coveted skills

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The hoax message announced that Instagram was changing its rules “tomorrow” and to stop the social media platform from using your content, you had to repost the notice. RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. ].

Monday Roundup: Multimedia in PR

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Photography 101 for PR, Marketing and Life in General. 4 Ways to Build Content Marketing Authority with SlideShare. area, she loves helping for- and non-profit clients, both small and large, turn corporate codswallop into community cool™.

Monday Roundup: Email Content

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General communication, marketing, and information are just some of the many hats “worn” by email on a daily basis. But how do you get the most out of your email content, when it seems it’s the medium most people love to hate? 6 Ways to Repurpose Your Content.

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The Present & Future Tech Trends PRs Should Prepare For


Content optimization for the mobile and semantic web. Right now, the biggest focus is on writing and presenting content for mobile consumption. Underneath that, however, is the quieter and even bigger shift towards the semantic web. Want to make standout content?

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How to build your social media content calendar

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How often should you post content to your social media channels, and what should that content look like? Your social media channels are a crucial part of your content distribution strategy and an important way to stay connected to your consumer base.

Monday Roundup: Innovative Content

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Content, content, and more content. Content can help your business take flight, keep customers coming back, and inspire a wider audience. But with so much “stuff” out there, how can you make sure you’re producing innovative content rather than same old, same old? Purina’s “Dear Kitten” Video Series Proves BuzzFeed Is The Cat’s Pajamas For Content Marketers. Which Content Types Get the Most Social Shares.

Your End-of-Year PR Checklist

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As a PR pro, you should work closely with your marketing department to develop unique ways to generate sales. Organizing or partnering with nonprofits for community service programs like a winter coat or toy drives helps build your brand awareness while also giving back.