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The 3 Cs of Business: Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

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Taking your communication efforts to the third power considers all audiences The Golden Rule of real estate is the three Ls: 1) Location, 2) Location and 3) Location. Successful businesses consider the “three Cs: 1) COMMUNICATE , 2) COMMUNICATE and 3) COMMUNICATE. There is definitely room for improvement!

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Is PR dead… definitely for the 10th time?

Stuart Bruce

Is PR dead, the future of PR, who should PR report to and PR’s relationship to marketing have been debated for longer than I’ve been … © Stuart Bruce - Is PR dead… definitely for the 10th time?

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Integrated Communications: Definitive Guide and Strategy [IMC in 2020]


IMC or integrated marketing communications is a strategy that takes the marketing department within an organization, from working on different strategies and functions, into one interconnected approach. It’s due to integrated marketing communications that the consumers can have a seamless experience with the organization.

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Vaccination PR: How communicators can help to end the COVID-19 pandemic

Agility PR Solutions

communicators can play a critical role in increasing vaccine confidence and uptake. In a survey conducted in November, the Pew Research Center found that 60 percent of Americans said they would “probably” or “definitely” get a vaccine to prevent COVID-19, a 12-percentage point decrease […].

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The Golden Rule of Measuring Communications

Doctor Spin

Measuring communications is a critical task for PR professionals. However, the golden rule of measuring communications is that the choice of metrics has a more significant impact than whatever actions are taken on the measurement’s output. However, the focus on output often precedes strategic choices in what to measure.

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Top 7 Communication Resources

Critical Mention

As PR pros work from home, now is a good time for them to sharpen their communication and public relations skills through educational resources. Even though many public meetings, events and conferences have been canceled, communication is still evolving. The Definitive Book of Body Language. Share Tweet Share. PR Week Webinars.

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No Going Back After COVID — Communications Trends for 2021


The effects will be felt this year and beyond and fuel the10company’s top 10 2021 communications trends, each with significant implications for companies and executives: 1. The definition of “employee” expands. Internal communication goes beyond the employee. Empathy is essential. Avoid remote culture shock.