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Corporate Communication: Create Opportunity out of Crisis

Ronn Torossian

Crisis communication is a subspecialty of PR, and it’s designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation. Crisis communications aim to help an organization minimize damage to its reputation from negative publicity during a critical event or situation.

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“Succession” And The Chief Communications Officer

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

We know nothing about the personal life of Karolina Novotney, the unflappable chief communications officer of the fictional Waystar Royco Co. She’s a corporate PR archetype. Then there’s the controversial Irena Briganti, who as Fox News’ SVP of Corporate Communications, may be a model who’s closer to home.


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Corporate Communication Trends for 2023

Institute for Public Relations

The Academic Society for Management & Communication identified five trends destined to influence communication practice in the near future. A literature review of numerous publications and contributions from science and practice was conducted throughout 2022.

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How to Manage Corporate Reputation with PESTLE Analysis


Corporate reputation has become the most important brand asset—a company with a favorable public image is more appealing to customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders. This puts communications and PR front and center as the stewards of corporate reputation.

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Public relations: ESG management advisory or a communication function?

Stephen Waddington

Public relations must influence and drive business change within management. You could drive an oil tanker in the say-do gap between the corporate communication from both oil & gas and energy companies and their behaviour. Public relations practitioners have staked a claim in this area of business advisory.

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Exploring the modern corporate communication function

Stephen Waddington

The Institute for Public Relations and PR NEWS have published a study of corporate communication teams and their contribution to organisations. The study by the Institute for Public Relations and PR NEWS published in August 2021 explores more than 300 US organisations, including international organisations.

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Corporate Reputation Never More Important, Nor More Fragile, Report Finds


For businesses, reputation has never been more crucial, new research from the USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations finds. According to its “ 2023 Global Communications Report ,” tangible benefits accrue to companies that build and maintain positive reputations. Image credit: use annenberg center for public relations ]