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How to turn virtual teams into real communities

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While many of these changes have been positive, one challenge that we see with many of our coaching clients has to do with their internal cultures The feeling of belonging to a community and a “team” is dwindling. The importance of community.

When approaching DE&I, lean on your communities

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Having a strong foundation for why you are doing what you are doing is crucial for having a cohesive story around D&I, says Jo McRell, diversity communications lead for Facebook. 17 during Ragan’s The Communicator’s Role in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Virtual Conference.


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Ragan survey: Brand storytelling increases in importance

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And communicators are doing a lot more of it, too. Brand storytelling has dramatically increased in both importance and volume over the last three months, likely driven by the communications urgency of the pandemic and associated crises of 2020.

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At ServiceNow, every communicator is a storyteller

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Empathy is essential when your audience stretches from California to Hyderabad and spans both internal and external communications. Lest you doubt the importance of storytelling at the cloud computing company ServiceNow , a staffing priority gives away the game. Every member of the communication team is a storyteller, says Emily Russel, head of the employee communications and engagement team. Empathy as a storytelling tool.

How to use brand journalism to engage your community

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When looking to engage internal audiences and highlight important stories within your organization, having a journalist’s eye can help you find the story gold. RELATED: Stream our Crisis Communications Virtual Conference on March 31—without leaving your desk ].

Simple steps everyone can take to begin engaging the black community

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As interests surge on how best to engage the black community today and over the long-term, we offer these helpful strategies as a starting point for connecting with the culture. Simply ask someone in the community for ideas. Make it more than a moment—make it a movement.

How the CIA hit its storytelling stride on Twitter

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She faced initial resistance publishing stories about Area 51 and other previously classified events but eventually earned trust for storytelling leeway. RELATED: Stream our Crisis Communications Virtual Conference on March 31—without leaving your desk ].

Communicating with weary workers amid election aftermath

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For people of color, the LGBTQI+ community and other communities who are marginalized, Election Day will be a pivotal moment in their fight for justice, equity and safety. The post Communicating with weary workers amid election aftermath appeared first on PR Daily.

5 ways Microsoft boosts engagement and internal culture

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Create a communications cadence. Unite through internally viral video. Just about every organization these days is embracing the need to boost employee engagement and internal culture. Know—and have leaders communicate—your values. Communicate regularly on those values.

3 communications trends to watch

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Here are some trends and tech recs to help keep you ahead of the curve in communications. As the protector of your organization’s reputation, your job includes knowing the opportunities and threats that lie ahead—and communicating them with management.

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Arctic winds offer a Texas-sized lesson in crisis communications

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Following the recent winter snowstorm that gripped Texas, many companies are using the experience to prioritize communications and crisis preparedness. The brands that will be most successful in 2021 are no longer treating their customers as transactional, but as part of their community.

Cruise lines embrace CDC restrictions amid government fight, P&G works to overcome Apple’s privacy measures, and eBay removes auction for art made in Japanese internment camp

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Hello, Communicators: Facebook is adding additional labels to posts that appear in News Feeds that identify the posts as “public official,” “fan page” and “satire.”. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS. The business community is facing a workplace wellness revolution.

Covering COVID-19: Amid the pandemic, brand journalists step up their storytelling

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A key tenet of crisis communications: Get ahead of the story. They’re informing employees, customers, their industries and the broader communities they serve. It’s a lot for communicators to handle, and it seems to all be happening at once. Communicate your values.

The words of MLK serve as inspiration for communicators

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Comms pros seeking to build community, calm factions and find common ground should reflect on the civil rights leader’s teachings. RELATED: Join us for our Social Media & Digital Communications Virtual Conference ]. Are there other ways you can give back to your community?

Discord and Reddit grapple with ‘WallStreetBets’ communities, Activision Blizzard defends DE&I hiring initiatives, and Twitter rebrands to embrace ‘real’ conversations

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Hello, communicators: Joe Martin, general manager and vice president of marketing and strategy for CloudApp, recently asked Twitter users for their most-hated corporate terms: What corporate word or phrase do you hate the most? CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS.

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More on PR2020: social media activism, internal comms resurgence, storytelling and professionalism

Stephen Waddington

There were some clear misses in my original essay: social media activism, internal communications, storytelling and professionalism in PR. The resurgence of internal communications Internal communications is one of the hottest areas of contemporary PR.

How—and why—truth is at the center of purpose-driven communication

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Recalling the industrial philanthropists of the early 20th century, O’Brien draws a direct line to the development of the stakeholder model for capitalism—and what it means for the communications function today. They must effectively communicate what they have done.

Purpose-driven communication is hard: ‘There are no short-cuts’

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Porter Novelli’s Ayanna Robinson implores communicators to use their influence to move the needle on issues that matter to their communities. Do not settle for ‘communications lite’,” says Robinson. There’s a lot of opportunity now to rethink our approach to communications.”

How communicators can help in discussing racial injustice

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A storytelling process that focuses on encouraging employees to share their respective backgrounds brought forth the story of one employee whose family has dealt firsthand with inequity in the U.S. The post How communicators can help in discussing racial injustice appeared first on PR Daily.

Report: How communicators should proceed with COVID-19 vaccine messaging

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The first major challenge for communicators in 2021 is already here. Not surprisingly, it centers on the global health crisis that upended 2020—and specifically on how communications teams should handle the complex messaging around vaccinations. Over to you, communicators.

Report 118

3 essential lessons from health communicators to keep you going after COVID-19

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RELATED: Join us for our Clubhouse for Communicators Webinar ]. Many of the normal communications channels were upended and new virtual ones were introduced seemingly overnight. Focus on internal communications. Constant, multi-channel communications were a must.

A venerated communicator shares hard-won wisdom from a remarkable career

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Before founding Communications Strategies in 2004, Woolfolk served as a Clinton White House appointee in the U.S. We asked him to give his best tips for helping communicators blaze a successful career path. Crisis communication guidance.

A Colorado university’s robust storytelling turns heads

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Campus communication might not be a high-profile beat, but storytelling gold awaits those who dig beyond the often-prosaic crust of academia. It takes more energy, effort and resources to unearth hidden storytelling gems and to mine sources around campus, but the strategy is paying dividends for the school. Here’s what they shared: Ragan: What’s the secret behind your approach to storytelling? Same goes for our video storytelling.

8 worst practices in international PR

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As more and more companies’ communications go global, more and more pitfalls emerge. A quarter-century later, more is at stake and international terrains are even harder to traverse. Here are unwise practices and attitudes that can undermine global communications: 1. That makes sense, but when corporate HQ exercises strict control and approval over every overseas action, bureaucracy handicaps the international PR effort. Conducting international PR long distance.

Experts advise careful, coordinated response to Chauvin trial verdict

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As the country reacts to the court’s decision, communicators are weighing how to take a stand. Advanced planning affords you the opportunity to gather with a diverse group of key decision makers to develop a communication strategy that aligns with your company values and commitments.”.

Lowe’s new top communicator addresses tech, DE&I and the post-COVID era

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Here’s what Ben Boyd, VP of internal and external communications for the home improvement chain starting Oct. He’s been announced as the new top communicator for Lowe’s, leaving his role at BCW to take on a different kind of challenge, one that has him buzzing about the future.

How comms services providers see the future of communications

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We asked our community of vendors and agencies how they see the future of the PR world after COVID-19. What’s next for communications after COVID-19? regional pandemic flare-ups) and internal factors (e.g., Irene, IVRM Reputatie: “Communication will outperform marketing.”.

10 Takeaways From PRSA’s 2018 International Conference


Austin, Texas, was the backdrop for PRSA’s International Conference this past week. The theme: “Communications Convergence” covered a range of topics including conflicts, creativity and client relationships. When you take one community that loves one brand and another community that loves another brand, and create unique experiences that both communities can celebrate, that’s the holy grail.” — Jonathan Mildenhall , CEO, TwentyFirstCenturyBrand.

J&J stresses ‘open communication’ after vaccine pause, a quarter of U.S employers provide vaccine access, and Pinterest ends employee NDAs for discrimination claims

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Hello, communicators: Executives from three-dozen Michigan-based companies, including Ford and General Motors, issued a joint statement against proposed voting bills that will make it harder to vote in Michigan and other states. The business community is facing a workplace wellness revolution.

Cisco, Florida Realtors, JBL, Pan Communications among Communicator of the Year Award winners

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Dozens of remarkable professionals—including two Hall of Fame inductees—light up Ragan’s Communicators of the Year Awards for outstanding efforts in social media, marketing, internal communication and more. Internal Communications PR Industry Ragan Awards

How communicators can change their organization’s objectives

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However, it’s just a footnote in the decades-long battle communicators have been fighting to address the complexity of the American economy. FREE REPORT: Benchmark your internal comms efforts against your peers ]. Major employers are investing in their workers and communities because they know it is the only way to be successful over the long term. The communicator’s role. This is familiar ground for communicators in many organizations. . “In

In focus: Communicators’ power to drive business purpose

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The day and a half of sessions focused on how PR pros and corporate communicators can help their organizations attract customers, employees and investors around the unique value they offer their communities. Mondelez International, the global snack food brand the incorporates products like Oreo and Cadbury, realized it needed to redefine its purpose as consumers looked for heathier and more sustainable ways to satisfy their cravings.

Brands celebrate International Women’s Day, Hollywood Foreign Press issues DE&I commitments, and 60% of Google searches are on a mobile device

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Hello, communicators: Jack Dorsey, founder and chief executive of Twitter, recently listed his first tweet as a non-fungible token on the Valuables marketplace , and the current bid is at $2.5 Here are today’s top stories: Brands celebrate International Women’s Day.

How Arch’s affinity groups are fueling employee engagement and forging deeper connections

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Lanita Goins shares a trove of insights on how ERGs can help shape more authentic corporate storytelling. Every organization is a storytelling mine. FREE GUIDE: The State of Corporation Communications 2021 ].

Groups 114

How companies can improve DE&I transparency and address past failures

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Both agreed that communicators have a special role—and responsibility—in continuously pushing for equality. FREE DOWNLOAD: Shifting Expectations: A Guide for ESG Storytelling ]. “DE&I Communicators and execs should be prepared to respond to staffers’ reactions to current events.

7 ways to take a stand, engage talent and communicate internally

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Experts agree that before planting your flag in an issue or patting yourself on the back for your good deeds, you should do a deep dive internally. So how do you adopt a cause that is authentic to your organization, communicate that to employees and position yourself as an employer of choice?

How Talcott Resolution keeps employees engaged virtually

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RELATED: Earn recognition for your influential nonprofit communications work ]. The sense of calm that our approach created gave the communications team an opportunity to transform our positive in-office culture into a virtual workspace that felt engaging and inclusive.

How Scotts Miracle-Gro sees its ‘purpose’

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It couldn’t just be a corporate initiative; it definitely couldn’t be a communications initiative,” King says. “It RELATED: Join us for Ragan's Future of Communications Virtual Conference ]. Instead, you can ask questions like: “Do you improve your community?”

Zoom chief focuses on winning back trust, Hobby Lobby closes and furloughs most employees, and Apple makes COVID-19 face shields

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Good morning, communicators: Agency Berlin Cameron launched an effort to help small business owners struggling to stay afloat during the current crisis. And I have no doubt that our community will rise to this challenge. You made it, communication pros.

Health news site targets community, but draws employees

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Brand journalism is often billed as a way for organizations to reach the community and news outlets through newspaper-style content. That’s a major goal of Juice, but the site is also illustrating a little-mentioned bonus: communicating and engaging with employees. Juice is one of a growing number of storytelling platforms launched by hospital groups eager to promote good health and tell their own stories in an era of dwindling news coverage.