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How to Build Brand Awareness & Thought Leadership

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By 2017, he’d built a billion-dollar brand. It established Dollar Shave Club as a funny, irreverent, bold, and most importantly, helpful brand. Brands love to talk about going viral; Dubin actually did it. In 2010, Michael Dubin used to work at Time Inc.,

‘MSNBC Mom’ goes viral, Nestle goes vegan (sort of), and brand managers support #WorldMentalHealthDay

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Starbucks reveals why brands should lead with values. Brian Pittman spoke with Cisco’s senior social media and talent brand manager, Carmen Collins, about how to advocate for bigger social media budgets. Brand managers voice support on #WorldMentalHealthDay.

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Viral snark over a Peloton ad, McDonald’s enters ‘chicken sandwich wars,’ and Twitter launches data-privacy hub

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However, as one Twitter user pointed out, the backlash caused Peloton to trend and delivered additional video views and media coverage: If you really think the "creepy" Peloton commercial is going to hurt their brand, you probably shouldn't be in marketing.

TikTok’s growth spurt, Halloween-themed social media posts, and rivals stoking a viral YouTube fundraiser

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The rest of you were split: Twenty-three percent said using terms such as “yet” is never a good look for a brand manager, while 20% said it’s a welcome addition: When is it OK for social media teams to use memes and/or trending slang (such as "yeet?").

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Victoria’s Secret CMO retires after transgender hire, Google employee memo goes viral, and Coke stands firm on same-sex ads

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Good morning, PR pros: A Google employee’s memo is going viral within the company, racking up more than 10,000 views by fellow staffers since it was published last week. Report: All kinds of diversity are essential to brand reputation.

Brand journalism metrics surge during pandemic

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No one’s doing this better than the vibrant brand journalism platforms owned and operated by companies across the spectrum. Brand journalists are delivering relevant, timely and insightful stories to their audiences every day. Brand Journalism The Consultant is In

During COVID-19, some business owners are their own worst enemy

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So many companies have undone all the good work done by their PR agencies and gone viral for the wrong reasons. Cineworld is a brand whose reaction sticks out for all the wrong reasons. It’s not just household names and global brands, but smaller companies too.

How to manage your COVID-19 response

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Kim Markus will share tips on how to bypass the negative media cycle with your own social media outreach, monitor platforms to catch brand issues early, and quickly shoot and share updates on channels like YouTube and TikTok.

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Steak-umm earns praise for Twitter rant, Twitter’s CEO pledges $1B to fight COVID-19, and Lowe’s closes for Easter Sunday

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Some of the activities (such as the painting session) have loose ties to the brand, but the overall effort is designed to entertain and connect with people as they look for uplifting content. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

WeWork to lay off 2,000, Deloitte marketing report reveals ‘experience debt,’ and LinkedIn debuts employee engagement features

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s streaming service, Disney+, released a now viral Twitter thread, touting its lineup coming to the service: It. RELATED: Deliver powerful leadership messaging in a digital landscape ]. Make sure the rules you set are consistent and follow your brand voice and vision.

6 Awesome Examples of How To Leverage Corporate History in Brand Storytelling


Your brand can share storytelling moments from its company history with your key stakeholders, too. But, it takes strategic insight and smart planning to communicate a brand’s history well. Another great example of digitized history comes from the 162-year-old Levi Strauss brand.

Barbie’s bid to close the ‘dream gap,’ the perils of commenting on Hong Kong, and viral whisky ‘Tide pod’ gets jeers

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Lisa McKnight, Barbie’s senior vice president and global brand general manager, told USA Today that the career was selected after the company learned that only 33% of sitting U.S. The most effective tool for brand managers is the referral from a friend or family member.

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6 potent tips for nailing media interviews

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In today’s rapid-fire, 24-hour news cycle, it’s easy for one misinterpreted or out-of-context quote to become a viral social media story. RELATED: Join us for our Leadership and Executive Communications Conference ]. Have a plan for highlighting your most important brand message.

WhatsApp limits forwarding to slow misinformation, SeaWorld CEO resigns, and measuring PR in a crisis

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For example, we previously set limits on forwarded messages to constrain virality, which led to a 25% decrease in message forwards globally at the time. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

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The Power Of Creativity In PR

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In today’s atmosphere of continuous communications from a multitude of channels, PR people (and their marketing peers) must come up with original approaches to storytelling to break through the noise. Creativity helps express company values in a distinct brand voice.

CVS and Walgreens join anti-gun trend, Forbes admits gender bias in innovators list, and why many employees criticize your brand

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Good morning, PR pros: Nissan still hasn’t found the bottom of its leadership crisis : CEO Hiroto Saikawa resigned Monday. The carmaker has struggled to defend how it operates after investigations into the leadership of Chairman Carlos Ghosn resulted in jail time for its former chief.

How Life is Good built an anniversary campaign to highlight positivity

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In celebration of the brand’s 25 th anniversary, we felt this message was more important than ever,” says Karen Lyon, VP of marketing for Life is Good. A storytelling campaign might offer earned media opportunities, but you must invest resources to get the success you want.

SoftBank tries to rebuild its reputation, Airbnb vaguely vows to verify listings, and how social media magnifies a crisis

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Also: Krispy Kreme partners with a viral delivery guy, takeaways from Meredith’s Jill Davison, how PR pros see the future of communications, and more. The incident is a reminder for brand managers dealing with exuberant fans: Find a way to partner with them, or risk consumer wrath online.

Instagram offers ‘Product Launch’ stickers, Credit Suisse’s COO departs over spying scandal, and how communicators will use email in 2020

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When you are ready to woo investors, don’t overpromise, and make sure you have the right leadership team in place to project stability and long-term profitability. Instagram will introduce new ways to help creators and brand managers share information about new products.

Facebook tests ‘News’ feature, Lyft offers rides to job interviews and doctor visits, and YouTube’s 20M trees campaign

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Given the sea of content and branded messages bombarding consumers’ attention, marketers must be even more innovative with their tactics. Trust in CEOs craters, Bed Bath & Beyond pulls ‘blackface’ jack-o’-lanterns, and Gen Z keys in on brand purpose.

DoorDash lags on data breach disclosure, Instagram users seen declining, and the wealth-gap problem for communicators

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Also: Anheuser-Busch ditches influencer over racist tweets, Japan Airlines seeks to child-proof your flight, PR pros are taking over brand concerns, and more. We asked how much you’re involved with your organization’s branding efforts.

LinkedIn offers audience insights, BuzzFeed’s quirky style guide, and Avenue closing all its stores

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Given the popularity of the brand and the seasonal trends, merchandise is sure to sell out quickly. " The filing, made on August 8th, indicates #OhioState is offering a brand of "THE" clothing.

Six Tips for the World’s Most Underrated Social Media Platform

Ishmael's Corner

We are fans of SlideShare as a platform for business storytelling. While consumer brands use SlideShare, its marriage of in-depth content and social make it a natural for B2B companies. True, a SlideShare deck isn’t going to have the same emotive power or viral reach of a video.

Lysol maker warns against ingestion, Google and Facebook add transparency features, and Ogilvy tells communicators to be ‘AWARE’

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Also: Budweiser asks social distancers “what’s up,” Pizza Hut executive says brand managers should be active during COVID-19, tips for virtually presenting, and more. It’s also a great example of a COVID-19 marketing effort that subtly reinforces the brand, without any sales pitches.

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7 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a PR Business

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But before you post a viral video telling your boss you’re quitting your job , it’s important to make sure you’re ready for what it takes to be a successful PR business owner. Five years ago, no one expected their PR firm to have video storytelling capabilities.

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Goldman Sachs issues diversity challenge, 23andMe lays off 100, and Sonos chief apologizes after backlash

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Also: Baskin-Robbins receives delicious PR from a viral video, the limits of voice search, Express to close 100 stores as it restructures, and more. Good morning, PR pros: Baskin-Robbins received love after a TikTok video went viral.

Lufthansa slams striking workers, when your company should speak out, and Starbucks’ new holiday cup

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New research from Sprout Social suggests that consumers are increasingly ready for brand managers to speak out on hot topics and social issues. RELATED: Join us for our Leadership and Executive Communications Conference ].

Forever 21 files for bankruptcy, McDonald’s tests meatless option, and email’s the go-to for ‘conversational marketing’

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For many fast-food and restaurant brands, the question isn’t if you should offer a meatless option—it’s when you’ll do it. Related reading: J&J to pay $527M in opioid damages, Popeyes’ Twitter spat creates viral win, and KFC tests plant-based ‘chicken’.

State of Content Marketing 2019: Creativity Strikes Back

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The brand had a slick new site, detailed persona work, and a strong SEO gameplan. Starting in 2013, brands started hiring journalists to work on their content programs. Slowly, they brought on other smart people with great storytelling skills to join them in the fight.

Twitter bans political ad buys, Toyota changes messaging on emissions, and when to use ROI or KPI measures

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Also: A viral Popeyes-themed Halloween costume, Deadspin’s splashy staff exodus, Southwest’s crisis response over alleged bathroom camera, where PR pros get their news, and more. If any brand is going to be hurt, Toyota would probably be the most.”.

Popeyes’ sandwich sells out, Forever 21 ponders bankruptcy, and Marriott to discontinue tiny toiletries

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Incorporate current best practices into your PR, marketing and social media strategies, including storytelling, targeted pitches playing on current trends and news, and interactive content that stands out from the competition. The hashtag #BoycottOliveGarden has also gone viral.

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Google Doodle showcases storytelling’s importance, Walmart removes drug-using Santa sweaters, and Snapchat tests personalized GIF feature

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The effort showcases how outstanding storytelling can evoke emotion from readers and viewers, along with how interactive elements can make your stories more accessible and appealing. Going viral can be both a blessing and a curse.

Tasteless PR tactics after the Gilroy shooting, top PR tools, and Google honors ADA with giveaway

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Good morning, PR pros: A viral Twitter thread is making the rounds online as people share their favorite mashups from creator Lewis Wake. To observe D-Day anniversary, brand managers lean toward reverence. Related reading: 5 crucial elements of brand storytelling.

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Papa John’s new chief claims ‘most loved pizza,’ SC Johnson protects its tagline, and Lowe’s exec apologizes for racist remarks

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Rob has an impressive track record of growing purpose-driven brands like ours and we know he will be a valuable addition to the Papa John’s family. Why you should care: Carefully police your brand and its protected trademarks and copyrighted phrases, images and names.

IAB chief slams Trump’s social media EO, Google to use ‘page experience’ in search rankings, and Twitter rolls out scheduled tweets

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Consider ways you can do the same, leaning into your brand voice and values. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. Join Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Board to network and brainstorm with peers, get the latest intelligence and research, and start to strategize for the future of your organization.

30 Social Media Ideas In 30 Minutes


Content Storytelling – the best tips from each panelist on planning, producing and publishing stories for social media. Be mindful of all the representatives who may be trying to help your brand, but possibly making it worse without the right information and talking points.”

2020 Planning: Questions to Ask to Create a Stellar Media Strategy


now want to know, “How can we go viral?”. Fundamentals like creative collaboration, grassroots ideas, great storytelling, smart planning, are as important today as they have ever been. Do you have a strong story and storytellers? Does it include thought leadership?

30 Social Media Ideas In 30 Minutes


Content Storytelling – the best tips from each panelist on planning, producing and publishing stories for social media. Be mindful of all the representatives who may be trying to help your brand, but possibly making it worse without the right information and talking points.”

What the demise of Mic can teach us about content and metrics

PR Daily

As many organizations have turned to brand journalism and self-publishing in response to the hollowing out of U.S. How should we measure the success of online storytelling? Going viral and being valuable to readers aren’t the same thing.

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How the Women of Game of Thrones Can Inspire Your Content Strategy


While Game of Thrones is undeniably a high fantasy tale, fans connect with it on such a passionate level because apart from the beautiful scenery and mystical beings, the storytelling is spectacular. Think about what your brand wants to achieve.