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The Ultimate Checklist: 20 Points that Will Lead You to the Best B2B Content Marketing

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What are your content goals? That’s why we’ve created this ultimate checklist to get your B2B content marketing on track. This checklist has been designed to help you prioritize your content creation, come up with content ideas, and grow your audience over time. When developing the correct content marketing mix you should leverage the newest techniques and platforms so you won't be stuck in the past. Create a B2B Content Strategy.

3 ways infographics can power your content marketing campaigns

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Despite some naysaying, infographics are thriving. A recent article on infographics on PR Daily reviewed a report from Clutch that stated: “The age of infographics is dying, and most of them are quite bad.”. RELATED: Ragan creates custom content, from white papers to emails to intranets and more! When done well and as part of a larger marketing and PR strategy, a creative infographic can make otherwise dull content more digestible for a wider audience.

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12 Months of Content Marketing

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Generating a stream of interesting and engaging ways to reach your audience through content marketing can be a pain. as an offer, use this month to brainstorm the kinds of content — like an ebook, whitepaper, special report or discount — that people will gladly trade their email to get. February: Strategize Your Blog Content for the Future. But a better strategy is to plan out your content several weeks or months — even quarters — ahead.

How to Unite B2B PR and Content Marketing for Powerful Results

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But what about two seemingly different teams, such as B2B PR and content marketing ? Recently there have been a variety of strong opinions circulating about PR and content marketing. Some believe that PR and content marketing are different strategies, and don’t mix well. According to these individuals, you should either have PR or content marketing -- not both. Product launches. What is B2B Content Marketing?

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Fisher-Price toys inspired by COVID-19’s WFH, the world’s last Blockbuster is on Airbnb, and Dunkin’ debuts fall menu early

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Here are today’s top stories: Fisher-Price launches WFH toys. Mattel’s infant and preschool brand, Fisher-Price, unveiled a new product line of role-play toys inspired by remote working during COVID-19. “My 21, with Starbucks’ menu launching Aug.

Online Reputation Management: How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

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With the right reputation management services, you can change and improve how the world perceives you as a brand. After all, who can you believe when faced with a constant barrage of companies touting their products and services as "the best" or "the longest lasting?" There are many factors that feed into your brand's reputation, including: Website. Let's look at 7 specific tactics to boost your brand and personal reputation, even if they have been damaged.

A Modern Approach to PR: What’s Changed and What’s Here to Stay


While certain methods have survived the test of time by evolving—such as how brand management has advanced to focus attention on building a solid online presence—other tactics have annoyed audiences to the point of extinction (hello, push PR!). It moves those brands still using traditional methods to the bottom of the pack and rewards those that make an honest and genuine connection with their audience with the help of modern PR.

Steal These 9 Ideas to Inject Visual Appeal Into Press Releases


Product Photos. These are great if you’re announcing a new product or product line. By including a visual of the product you’re discussing, you give potential customers more reason to click to your website. Ideas to Steal: Above all, make sure your product images are professional. Show photos of your product being used. Infographic. You can create your own infographics with Piktochart or hire a professional designer.

6 reasons comms—not IT—should ‘own’ the online newsroom

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No longer are communicators content to leave the keys to their online presence in the hands of those beloved but harried folks in the computer department. “In In today’s 24/7 news cycle, a brand’s online newsroom needs to be updated constantly,” says Michelle Garrett of Garrett Public Relations. One of the biggest brand marketing campaigns in history is finally over, and you picked not one, but two cities for your additional Amazon headquarters,” Blue Sky reported.

How Your News Release Can Help the Media Do Their Job


Companies issue a news release when they have a job to do: to spread the message of a product launch, an exciting corporate expansion, or the addition of a new executive. And that’s exactly where the goals of journalists and brand communicators intersect. Armed with this insight, it’s in the best interest of brand communicators to ensure their news release helps journalists do their job, in the face of limited time and resources.

Transform Your Brand Into an Icon with Visual Consistency

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It’s no secret that a great brand is built over time (in the case of some brands, centuries). Every decision a brand makes builds on the success that came before. But consistency goes beyond the products you develop and customer service you provide. Iconic brands, like Coca Cola, Apple and Pepsi, are immediately recognizable and carry with them certain expectations of quality. The reason: Visually consistent marketing. Stand out in a sea of content.

How to Launch a New B2B Product People Will Line Up For

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A new B2B product launch is an exciting time for any company -- especially if this is your first one! We know the time and energy it takes to create a new product. The question you're now faced with is how to launch a new B2B product and then create the buzz it deserves. Let's look at how you can do just that with an effective B2B PR strategy focused on a product launch. Let’s look at the 10 key steps to a successful product launch.

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15 Simple Small Business PR Strategies That Will Save You Money

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See if you can offer a demo or free use of your product or service. In return, ask if they will mention your product or service. Influencers can facilitate greater reach of your content, improve quality, and inspire more buyer engagement --Lee Odden. Would you like to tap into the millennial market of business decision makers? Video is rapidly becoming a powerful force in B2B marketing. Create a helpful and vibrant infographic that will reach a wider audience.

Blogging vs. Press Releases vs. Coverage; Unscripted Marketing Links

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Earlier this month, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) was acquired by events company UBM for a reported $17.6 Aside from the well-deserved round of congratulations, it occurred to me the acquisition is an indication of a maturing industry for content marketing, which of course includes blogging. This is because content marketing is about publishing and building an audience you own, rather than rent. Marketing Integration Still Reigns .

How to Choose the Best Press Release Writing Service for Your Specific Needs

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Do you want a way to build the authority of your brand by forming relationships with journalists that cover your industry? Perhaps you have a new product launch or event that needs to be publicized. Although social media and content writing has its place, these methods are better at reaching consumers instead of news organizations. It first helps to know the difference between a press release and a regular piece of content marketing.

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Best and Worst of Sword and the Script in 2015

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It’s insightful for thinking through why content performed or underperformed. 12 Content Marketing Lessons Learned in 12 Years of Blogging via @toprank. Appetite remains for snackable content. This summary of a 40-minute documentary picked out some of best ideas some brands are using for effective content marketing. To the best of my knowledge, it’s the first (and only) documentary on content marketing. Content marketing is PR.

Public Relations Trends: How to Explode Your PR with Visuals

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Visual content is one of the public relations trends that has exploded recently. Put simply, if your content doesn’t include a visual component, you’re losing a huge chunk of your potential audience! Add to this the fact that 65% of people today are visual learners, and that color visuals increase readership of a piece of content by a whopping 80%. What kinds of eye-popping visuals can you use in your pr campaigns and other content? Infographics. Product demos.

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5 struggles awaiting young PR pros

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The PR industry that’s behind the scenes of successful product launches, executive interviews, millions of pages of content and even social media snafus runs mostly unseen to the common consumer—and it’s much different from what movies and TV shows portray. You’ve finally arrived home from a client’s launch event and check your phone. PR pros are continually coming up with campaign ideas, tactics and content.

Announcing the finalists for the 2014 Video Awards

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Leading Brands for AstraZeneca KSA, A Day in the Lives of Shareef and Rashid. Best Content Marketing Video. Farm Credit Canada, The Difference Branding Your Farm Can Make. M/C/C for Animalz by ReTrak, Animalz by ReTrak Product Launch Video. Best Marketing Video. Sterling Communications for Arx Pax, Hendo Hoverboard Kickstarter Launch. Western Union, Giant Step Marketing, #WUHomeCooked. Best Video Infographic.

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Finalists named for the 2015 PR Daily Awards

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Best Branding Campaign. Genedigi MSLGROUP for Huawei, Crowdsourcing Brand Loyalty: Huawei Fan Celebration. Jive Software, Jive Re-Branding. Destiny Branding: Introducing a New. Best Cause-Related Marketing. Three Square Food Bank and The Firm Public Relations & Marketing, Go Orange Day 2014. Best Content Marketing/Brand Journalism. 451 Marketing for Urbini, Bidding Mom Voyage to Moms Worldwide. Best Event Marketing.

12 Months of Content Marketing For 2018

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Generating a stream of interesting and engaging ways to reach your audience through content marketing can be a pain. ” as an offer, use this month to brainstorm the kinds of content — like an ebook, whitepaper, special report or discount — that people will gladly trade their email to get. February: Strategize Your Blog Content for the Future. But a better strategy is to plan out your content several weeks or months — even quarters — ahead.