5 tips for pitching for radio

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However, those figures pale in comparison to the reach of your average AM/FM radio program. tuning in, radio is still one of the leading broadcast platforms for reach, topping both television and smartphone usage. How radio is unique. Have you had success pitching for radio?

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Visual Storytelling, Online Radio and SEO Media Covers Storytelling

Ishmael's Corner

Online Radio on the Rise. When was the last time you pitched online radio? Specifically, 44 percent of Americans age 12 and up listen to online radio on a weekly basis. For example, Search Engine Journal recently published “ Brand Storytelling 101: The Essential Elements.”.

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The Transistor Radio and the Dawn of Mobile Media

Waxing UnLyrical

Some of you might remember the transistor radio. The transistor radio made its debut on October 18, 1954 when Texas Instruments introduced the Regency TR-1 , the first commercially available version of the product. By inventing the transistor radio, Texas Instruments filled a need.

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Media interview tips: How to prepare for TV, radio and print media interviews

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When you’re asked to be interviewed in the media , it’s important to know that each medium – radio, TV and print – have specific requirements you should understand before the interview. Radio. The main feature of radio is that it is a personal medium.

PR tool of the month: Facebook Live Audio saves the radio star

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Facebook has spotted this trend and has sought to develop a new platform for brands to reach their audience, Facebook Live Audio. Facebook hopes that brands will use Facebook Live Audio for book readings, interviews and of course talk radio, bringing low-bandwidth, real-time audio broadcast content to news feeds and Facebook pages. The post PR tool of the month: Facebook Live Audio saves the radio star appeared first on Firefly Communications.

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Pitching Radio in the Age of Instagram: A Q&A with WCCO's Roshini Rajkumar


If you’re a Minnesota public relations professional seeking to boost the presence of your company’s lead executive, is there a more coveted spot on Twin Cities radio than News & Views with Roshini Rajkumar on WCCO Radio? In this interview, Roshini dishes on how PR people can pitch their clients to be in front of her microphone, why radio is still vital in the age of Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest; and how former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is one of her girl crushes.

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4 Tips For Creating Successful Media Pitches

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Anyone who’s tried their hand at promoting a brand through PR can tell you that grabbing the media’s attention isn’t always easy. General Marketing PR Education Print Publicity marsha friedman pr firm Public Relations Social Media Marketing talk radio

Critical Mention Announces Ten Straight Months of Record Bookings

Critical Mention

Already in 2019, Critical Mention has added new television and radio channels to its capture network across the globe. Critical Mention offers real-time media monitoring, intelligence and analytics for broadcast television, radio, online news and social media.

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Despite fake news concerns, consumers say earned media drives brand awareness best

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2019 marks the first year that digital marketing spend will outpace spend across traditional channels like TV, radio, and newspapers—which gives digitally native brands the opportunity to effectively compete with legacy companies on their own digital turf.

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Four Earned Media KPIs to Track

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As the cost of paid advertising across various digital and broadcast channels increases, brands are increasingly focused on earned media as a way to build awareness and generate revenue. Simply put, this KPI is a measure of how many times your brand was mentioned in a given time period.

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Top 10 PR Tips for Companies With Established Brands

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Public relations is a great way to help build your brand. If your organization already has an established brand, consider yourself lucky, as you don’t have to build it from scratch. . At the same time, managing PR can be tricky, even for established brands.

8 branding tips to close out 2018

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Everything is a brand. At one time, brand-building was solely the purview of advertising firms or pure-play marketers and referred only to a product or the company behind it. Authenticity is still the best differentiator for a person or a brand.

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How Social Intelligence Can Benefit Any Brand


Does your brand analyze what’s being said? Most brands divide audiences by the sales journey: prospects, customers and the rest of the world. Brand. With social media, however, brands have the opportunity to determine success using real-time, online social interactions.

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How politics and branding intersect

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Although many brand managers try not to vocalize their specific political positions, they often reveal their political allegiances when communicating with customers and prospects. Though the blowback was minimal, it exposed a gap between Mackey and the brand’s public persona.

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How branded content counters consumer skepticism

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of radio listeners immediately change the station when a commercial plays and 26 percent. If your company can’t reach them in a trustworthy, engaging way, then you can bet your brand will take a hit. The platforms aren’t just about the brands; they’re about what the brands stand for.

Should brands pay bloggers for posts?

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To many brands, the rules of engagement with bloggers, the expectations of bloggers, and the roles of paid and unpaid media placements in blogs are unclear. A new study by Yomego reveals some helpful insights into bloggers and their relationships with brands and their agencies.

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State of the Press Release in 2015

Ronn Torossian

In the 1920s, headlines for press releases were in the style of radio broadcasts. Brand PR Ronn Torossian 5WPR CEO PR Agency One reason press releases have changed in 2015 is that public relations and the public has changed.

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Infographic: Super Bowl 50’s Top Brands & Ads


Using Cision Global Insights, we tracked the brands with the greatest share of voice across six product categories. Do you know where your brand stands against the competition? Cision provides the insights that will keep your brand ahead of the game. DotheDew #SB50 Radio Row pic.twitter.com/d6v2lMWxT2 — Tony Bruno (@TonyBrunoShow) February 5, 2016. As the biggest single-evening TV event in the United States , the Super Bowl is an enormous opportunity for businesses.

Less is more: 3 tips to jargon-free branding

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With the rise of brand journalism , the old rules for boosting your company’s image don’t work anymore. Organizations that incorporate brand journalism into their communication understand that our new industry rules focus less on branding and more on storytelling.

Brand journalism: Why the faulty arguments must end

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stated in bold letters, " There''s no such thing as brand journalism." It then supplied a handy graphic intended to define the important terms of content marketing: brand publishing. branded content, a.k.a. brand journalism. Let the brand journalism rant begin.

Chats with Chip: Ryan Williams on Internal Communications and Measurement

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Are they actually open and transparent enough to be able to reflect our brands externally? Chats with Chip Media Bullseye Radio Feature

#PR Expanded [Guest Post]: Drawn To The Spotlight, Part 1

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A Guest Post by Jeremy Miller, President, Sticky Branding. The idea was sparked from a conversation I had with Gini Dietrich as we were developing the launch strategy for my new book, Sticky Branding. Tie the Brands Together. He is the author of Sticky Branding: 12.5

Media Bullseye Roundtable 2016.07 with John Wall

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Whether Reddit can go mainstream and attract big brand advertising. Media Bullseye Radio Media Bullseye Roundtable Podcast

7 steps to creating and sustaining a brand-centric podcast

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Now the explosion of podcasts has democratized radio. Today, it’s different: Pretty much anyone with a computer can host a digital radio show. I’ve heard podcasters refer to their world as the Wild West of radio. Blogs helped democratize the creation of written content.

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3 marketing lessons from wacky Valentine’s Day brand efforts

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Love is in the air, but do these brand managers have Cupid’s arrows? Many PR and marketing pros hop on the bandwagon to do something special for holiday seasons, and Valentine’s Day isn’t proving to be any different—even for brands that you might not think are so romantic.

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How winning could change the Cubs’ brand

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They include the guy who listened to Game 7 on the radio from his father’s grave, fulfilling a promise; countless tributes to family members who lived amazing lives without ever witnessing what happened Wednesday; and Harry Caray, the iconic voice of the Cubs. How will the Cubs brand evolve?

TV Adverts

Mark My Words

Alongside branding guru Robert Bean and Go Compare’s opera singer Wynne Evans Mark explores how, from Andrex to John Lewis, classic TV ads inject a brand into our cultural bloodstream. Mark My Words advertising Andrex BBCFiveLive GoCompare John Lewis radio TV p037p7h6 programmes adverts compare’s wynne ponders andrex infuriatinglyFrom the infuriatingly catchy to the plain bizarre Mark joins Adrian Chiles on Five Live to discuss the value of TV adverts- past and present.

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Media Training is Vital to Your Brand’s Success


For radio, podcasts, or print interviews, you can be a little more relaxed in how you dress, but you still want to be professional, so if they are filming, suit and tie for a man are good, for the others, still a suit jacket and button-up shirt or nice turtleneck will work well.

Why Podcasting Is A Smart Marketing Strategy For Businesses Today

Maine PR Maven

In the 1930s, P&G sponsored daytime serial dramas on the radio to advertise their products to housewives. Branding Building Relationships Know - Like - Trust PodcastBuilding an audience is an old strategy in marketing.

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Podcast listeners are close to half the population

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As digital radio programs have grown in popularity, so have the opportunities for marketers and PR pros to reach new audiences. Brand Journalism Crisis Communications External Communications Media Relations Social Media Visual & Video Communications

Chats with Chip: Terry Flannery and University Marketing

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Chip and Terry’s conversation covers the importance and challenges of content strategy, audience targeted brand strategy, and the future of communication and marketing at universities. According to Terry, brand strategy helps identify these key populations and create loyalty and engagement.

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Chats with Chip: Patrick Rogan on Strategies to Hire and Retain Talent in the PR Industry

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If I’m the one person who’s adapting on that team it’s a lot less stressful for the team bringing me up to speed than if half the team is brand new and that same knowledge transfer has to happen. Chats with Chip Media Bullseye Radio Podcasting

A Beginner’s Guide to Hosting Brand Podcasts

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And now the explosion of podcasts has democratized radio. Pretty much anyone with a computer can host a digital radio show. And now brands have begun experimenting with podcasts as well. Brands such as GE, Prudential and Netflix have all launched podcasts within the past year.

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Chats with Chip: Scott Monty on Building a Consultancy to Help Navigate Digital Transformation

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We are entirely self-focused, and when you look at the way brands approach things, whether it’s from marketing or communications, it’s always, “We are pleased. ” As communicators, as brand managers, of course we do.

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Is Your Brand Monitoring Missing Media Mentions?

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While these are the thoughts that come to mind when planning a much-needed trip, brands must deal with similar concerns when planning their next step. If your PR and marketing strategy is going to deliver results, you have to answer questions like: Who is talking about our brand?

Chats with Chip: Ann McCain on Hiring and Working with Millennial PR Professionals

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Nobody really wants that job of having to take on the brand-new employee who not only is new and needs to learn the ropes about the job, but she may be stepping into a brand new world for the first time, having no idea what she’s stepping into.

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Digital Video to Kill TV by 2020?

Ronn Torossian

TV killed radio, so will digital video kill TV? Public Relations Advice BRANDING MARKETING Pubilc RelationsAbsolutely, say some market experts … and they are predicting a relatively quick death – by 2020. As you may expect, YouTube is one of the standard bearers of this expectation.

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Guest Post: 3 Ways To Promote Your Business

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Think of brands that have impacted you. You have radio, TV, video, social media, text, email, and even snail mail. What is the feeling that you want people to associate with your brand? Dove is a brand that gets it.

The Content (R)evolution: Rick Kupchella on the Power of Brand-Driven News


If you’ve ever read a Buzzfeed article, you know that brands are capitalizing on the opportunity to publish their own brand stories in the context of news distribution. So how can brands take advantage of the “news content revolution” in a strategic way?

4 PR Lessons From Comedy via Seinfeld and Stern

Flack's Revenge

I was in a Seinfeld state of mind, having just watched (and loved) his new Netflix special Jerry before Seinfeld ; and was thrilled to hear him being interviewed by Howard Stern on Sirius radio. Takeaways : The jacket is an important part of Jerry’s brand.

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