3 Areas to Measure to Establish Thought Leadership


Your audience is skeptical of your brand. But your communication alone won’t always convince them your brand can deliver on its promises. To ensure you’re making an impact in your industry and gaining authority, there are several factors you should measure.

How to measure the impact of communications during COVID-19

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A good measurement strategy is based upon expected outcomes. You outline what effect you hope to have before executing a plan, and then establish systems to measure key performance indicators. Measurement and PESO.

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How PR pros can tap Google Analytics for measurement

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Debate has long swirled around the measurability of public relations. Given that we live in a digital era when everything is capable of being analyzed, that demand for measurability and accountability has only increased. Measurement

Your Earned Media Measurement Strategy Checklist


As marketers begin to understand why it’s necessary to move away from outdated measurement systems when it comes to earned media, it’s important to develop a robust strategy going forward. To that end, answer the following questions to help shape your earned media measurement strategy.

How PR Pros Can Build Epic Personal Branding For Corporate Leadership

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Perhaps they don’t have an internal brand ambassador program of any kind ( a what? ), and they are terrified at the very THOUGHT of giving employees online freedom and autonomy. Three Essential Ways to Help Corporate Leadership Build a Personal Brand Online 1.

How to Skyrocket Your B2B Thought Leadership with Quality Surveys

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Insightful research combined with shrewd marketing strategies create an unbeatable recipe for B2B thought leadership. The Relationship Between B2B Thought Leadership and Surveys. Let’s first answer the question, what is thought leadership? Boost Your PR Thought Leadership.

Monday Roundup: Building Thought Leadership

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Building thought leadership is one of the primary reasons companies engage in PR, so that’s our editorial theme this month (in case you hadn’t noticed). Btw, that photo was taken at a thought leadership panel discussion I participated in a few months ago, co-hosted by WWPR , ColorComm , and Johns Hopkins , all organizations I’m involved with in some capacity or other. So, how do you start building thought leadership in your organization?

Monday Roundup: Measuring Storytelling

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But how many of us are effectively measuring it? Here are some tips on getting started measuring your storytelling efforts. 5 “W”s to Consider Before Starting PR Measurement. Smarter Ways to Measure Authoritative Content. How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Stories.

Brand Awareness: It’s All About Content


CMOS and CEOs Sound Off on the Essentials for Getting Buzz and Building Your Brand Awareness. For marketers, this makes brand awareness a huge challenge: How do we stand out above the noise? Pick one differentiating facet of your brand and focus on it consistently.”.

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Inside Innovation: Smoking Gun PR’s innovative approach to PR measurement

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The award winners are all leading the way in modern PR measurement but when we saw that Smoking Gun PR from Manchester, UK won two awards we had to get in touch and find out their secrets. Launched in January 2016, the brand had one fundamental problem — low awareness.

How brand managers should address COVID-19

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Companies should put personnel first in their communications, displaying an appropriate level of concern, while also working to implement preventative measures. The post How brand managers should address COVID-19 appeared first on PR Daily.

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WhatsApp limits forwarding to slow misinformation, SeaWorld CEO resigns, and measuring PR in a crisis

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CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. Join Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Board to network and brainstorm with peers, get the latest intelligence and research and start to strategize for the future of your organization. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

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Let’s Measure in units of trust

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If ever there was a time for a new style of leadership to show up it is now, as brands descend into paralysis, travel is curtailed, healthcare is at breaking point and businesses, big and small are threatened with collapse.

5 Steps to Make Your PR Measurement More Impressive Than Just Impressions


The most effective PR pros agree measurement is more than impressions, and yet clients and leadership keep requesting those numbers anyway. For example, one of the most common business challenges we see is creating greater brand awareness — but often, the real question is not asked.

Branding Basics: Measure Your Way to a Better Reputation

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Branding – a word that conjures mental images of the world’s most prominent products. But what is branding, exactly? Put more simply, branding is the way in which companies produce a feeling in their customers –a reaction, intuition.

The four Ps of public relations leadership

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The chair of the Global Alliance introduces the Madrid Momentum ( Learning to Lead ) and details four Ps that constitute the cornerstones of PR leadership. The four Ps of public relations leadership.

IBM stops facial recognition work, employees seek fewer open workplaces, cosmetics brands drop talc, and more

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Also: Google Maps offers alerts for mass transit users, Google Meet’s new noise-canceling features, how consumers feel about brand messages on racial justice, and other topics. MEASURED THOUGHTS. What safety measures do they expect? CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

Your Half-Year PR Leadership Checklist: 7 Important Reminders for Communicators

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You’re halfway through what’s been a rather interesting year in business, politics, brand successes and blunders and Game of Throne developments. The post Your Half-Year PR Leadership Checklist: 7 Important Reminders for Communicators appeared first on PR News Blog. Which is to say: you still have another five solid months to make this your best year ever as a communicator. First, you’ll need to take stock of what you and your team have… Continued.

What future PR pros want brands to know about DE&I

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Accountability is the measure of a leader’s height.” — Jeffrey Benjamin, founder, Breakthrough Training. We encourage brands to be honest about how they are doing diversity-wise. The post What future PR pros want brands to know about DE&I appeared first on PR Daily.

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Communicators Feel Pressed to Measure the Impact of Their Work, Survey Finds


” And when asked how public relations can increase its value inside an organization, 68 percent of survey respondents said the answer lies with “measurable results.” ” However, this survey revealed a difference of opinion on what qualifies as “measurable results.”

Marketing Measurement: Collect Data First, Ask Questions Later


Christi Eubanks, managing vice president at Gartner , recently shared her organization’s model for total marketing measurement at the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference held in San Diego between May 10 – 12. She believes that the winners of the future will be the marketing teams that measure everything. Total Marketing Measurement, or TMM, is the combination of several measurement models that exist today. Understanding Each Form of Total Marketing Measurement.

Facebook joins #GivingTuesdayNow push, brands celebrate Cinco de Mayo virtually, and Salesforce helps organizations return to work

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Though brand managers are still assessing risks with social media content during COVID-19, finding ways to tailor your products and services to those staying indoors, coupled with a game or contest, can provide a welcome distraction and increase engagement. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

Cirque du Soleil cuts 3,000 jobs in bankruptcy filing, Target and Chobani join social media ad boycott, and Amazon offers $500M in employee bonuses

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MEASURED THOUGHTS. " WFA CEO @Stephan_Lo quoted in @FT on brands holding platforms to account. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

Hasbro and Scrabble association ban slurs, United Airlines might lay off up to 36,000 employees, and 51% of PR pros are burned out

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The move to drop wellness knowledge and other truths is also a growing trend among community managers across branded accounts. MEASURED THOUGHTS. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. What's the biggest measurement myth that challenges PR pros' efforts to prove their worth?

The Academy boasts diversity efforts, Essence chief steps down, and 47% of marketers are creating more emotional content

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Say hello to our brand new class of Academy members. The brand boycott has grabbed a plethora of headlines, but Marketplace reported the organizations involved make up “only a tiny fraction of Facebook’s roughly 8 million advertisers.”. MEASURED THOUGHTS .

Amazon, Instacart and other essential workers strike, Disney offers branded face masks, and Deloitte shares crisis recovery tips

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You can also glean the latest insights at PR Daily’s Media Relations and Measurement Virtual Conference , May 14-15. MEASURED THOUGHTS. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. Disney creates branded face masks.

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YouTube rolls out ‘fact check’ feature, Twitter users want brand content, and TripAdvisor lays off 25% of workforce

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Here’s how they argue that your brand should think about video during this or any other crisis. MEASURED THOUGHTS. Brand managers can take advantage of this, even with adjusted campaigns during the pandemic. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

Starbucks reveals why brands should lead with values

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Research suggests consumers want organizations to take a stand, but a high-profile position can turn your brand into a lightning rod. RELATED: Join us for our Leadership and Executive Communications Conference ]. This time, Starbucks’ leadership has been prepared.

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Unclear on execs’ business objectives? Set your own, and start measuring

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PR pros can’t get clear business objectives from their clients and bosses, and if they do, leadership isn’t always clear about how they expect communications to contribute to those business goals. So you can never go wrong by focusing your measurement program around key stakeholders.

How To: Measure Success For a Product Launch

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Want to hear something that will truly make you measurement mavens cringe? Before I started out on my own, I never focused hard enough on measuring PR outcomes. It seemed to satisfy the leadership, and frankly it was all I could handle at that point in my career.

Starbucks allows pro-BLM attire, OKCupid’s profile buttons to support race relations and LGBTQ inclusion, and Band-Aid brand offers new skin tones

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Hello, communicators: Johnson & Johnson’s Band-Aid brand announced it’s launching bandages in a range of five shades to better suit diverse skin tones. A post shared by BAND-AID® Brand Bandages (@bandaidbrand) on Jun 10, 2020 at 7:00am PDT. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

Bacardi Limited implements spirited environmental measures

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Bacardi Limited , the largest privately held spirits company in the world, produces and markets internationally recognized spirits and wines with a portfolio comprising more than 200 brands and labels.

5 Categories of PR Metrics Pros Should Measure

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The demand for measuring effectiveness in marketing is on the rise too, according to an eMarketer report titled, Execs to Marketers: Show Me the Metrics. PR Measurement Isn’t Quite the Same. What PR needs is a framework to think about measurement and organize itself to measure.

How Re/Max pivoted for Pride Month during the pandemic

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The result was a winning social media campaign that told an important brand story online and built community at a time when in-person gatherings are restricted. In 2019, RE/MAX joined the Business Coalition for the Equality Act alongside 200 leading brands in support for the Equality Act. …

Facebook launches Zoom competitor, Live Nation amends refund policy and Google shares ways to market during COVID-19

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Dhvani is one of many brands offering relief and extras to both essential workers and consumers throughout the pandemic. The features offer another way for you to easily connect with online communities and forge deeper relationships with brand advocates. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

Google limits political ad targeting, Facebook announces brand ‘safety controls,’ and Taco Bell enters the ‘chicken wars’

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state-level candidates and officeholders, ballot measures, and ads that mention federal or state political parties.”. “We MEASURED THOUGHTS. According to a study from MBLM , brands that can tap into consumer emotion outperform national indices like the Fortune 500 and S&P Global.

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AMEC’s Johna Burke: ‘It’s OK to not be OK all the time’

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The global managing director for the leading resource for measuring communications shares her best measurement, management and martini advice. But few people make measurement more fun than Burke. Whether you measure and drink at the same time is up to you.

Hilton partners with Lysol on ‘CleanStay’ initiative, NBA’s Lakers return $4.6M loan, and 51% distrust news media outlets

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RELATED: Join us for PR Daily's can't-miss Media Relations & Measurement Virtual Conference ]. MEASURED THOUGHTS. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

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Kroger joins push for tougher gun laws, consumers readily change brands, and WeWork’s founder walks back trademark sale

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Also: Nissan’s leadership crisis escalates, MillerCoors wins an injunction over corn syrup messaging, and Vienna reigns as the world’s most livable city. MEASURED THOUGHTS. How can brand managers build loyalty with their audiences?

Free remote tools to ease COVID-19 fears, chief D&I officers skew white, and PR pros say proving ROI takes time

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MEASURED THOUGHTS. Do you use the metric “Share of Voice” to measure your efforts? Do you use Share of Voice (SOV) to measure your campaigns and messages?

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