A PR Intern’s Guide to Agency Lingo

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PR intern’s guide to agency lingo. The PR team might pitch some less tailored info about the company for general brand visibility ahead of a new product announcement or a big funding announcement. See this earlier post for tips on how to go from PR intern to permanent hire.

PR pros mark International Women’s Day

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For International Women’s Day, many organizations are looking to celebrate the work of their female colleagues—and the PR industry is a focal point. For example, many organizations have created internal resource groups so colleagues can turn to each other for support.

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5 Ways To Raise Your Internal PR Game

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Earlier this week, we made the case for raising your internal PR game. The technological and social changes over the past few years have both made internal communications more important, and also opened up opportunities to revolutionize it. 5 ways to raise internal PR standards.

8 Surprising Reasons To Raise Your Internal Communications Game

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It can be easy for a corporate PR team to neglect a critical aspect of business communications — internal PR. 8 reasons to invest in internal PR. Internal comms drives good customer service. Internal comms makes employees happy.

Brand managers walk a fine line on International Women’s Day

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For International Women’s Day, social media managers had their banners ready. Authenticity has become ever more important for brand managers and marketers—and many organizations don’t have a strong background of equality for women. Happy International Women’s Day!

Developing A PR Campaign For International Hotels

Ronn Torossian

In a field as highly competitive as hospitality, the right PR strategy is the best way for today’s international hotels to get ahead of the game. The post Developing A PR Campaign For International Hotels appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog.

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Cision UK In Conversation With. Alex Hudson, Editor Newsweek International


to be Newsweek International’s new editor. He spoke to us about the role of an editor, building audiences, and working for a global brand. Alex Hudson has moved on from Metro.co.uk Media Blog

Why You Should Put Internal Communications First During a Crisis

Meltwater - PR

As brands navigate their way through a crisis, communications teams take center stage. When organizations have to figure out what to say—and fast—they call upon their communicators to help them… Read More >>>. Executives PR & Comms Corporate Comms Crisis Management

Employee apps boost internal comms—and brand consistency

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The right digital tool will not only boost your branding, but will have invaluable use among your employees if they have an employee app. The post Employee apps boost internal comms—and brand consistency appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

How PR entities can woo and retain top-flight Gen Z interns

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Interns today have many options when it comes to deciding where they want to gain experience. The numbers challenge—more internship postings than candidate demand—is not the only issue companies face when looking to attract and retain top intern talent.

5 ways internal content can boost your brand

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The inner workings of a business can affect a brand’s public image, especially in this digital-obsessed era. Here are five ways the content you push out to employees can also affect your consumers and your overall brand: 1. Empowering employees to tell brand stories.

How To Develop International Media Contacts

Action PR

Perhaps your brand is extending its reach by working with global markets or you’ve got a new product you want to share with the world. Looking for the right international media contacts can seem like a daunting task, but with these six steps you can get yourself off to a flying start.

The Content Marketing Intern’s Syllabus

Contently - Strategy

When I started as an editorial intern at Contently, the first thing I realized was that I had a lot to learn about content marketing. But after browsing hundreds of postings, I quickly saw similar positions at brands. Being an intern gives you the opportunity to learn as you grow.

PR Expanded Guest Post: My Experience as an Intern

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Rosaria Robidoux, Intern, Pure Performance Communications. Within these internships there are five things every intern learns in different ways. There are times where I feel overwhelmed, but, what intern doesn’t feel overwhelmed at some point in time?

Why Internal Communications Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy


By including internal employee communications as a significant component of marketing and branding efforts, and putting a dedicated team behind it, companies transform employees into brand advocates — employees who truly believe in the organization and can speak accurately on behalf of the brand.

Monday Roundup: Internal Communications

Waxing UnLyrical

It’s impossible to communicate your brand’s value and mission to the general public without first communicating it well internally. So how can you gain cohesiveness in your organization through internal communications? The case for internal communications.

How Miami International Airport reaches—and teaches—harried travelers

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Amid this nonstop cauldron of activity, the high-flying communications and digital marketing team at Miami International Airport saw an opportunity. The post How Miami International Airport reaches—and teaches—harried travelers appeared first on PR Daily.

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What Does Blood Have to Do With Internal Communication Strategy?

Waxing UnLyrical

Yes, this article is about internal communications, but first we need to talk about the red, viscous liquid currently flowing through your body. Exactly what does this have to do with internal communication again? For some, it could be a well-developed employer brand.

Tips For Being A Kick-@$$ PR Intern

Shift Communications

Competition exists in every industry but don’t fixate on what other interns or candidates are doing. Strive to perform above the status quo and you will always differentiate yourself from the pack – internally and externally.

PRSA 2016 International Conference: Be Aggressive, Be Audacious, Be Bold


The PRSA 2016 International Conference in Indianapolis brought together some of today’s top thought leaders in the field of communication– and then some. Best Practices Events Featured PRSA International Conference public relations strategy

Brand Journalists

HMA Public Relations

At the latest PRSA Phoenix New Pros Mentorship meeting, Annelise heard from internal communicators that in-house PR is taking a surprising turn. The post Brand Journalists appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured PR Observations and Preferences PRSA Annelise Krafft brand journalists corporate PR in-house PR internal communications PRSA Phoenix

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How Cannabis Brands Can Improve Their Visibility

Ronn Torossian

Cannabis has increasingly become a focal point of international attention. For entrepreneurs hoping to advance their brands, this boom in legal cannabis presents an incredible opportunity to convert media coverage into positive brand capital- […].

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Amid unrest, CEOs and brands denounce racism in Floyd killing

PR Daily

As many called the charges insufficient, peaceful protests nationwide spiraled into outbursts of looting and burning that didn’t spare major brands. WarnerMedia brands including HBO changed their Twitter handles to “#BlackLivesMatter.”

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Thought Leadership Podcast: Huthwaite International’s Mastering Negotiations


They provide the perfect opportunity for brands to promote their expertise, discuss key trending industry topics and showcase their personality, unlike any other form of content. Huthwaite International thought leadership podcast: Mastering Negotiations.

How brand managers can build lasting relationships during COVID-19

PR Daily

Going dark is also a bad strategy; the data show over and over again that once a brand falls out of the public eye in a crisis, it struggles to regain market share once the panic has subsided. A PR pro is the essential crisis Sherpa your brand needs to survive.

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Cision UK In Conversation With. Alex Hudson, Editor Newsweek International


to be Newsweek International’s new editor. He spoke to us about the role of an editor, building audiences, and working for a global brand Alex Hudson has moved on from Metro.co.uk

To boost your employer brand, spotlight the heroes in your ranks

PR Daily

Some of the best employer brands make celebrities of those doing the work, whether that’s manufacturing or IT or health care. You also can promote this perspective through your employer brand and your internal communications.

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Facebook joins #GivingTuesdayNow push, brands celebrate Cinco de Mayo virtually, and Salesforce helps organizations return to work

PR Daily

Though brand managers are still assessing risks with social media content during COVID-19, finding ways to tailor your products and services to those staying indoors, coupled with a game or contest, can provide a welcome distraction and increase engagement.

Barbie, others embrace females’ stories for International Women’s Day

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Just in time for International Women’s Day, Mattel is offering consumers miniature replicas of heroines around the world. RELATED: Learn how to boost buzz, build brand recognition and engage employees on the hottest social media platforms.].

YouTube rolls out ‘fact check’ feature, Twitter users want brand content, and TripAdvisor lays off 25% of workforce

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Here’s how they argue that your brand should think about video during this or any other crisis. Brand managers can take advantage of this, even with adjusted campaigns during the pandemic. Twitter reports that only 37% consider it insensitive for brand managers to continue advertising.

Amazon, Instacart and other essential workers strike, Disney offers branded face masks, and Deloitte shares crisis recovery tips

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You can help your internal and external audiences adjust their expectations and views with you by understanding the pillars of trust. Disney creates branded face masks. Other companies such as Fanatics are selling branded face masks, featuring images such as sports teams logos.

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International Conference Preview: 5 Questions With Journalist Laura Ling


20, Ling will share more of her story as a keynote speaker at the PRSA 2019 International Conference in San Diego. At the PRSA International Conference in San Diego this October, you’ll be speaking to an audience of professional communicators.

Chats with Chip: Ryan Williams on Internal Communications and Measurement

Media Bullseye

The most recent episode of Chats with Chip featured a conversation about internal communications and measurement with Ryan Williams , a partner with Tekara Effectiveness. Despite the positives of internal communications strategies, Ryan recognizes the difficulties.

Brand journalism metrics surge during pandemic

PR Daily

No one’s doing this better than the vibrant brand journalism platforms owned and operated by companies across the spectrum. Brand journalists are delivering relevant, timely and insightful stories to their audiences every day. Pittsburgh International Airport.

Why These PR Campaigns Received International Accolades at Cannes


McDonald’s debuted a new look in celebration of International Women’s Day when the company “flipped” its iconic Golden Arches logo, turning the internationally-known “M” into a stylized “W” in honor of women. In fact, the company was the most-searched brand on March 8.

How The Right Brand Partnerships Can Build Audience Loyalty

PR News

Brands that constructively feed off each others ideas, perspectives, and resources can effectively expand both audience and reach through collaboration. Hence, successful brand partnerships can optimize brand loyalty through maximum exposure.

Monday Roundup: PRSA 2015 International Conference

Waxing UnLyrical

I’m here for the 2015 PRSA International Conference where there’s absolutely no shortage of awesome speakers this year. Branding: The Meaning and Importance of Acquiring Your Brand. What do you hope to learn at the PRSA 2015 International Conference?

Is it time to call quits on International Women’s Day?

PR in High Definition

As a former pupil at a single sex school, I remember all too well the buzz around International Women’s Day. Fast forward to now, and we still hear the stories of Marie Curie, Rosa Parks and Mother Theresa, amongst others, on International Women’s Day, which is great, of course.

Conservative coffee? That’s Black Rifle’s brand

Ronn Torossian

But, in recent years, one big international brand has built a reputation for being incessantly and fundamentally political. That’s Black Rifle’s brand appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Brand PR Business BRANDING MARKETING Strategy

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How to Become a People Manager

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Several of our account folks attended a training session conducted by Beryl Loeb and sponsored by the PR Council.