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Why and how companies are turning to brand journalism

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As newsrooms shrink and media relations opportunities evaporate, more organizations are creating their own storytelling outlets. Snyder’s letter on TAP and the national publicity that followed are the product of Denver Water’s investment in brand journalism.

Peppercomm, Intel, Haymaker and more honored at Ragan’s Media Relations Awards Gala

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Ragan and PR Daily brought together finalists for an afternoon of virtual camaraderie and networking to honor professionals who had big media-relations wins during the year. When it came to the many media-relations honorees, there was much to be serious about.


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5 keys to successful media relations right now

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The news media landscape remains in a state of flux, with the specter of COVID-19 still dominating coverage. RELATED: Learn how to plan and execute the communications needs that comprise the "next" normal ]. Think of your media relationships like you would your friendships.

How to use brand journalism to engage your community

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As chief content officer for PenFed Credit Union, I documented the organization’s annual weeklong pilgrimage from Maine to Arlington this past December. The Wreaths Across America collaboration is a great example of how organizations can use brand journalism to build awareness and affinity.

The News is Recycling Much of its Content; Implications for PR and Content Marketing

Sword and the Script

As much as 34% of content is being republished and recycled, according to an analysis by Chris Penn for the marketing data consulting company Trust Insights. Then in May and June of 2020, the volume of recycled content jumps to as high as 30%. Need help with marketing or PR?

Announcing Ragan’s 2021 Media Relations Awards finalists

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The finalists in this year’s Media Relations Awards program know how to stand out on the media landscape. Congratulations to this year’s impressive Media Relations Awards finalists. RELATED: Showcase your internal comms work or top workplace ].

The Media Relations Struggle is Real; Experts Describe What it May Mean for PR

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Where some see diminishing value in media relations others see opportunity; the best way to improve results is to use a combination of pitching, content and social media. The media relations struggle is real. Need help with marketing or PR?

Dispelling 6 Myths PR Sometimes has about Content Marketing

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Some time ago I pitched a reporter, who was looking for sources, on social media for a client. A survey I teamed up with Ned Lundquist to conduct of PR pros last year found 51% said media relations was getting harder. This is why content marketing plays such a crucial role in media relations , among many other aspects of PR and corporate communications. Myth 1: Content is a commodity. The same is true of content.

This is How the Sorry State of Media Relations Ends

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The Sorry State of Media Relations. Then the story hinge swings like this: “Such is the sorry state of corporate media relations these days. Alan Murray, who spent years at the Wall Street Journal as a reporter and editor before taking the reins at Fortune magazine, summed it up this way: ‘One, they don’t trust us. Also, see these related posts: 12 Things You Should do to Amplify a Media Mention Once You’ve Earned It.

J&J recalls sunscreens over carcinogen concerns, content marketing strategies that work, and Amazon’s response to CPSC lawsuit

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Also: Brands celebrate National Ice Cream Day, Microsoft resurrects Clippy and Twitter retires Fleets. We invite you to take this survey whether you’re in charge of social media for your company or are involved in some aspect of social media for a client.

Be Relevant: 21 Media Relations Insights From 3 Surveys Polling 3,000+ Journalists [UML]

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Of all the media relations insights the best one is this: be relevant. The vast majority of media relations hinges on relevancy. And that’s the theme for this week’s Unscripted Marketing Links [UML].

Survey 143

The 10 Best PR & Content Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2019


PR and content marketing are rapidly evolving with new access to data and insights, new methods of measurement and more channels to reach your audience than ever. Attending conferences can not only be an effective way to sharpen your skills, but can provide you with lots of networking with other PR and marketing pros navigating our evolving industry. Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) International Conference. Content Marketing World.

PR, Social Media and the Imperative of Content Marketing [UML]

Sword and the Script

For a time, social media worked organically. You can’t tell – even digitally savvy marketers can’t tell – the difference between “content” and “ads” anymore. Earned media is going to get harder. Why would any publication accept a story pitch, aside from respecting its readership, if they know another brand will pay for the same space? This is what social media did to the traditional gatekeeper.

5 reasons media relations is not dead

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Trends such as brand journalism , content marketing and social media are more present than ever in PR plans. This shift has some communicators questioning the need for traditional media relations and earned media coverage. Earned media is still king. Promotional efforts waged without advertising—also known as earned media—still reign as the top consumer influencer. News coverage amplifies brand journalism.

The evolution of PR through content marketing

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Brands are answering the call to create more value for customers and their community by publishing their own news and editorial content. As companies adopt a publisher model of content and media creation, many are surpassing the reach and influence of traditional publications in their industry. Some great examples of popular content hubs include Intel IQ , Target’s Bulls Eye View , Adobe’s and Dell’s Power More (Dell is a client of mine). Social Content.

How content marketing has changed PR

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Whether it’s media relations, brand journalism or managing corporate communications, content has always played an essential part of effective PR efforts. However, PR pros that don’t sharpen their skills for content strategy, development and measurement are quickly left behind as the future of digital PR evolves. That connectivity enables consumers and brand managers to create, consume, publish, interact and transact anywhere, at anytime.

Report: Communicators must embrace new skills for earned media success

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As the needs of increasingly digital-first media outlets change, PR pros must adapt to make their news releases relevant and effective. It has become much more difficult to snag high-quality media coverage. FREE DOWNLOAD: The Future of Media Relations Special Report ].

Report 162

Earned Media: 3 PR Studies Quantifying the Impact of Media Relations on Sales [UML]

Sword and the Script

On the other hand, measuring some PR activities, like earned media , is far more challenging than other forms of marketing and communications. That’s the theme for this week’s Unscripted Marketing Links [UML]. 1) Earned media is sales enablement. A tech PR firm recently published a study that showed promising effects media relations can have on the sales cycle for B2B marketing organizations. Sales teams find media coverage useful in selling. “93%

Study 131

Ragan survey: Brand storytelling increases in importance

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Brand storytelling has dramatically increased in both importance and volume over the last three months, likely driven by the communications urgency of the pandemic and associated crises of 2020. The survey and an accompanying event were sponsored by 3BL Media and News Direct.

Survey 150

3 tips for better content marketing goals

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As 2017 unfolds, the importance of content marketing is growing. The challenging aspect of content marketing is that it’s easy to lose track of where you are. There’s usually a lot of time between when you publish content and when you see results, so you can get lost in the middle. If this is true, then why wouldn’t you have specific content marketing goals as well? They don’t provide much value to your brand (other than exposure).

Create shareable content: 5 Hollywood storytelling tips

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Here’s how to create content that hits emotional buttons so audiences hit the “share” button. Daniels previously worked as a spokesperson and social media manager at Marathon, where he was heavily involved in video production and multimedia project development.

The PR Opportunity for Brands as Publishers Tinker with Journalism

Sword and the Script

Recently, I received notice from the publisher of a local business journal that the “People on the Move” section is up for sale. The one-time crowdsourced feature for new hire announcements or appointments in a local market will cost $250. It looks to me like this change will take place at many, if not all, of the weeklies in the American City Business Journals (ACBJ) network. Don’t miss these related posts: The Shocking Beef about Feeding the Content Monster.

Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard, audiences expect brands to acknowledge crises, and mobile providers limit 5G near airports

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The soda brand launched its grant program in 2020 as a response to the uptick in outdoor recreation during the pandemic as outdoor organizations struggled with declines in funding. Seriously, this is insane given their target market.

Mobile 105

How PR pros can harness the power of podcasts during COVID-19

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Spotify Chief Content and Advertising Business Officer Dawn Ostroff told CNN Business that the platform saw 150,000 new podcasts created in March, compared with February. RELATED: Join us Oct. Podcasts are replacing blogs as the premier outlet for thought leadership content.

Radio 171

Why the future of communications is integrated

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You’re the communications director for a company that has separate teams for PR/communications (your team), marketing, social media and digital advertising. RELATED: Join us for Ragan's Future of Communications Virtual Conference ].

How to generate authentic brand advocacy from your employees

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More and more employers recognize the power of employee advocacy on social media. They’ve learned that employees offer an authentic and cost-effective way to spread company PR and marketing messages. Consumers trust personal connections more than brand marketing or promotion. Many companies offer employees incentives—such as prize drawings, company logo items, extra time off or cash—to promote the brand’s message on their personal social media accounts.

5 Steps to Creating a Strong Brand

Critical Mention

Telling stories that provoke engagement and resonate with desired audiences is a surefire way to create a strong brand. No matter what type of brand you’re representing, it’s important to create compelling messages and content to hold your audience’s interest.

Brand 110

During COVID-19, the pivot must serve customers’ needs

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While e-commerce strategies are helping legacy brands stay afloat, here’s how communicators can take advantage of the crisis to offer unique value. It’s closed offices, made some workers “essential” and welcomed a raft of digital-first marketing and communication strategies.

Data 158

Tesla denies discrimination allegations, travel brands fail to win over Black travelers and Unilever hints at Ben & Jerry’s return to Israel

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” OpenTable’s list demonstrates how a brand can tell a story using its accumulated user data, tying into the upcoming holiday to get headlines. To build universal trust, travel brands must prove their commitment to inclusivity.”.

Travel 102

10 techniques for using IGTV in marketing and PR

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From tutorials to testimonials, videos on the Instagram spinoff can inform and engage your audience and raise brand awareness—accelerating sales in the process. With the channel’s extended time limit, brand managers can show viewers all the benefits and features of their products.

Are the days of media relations coming to an end?

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The sorry state of media relations. Then the story hinge swings like this: “Such is the sorry state of corporate media relations these days. Alan Murray, who spent years at The Wall Street Journal as a reporter and editor before taking the reins at Fortune magazine, summed it up this way: ‘One, they don’t trust us. Media relations ends; content marketing begins. This is building public relations in the truest sense.

3 ways to add pizazz to your press release’s headline

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They’re not meant to be filled with fluffy marketing language. RELATED: Join us in Washington, D.C. Kristen Quinn is the public relations director at Paige PR. Brand Journalism Content Marketing Media Relations Speechwriting Writing & Editing

A slew of must-read books for writers

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Brand Journalism Content Marketing Marketing Media RelationsThe post A slew of must-read books for writers appeared first on PR Daily.

Twitter slapped with GDPR fine, Utah’s Dixie State University to change name, and Coca-Cola offers gifts via Twitter Santa

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Also: Beware of misinformation when crafting vaccine messages, Panera and PepsiCo seek best ‘virtual party selfie,’ a Disney social media pro spills content success secret, and more. M att Korn, social media manager for The Walt Disney Co.,

Better Ways to Spend a Little Slice of the B2B Marketing Budget Designated for Display Ads

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B2B marketing should take a little slice of the display ad budget and invest in media relations, genuine content marketing (not marketing content) and paid distribution of related assets from both . producing useful, relevant content.

B2B 85

Online Newsrooms in a Content Marketing World

Bad Pitch Blog

This is especially true if you consider how much has changed in the last five years across paid, owned and earned media. >screen >screen does the blurry transition to note we''re considering the changes< Publishing: Content management platforms have decentralized publishing. This has changed the roles in publishing as consumers and brands can now participate in a world once reserved to the fourth estate. Over time, newsrooms gather a ton of content.

5 storytelling lessons from Square’s COVID-19 campaign

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It’s the missing ingredient when things go wrong, the secret weapon behind new branding success. It’s the superpower wielded by communications pros that is the catalyst for headlines, digital content, social media posts and so much more.

IBM stops facial recognition work, employees seek fewer open workplaces, cosmetics brands drop talc, and more

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Also: Google Maps offers alerts for mass transit users, Google Meet’s new noise-canceling features, how consumers feel about brand messages on racial justice, and other topics. Cosmetic brands quietly drop talc from products.

Brands make Earth Day pledge to measure emissions, social media content falls short on accessibility, and NBC condemns anti-BLM email

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We apologize for failing to resolve the problem of the car owner in time,” Tesla said in a statement on China’s Weibo social media platform. “We In its apology, Tesla pledged to establish a unit that would focus on delivering customer satisfaction,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

The New Yorker fires Jeffrey Toobin, UPS makes uniform policy more inclusive, and NFL’s Houston Texans fires female PR head

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Also: PlayStation offers customized Twitter ‘like,’ how many PR pros’ roles encompass content marketing strategies, a sculpture restoration fail in Spain goes viral, and more. Introducing our latest groundbreaking brand, Workplace Wellness Insider.