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Report: Consumers want to be entertained on social media

PR Daily

A new study from Sprout Social reveals that PR has a lot to offer online campaigns, including understanding the target audience, content generation, brand visibility and more. What is the role of social media marketing in 2019? What prompts consumers to follow your organization?

Kroger joins push for tougher gun laws, consumers readily change brands, and WeWork’s founder walks back trademark sale

PR Daily

Walmart walks back guns stance, content marketers stay loyal to text, and Forever 21 sued over Ariana Grande ‘lookalike’. Consumer disloyalty is the new normal. It reported : New Nielsen findings demonstrate that just 8% of consumers consider themselves to be firmly committed loyalists.

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How to use micro-influencers to target ‘local’ consumers

PR Daily

At Mitchell, we recently published an extensive report that maps out consumers’ evolving notion of local. For “OmniLocal consumers,” as we’ve named them, a local buying experience is about feeling connected to a brand, regardless of whether it’s a hometown boutique or a global retailer.

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Courting young consumers, Instagram launches in-app checkout

PR Daily

The popular photo-sharing app now offers users tools for buying products directly from their favorite brands. The feature suggests a new direction for social media marketing. RELATED: We're recognizing the brightest minds in digital marketing and social media. ].

Marketing Tools to Measure Influencer Marketing Campaigns


Influencer marketing campaigns are making waves as a marketing strategy since it provides third party credibility and brand awareness to the right audiences. See what people are saying by tracking the different conversations around your brand.

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How marketers can connect with mobile-focused consumers

PR Daily

In digital marketing, gone are the days of separating mobile and desktop customers. Marketing and PR pros must adapt to the growing number of smartphone users who consult their mobile devices before making a purchase. Mobile marketing comes into play most when consumers take action.

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The Long-Term Benefit of a Modern and Agile Brand; Off Script No. 36: Greg Kihlström, Author of The Agile Brand

Sword and the Script

In the late 1990s, he finished school with a degree in Photography and interest in the web. That experience, he says, taught him “an appreciation for both the software development side of things as well as for digital marketing and advertising.” 4) What is “brand agility?”.

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Scale Content Marketing: Employees are the Secret

Sword and the Script

The biggest challenge is that we are moving from an industry that could create one amazing commercial to reach consumers to an ecosystem with a diversified channel structure,” according to Mike Scafidi , marketing operations with PepsiCo. by Frank Strong.

Why and how you should measure brand perception

PR Daily

Business is built on customer relationships, and brand perception sets the tone. Today’s consumers share their opinions and experiences widely, and their peers trust them when it comes time to buy or pass. The basics of brand perception. Why is brand perception important?

Fans swarm the web to save Spider-Man, SFO and Hasbro are getting rid of plastic, and more online fans equals less engagement

PR Daily

Many consumers issued calls to save Spider-Man: Look, I'm not in the mood to be excited about something right now! As one consumer pointed out , this won’t affect the plastic used in its products.). YouTube to stop marketing to children.

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How to coordinate brand voice across global branches

PR Daily

Take that idea and apply it to global brands, with localized content teams all working with their own external resources and freelancers, and you can begin to see a super-sized challenge. Global brand challenges. RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling Conference at Disneyland. ].

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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

PR Daily

— JAXA Web (@JAXA_en) September 5, 2016. Check out these jobs from a few of the top phone manufacturers: Apple seeks a marketing producer in Cupertino, California. Samsung is searching for a digital marketing manager in Dubai. and Ireland marketing manager—Revlon Inc.

Post Launch Marketing Strategy


You can use both traditional offline PR methods as well as online marketing. You can find templates for creating press releases on the web. This works especially well with items that can be consumed in small amounts, such as food, beverages or health supplements.

What Happens When PR and Marketing Mesh


In a perfect world, public relations and marketing teams would work together more often to achieve common goals. But let’s be honest: we’re all fighting an uphill battle in reducing organizational drag , and not everyone needs to be in your weekly marketing meeting.

Forecasting 10 hot marketing fads for 2020

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Unfortunately, we don’t have a magic marketing mirror that reveals the fairest fads and forecasts in all the land, but Core dna sheds light on which tactics are primed to rule in 2020. Core dna predicts that half of all web searches will be conducted by voice next year.

Monday Roundup: Branding Inspired by Oscar

Waxing UnLyrical

have honored those films and actors that stand out from the crowd, creating a brand that exudes excellence. This 7-Step Guide Will Help You Create An Authentic Personal Brand. Why: “Whether you like it or not, you have a personal brand.” Oscar hangover, anyone?

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Frank Strong on Next Steps in Social Media Marketing

Flack's Revenge

Are the social media waters still safe for marketing? This is because social media is a channel and just one of many in the marketing mix. Too many brands still operate in output-only mode and then wonder why no one has noticed.

Making marketing more measurable – the hacks that ensure your campaigns convert


The world of marketing looks very different from what it once was. Only 5% of all branded content online content gets 90% of consumer engagements, so standing out from the crowd and ensuring campaigns and convert has never been more important – or more difficult.

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Snapchat rolls out a slew of changes to entice marketers

PR Daily

Now the platform is working with other apps, adding video games and augmented reality features and a new ad network to convince investors and consumers alike the brand has staying power. The mobile games market was expected to hit $63.2

The Top 3 Branding Resolutions Your Business Needs to Make for 2018


So, what goals does your marketing team have in the coming year? If you haven’t set any, now is the time to start thinking of ways to improve your branding strategies to make 2018 your best year yet. Here are three awesome branding resolutions all marketing teams should consider in preparing themselves for 2018 and beyond. True branding starts from within. This means that a solid content marketing strategy will do wonders for your brand messaging.

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The Importance of Executive Brand Situational Awareness


From the vantage point of the C-Suite, we tend to assess our brand’s success based on financials. But there’s one aspect of your business that I’d encourage you to pay more attention to — brand situational awareness. Why Leaders & Execs Need to Know How Their Brand is Perceived.

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Guest Post: How to Sell #Content #Marketing to Your Bosses

PR Expanded

Content marketing as a discipline is still relatively new, and it’s evolving into whatever we professional communicators and marketers say it is. How do you most effectively package your company’s unique value propositions and expertise, and deliver it to the market?

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

PR Daily

RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. ]. Director of marketing and public relations—Boys & Girls Clubs of America (Florida). Senior associate, content marketing—Cvent (Washington, D.C.).

Fix (or Establish) Your Brand Reputation

Shift Communications

Brand reputations can make or break a company; a few bad reviews or questionable comments on social media could turn away customers instantly. People trust online reviews and peer recommendations more than advertising and brand content. Clean up your web presence.

Infographic: 10 web design errors for PR pros to eliminate

PR Daily

Whether you sell online or use digital marketing to reach prospective customers, most consumers will interact with your brand online before having any physical contact with your team. That means your web presence must be robust and competitive.

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How to Use Data to Tell Stories and Attribute PR Value


Most companies would agree that consumer trust is a valuable commodity — one that can’t be bought or sold. Because the more people that trust your brand, the more often they will choose you over competitors. So how can brands build trust? Marketing Data.

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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

PR Daily

Here are four reasons PR and marketing pros go gaga over their careers: There’s a fast-paced, versatile schedule. Marketers must be nimble and continually adapt to changes in the industry. PR and marketing pros are happy knowing their efforts will be well compensated.

10 Content Marketing Tricks That Will Help Your Brand Stand Out

Waxing UnLyrical

You are drowning in emails, ads and brand messages – and so are your prospects and clients. The best way to stand out from the noisy crowd is by employing a few tricks of the content marketing trade. The next time you write marketing copy: Use “you” instead of “we”.

Is Your Brand Ready to Use Gamified Ads?

Critical Mention

We have become jaded in an oversaturated market, with good reason. So, what does this mean for your brand? Marketers are now in a tricky situation. But gamified ads offer a new path, giving consumers the ability to be involved in the ad experience rather than a spectator. .

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Strong Media Brands: the answer to Native Advertising Concerns

Flack's Revenge

So is native advertising (sometimes called brand journalism or, more generally, content marketing) a curse or cure all? Or does it confuse consumers and prevent them from getting unbiased news ? The answer is strong media brands.

4 branding lessons from Hugh Hefner

PR Daily

Here are four branding lessons you can learn from the iconic publisher and bon vivant : 1. Embrace your brand. For years Hef has been the literal persona of the Playboy brand,” Allen Adamson wrote. Rather, that was merely a portion of the brand’s appeal.

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2020: Blogging is Ripe for a Comeback — Enter the Online Basecamp

Doctor Spin

Quick Links Why blogging today is such a challenge Social media publishing isn’t without its flaws, either Why it’s unwise to put all your eggs in one basket Why brands must rethink ongoing website publishing The importance of having an online basecamp.

26 Thoughtful Marketing Predictions that Could Actually Happen in 2019 Across PR, Content, Digital, Social Media and Customer Success

Sword and the Script

As I’m wont to do at year’s end, I ask many brilliant marketing and PR types for their take on what might transpire over the next twelve months. 5) Alignment of marketing and customer success. “A 6) Marketing spend rationalization. 9) Brands across the aisle. “I

5 Offline Marketing Tactics That Boost Social Media Engagement


According to a recent study by Fluent , consumers who are reached through a greater number of channels engage more with, and buy more from, brands. Moment marketing,” which creates a real-time connection between offline and online media, is gaining momentum.

Why website accessibility is crucial for a client’s digital reputation

PR Daily

Despite being a crucial issue for website owners, web accessibility is widely overlooked and misunderstood. Web accessibility does not refer to people having internet access, though that is important in its own right. It can also provide a significant boost for your client’s branding.

30 Pragmatic Marketing and PR Predictions for 2020

Sword and the Script

As I’ve done in recent years, I’ve asked a whole bunch of smart people for their marketing predictions or PR predictions for the next year. And now on with the marketing and PR predictions for 2020. 1) Marketing embraces sustainability. 5) Marketers will slow down.

How technology buzzwords are drowning your brand

PR Daily

Understandably so, as it’s among the fastest growing sectors worldwide and it’s creating real change in the way consumers and businesses access financial services.

Influence or Popularity? Examining Influencer Marketing

Sword and the Script

Yet people like her influence consumer spending to the tune of $1.2 In recognition of that influence, some of the biggest CPG brands in the world put cartoon characters on cereal boxes and pay retailers to stock these on shelves below the average adult’s waist height.

9 Highly Recommended Marketing Podcasts that Stand Up over Time

Sword and the Script

While that’s not nearly as large as other segments of marketing spend (TV advertising is ~$70 billion ), podcasts continue to grow, slowly but steadily. Podcasts, indeed audio, may represent the last slice of (mostly) undivided attention available in marketing. 3) Marketing Smarts .

11 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


You could develop a content marketing strategy , but that doesn’t mean that it will be a good strategy, or that it is related to the corporate goals in any meaningful way. What I want to do in this post is to identify 11 content marketing mistakes that you should avoid.