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Creative Testing Delivers

Ronn Torossian

In today’s ever-changing landscape, understanding and knowing a brand’s customer is particularly important. The post Creative Testing Delivers appeared first on. PR Inspiration Public Relations Ronn Torossian 5WPR Insights MARKETING Strategy

As Retail Continues to Struggle, Dick’s Gets Creative

Ronn Torossian

The post As Retail Continues to Struggle, Dick’s Gets Creative appeared first on. Brand PR Business BRANDING Insights MARKETING Media PR Agency Public Relations StrategyBig box retail is hurting, and not just because of COVID-19.

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6 tips for nailing the presentation of creative concepts

PR Daily

Creative work can be subjective—but these steps can help win over the skeptics when presenting your next big idea. Similarly, presenting creative concepts to clients is about more than offering solutions. RELATED: Join us April 13 for our Brand Storytelling Virtual Conference ].

Drum Roll Please…Good Marketing Is Creative and Personal

HMA Public Relations

At its best, good marketing is creative, personalized and enthusiastic. Read more from Abbie Fink on Drum Roll Wine and find out how the brand is taking its marketing to the next level in this post. Odds and Ends drum roll wine Marketing wine

The Power Of Creativity In PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Some people don’t think of PR professionals as particularly creative – except when it comes to hatching wild PR stunts or gimmicks, like KFC’s fried-chicken-flavored nail polish in 2016. Yet creativity plays a part in much of a PR person’s daily work. There was also a significant increase in agencies who employ a formally named creative director, from 37% to 56%. 4 ways creative PR takes it up a notch. Creative PR helps B2B brands be accessible.

Creativity at Hallmark is the gift that keeps on giving

PR Daily

Creativity. Creativity, the Hallmark way, is an act of collaboration, inclusion, kindness and personal inspiration. 15-19 for the most important week of events for communicators and marketers ]. The gift of quality creative time.

How CPG Brands Can Increase Brand Visibility by Working with a Creative Agency

Konnect Agency

They are folks you want on your team because, in the age of digital and social, a creative, colorful well-constructed piece of marketing can draw in an audience and lead them to buy your product again and again. That’s where working with a creative agency comes in.

8 Creative Hashtag Campaigns You Should Look Up To


Learn from creative brands how to engage an audience through hashtags! The post 8 Creative Hashtag Campaigns You Should Look Up To first appeared on Brand24 Blog. Social Media Marketing hashtag hashtags marketing campaign SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN social media marketing Twitter

5 examples of clever, creative COVID-19 pivots

PR Daily

into a recession, and market-leading brands Chevrolet and Ford experienced a steep decline in sales. The post 5 examples of clever, creative COVID-19 pivots appeared first on PR Daily. The pandemic is forcing businesses to adapt or wither away.

New factors impacting success of marketers’ creative performance

Agility PR Solutions

The post New factors impacting success of marketerscreative performance appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Marketing Public Relations marketing

Practicing Creativity

The Hoffman Agency

Working at a tech PR agency, you quickly learn how fast the markets move, what the trends in your sector look like and what it takes for a company to create a lasting brand image and voice. The post Practicing Creativity appeared first on "What's HAppening" Blog.

Moving to the Metaverse? Top 3 Brands Utilising Virtual Influencer Marketing


Who would’ve thought that the creation of digital influencers could give brands the opportunity to leverage influencer marketing with no physical limitations and minimal risks. These online personalities are typically created by media agencies and/or brands.

Brand Awareness: It’s All About Content


CMOS and CEOs Sound Off on the Essentials for Getting Buzz and Building Your Brand Awareness. For marketers, this makes brand awareness a huge challenge: How do we stand out above the noise? Marketers and communicators are now competing for consumer attention amid Facebook posts, Buzzfeed memes, blog posts, articles, texts and more. To help, AirPR asked leading CMOs, CEOs and marketing leaders to share a piece of advice on brand awareness.

Brand 214

Building Growth-Ready Branding for the Modern World with a Creative Agency

Konnect Agency

But I’ve Got a Logo, So Why Do I Need a Creative Agency to Help with Branding? What technically is a “brand”? Although a logo is central to a brand, a brand isn’t just your logo, it’s all the things that make up the external personification of your business.

UGC a great option for brands during the coronavirus crisis

PR Daily

User-generated content (UGC) can be a miraculous solution for brand managers and content creators during COVID-19. Kaplan: Aggregating content from users is a good way for brands to stay connected to their loyalists by inviting them to participate with the brand.

Brand 147

Creative Branding In a Fredericksburg Loo

Waxing UnLyrical

Does your business’ restroom – often just a necessity you don’t give much thought to – have such creative branding that it makes your customers want to come back? which plays up the creative “twist” of their food. They put thought into not just what you’d expect, but also into what you don’t expect, which indicates a mindfulness to the brand and the people working there.

Brands Capturing the Audience With Strategic PR “Stunts”

Axia PR

September 2022 – Brands Capturing the Audience With Strategic PR “Stunts”. However, a disruptive campaign that’s wildly creative has shown time and again just how powerful it can be for generating buzz. Axia’s 60-Second Impact.

Creative Ways to Involve Celebrities and Influencers With your Brand

Konnect Agency

From product launches to hosting an event, there is no shortage of creative ways and strategies to leverage celebrities and influencers for your brand. At Konnect, several of our clients have used this method to help make their brand unique and stand out from their competitors.

Creative Storytelling as the Soul of B2B Marketing [UML]

Sword and the Script

Yet that’s the central responsibility of the creative marketer – to convert the uninteresting into something interesting. Even in B2B technology, marketers will find better success focusing on story in which the prospect sees themselves. And storytelling in B2B marketing is the theme for this weeks’ Unscripted Marketing links [UML]. Many brands attempt to begin stories with what when they ought to begin with why. 3) Creativity is the Soul of CMO.

Building Growth-Ready Branding for the Modern World with a Creative Agency

Konnect Agency

But I’ve Got a Logo, So Why Do I Need a Creative Agency to Help with Branding? What technically is a “brand”? Although a logo is central to a brand, a brand isn’t just your logo, it’s all the things that make up the external personification of your business.

How can brands benefit from TikTok influencers?


Bought by BtyeDance in 2017, ‘TikTok is the world’s leading destination for short-form mobile videos’ and with their mission to ‘inspire creativity and bring joy’ the app is the seventh most popular social platform in the world. Influencer Marketing on TikTok. Brand awareness.

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Twitter Offers Advantages in PR for B2B Brands Willing to Put in the Effort

Sword and the Script

There are things brands can do if PR is important to them: turn your Twitter handle over to a capable PR person and let them get to work. Because Twitter offers PR advantages for brands willing to put in the effort. Lots of brands are doing this on LinkedIn. Get creative.

B2B 99

Separating Creativity from Technology in Thinking about Marketing Innovation [UML]

Sword and the Script

In marketing, we tend to use those two words interchangeably (I’m guilty of this too). However, when I really consider the word innovation in marketing, I tend to think of creativity. While technology can certainly change how we do marketing, it’s still reliant on creative inputs. In some ways, innovation in marketing is like positioning – it’s a mindset. And that’s the theme for this week’s Unscripted Marketing Links.

Why and how companies are turning to brand journalism

PR Daily

Snyder’s letter on TAP and the national publicity that followed are the product of Denver Water’s investment in brand journalism. It differs from content marketing and a traditional corporate blog in several ways. It’s the nexus of marketing, journalism and social media.”.

How visual storytelling is changing the way brands earn attention

PR Daily

21 for our Brand Journalism Virtual Workshop—and take charge of your own story ]. Forgive me for comparing your brand’s audience to a six-year-old child, but frankly they’re not all that different. Brands in this modern era must be elastic.

Creative Communications: Lessons from Health and Wellness Brands

Waxing UnLyrical

These messages are tired and far from creative. Yet, health and wellness brands refuse to let them go. Instead of following the herd to captivate and activate your audience you must flex your creative muscles. The following examples focus on health and wellness brands, but the takeaways apply to any industry. Positioning: Lärabar as a Lifestyle Brand. snack bar market is estimated to be valued at 6.8 Go Beyond to Get Creative with Your Communications.

7 PR strategies to build a strong, serviceable brand

Agility PR Solutions

Branding is the core of every business, and you need to implement the best strategies you can to develop a successful brand. There’s plenty of competition out there, and an entrepreneur only stands out with well honed creativity and the ability to reach target audiences.

How brand managers can show authenticity on COVID-19

PR Daily

We asked Dustin York, di director of undergraduate and graduate communications at Maryville University , to share his insights on brand managers that were using the right tone and sharing clear and effective messages. A lot of large brands are doing really well.

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Brands Bring Substance To COVID-19 Response

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended long-planned marketing and PR campaigns for nearly every major brand. Early into the social distancing phase several brands quickly acknowledged the situation through visuals. But the most PR-powerful gesture may have been by Yum Brands.

Brand 203

Digital Storytelling for B2B Brands


However, to create content that stands out and that engages audiences, companies have to get creative with their digital storytelling. That means companies should have a plan on how to best tell their story while taking thought leadership, market trends, and the target audience into account.

After lockdown: the creative agency market

Stephen Waddington

The agency market is in flux as the economy reinflates. Agency positioning for growth Another significant focus is helping agencies sort out their marketing and sales processes, and refine their proposition. COVID-19 is flushing out a fiercely competitive market.

Lessons from the Kentucky Derby for brand TikToks

PR Daily

The Kentucky Derby is known for its history and tradition, but it should also be placed in the same conversation as other sporting events for innovation and creativity when it comes to their social media marketing strategy. The 148-year-old tradition got a fresh look on TikTok.

Sports 148

We analyzed the top 100 brand stories from 2021. Here is what we learned.


With that in mind, we looked back at the year to identify the top stories about brands and see what lessons we could draw from them. . Key takeaways from the top brand stories. The top brand story of 2021, having generated nearly 1.3 People love a creative promotion.

Brand 85

Many brands struggle due to lack of team inclusion and brand ownership

Agility PR Solutions

A new survey from brand management software company Frontify queried in-house branding experts to see how co-creative their brand development and management process is—uncovering critical opportunities for improvement and top challenges in the process.

For food and beverage brands, COVID-19 creates unique litmus test

PR Daily

Forward-thinking brands are demonstrating their ability to nimbly pivot and provide creative solutions that address new consumer needs. Brands who took the initiative to make proactive adjustments in the first month of the pandemic have wowed us with their responses.

Brand 136

Brands in the Metaverse


A number of brands, such as Duracell, Pizza Hut, and Bombay Sapphire, have already joined the Metaverse. Many of those brands are working with the creative agency Hogarth Worldwide, which has managed to create The Metaverse Foundry.

5 Tips to Get in Your #Creative #PR Groove

Deirdre Breakenridge

Years ago, I was a PR person working at a creative marketing communications agency. The company had three distinct divisions: PR / Communications (that was my area), Creative Marketing & Advertising and Web, Multimedia & Video. At the time, I was not intimately involved in the brainstorming, creative design and the development of innovative marketing concepts at my firm. The role I play creatively is distinctly different. Creative PR 2.0

In-house creative agencies are evolving, now more involved in strategy, new report finds

Agility PR Solutions

New research from digital asset management software Lytho reveals that in-house creative agencies are showing signs of organizational maturation. The post In-house creative agencies are evolving, now more involved in strategy, new report finds appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

How PR pros can break out of a creative rut

PR Daily

Look around to see what other brands are doing to get their message out. If you don’t keep an eye on what the latest approaches are, you risk lacking creativity. Every best practice promises to be the best,” writes marketer, speaker and author Jay Acunzo in his @Medium piece. The post How PR pros can break out of a creative rut appeared first on PR Daily. PR Writing & Editing creativity

Brand Growth Through Grassroots Marketing


For many brands, it’s difficult to understand the immense value that grassroots marketing can offer. However, this timeless notion that you need to spend money to make money has largely proven false; yet, countless brands fall victim to its wildly outdated mindset.