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In our recent webinar , we examined more than 6,000 technology press releases and the results were surprising. Based on the data, we recommend technology PR teams use these three insights to increase the impact of their press releases: public relations measurement & analytics

Business Wire Celebrates 60 Years of Innovation | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

We have held a key position at the intersection of technology and news creation, distribution, and consumption, allowing us to focus on the services and innovations needed to connect organizations with audiences. Happy 60 th anniversary, Business Wire! We have a lot to celebrate!


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November technology news round up

PR in High Definition

Here’s a roundup of this month’s top technology news stories. Want technology news delivered daily to your inbox? The post November technology news round up appeared first on Firefly. Blog Charlotte Stoel Technology PR tech Technology PR agency

8 Innovations in Public Relations Technology to Watch

Sword and the Script

Vendors are giving us reason to be optimistic about public relations technology – from AI that will predict your pitching success to more tangible PR measurement and attribution. About two years ago, I saw an opportunity to use that experience to fill an information void in PR technology.

What Consumers Think About Travel Technology


Many are using digital travel technology, a trend that is changing the way consumers interact with airlines, hotel chains and other companies. To help travel providers better understand what technologies consumers are using and what they think of them, Cision aggregated thousands of English-language news stories and social media posts from key forums, news sites, blogs and social networks that appeared between November 2014 and May 2015. One key trend is wearable technology.

Travel 236

PRWeek Recognizes Cision COO for Innovation in Communications Technology


US BlogSee why Cision COO Nicole Guillot was named to PRWeek’s Dashboard 25: Class of 2021.

How voice technology could transform PR and marketing

PR Daily

Alexa, will technology change the public relations industry? “It’s This isn’t new technology, of course, but it has only recently become reliable enough to reach a tipping point in consumer adoption. After all, it’s the easiest form of human narrative, and now that technology has caught up with creativity, the sky’s the limit. A version of this post first appeared on the Crenshaw Communications blog. Branding Marketing PR Storytelling audio technology

Is Public Relations Management a Technology? [PR Tech Sum]

Sword and the Script

Managing customer relationships is a business process that’s virtually impossible to perform at scale without technology, even as the term CRM has become synonymous with the technology. The announcement seemed to me more of a vision statement than a technology product release.

Three Reasons ESG Communications Are Crucial for Automotive & Vehicle Technology Suppliers

Bianchi Biz Blog

ESG (environmental, social, and governance) reporting is rapidly becoming the hottest trend for mobility, automotive and vehicle technology suppliers. The post Three Reasons ESG Communications Are Crucial for Automotive & Vehicle Technology Suppliers appeared first on Bianchi PR.

Media Moves at MIT Technology Review & Law360, Digiday Media Announces Two Top Editors


Diamond Siu joins Law360, Eileen Guo new at MIT Technology Review, and more. Media Blog

How voice technology is reshaping PR

PR Daily

Since Apple introduced voice technology with Siri in 2011, the tech trend has exploded and become relatively mainstream. The applications for voice technology are growing every day. However, what does voice technology mean for PR and marketers’ content strategies? Now, with technology like Google Speakable. Submit your brand or clients’ sites and blogs for inclusion in the Google News Publisher Center.

Is technology killing employee communications?

Communications Conversations

I believe a big reason employees are using words like this to describe corporate communications is simple: There’s simply much technology. And, the technology they are using isn’t easy to use. Corporate blogs. There’s too much technology. What’s more, the technology we are using isn’t easy to use. Many people are feeling overwhelmed by technology these days–why should the workplace be any different?

10 essential PR blogs to read

PR Daily

However, some of the most thought-provoking commentary and helpful advice comes from PR professionals who publish their own blogs. Some focus on specific topics like technology or PR measurement. Many of the blogs are well known and highly influential. Leading PR blogs.

Impact of Technology on PR

Critical Mention

The impact of technology on public relations is accelerating. As such, PR pros must determine how they can best leverage technology to stay current. In the end, technology is at the heart of most organizations. To maintain a competitive edge companies need to effectively use technology that makes sense for their specific needs. We have insights into not only how technology is impacting the PR industry, but how to roll with the changes.

PR and the Marketing Technology Skills Gap

Shift Communications

Keeping pace with the rate of change in marketing technology has become a full time job. Heck, just keeping up with the news is a challenge, never mind closing the gap on technological skill sets you need to execute effectively. So, how in this wave of ever changing technology do we keep our heads above water here at SHIFT? We started to notice the move towards more widespread marketing technology adoption in our client base in the last 18 months.

MWC19 roundup – the future of mobile technology

PR in High Definition

MWC, the world’s largest tradeshow for the mobile industry, has wrapped up for another year and, like every year, mobile technology manufacturers have come together to launch a plethora of intelligent and innovative mobile products. This year’s show was titled ‘MWC19 Barcelona: Intelligent Connectivity’ and it showcased some of the most advanced technologies the mobile industry has seen. Blog News Technology mobile news technology

Blogging isn’t Sexy but Done Well It Drives B2B Marketing Results [Study]

Sword and the Script

Nearly 80% of the 1,279 bloggers in the 7 th annual Orbit Media blogger survey say blogging drives some marketing results – and 25% say it draws “strong marketing results.” Effective blogs tend to publish longer posts The average blog post has been getting longer and longer.

B2B 141

The Exciting Technology In Back to the Future No One Noticed

Shift Communications

If you’re joining us at the time this blog posts, Marty, Doc, and Jennifer should be arriving in a few hours. The movie predicted a lot of real world technological advancements, such as video conferencing, hands-free gaming, giant flat screen TVs, and video glasses. But there’s one futuristic technology in the movie that should excite analytics gurus more. But while fingerprint technology isn’t anything new, its application in “Back to the Future” is. via IMGUR.

Five Things Auto Suppliers and Vehicle Technology Providers Need to Do Now for A Successful CES

Bianchi Biz Blog

Auto suppliers and vehicle technology companies seeking PR opportunities, take note: CES is back (taking place Jan. If not, contact the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to get your spot. Automotive Technology PR Specialists.

The Reality of Technology Overwhelm

Solo PR Pro

The struggle is real when it comes to technology and solo PR pros. In a previous post , we discussed how to evaluate if you need technology to solve a problem. We advised asking the following questions before you purchase, download or sign up for new technology: Do I have a solution? Is there a technological solution? If your questions lead you to technology, talk to others who are using similar solutions to determine the right fit for your needs and workflow.

How PR pros must adapt to new technologies

PR Daily

Industry practitioners looking to advance must be fluent with the latest technology, from social media to data and analytics. PR talent expert Jamie McLaughlin of JWM Talent shares how he sees the future of the PR role as new technology becomes more deeply embedded in companies and agencies.

10 essential PR blogs to read

PR Daily

However, some of the most thought-provoking commentary and helpful advice comes from PR professionals who publish their own blogs. Some focus on specific topics like technology or PR measurement. Many of the blogs are well known and highly influential. Most PR and marketing professionals have their personal list of favorite industry blogs and online publications. The following is a list of favorite PR blogs, in no particular order. Leading PR blogs.

Media Moves at Bloomberg Technology & Business Insider, The New York Times Names Cairo Bureau Chief


Media BlogPriya Anand joins Business Insider, Vivian Yee is promoted at the New York Times and much more.

How technology buzzwords are drowning your brand

PR Daily

It’s hard to read a business magazine or website today and not be inundated with news and commentary about the financial technology—or “fintech”—industry. If you’re like most people, you probably have a limited understanding of what some of these terms mean, and even less of an understanding of the real-world applications of these technologies. How are you talking about new technology, PR Daily readers?

Blogging is dead: just 36% of internet users write blogs

Stuart Bruce

Blogging is dead, long live blogging. An interesting statistic from the GWI Brand report reveals that 36% of internet users aged 16-64 said that they wrote on a personal blog within the last month. Most are blogging about popular culture with films (43%) the favourite topic, followed by music and science/technology (40% each). Content corporate communications public relations Research blogging Global Web Index GWI

3 Studies with Benchmarks for Content Marketing, Blogging and Webinars [UML]

Sword and the Script

Fortunately, there are several new studies that have been published about content marketing, blogging and webinars that provide solid benchmarks. Of those, 84% say they outsource content creation; distribution, technology, strategy and measurement were distant followers.

How to Tackle Social Media for Your Business Even When Technology is Not Your Strong Suit


So with the help of today’s article, I’ll show you how to use social media even when technology is not your strong suit. Blog Social Media Advertising award winning PR Brand Story brand storytelling buyer persona social media social media marketing social media promotionIf you think you can keep your business out of the social media scene, think again. Facebook currently claims 1.09 billion daily active users on average.

The Internet of Brains and Swarm Technologies — Time to Plug In

Doctor Spin

In experiments, this has shown to be performance-enhancing in simultaneous yes-or-no situations and it’s possible to think of human applications for this type of swarm technology. Swarm technologies could be used to enhance artistic performances where you’re able to synchronise some of your experience with both the artist and the audience. I can also think of various religious or sexual applications for this technology.

7 Best Marketing Blogs of 2019

Critical Mention

Luckily, we have seven of our top picks for the best marketing blogs of 2019 that’ll help you up your game! Blogs are purposeful, succinct and educational. By reading this blog, readers gain concrete ideas about the latest content strategies and examples from leading brands. The blog’s goal is to provide you with the experience and expertise all relating back to the “so what?” HubSpot Inbound Marketing Blog. Neil Patel’s blog.

Trend: The over-investment in social media tools and technology

Communications Conversations

I’ve seen a number of articles recently that have focused on a growing–and increasingly troublesome–trend in our industry: Our complete over-reliance on tools and technology. In a recent guest post on Mark Schaefer’s blog, the author tried to make the case for why more marketers should be budgeting for social analytics software. Brands don’t need to be purchasing more technology–they need to be purchasing less.

I’ll admit: I’m overwhelmed by technology

Communications Conversations

And, it’s no surprise since our world is increasingly tied to technology. ” And yet, we still struggle with technology. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much time I devoted to either fixing or figuring out technology (or, managing passwords!). I’ve always said this blog is my personal space to write and vent! I can’t be the only one overwhelmed (at times) by all this technology.

Obsolete technology – what the kids won’t understand

PR in High Definition

This month, we were all taken on a trip down obsolete technology memory lane by the Telegraph, with its round-up of technologies most kids today wouldn’t recognise. The pace of change in technology is so fast and the technology of the day can quickly be outstripped by rivals. So what might be the next technology we see fade out, and something our children will find totally alien? And finally (light relief) Blog Technology

Guest Blog Post: What Does Being a Millennial Really Mean?

PR Expanded

Technology allows us to work faster and work on multiple things at once. Technology is just getting faster and faster these days. The post Guest Blog Post: What Does Being a Millennial Really Mean? A Guest Post By Drew Slater. It seems more and more businesses are trying to figure out Gen Y aka Millennials these days. First off…what is a Millennial? Some countries define the generation as anyone born from 1980 to the early 2000s; however, in the U.S. and the U.K.

The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging 10/10: Bulk Blog Topics Generation

Shift Communications

Blogging isn’t going out of style any time soon; with the ascent of content marketing, blogging, podcasting and video are on the minds of marketers and PR professionals all the time. In this 10-part Beginner’s Guide to Blogging series, we’re going to explore what makes a blog great and give you some structures and frameworks to help make blogging easier. Beginner's Guide to Blogging Series: Part 1: Blog Core Values. Bulk Blog Topic Generation.

Firefly supports client’s presence at London Technology Week

PR in High Definition

London Technology Week (16th – 21st June 2015) brings together the capital’s tech scene for a week comprising 250 events, covering topics such as gaming, big data, IT, wearables, education, music, sport, fashion, finance and science. The post Firefly supports client’s presence at London Technology Week appeared first on Firefly Communications. Blog London Technology Week PR Social Media tech

6 Blogs Every PR Pro Should Read

Critical Mention

Blogs are an effective way for PR and marketing pros to get information quickly and easily. With so many blogs out there, the challenge becomes which ones to choose while you’re on your daily commute, coffee break or even at your desk. So we’ve done the research for you and listed our top six blogs that will keep you in the know! Its blog is also very educational. The blog is full of punchy writing and interesting topics.

BIM-used copyright: Dealing with emerging technologies in construction

Practical Law Construction

In addition to the inherent tension as to who owns the copyright material, which we discussed in our first blog , there is sometimes a question as to whether payment should be made before a copyright licence is granted.

Top 10 Tech Blogs PR Needs To Follow

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Here are the top 10 tech blogs you need to read to prepare for promoting clients across a range of industries, including IoT, ad-tech, tech products and services and wearable technology. Our tech team recommends this list of blogs for the best information on relevant news, competitive moves, trends, and data insights. Recode features independent tech news, reviews and analysis from the most informed and respected journalists in technology and media. The TED Blog.

15 superb blogs and websites for PR pros to follow

PR Daily

Here are the top blogs and websites every PR pro should know: The Skimm This one’s all about the newsletter. PRSay PRSay is the blog of the largest U.S. Now that China’s consumer market is growing, there are also posts that cover Chinese trends and consumer technology innovations. The sassy editorial tone and well-researched reporting make this blog an essential read. A version of this post first appeared on the Meltwater blog.

5 reasons your CEO should be blogging

PR Daily

Rather, they should be writing compelling blog content to advance their business and personal interests. Below are five reasons why organizations should embrace the CEO blog: 1. If your goal is to be a customer-facing and customer-focused organization, a CEO blog can create a public face for a company. Blogging explains your vision to multiple audiences. Blogging builds a reliable communications channel.