8 Innovations in Public Relations Technology to Watch

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Vendors are giving us reason to be optimistic about public relations technology – from AI that will predict your pitching success to more tangible PR measurement and attribution. This blog is just a cover story for an incredible marketing and PR agency serving B2B tech.

How voice technology could transform PR and marketing

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Alexa, will technology change the public relations industry? “It’s Social media monitoring is crucial to many programs, and PR pros have used email marketing for years, even for targeted media pitches. This isn’t new technology, of course, but it has only recently become reliable enough to reach a tipping point in consumer adoption. After all, it’s the easiest form of human narrative, and now that technology has caught up with creativity, the sky’s the limit.


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PR Tips For A High-Impact Technology Launch

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Technology companies gearing up for a new product launches know full well they’re adding to a crowded marketplace. Save the sales pitch for customers. Note that any PR or content team needs to build in time to create compelling blog posts, bylines, and videos – all of which incidentally build SEO to support the launch. The post PR Tips For A High-Impact Technology Launch appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

How machine learning can perfect your pitching

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Here’s how to use technology—much of it free and user-friendly—to elevate your media relations and improve your journalist outreach. However, many of these were syndicates, press releases and company blogs. This basic principle reveals why every PR pro should take advantage of technology that can hone your pitches and make your media targeting more successful. The post How machine learning can perfect your pitching appeared first on PR Daily.

How voice technology is reshaping PR

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Since Apple introduced voice technology with Siri in 2011, the tech trend has exploded and become relatively mainstream. The applications for voice technology are growing every day. However, what does voice technology mean for PR and marketers’ content strategies? Now, with technology like Google Speakable. Submit your brand or clients’ sites and blogs for inclusion in the Google News Publisher Center.

The #PRStudChat Community Discusses Mysteries of Media Pitching on September 20th

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ET for an in-depth discussion on the mysteries of media pitching. You heard us: Media pitching. Google “media pitching” and you’ll get a slew of results referencing dos and don’ts, tips, tricks, and best practices. So, for the September #PRStudChat, we brought in the media pitching expert: Michael Smart ( @michaelsmartpr ). What are the characteristics of a good media pitch? What are the easiest pitching mistakes to fix? The pitch was accepted!

Is Public Relations Management a Technology? [PR Tech Sum]

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Managing customer relationships is a business process that’s virtually impossible to perform at scale without technology, even as the term CRM has become synonymous with the technology. Here’s the summary of news – the monthly PR Tech Sum – from the world of the PR technology vendors. >>> The announcement seemed to me more of a vision statement than a technology product release.

Impact of Technology on PR

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The impact of technology on public relations is accelerating. As such, PR pros must determine how they can best leverage technology to stay current. In the end, technology is at the heart of most organizations. To maintain a competitive edge companies need to effectively use technology that makes sense for their specific needs. We have insights into not only how technology is impacting the PR industry, but how to roll with the changes.

How technology buzzwords are drowning your brand

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It’s hard to read a business magazine or website today and not be inundated with news and commentary about the financial technology—or “fintech”—industry. If you’re like most people, you probably have a limited understanding of what some of these terms mean, and even less of an understanding of the real-world applications of these technologies. Develop an initial “elevator pitch” that is understood by all. How are you talking about new technology, PR Daily readers?

Blogging isn’t Sexy but Done Well It Drives B2B Marketing Results [Study]

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Nearly 80% of the 1,279 bloggers in the 7 th annual Orbit Media blogger survey say blogging drives some marketing results – and 25% say it draws “strong marketing results.” Effective blogs tend to publish longer posts The average blog post has been getting longer and longer.

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Tips for targeting trade publications with your pitch

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Despite this, PR pitching to trade press editors often feels like an afterthought. Given that PR pros now significantly outnumber editorial staff and trade press outlets are a shrinking breed , having your pitch or press release cut through the noise is a challenge. Over the past decade, in my role as an editor of trade magazines covering the coal mining, shipping and cement industries, I have been pitched numerous articles, interviews and press releases.

New Tech Tool Aims to Predict the Probability Your PR Pitch will Resonate with Reporters [PR Tech Sum]

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More recently, and since I started doing these monthly summaries of PR technology news nineteen months ago, I’ve seen this story at least twice. The minimum viable product (MVP) approach doesn’t cut it in a mature technology space where the buyers have budgets under constant pressure.

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How PR pros must adapt to new technologies

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Industry practitioners looking to advance must be fluent with the latest technology, from social media to data and analytics. Most center around the adoption of the latest technology, whether that involves social media, video and analytics, or it concerns data collection, artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality. When it comes to disruptive technology—and how it affects PR roles—McLaughlin takes a firm stance: Adapt, or risk being replaced. “I

Elevator Pitch or Twitter Pitch?

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With changing technology and the advent of social media, the way we communicate with the media has also changed to some extent. We love following up with them after pitching an interview/story idea. I said, “Often PR professionals are heard talking about the ‘elevator pitch’ – a short summary of the story we are trying to sell the media that we can describe in a span of a few seconds. Elevator Pitch or Twitter Pitch?

Pitch and Demo Events for Startups [B2B and B2C]


There are plenty of ways that businesses showcase themselves to an audience, with the most popular one being the elevator pitch. There are plenty of events where startups can pitch their businesses to others.

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What’s Your Social Media Elevator Pitch? Join #PRStudChat on June 21 To Find Out How to Leverage Your Network

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Their public relations experience spans various industries including entertainment, nonprofit, healthcare, technology, sports, and higher education. What’s your social media elevator pitch? A follow up blog post by PR 2.0 This was an important question and one that should be explored beyond one student or one blog post. Technology PRStudChat Social media Careers in PR Margaret DeJesus Networking NYU Recruiting Sabrina Ruiz Srishti Assaye

5 tips for successful pitching

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She chooses a pitch based on the game situation, the batter’s tendencies and the weather conditions. A media pitch is similar. Let’s look at successful media pitching with this softball analogy. Finding the right grip is all about uncovering crucial details about the outlets you’re pitching, including the types of stories particular journalists favor. Whatever it is, if the grip isn’t right, the pitch will sail wide. Crenshaw Communications’ PR Fish Bowl blog.

15 superb blogs and websites for PR pros to follow

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Writing and customizing pitches? Here are the top blogs and websites every PR pro should know: The Skimm This one’s all about the newsletter. PRSay PRSay is the blog of the largest U.S. Now that China’s consumer market is growing, there are also posts that cover Chinese trends and consumer technology innovations. The sassy editorial tone and well-researched reporting make this blog an essential read.

Top 10 Tech Blogs PR Needs To Follow

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Here are the top 10 tech blogs you need to read to prepare for promoting clients across a range of industries, including IoT, ad-tech, tech products and services and wearable technology. Our tech team recommends this list of blogs for the best information on relevant news, competitive moves, trends, and data insights. They’re useful for story pitching, new product research, and new perspectives from industry leaders. So much more than a tech blog!

Tips for Pitching to the Media

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In business, there’re amazing, good, bad and terrible product and service pitches. We’re here to show you how you can learn from the best pitches so you can seal the deal with an excellent media placement. The best pitches are simple: they tell a unique story or add a new twist to a familiar one. For a pitch–or a product itself–to be successful it has to offer something a little new or different. Blog Communications Crisis Communications PR

A journalist dissects a lousy pitch and a good one

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The primary reason that journalists ignore PR pitches today is the same reason they ignored them 25 years ago: The pitch is generic. Moving along, the pitch never delineates the actual news and how it’s going to affect people. By contrast, consider the following: No question, knowing the journalist’s name gets the pitch off to a good start. Creating a pitch that delivers on the above proposition takes time.

A Simple Trick to Personalizing Your Pitches on a Tight Deadline


The timeless, endless struggle continues: You, the savvy and realistic PR pro, know it’s better to approach fewer targets with more personalized pitches. You disagree — if you didn’t, you wouldn’t keep reading these blog posts where I emphasize customization until my fingers get sore. Here’s a decent compromise when they demand you pitch more contacts than you can properly research and customize for: Begin your pitch with “I know you cover _.”.

How to Pitch Dad Blogger Don Martelli


It’s no secret that bloggers often hold more influence power than traditional media contacts, so pitching them the right way is crucial. And when you find a niche blogging community, like the dad blogging communities across the Web, tailoring your pitches to their preferences is that more important. We recently chatted with Don Martelli , who pens the DadLife Chronicles blog and covers topics relevant to fatherhood, family and parenting.

Blogger Pitch Smackdown: SEO Linkbuilders vs. PR Pros

Rock the Status Quo

The Differences in Pitch Style & Purpose Are Helpful to Understand I love PR, I love SEO and I really love how well they intersect to grow client reach and conversion. So when pitch samples hit my desk for my bad pitch column, Rock The Pitch , or I get pitched myself as a blogger, I know instantly where it’s coming from: a PR professional, a business owner/entrepreneur or someone trying to get an SEO backlink. As a PR pitch, I’ve seen worse.

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15 superb blogs and websites for PR pros to follow

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Writing and customizing pitches? Here are the top blogs and websites every PR pro should know: The Skimm. PRSay is the blog of the largest U.S. Now that China’s consumer market is growing, there are also posts that cover Chinese trends and consumer technology innovations. The sassy editorial tone and well-researched reporting make this blog an essential read. PR Week blog. Meltwater blog. Staying apprised of industry trends can seem daunting.

How to pitch yourself as a guest blogger

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How to pitch as a guest blogger Blogging is a powerful tool for communicating your business’ stories. Blogging is an efficient and cost effective way to publish content, allowing you to take control of the content. But you don’t have to have your own blog to get involved, you can also consider being a guest writer on someone else’s blog. The tips below highlight some key areas to consider when pitching as a guest blogger.

2 mistakes that immediately tank your pitch

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Some pitching behaviors can drive reporters crazy. Though PR pros can easily find journalists who want to be pitched via phone and others that hate it—or those that find follow-up emails and calls helpful, while others despise the act—some pitching missteps are universally loathed by reporters and editors across publications. Journalists understand that PR pros have jobs to do, and that the pitch you’re sending was likely sent to other reporters.

Beginner’s Guide to Blogging 7/10: The Picture

Shift Communications

Blogging isn’t going out of style any time soon; with the ascent of content marketing, blogging, podcasting and video are on the minds of marketers and PR professionals all the time. In this 10-part Beginner’s Guide to Blogging series, we’re going to explore what makes a blog great and give you some structures and frameworks to help make blogging easier. Beginner''s Guide to Blogging Series: Part 1: Blog Core Values. Blogging Content Marketing

How to Research Industry Trends Hassle-Free

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For example, if we are trying to build out our earned media strategy and developing public relations pitches, using trending topics in a relevant way gives you an opportunity to be noticed by reporters. If we are building out a content strategy for owned media, like a company blog, using content that pertains to trending topics is a way to take advantage of the increasing searches on Google.

A CRM with Real Analytics for Public Relations, M&A Report, Geoffrey Moore on PR Technology; PR Tech Sum: Propel, Burton-Taylor, Cision, Edelman and Onclusive

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And now, here’s this month’s PR technology summary…. PR Week published a story about a new vendor out of Tel Aviv that’s has launched what it pitches as a CRM for PR. The tool also breaks down the pitching activity of each team member, including metrics for open, response and coverage rates.”. Testing features – A/B testing – to assist in seeing which pitches are performing. ” That quote comes from a press release about the report which pitches a sample.

Pitching tips for tech PR pros

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Earning a wide variety of media coverage should be a part of every technology PR program. Although universal pitching rules can apply to that, there are a few additional twists. In some ways, pitching in tech is more straightforward than working with mainstream news outlets or consumer lifestyle publications. This basic media relations rule is particularly important when dealing with technology reporters. To earn strong coverage, combine an update with your pitch.

A journalist dissects a lousy pitch and a good one

PR Daily

The primary reason that journalists ignore PR pitches today is the same reason they ignored them 25 years ago: The pitch is generic. Moving along, the pitch never delineates the actual news and how it’s going to affect people. By contrast, consider the following: No question, knowing the journalist’s name gets the pitch off to a good start. Then the pitch proceeds to call out the hard news, why it’s important and how it fits into the Mashable universe.

7 ways to craft winning pitches

PR Daily

Let’s take a look at the art of pitching. This post of tips and advice from top reporters will ensure your pitch is fine-tuned to perfection. Your pitch is not your news release. The pitch should explain, as briefly as possible, a story angle a journalist might want to explore. If your pitch relates to information also issued in a news release, you can include that info in your pitch as copy cut and pasted below or as a link to your news release online.

The dos and don'ts of social media pitching

PR Daily

In each instance I separate "pitches" from usual interaction, because there are some social networks where it is appropriate to interact but not to pitch. One note about PR pitches: Although I explore the appropriateness of pitching via different social networks, I want to note that journalists prefer email and phone pitches by a large margin ( according to this survey ). many journalists who object to phone pitches as well. Blogs/Tumblr.

How to Generate Media Referenceable B2B Customers with a Blog

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You’ve spent weeks or months pitching a key reporter. Usually, speaking to other prospects about a solution, or talking with a technology analyst that won’t name names in a report, is manageable. A simple way to do this is to request an interview for a corporate blog. The operative phrases here is interview for a blog post – not a media interview. The post How to Generate Media Referenceable B2B Customers with a Blog appeared first on Sword and the Script.

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The Volume of Bad PR Pitches is Out of Control

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For the first ten years of my career, I thought noisy posts from journalists complaining about PR pitches were merely self-aggrandizement. I’ve always worked hard at understanding a reporter’s coverage and sending good pitches. As a result, I chalked up bad pitches to one or two lazy PR people (or worse, intentionally manipulative ). The database was merely tool and any technology can be misused. Many of them would forward me pitches some PR pro had sent.

How to pitch your work without client references

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How can you pitch your story before clients will back your product? Nobody wants to reveal their secrets to success or strategic technology partners. This will articulate the service gap that your product or service fills without being an overt sales pitch. BAM’s Spectrum blog. This is a common issue. Customers don’t often want to reveal the products and services they use, as outside tools are often a company’s competitive advantage, or potential weak link.

4 keys to mastering the social media pitch

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Journalists are going mobile, and PR pros have to adapt their pitching techniques. Social media and other emerging mobile technologies have changed the way people interact, especially when it comes to doing business. If you expect a journalist to show interest in your pitch, you should show interest in their content. This will help you determine whether your pitch is relevant and interesting. A version of this article originally appeared on its blog.

Should you be pitching to algorithms rather than humans?

PR Daily

How do you think technologies like Wordsmith will impact journalists and/or content creators? A version of this article originally appeared on the Communiqué blog With less than a month left in the quarter, corporate earnings season is right around the corner. Chances are the next quarterly earnings article you read will not be written by a business reporter, but by software.

Pitching in a Pandemic COVID-19 PR Coronavirus Tips


PR Pro Guide to Pitching in a Pandemic During COVID-19 Coronavirus. A few takeaways from our chat: Send your pitch in on a silver platter, ready to go with images and video. Prior to founding Hesser Communications Group, Amy was Vice-President and Director of Media Relations at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide where she led the company’s Chicago Technology Practice. The post Pitching in a Pandemic COVID-19 PR Coronavirus Tips appeared first on wiredPRworks.

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