How to measure blogging efforts

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Blogging is a great way to attract visitors to your website and convert them into customers. How do you know your blogging efforts are working? Hopefully, you’re measuring certain figures, like blog views and blog subscribers. Owned media Blog Measurement

Five Data Points Busy PR Pros Should Be Watching | Business Wire Blog

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But you’re not done - you still need to measure your results. measurement & analyticsYou put a lot of time into your release, perfecting the right message and selecting the right distribution to reach your audience.

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From insight to measurement, this is your ultimate guide to pivoting PR during the pandemic

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We called in the experts and we’ve been busy creating and packaging up a series of webinars, podcasts and blog posts to help […]. The post From insight to measurement, this is your ultimate guide to pivoting PR during the pandemic appeared first on PR Resolution — by CoverageBook.

Integrated PR & Marketing Measurement Begins with Business Goals


CMI’s Robert Rose discusses the challenges and benefits of building an integrated measurement plan. Truly creating a comprehensive integrated communications and marketing measurement plan is a challenge for virtually every brand and company.

B2B Blog Metrics: 4 Effective Categories to Measure Success

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Businesses that engage corporate blogging with professionalism and process can boost visibility, grow a community, and ultimately, have a meaningful influence on sales. For example, I once worked for a company that found visitors that engaged the blog were 50% more likely to make a purchase.

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10 essential PR blogs to read

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However, some of the most thought-provoking commentary and helpful advice comes from PR professionals who publish their own blogs. Some focus on specific topics like technology or PR measurement. Many of the blogs are well known and highly influential. Leading PR blogs.

How and why you should be measuring reputation in 2020

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Yet for all the talk of corporate purpose, and the reputational benefits earned through its pursuit, there is a lack of guidance on how to measure reputation’s existence and value. ” With audience variation in mind, start with understanding what can be measured.

Building an Integrated PR & Marketing Measurement Plan


New AirPR Webinar Explores How to Measure True Multi-Channel ROI. Instead of sending a single email or posting a blog, companies leverage a myriad of tactics to drive their message: social media, PR, content, PPC and more. The integrated marketing and PR measurement challenge.

PR Measurement: 10 Important Metrics That You Need to Monitor

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PR measurement has been a bugaboo of the PR industry for years. Why do PR professionals need to show measurable results now? Does this mean that PR is impossible to measure? Numerous benefits accrue from active PR measurement. How to Measure PR. PR Measurement

How PR pros can tap Google Analytics for measurement

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Debate has long swirled around the measurability of public relations. Given that we live in a digital era when everything is capable of being analyzed, that demand for measurability and accountability has only increased. A version of this article originally appeared on the Swyft blog.

10 essential PR blogs to read

PR Daily

However, some of the most thought-provoking commentary and helpful advice comes from PR professionals who publish their own blogs. Some focus on specific topics like technology or PR measurement. Many of the blogs are well known and highly influential. Leading PR blogs.

How to Measure Your Work With Instagram Influencers

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The post How to Measure Your Work With Instagram Influencers appeared first on PR Resolution — by CoverageBook. Seeing an Insta-famous personality share your product with their 100,000 followers can be a huge rush.

9 Blogs To Make You PR-Smart

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One of the best ways is to stay on top of key PR industry blogs as well as more general sites that offer a fresh take on business, creativity, and content. Blogs That Can Make You Smarter. Industry or Workplace Blogs. The Cision Blog. Pop Culture/Creativity Blogs.

Datelines, Bylines and Credible Citations: 3 Elements of Trust You Should Include in Company Blog Posts

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That’s the approach some companies are taking with their blog posts and content. The study looked interesting, so I clicked the link for a closer look: the ‘source’ document was another blog post, which in turn cited several other studies. How could this happen on a company blog?

8 metrics to measure the success of a guest post

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Here’s what you should measure. Pro tip: In order to see more referral traffic from a guest-contributed article, make sure you’re linking to valuable content on your website (like relevant blog posts, pieces of gated content, or even your homepage) in the article when possible.

Storytelling, PR, and Measurement

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Even within this blog for Waxing UnLyrical, the “Rebirth of Storytelling” was promoted as a returning concept back in May of 2011. We conducted a recent, but informal, poll to determine what percentage of PR practitioners are measuring their communication results.

10 measurement essentials for PR

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Measurement has been a bugaboo of the PR industry for years. This doesn’t mean PR is impossible to measure. E arned content from outside sites where you guest blog or post your original content. Measure your rank in Google regularly. Marx Communications B2B PR Sense Blog.

New PR Measurement Tactics

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September is Measurement Month. The Barcelona Principles of Measurement for PR clearly indicate that we need new PR measurement tactics to show results. SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT. And we need to know what they do after they get to the newsroom, blog or website.

Why CEOs Should Invest in PR Attribution and PR Measurement


PR and earned media content, blog posts, and other company digital assets can often drive more top of funnel sales leads than ads and email marketing. PR’s effectiveness can then be measured with impactful business metrics , just like other aspects of the marketing mix.

4 Things to Measure in Your PR


So I guide people toward reasonable goals and then show them what to measure so they know that their press releases were actually a success, despite the lack of fame that resulted. So What Do I Need to Measure? Modernize your PR measurement with our free tip sheet.

How Long Should a Blog Post be in 2019? [And Other Key Blogging Statistics You Should Know]

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Writers that report success with blogging share the following characteristics: They are more likely to write longer or more in-depth content; They tend to spend six or more hours writing a post; They are 2.5 They always use analytics to measure performance. To that end, I started blogging for business before starting this blog, which celebrated 10 years of publication earlier this month and eventually became a natural platform for starting an agency three years ago.

20 PR Measurements Beyond Impressions & AVEs for Sales Value


As public relations professionals, we know that PR measurement is essential to the success of our campaigns, budgets and client relationships. We attend webinars, dabble with Google Analytics and follow the latest blogs to learn how to move from traditional to relevant measurement.

AVE Alternatives: Part 1 Measuring the Value of Coverage With G-AVE

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But, despite it being a big no-no, it has been a struggle to shake it off completely simply because we haven’t found another way to measure the monetary value of coverage. For example, you can find out how much the advertising equivalent is on your latest blog post.

3 Studies with Benchmarks for Content Marketing, Blogging and Webinars [UML]

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Fortunately, there are several new studies that have been published about content marketing, blogging and webinars that provide solid benchmarks. Of those, 84% say they outsource content creation; distribution, technology, strategy and measurement were distant followers.

One Thing you CAN’T Measure in PR

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PR measurement has evolved, with the addition of solutions such as SeeDepth and AirPR. And international initiatives such as the Barcelona Principles aim to take a fresh look and improve the craft (see this Cision blog post ). You can’t measure this kind of impression.

Blogging for SEO: 7 tips

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Blogging for search engine optimization (SEO) is one way to increase your visibility, but it takes more than just posting an article now and then. The best way to increase SEO for blogs is to be strategic. In addition to looking better for visitors, it’s important when blogging for SEO.

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Learn to Measure What Matters

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September is AMEC’s Global Measurement Month with many events around the world focused on PR measurement. Advertising Equivalency Values, where you measure the value of your media coverage by calculating how much an equivalent advertisement would cost.)

Communications Careers: Measuring Progress in Steps Through Peaks & Valleys

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I recently read an inspirational tweet about progress being measured in steps. This is important because the measure of achievement is not about becoming a CEO, it’s about feeling that you’ve got to where you wanted and fulfilled your potential. See more articles on our Insights Blog.

Welcome to The New Cision® Blog


Today, we launched the new optimized version of our blog with the goal of better serving you — our readers. Gone are the multitude of content categories at the top of the blog page. Just use the form on the right column of every blog page, or at the bottom of every post.

How to Measure PR in Revenue Marketing

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Rather than simply provide MQLs, they are responsible for driving measurable customer acquisition and sales. As the PR program earns placements, SHIFT measures which have the most significant impact on sales, assisted sales, website visits, or other metrics. WHAT’S MEASURABLE.

Tracking News Releases and Measuring Success

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Do they click a link, visit your site or blog, download content or buy the product? What News Release Measurement Used to Be. How to measure News Releases in 2018. Measuring Earned Media. One of the measurements there is Direct Traffic.

How often should you post new blog entries?

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Deliver high-quality blog posts in a quantity that drives traffic to your website, converts that traffic into leads, establishes your brand authority and drives long-term results. Here are important guidelines to steer your blogging efforts: 1. Blog frequently.

AirPR Interview Series: Content Marketing and PR Experts share measurement predictions for 2018


With the explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, an increased focus from the C-suite on business- and metrics-driven KPIs, and a new trend toward Growth PR , PR & content marketing measurement is changing – radically and rapidly. Blog Interviews

15 superb blogs and websites for PR pros to follow

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Measuring the performance of your latest campaign? Here are the top blogs and websites every PR pro should know: The Skimm This one’s all about the newsletter. PRSay PRSay is the blog of the largest U.S. A version of this post first appeared on the Meltwater blog.

Why measuring social media ROI still stumps PR pros

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Here’s how to measure the true affect of your efforts. Despite the rise in available data and an overwhelming number of third-party tools, measuring the bottom-line impact of social media efforts continues to be a major challenge for communications professionals.

Let’s Do More and Other ‘Impressions’ on Measurement Month 2019

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November is Measurement Month. Johna Burke, the intelligent and ebullient global managing director of AMEC, wished me a Happy Measurement Month the other day, so I know I’m not mistaken. The post Let’s Do More and Other ‘Impressions’ on Measurement Month 2019 appeared first on PR News Blog. Measurement PR News Blogger NetworkI swear it is.

3 Measurement Tools for PR Pros


While it used to be a running joke that many in the communication industry were there to avoid numbers and math, these days the importance of measuring PR efforts is no longer being ignored. PR professionals are realizing that measurement needs to be a standard part of every campaign strategy—and, luckily, there are tools and technology now to make it a bit easier. It’s free, and helps communicators form a more strategic measurement program that shows PR’s value in an organization.

Measurement Challenges: How to investigate new platforms

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First, we got comfortable with blogs, and then Twitter showed up. When Twitter first debuted, there were a fair number of blog posts written about its lack of practical utility. Measurement. Measurement Public Relations Social Media Feature

We Should Measure Content Marketing by Relationships

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The paper traces the use of pageveiws for measurement to online advertising, where CPM, or cost per thousand pageviews, became standard for advertising fees. The paper criticizes four other typical measures: unique visitors, Facebook likes, social media share sand conversion rates.

No more inflated numbers. Make 2018 the year your PR measurement got real

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Check out Steph Bridgeman’s blog post on analysing PR data in excel. Steph is an independent freelance measurement consultant and she has been using excel for data analysis in PR for years. pr-measurement marketing pr measure-pr public-relations