Infographic: 10 tips for creating viral content online

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You can’t guarantee a post will go viral—but certain elements can set you up for success. This infographic from Red Web Design blog and Infographic Design Team share essential elements to help your content make a big splash. Use emotions like amusement, delight and affection to generate viral sharing. To learn more about the attributes that can help land major success for your content, read the full infographic.

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The science behind huge viral campaigns

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Virality is one of the most fascinating subjects in PR. Viral hits are (usually) not the result of some big brand spending a million dollars to make something popular. Not for lack of trying, because big brands do actually spend millions of dollars to make things go viral. It came from a small corner of the internet, gained momentum, went viral, and then it just kept going and going. It''s not just cat videos or ice bucket challenges that go viral, says Watts.

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Google employees to WFH until July 2021, Target to close for Thanksgiving, and social media channels remove viral video for misinformation

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YouTube, Facebook and Twitter removed a viral video published by Breitbart News that shows a group from America’s Frontline Doctors making claims about COVID-19 in front of the U.S. You can view the entire report and infographic here.

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Infographic: How to create content that will last

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It’s great when your blog post, video or infographic gains rapid recognition online, but you’ll achieve sustained success if it isn’t solely focused on a fleeting topic. You’ll see immediate success if your content goes viral, but if that same piece provides long-term value without losing its luster after only a few days—or even hours—you can extend its shelf life and repurpose it for future use.

Infographic: The best words to grab audience attention online

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Wondering whether your content could go viral? Here are some words that indicate your blog post or social media share is destined for greatness. Though it’s inadvisable to turn your blog into a keyword mad lib, some words have a track record of delivering big content marketing wins. This infographic from Short Stack shares words that do well on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as words that drive clicks for blog headlines.

3 Steps to Equip Your Company Blog for the Road Ahead


We see it every day: fast food chains challenge devotees to gather retweets for “ nuggs ,” personal care products advocate for women’s equality and airlines get called out — for both successes and major fails — in viral videos. In addition to social media, one way brands have enabled that direct, personal connection with consumers is through a company blog (hey, like this one!). But without a distribution channel, your company blog is like a car without an engine.

Your audience is telling you what content they want. Are you listening?


You may know what they like and don’t like, and if you’ve thought about it, you may also have solid processes in place in order to counteract any negative (and potentially viral) comments. Blog infograph marketingIf you have a good social media process, you probably regularly (hopefully daily!) check out what customers post about you on your sites.

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Infographic: Content marketing from A to Z

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Content creation starts as an easy investment, a few blog posts and a new page on your website. However, optimizing the benefits of your blog or video channel requires discipline and experimentation. Savvy marketers know that they should cast a wide net to, perhaps, get lucky and go viral. A new infographic. Posting on blogging sites like Medium. See the full infographic here

Why and how communicators should create infographics

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Together with the predicted rise of content marketing, it''s likely that during the next couple of years we''ll witness a growing interest in brand infographics. Infographics are a smart content feature. How can you create great infographics that will captivate your audience and clearly communicate your brand message? Compelling infographics are built around content, not design. Sometimes your topic or data simply won''t fit the structure of an infographic.

Create better infographics in 4 steps

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When was the last time an infographic made your job—or at least your day—easier? Visuals are a great way to amplify your content's reach and effect, but some brands churn out infographics, e-books and social media images without stopping to think how those pieces can help people. If you create an infographic that exists only to promote your brand, you significantly limit the number of readers who will download, share and engage with your piece.

3 Steps to Equip Your Company Blog for the Road Ahead

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We see it every day: fast food chains challenge devotees to gather retweets for “ nuggs ,” personal care products advocate for women’s equality and airlines get called out — for both successes and major fails — in viral videos. In addition to social media, one way brands have enabled that direct, personal connection with consumers is through a company blog (hey, like this one!). But without a distribution channel, your company blog is like a car without an engine.

3 Link Building Strategies For Improving Off-Page SEO (Infographic)

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Obviously items like viral videos or viral articles will do the trick, but infographics and other forms of visual content are also a great way to stimulate sharing. A recent study found that infographics are shared 3x more often than any other visual item. You have to treat this with tact, but try asking a fellow blogger who’s in your niche (not a direct competitor) if they wouldn’t mind linking to your content on their blog.

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T-Mobile and Sprint celebrate merger approval, Netflix reigns according to Nielsen data, and NASA debunks viral #broomchallenge

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In a YouTube video, Legere also ran down the merger’s benefits with Sprint’s chief executive, Marcelo Claure: In a blog post, Legere wrote : Let me be clear. On , consumers can watch the YouTube video, read an open letter or one of Legere’s blog posts, catch up on the U.S. Tweets by T-Mobile and Sprint are also shown, along with infographics that visually display the companies’ key messaging: Image courtesy of T-Mobile.

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Accelerated PR For Startups

Doctor Spin

In Stage 1 we will concentrate on the Surround Effect and the Viral Loop. Testing: Fixing The Viral Loop A viral loop is all about social engineering. When someone is exposed to your business and that someone actively exposes your business to another person in their network — that is a viral loop of yours. We used to call this word-of-mouth , but with social sharing and ramping up social graphs, viral loops come in many different shapes and forms today.

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Financial Services Content Report: Industry Benchmarks & 5 Keys to Success

Contently - Strategy

When done right, helpful budgeting and saving tips can go semi-viral because they’re more universal than content from the other subcategories. Create social videos and infographics. Create social-friendly videos and infographics. But brands that rely on churning out generic blog posts are failing to give people what they want: visual content. Infographics, meanwhile, saw twice as many shares as articles. (We’ll

Your Favorite MaccaPR Blog Posts: Ellen's Oscar Selfie, Death of PR Spin and Online Content Secrets


Since MaccaPR first launched in late 2012, we''ve averaged a new blog post nearly every week for our loyal chief marketing and PR officer, corporate communication directors and marketing professional subscribers. Top 10 MaccaPR Blog Posts of 2014. #1. We divulged " 4 Marketing Secrets for Viral Guinness World Records " from our firsthand experience setting Guinness World Records for clients, including Kemps'' Largest Scoop of Ice Cream.

SHIFT Archives: The Best of Q2 2015

Shift Communications

Want to see how to do this for your blog? Will a blog post go viral? This was a simpler time, when MySpace ruled the social media sphere and people still blogged heavily on services like LiveJournal. It’s hard to miss all the articles and blog posts about how the PR industry is changing, how it’s integrating with new skill sets. As each year comes to a close, we like to sneak a peek into the SHIFT archives to see our content hits and misses.

5 ways to translate your storytelling to PR

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They can translate a brand’s message into engaging and thought-provoking videos, articles, infographics and blog posts. To master storytelling is easier said than done—especially when tasked with unrealistic expectations and executives wonder why all content doesn’t magically “go viral.”. This infographic from Ketchum University explains how to tell branded stories. Deploy viral power. The world’s best communications pros are also some the best storytellers.

Social Media Marketing for Complete Beginners


Everyone wants to produce viral content that gets shared all over the web. While no one knows the full recipe to going viral, one of the ingredients is definitely creating valuable content. Blog Social Media Brand Stories brand video Content Marketing infograph marketing media PR Advice Reimagine PR social mediaWhen it comes to generating leads, creating a community, and interacting with your customers, nothing tops social media.

The 7 Worst Mistakes You Can Make in B2B Content Marketing

B2B PR Sense

You probably have your own content preference -- whether it’s reading blog posts, watching how-to videos, or browsing an infographic. Infographics. Blog posts. Stubbornly Pursuing Goals of Viral Content. Yes, everybody wants to create a viral sensation. It has even seeped into the mindset of some B2B content marketers that viral content is the gold standard. Typically, content that goes viral happens by chance.

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I’m in the Mood for a Good Holiday Story

Business Wire

When you’re in PR, the holiday season starts early with long-lead publication deadline dates and doesn’t stop until the final “last-minute gift ideas” blog posts published in late December. Make it easy for reporters to tell a compelling story by adding photos, videos, and infographics. Give them easy content to use including infographics, PDFs, and Customer Testimonials. by Millicent Hasandras, Business Wire Fall just started recently, but I can't stop thinking about.

How to get more PR value from surveys

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Here are the most important steps to cover when amplifying your survey results for maximum PR impact: 1. Publish a blog post. As with any content marketing initiative, the first step to building a campaign around a survey is to create a blog post for your own website reporting the findings in a way that’s powerful and easy to read. 2. Create an infographic. Your infographic can form as one of the tools in your media outreach arsenal.

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8 recipes for mouth-watering content

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According to UK-based content marketing agency JBH , it’s through a mix of industry news, user-generated content, social video, blogs, viral content, infographics, white papers and long-form journalism. The specifics of those are contained in an infographic JBH created, which incorporates content marketing with another favorite for communicators: a stiff drink.

#CreativePR: Measurement and Data-Based Insights


This is post 5 of our 5-part #CreativePR blog series. In the PR professional’s scope of work, infographics, video, and other multimedia assets have one thing in common – in order to be effective, they must begin with a fundamental understanding of purpose. They’re meant to be a tool for business communication, not fine art or viral spectacles. Read the entire series here. . The data-driven world has significantly reshaped the way the communications industry works.

Digital PR Strategy: Industry Insights and The Methods That Secure Coverage in 2021


Infographics. The Cambridge Dictionary defines an Infographic as, ‘A picture or diagram or a group of pictures or diagrams showing or explaining information’. She also shares what her creative team lean towards infographics for: Lengthy how-to guides where step-by-step visuals are key.

How to avoid boring your audience

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This rule can be applied to any medium—blog posts, podcasts, video, etc.—that While it takes experience and a keen eye to create viral content, creators can save themselves much pain and rewriting by putting themselves in the seat of a reader. For more on these guidelines, check out the infographic below The first rule of many professions is: Do no harm. For content marketers, the first rule is: Do not—under any circumstances—bore your audience.

How to Explode Your Startup PR with Growth Hacking

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While blog posts and infographics can attract customers at the beginning of the buying cycle, eBooks and white papers are valuable to those seeking more in-depth information. You want to give the appearance of knowledge and expertise -- and a large selection of blog posts, infographics, and eBooks is the best way to do that. If your site only has 5 blog posts, you will be viewed as a newbie that isn't worth anyone's time.

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The Ultimate Checklist: 20 Points that Will Lead You to the Best B2B Content Marketing

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Where do I need to create media (images, infographics, videos), and what kinds of media do I need? When appropriate, turn your data into easy-to-read charts or infographics that make a clear, strong point. Have you created any infographics? Use Canva to create stunning images and infographics that draw people to your content. Give Your Pieces a Viral Headline. So how do you make your headline clickable, possible viral? Focus on creating a viral headline.

6 ways social media managers can win with humor

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Viral. Viral videos are a great way to connect with your followers and fans. Infographics. If your company has data it wants to share, an infographic might be your best bet. There is a way for your business to show a little personality and be funny on social media. Granted, well-known businesses have bombed with jokes, but overall, posting a joke will have customers laughing and garner new fans. To be successful at humorous posts, keep the vibe natural and low key.

10 Types of Content That Drive Demand & Boost Engagement


Blog Posts. Yes, I’m talking about blogging. Blogging is no longer an experimental trend that might be a waste of time. No, there is overwhelming evidence that shows maintaining a blog yields business results. Brands who blog have more indexed web pages, which boosts SEO. An active blog authenticates your brand, revealing your personality, expertise, and values, which helps to build your subscriber base and sparks customer loyalty. Infographics.

Marketing with Pinterest


Your average Pinner also enjoys finding useful or inspiring content and sharing it with their social groups, creating a higher level of engagement for the platform and improving the potential for business pins to go viral. Infographics are on top of the Pinterest Content Popularity Contest.

6 Tips for Creating Shareable, Loveable Content


Ever feel like you’re publishing blog content to an empty theater? So don’t expect to jot off a quick blog article and have it be good. If you always write a 400-word blog post, you’re providing a pretty monotonous experience for readers. Include a video post or infographic in your blog lineup. Vary your social update so it’s not always just the blog title. It can be frustrating when you don’t get clicks, shares and reads for your content.

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15 things that happen to every social media campaign

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It seems easy: You do nothing but publish blogs, humor followers with memes, post a quote, share a link and watch YouTube. Content comes in many forms: blog, video, photo, infographics, slideshare, DIY, tutorial, list, memes, etc. Dropping everything if your post just went viral. You‘ll occasionally experience the bliss of going viral. Viral content spreads like a disease. Enjoy virality, because it’s pretty hard to come by.

Beyond the Word: Why Visual Content Matters in Communications


Think about how many times you’ve seen a text-based article go viral – and compare that to cute kitten photos, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge or infographics. Visuals are vital for all types of communication, whether they’re still shots, videos, infographics or slides. You can upload images to supplement text in blogs, share videos on social media and include them in multimedia press releases to grab the attention of journalists.

10 Expert B2B Inbound Marketing Tricks You Need to Be Using Right Now

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Inbound marketing services may include: Blog posts. Infographics. Whether it’s a 3,000-word blog post or eBook, long-form content gives your readers the in-depth information that they need. It's time to step out of the strictly blog post box and explore other effective forms of content. Not everyone has the time or inclination to sit down and read a blog post. Other successful forms of visual content include images, infographics, and SlideShares.

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You Should Really be Using Instagram Stories in Your Marketing Mix

Waxing UnLyrical

Generally speaking, marketers tend to focus on high-quality images and videos, alongside posts that have the potential to go viral. Currently, Instagram has over 300 million daily users, which means that each Story has great potential to be seen by a handful of people, especially if they are viral. 10% are taken to a blog post (thus allowing users to learn more about the business while also improving SERPs). Infographic via Guest post by Alex Slichnyi.

How To Repurpose Written Content to Reach 6x the Audience


Now, imagine how awful it’d seem if after spending so much time and resources on a blog post, you let it waste away in some archive folder—It doesn’t make sense. The truth is that your best articles and blog posts can find a new life in an entirely different form. Assemble your Popular Blog Posts into an Informative Ebook. If you’ve got some viral posts, then you’re ready for that “ebook.”. Extract Data from your Content and Design an Infographic.

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The Dynamic Web: Pop-ups, Persistence and SERP [UML]

Sword and the Script

There’s a tag I’ve kept on this blog over the years called “ dynamic web.” For instance, when someone engages with a blog post, they do so by scrolling down the page as they read the content. Speaking of pop-ups, you’ll notice a few pop-ups on this blog. The second is an overlay model, with an invitation subscribe to this blog by email. Viral Marketing: The Hope, Hype and Helplessness. And don’t miss a post: subscribe to this blog by email here.

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15 crucial content marketing resources and tools

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Enter Almighty.Press , which uses algorithms to identify topics and keywords that are likely to go viral before they actually do. A longform blog post can morph into a great video script, infographic or white paper—if you have the time and energy to oversee its transformation. A version of this post first appeared on the Epic Presence blog.

6 PR lessons from Neil Simon

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Your videos can become fodder for infographics and blog posts, keeping your audience engaged and reaching new segments. Going viral is often about luck. Even great writers can be subject to the whims of the public sphere—and betting on viral success is a poor way to plan any communication strategy. Few writers have ever soared to such sustained heights as playwright Neil Simon did, beginning with a burst of success in the 1960s.

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