Infographic: 65 fresh blogging ideas

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A blog is a bit like a steam train. Here to help you keep those blogging fires burning hot and bright is an infographic published on Social Media Today that’s stocked with 65 fresh content ideas. A dead or even bland blog can turn off customers and derail your business. Read the rest of the infographic for more fresh blogging ideas. The post Infographic: 65 fresh blogging ideas appeared first on PR Daily.

Infographic: 7 common blog errors to avoid

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Blog content is essential for building SEO, developing your reputation within the industry and educating new customers. This infographic from Who is Hosting This argues that burning out your writing staff to maintain a breakneck publishing schedule might be shortsighted. The infographic lists six other mistakes that keen bloggers should be careful to avoid. To learn about all seven mistakes and how to avoid them, consult the full infographic.


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Infographic: 55 blog post ideas to captivate your audience

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For marketers who feel they are running out of ideas, Digital Marketer has put together an infographic that contains 55 ideas for different blog posts. Use your blog to debate with and react to other content creators and industry commentators. To learn about all 55 ideas, and decide whether they are right for your content mix, consider the full infographic. The post Infographic: 55 blog post ideas to captivate your audience appeared first on PR Daily.

Infographic: 71 stellar blog headline ideas

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Coming up with new ideas for content, from blog posts to video diaries, can be exhausting. However, plenty of resources are available to help you generate fresh ideas—like this infographic. Try one of these headline templates to spark a fresh content series or just get an idea for next week’s blog entry. Check out the complete list of headline templates in t he full infographic. The post Infographic: 71 stellar blog headline ideas appeared first on PR Daily.

How many blog posts should you publish?

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There’s no universal magic number of blog posts that every organization should create per month in order to see results. Though the perfect amount of blog content doesn’t exist, there is a range to shoot for. Depending on what your company goals are and what your capacity is for creating content, you can find a blogging sweet spot. Think of this option as the bare minimum, as in one blog post a week or one blog post every other week.

Infographic: A checklist to review once your blog post is published

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You’ve published your blog post, and it looks dandy. This infographic from Divvy HQ offers essential steps that every brand manager should take after writing and posting a new blog piece. To learn other ways to spread the word about your latest blog post, read the full infographic. The post Infographic: A checklist to review once your blog post is published appeared first on PR Daily. Infographics Social Media Websites Writing & Editing

Infographic: Tips for more purposeful, effective blogging

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Business blogs are often perfunctory, boring, self-serving, utterly useless, jargon-choked word dumps. With that said, you should be blogging—just more strategically. Websitebuilder has an infographic to help you whip a saggy blog into shape. Seventy-seven percent of internet users read blogs. spend triple the amount of time on blogs as on email. Companies that blog receive 97 percent more links to their website.

Infographic: Why your guest blog is rejected

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To grow your personal brand , it important to become a thought leader on certain topics by blogging. One of the ways you can grow your brand is to earn guest blogging placement. These publications are looking for contributors, and guest blogging can be a good addition to your content marketing strategy. a leading provider of bylined guest posts to major online publications, surveyed editors to find out what they’re looking for in the guest blog posts.

Infographic: What is the ideal blog post length?

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It can be tricky trying to decide how long to make your blog post. Study which of your blog posts have done the best and base your length on these high-performing pieces. analyzed data from multiple studies and compiled its findings into this infographic. that details the ideal blog post length based on differing objectives. Check out the full infographic below for more insight into crafting the perfect blog post for your goals

Infographic: 8 tasty tips for crafting delectable blog posts

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They crave blog posts that satisfy their appetite for new and useful information and want a taste of the latest dish that nobody else is offering. What other ingredients make up blog posts readers salivate over? An infographic. For more ways to spice up your blog post writing, check out the full infographic below Stale content leaves a bad taste in readers’ mouths.

Facebook’s Reactions Are the 6 Stages of a Doomed Relationship.


Blog Facebook Humour in storytelling infograph

Infographic: Why you should produce less blog content

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When you sit down to create content, do you immediately think about your organization's blog? Does your mind start racing through potential blog post ideas and how you can use them to turn readers into customers? There's nothing wrong with that—corporate blogs are a solid way to convert customers—but other types of content marketing could be even more effective at driving business. An infographic from HubSpot. Only 29 percent say they want to read more blog posts.

Infographic: 21 writing tips to add juice to your content

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Your blog serves a crucial purpose for your organization. This infographic from Manage Inbound offers 21 tips on improving your owned media so readers will click on and share your insights. To read about all the tips to attract new audiences, read the full infographic. The post Infographic: 21 writing tips to add juice to your content appeared first on PR Daily.

Making Your Blog More PR-Friendly

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

This is true for the earned media we generate, the thought leadership content we produce for clients and for our own blog content. Any company blogging today must have a strategy for boosting the visibility of their content and ensuring it is shareable and shared. In fact, most vertical trades will run guest pieces, and a pickup of your blog post results in the kind of multiplier effect anyone blogging for business should seek. Harness the power of guest blogging.

5 steps for generating backlinks using infographics

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Google loves backlink traffic, and consumers love infographics. Infographics are one of the best tools for backlink generation. Here’s a step-by-step guide to backlink generation using infographics; Step 1: Content creation. Step 2: Publishing the infographic.

16 stellar blogs and websites to fuel internal communication success

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This independent UK-based “ideas agency” uses compelling, clever visuals to make its blog pop. They also publish sleek, engaging infographics that convey information in a fun way. The Communication Director blog also features a range of tips, opinion, interviews and Q&As to help you stay sharp. Under the “communication” topic/tab of HBR’s blog, you’ll find data-backed ideas and insights written by experts in a number of fields. Several People Are Typing—Slack Blog.

8 common blog missteps

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The most common question for PR pros and content marketers creating a blog is a simple one: How do I get started? Under each mistake, Wallagher outlines how you can rectify your misstep to boost your blog’s traffic and increase your content’s reach. Take, for example, the mistake of not adding online sharing buttons to your blog. Learn how to fix the other mistakes in Wallagher’s post and by checking out his infographic below

How to Use Your B2B Blog to Promote Your Press

B2B PR Sense

Lately, on the B2B PR Sense Blog, I've talked about how to extend the life of your B2B PR Campaign. Now, let's extend that concept a little further and talk about how your blog is a useful tool in promoting your press. We'll discuss: Why you should have a blog. How to use your blog to run a lead campaign based on your recent press. Why You Should Have a B2B Blog. A blog changes the picture. How to Use Your B2B Blog to Promote Your Press.

B2B 136

Infographic: A month’s worth of fresh content ideas

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Whether it’s that slog of a blog, milquetoast posts or drafts gone daft that drain your energy, take a dive into this refreshing pool of ideas for some creative rejuvenation. The post Infographic: A month’s worth of fresh content ideas appeared first on PR Daily.

7 blogging mistakes to avoid

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No matter what your purpose for blogging—whether it’s corporate, personal or you’re doing it for a living—there’s likely room for improvement. But it all depends on what kind of blogging you’re doing, and it’s critical to avoid mistakes. The following infographic offers several techniques that can help you avoid seven common blogging mistakes. Blogging every day. Not effectively monetizing a blog. Sticking to only one length on blog posts.



Here you will find our latest infographic. Learn more in the below infographic. Are you interested in seeing more infographics? SaaS,PressPage,Blog,News,infographicThis one is about the 5 essentials for a successful newsroom. Which itemst can you not do without to create a successful newsroom? Check out our media library. We are updating our library regularly.

Building Internal & External Relationships [Infographic]

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Shayla Costa, UMASS at Amherst Student, Winner of the PR Expanded Infographic Contest. An assignment in my Principles of Public Relations class with Professor Jennie Donohue was to read Deirdre Breakenridge’s new book Answers for Modern Communicators and create an infographic based on one of four concepts. In the end I went from not knowing how to begin, to creating the winning infographic amidst a fairly large class.

7 PR Blogs You Should Be Following

Critical Mention

While we certainly encourage PR and communications pros to follow our insightful Critical Mention blog , we also want to share a few of our other favorite PR blogs. Our take on Ragan’s PR Daily blog: Without a doubt, Ragan’s PR Daily blog is one of our go-to blogs for communication and media related news and tips. Are you looking for good photos for your brand’s blog or social media posts? PRNEWS Blog.

Infographic: Visual statistics marketers should know

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Venngage ’s Nadya Khoja surveyed over 500 online marketers to find out how they were using visuals in 2018 and how they planned to adapt in 2019, and the results were compiled into this infographic. However, original graphics such as infographics outperform all other visual types, with the next closest format (videos and presentations) receiving nearly 15% less engagement. The post Infographic: Visual statistics marketers should know appeared first on PR Daily.

Infographic: How to create content that will last

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It’s great when your blog post, video or infographic gains rapid recognition online, but you’ll achieve sustained success if it isn’t solely focused on a fleeting topic. Venngage created this infographic with tips for creating content that is an instant success, but remains valuable to both you and your audience. Check out the full infographic for more ways to craft content that will grab readers immediately and for days to come.

Infographic: How to create content that produces results

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Maybe you want your blog post to bring more traffic to your website. This infographic from Spiralytics offers tips for creating content that serves a clear purpose. To learn more about how to create content that suits your specific goals, read the full infographic. The post Infographic: How to create content that produces results appeared first on PR Daily. Content Marketing InfographicsYour content marketing efforts aren’t just an exercise.

Infographic: Visual marketing statistics to guide your 2019 efforts

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Are your images and infographics keeping your readers engaged? The internet loves a striking image—and blog posts with huge paragraphs of dense industry jargon are barely skimmed, much less read carefully. This infographic from Venngage shares important statistics for marketers looking to add visual interest to their messages. Original graphics and infographics perform the best online. Consider these tips on how to keep your visual content ahead of the curve.

Infographic: How to craft captivating online content

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The quality of your blog can have profound implications for your brand image and overall performance. This infographic from Manage Inbound offers tips for enterprising marketers who are looking to build their portfolio of owned media online. Read the full infographic to uncover all the nips and tucks that writers can use to make their content stick in readers’ minds. The post Infographic: How to craft captivating online content appeared first on PR Daily.

9 blog topic resources bursting with ideas

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Blogging can be a slog. One exhausting aspect of maintaining a blog can be generating fresh ideas—but it doesn’t have to be. Several seasoned blogging pros have created tools for triggering a ton of writing topics. Klock Work Infographic Idea Generator. Impact’s Blog Title Generator. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. Enter three words, and you’ll get a list of five blog post headlines. This will help you quickly find blog post ideas.

Infographic: How to feature your organization in Instagram Stories

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The video blogging feature has become a major hit with users on the social media platform, but do consumers want to interact with brands in the same way? This infographic from Animoto shares how organizations are already using Instagram stories and how marketers can elevate their brands with new campaigns. To learn how to make your Instagram offering stand out, read the full infographic. Infographics Social Media Storytelling

5 steps to writing guest blog posts

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One should be guest blogs. The definition of guest blogging is to publish content on a third-party website or blog. Use the following steps to turn into a guest blogging pro. Before you ask a blog owner or manager if they are interested in your content, know your material. Identify the websites and blogs where you want to be featured. This is even more important with a third-party blog because online audiences vary. Every brand journalist.

Infographic: 18 business books for busy PR pros

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See the full list from the infographic. A version of this article originally appeared on his Knowledge Enthusiast blog. The post Infographic: 18 business books for busy PR pros appeared first on PR Daily. Infographics PR PR books PR infographicDo you have a hard time fitting reading into your hectic schedule? Here are some books that dedicated communicators can fit into the most crammed of schedules. How many books can you read in a year?

4 blogging ideas for brand managers

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Communicators of all stripes can increase engagement, boost visibility and entice potential customers or clients through blog posts, especially if they offer people answers, inspiration or new ways to look at common problems. Here are four ideas for moving past boring and making a splash with your organization’s blog: 1. Many of the blog’s hot tips don’t require the company’s products.

How to measure social media reach?


first appeared on Brand24 Blog. Here's how to measure social media reach for your social media posts, hashtag, marketing campaigns and social media profiles. The post How to measure social media reach?

Blogging vs. Press Releases vs. Coverage; Unscripted Marketing Links

Sword and the Script

Aside from the well-deserved round of congratulations, it occurred to me the acquisition is an indication of a maturing industry for content marketing, which of course includes blogging. While blogging certainly isn’t the only aspect of content marketing , it’s pretty clear blogging was (and still is) a critical part of the evolution into the trend as we know it now. The Blogging Gutenberg . Benchmarks: Blogs Press Releases and Coverage.

Elements of the perfect blog post

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The rise of content marketing means that brands compete with traditional publishers for page views, resulting in a cacophony of blog noise. It would be nice if every blog post could be perfect, but does such a thing exist? My approach to best corporate blogging practices has always been to ensure that the content is timely, relevant, valuable to my audience and well-written. That’s where this BlogPros infographic comes in. What makes the perfect blog post?”

Disrupt Yourself (Here’s How)


Blog infograph PR Advice Reimagine PRPR has changed rapidly in the last couple of years. Here’s what you need to do to stay relevant.

Blogging trends for content marketers

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Blogging for business has gone from perceived trend to a valuable business tool that helps achieve real marketing objectives. A survey by Orbit Media Studios says that bloggers spend more time creating blog posts, with the average post taking about two and a half hours to write. More than half (54 percent) of the 1,000 bloggers surveyed said that they can knock out a blog post in an hour or two. For more insights, check out the Orbit Media Studios infographic below

My Top Do’s & Don’ts For Pitching & Writing Guest Blog Posts

Rock the Status Quo

Don’t Overlook Its Importance When I think of content marketing, one of the primary tactics that comes to mind is guest blogging. Match voice to the publication or blog. Blog posts are usually opinion-based with a casual tone; e-zines might be written in more of a traditional journalistic tone – quoting sources, using a formal tone, written in AP style.) One blog post can become a SlideShare deck, video, infographic, quote image.

3 elements of hospital blogging you’re ignoring

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Blogging is a great tool for Internet marketing success but being successful with your blog is harder than you might think. Let's assume you already have a blog up and running, but you are not seeing the traffic you would like You're left wondering how you can increase the awareness of your hospital's blog. For starters, your blog must be engaging, informative and give readers value, but that is easier said than done. Putting up a blog is one thing.