How to build a blog

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In the second Comms School session we explored third party and owned blogs, how to build a blog and post content, and making blogging a habit. The second session of Comms School got to grips with building a blog and making blogging a habit. We kicked off by reviewing some of the blogs posted by members of the Comms School community. Rachael Gordon Thanks to everyone who has joined us on a blogging journey. blogging

How to get traffic to your website and blog?


This is the question you ask when your website is brand new, when you post the first article on your blog, or your Google Analytics results are illustrated by the ECG death line. Today I want to focus. how to Social Media Marketing

Swipe Right! How to Win Over Influencers, Journalists, and Bloggers

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One of the most difficult tasks for an up-and-coming marketer is building meaningful connections with influencers , journalists, and blogger; you need to manage to stand out from a crowd of thousands of people clamoring for the attention of the few who can boost your signal.

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How to write a blog post

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If you want to be seen as an industry expert or thought leader a great way to boost your profile is to write blog posts. Blogs are the best way of demonstrating your expertise online, controlling your message and building your reputation.

How to write blogs humans want to read

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In the rush to make sure robot sweepers log your site, you can forget to create content people actually want to read. Here’s a checklist to guide your efforts. Here are 10 steps to take before every blog post: 1. The first thing you want to do is sit down and write. It can be overwhelming to think about everything that comes after the writing part. We all tend to write in passive voice.

How to Attract Top-Tier Guest Bloggers to Your Blog


You know that guest blogging on other authority websites is one way to establish your thought leadership and expertise. But did you also know that accepting guest bloggers on your business blog is a way to get great content that they’ll help you promote?

How To Develop A Winning PR Strategy

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In our business, it means the blueprint or roadmap for how we’ll achieve PR or communications goals. Many confuse it with tactics, but those refer to the concrete activities or actions we take as we follow the strategy. A common mistake is to try to target too many audiences.

How to successfully pitch podcasts

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Podcast audiences are a great, captive resource for PR pros looking to expand their reach. How can marketers like you get your CEO or brand spokesperson interviewed on a podcast that’s heard by tens of thousands, or even millions, of listeners? How to make your guest appealing.

How to measure blogging efforts

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Blogging is a great way to attract visitors to your website and convert them into customers. How do you know your blogging efforts are working? Hopefully, you’re measuring certain figures, like blog views and blog subscribers.

How to Get Quality Leads on Your Blog


Blogging can (and should) do more than just update readers on the latest news and events of the day. When done right, your posts can educate readers, establish you as an authority in your field, and help position you as a go-to resource in your audience’s time of need.

How to create engaging content for your blog

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Regularly coming up with interesting topics for your blog can be challenging, especially trying to figure out what would be interesting for your audience. The post How to create engaging content for your blog appeared first on Public Relations Sydney.

How to stop overservicing (and underwhelming) clients

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Making your agency turn a profit requires knowing what you are good at, and what jobs you should send to someone else. Here’s how to know when to say “no.”. It doesn’t matter how clear your proposal was or how beautifully you designed your scope of work.

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How to build trust with editors

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Here are four steps to building a beautiful friendship. You are far more likely to succeed in getting it published by first developing relationships with the opinion editor at these publications. Here are a few key steps you’ll need to take to make them a reality: 1.

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How To Master Branding in 2018

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When it comes to creating the perfect brand, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. Even if there was an ultimate guide to branding, the marketplace and its trends change so frequently that it’s difficult to keep ahead of an ever-evolving space.

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How to Build An Audience for Your New Blog

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The same could be asked about a blog: If a blog is written but has no readers, does it exist at all? Don’t let your blog fall into the cobwebs of your website. Give the following a little TLC to help encourage people to read.

Infographic: 7 common blog errors to avoid

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Blog content is essential for building SEO, developing your reputation within the industry and educating new customers. Are you wearing yourself out trying to publish new content every day? The infographic lists six other mistakes that keen bloggers should be careful to avoid.

How to write blogs humans want to read

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Here are 10 steps to take before every blog post: 1. The first thing you want to do is sit down and write. It can be overwhelming to think about everything that comes after the writing part. We all tend to write in passive voice. the Spin Sucks blog.

The Generally Understood Rules Governing the Recycling of Blog Content


Following these few general guidelines will help both new and experienced bloggers avoid some of the most common pitfalls associated with recycling blog content. The post The Generally Understood Rules Governing the Recycling of Blog Content appeared first on Prowly Magazine. How To blogging content marketing how to recycling

How to Research Industry Trends Hassle-Free

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While most of us communication pros are ringing in the new year with hefty planning, how seriously are we taking our research? What time and resources are we committing to understanding overall cultural trends and our industry’s current relevant news?

#FlashbackFriday – How to Blog Well

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HMA's blog has once again ranked in Feedspot’s Top 100 PR Blogs for PR and Marketing Communications so we figured a #FlashbackFriday was in order! The post #FlashbackFriday – How to Blog Well appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

How to Use Your B2B Blog to Promote Your Press

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Lately, on the B2B PR Sense Blog, I've talked about how to extend the life of your B2B PR Campaign. Most recently, I detailed how to optimize your own press. We'll discuss: Why you should have a blog. How to use it to promote your press.

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How to grab 1,000 shares on your next blog post

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Good content deserves to be seen. For content marketers, it’s not enough to simply create an engaging piece of content. The second part of our jobs is to make sure it’s distributed and consumed comparable to the time you put in creating it.

How to use LinkedIn Groups to create marketing magic

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If you use the platform to uplift, educate and empower—instead of trying to sell—you can create a vibrant lead generation community. Here are some best practices on how to optimize marketing opportunities via LinkedIn Groups. There are several ways to find groups.

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How to Diversify Demographics Reached by Marketing Campaigns

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Digital marketing is a wonderful concept because it allows brands to reach consumers on multiple channels, wherever they may be found. This amount of potential reach can also come in handy for a brand that’s looking to diversify its audience. But how, exactly, is this achieved?

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5 Great Posts on How to Create a Content Strategy


In my recent post, “ How to Create an Editorial Strategy for Your Blog: Part Two ,” I mentioned my approach is one of many you have to choose from when setting out to define the editorial strategy for your blog. How to Create a Content Strategy.

Why and how to set editorial guidelines for your blog

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Virtually every content marketing program involves a blog. It’s worth taking the time to create (or borrow) the one thing that makes all future planning and collaboration a bit easier: editorial guidelines. Here are eight things to include in your blog guidelines: 1.

The Business Blogging Editorial Calendar: How to Post Like a Pro


But what does it really mean to “think like a publisher?” They make money by attracting advertisers, who pay to reach the publication’s audience. As a result, publishers are committed to keeping readers. How can we help moms on Valentine’s Day?

How to Boost Your Reputation on Google


When you are heading to a meeting or have a call with a potential client or customer, what’s the first thing you do? Guess what happens when someone is going to meet you? This allows you to use their success and following and expose yourself to a much larger audience.


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Increasingly search engines like Google and Bing are becoming the first destination of choice for companies and their search firms and human resource professionals when looking for people to recruit or vetting job candidates. Include enough information to tell your story.

How to visualize your ideal influencer

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The key, as with most things, is to find the right influencer—and to engage them in the right kind of campaign, running on the right platforms at the right time. So, how can you know when you’ve found the right influencer? How does what they need change over time?

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How to Protect Your Brand in a PR Crisis


This month, AirPR hosted the webinar “How to Protect Your Brand in a PR Crisis.” From Facebook to Starbucks, no brand is safe from a communications crisis. How and when your brand responds to the press is crucial to saving your brand’s reputation.

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How to Ace a TV Interview

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Now as the interview time grows closer, your panic level begins to rise. Don’t try to be who you think the media wants you to be. Always stay true to who you are. Never try to change your personality for an interview.

How To Brand When Expanding into the American Market

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there has, perhaps, never been a better time to reach out to the American marketplace. The post How To Brand When Expanding into the American Market appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog.

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How to Make Your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly

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This is part of the Blogging for Grasshoppers series. If you talk to Howie Goldfarb anywhere – Twitter, here on his guest posts, or over at his own blog, you’ll know that he’s fixated on one thing. And now we have to “mobilize&# it?!

How to respectfully set the record straight

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Here’s how to go about asking for a correction or a retraction without upsetting the apple cart. You’ve probably never woken up to a faux-lethal case of “ obiticide ” while sipping your morning coffee. How to ensure the correction sticks.

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How To Create Awesome Content with Instagram’s New “Collections”


Instagram recently announced a new feature informally named “collections” that allows users to aggregate ten photos or videos into one post. How Instagram Collections work. The collections feature on Instagram allow you to upload up to 10 photos or videos in the same post.

How to make sure your Instagram posts don’t disappear

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Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are prime places for companies to gain potential customers through profile follows and post ‘likes.’. RELATED: Join us at Disneyland, and discover how to get to the heart of your stories. ]. How can you appeal a shadow ban?

Infographic: How to craft captivating online content

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The quality of your blog can have profound implications for your brand image and overall performance. If you don’t choose to publish, however, you risk becoming invisible to potential clients and customers. Don’t try to sound smarter than you are.

Infographic: How to maximize your LinkedIn marketing potential

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Your business network can be an important sales tool, but only if you construct your social media presence to drive new customers to your sales team. LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for selling your products and services to businesses and customers.

How to Optimize Distribution for Your Content


Recently you may have read that Amazon made a change to their review policy. It may have been innocuous to you, but it destroyed quite a few businesses. Amazon no longer allows businesses to provide free items in exchange for reviews.

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