Is technology killing employee communications?

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I believe a big reason employees are using words like this to describe corporate communications is simple: There’s simply much technology. And, the technology they are using isn’t easy to use. Corporate blogs. There’s too much technology.

3 Studies with Benchmarks for Content Marketing, Blogging and Webinars [UML]

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Fortunately, there are several new studies that have been published about content marketing, blogging and webinars that provide solid benchmarks. Of those, 84% say they outsource content creation; distribution, technology, strategy and measurement were distant followers.

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Data-fueled research to guide blogging, marketing and webinar efforts

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Let’s pluck pertinent takeaways from recent studies about content marketing, blogging and webinar trends. Distribution, technology, strategy and measurement are outsourced far less frequently. Blogging benchmarks. How long does it take to write the average blog post?

Advancing Healthcare’s Abilities: ABS Virtual Office

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Technology is rapidly changing the nature of healthcare: its capability, delivery, and efficiency. The Virtual Office is the first platform of its kind, one of the latest examples of healthcare integration enabled by technology.

Advancing Healthcare’s Abilities: ABS Virtual Office

Scott Public Relations

Technology is rapidly changing the nature of healthcare: its capability, delivery, and efficiency. The Virtual Office is the first platform of its kind, one of the latest examples of healthcare integration enabled by technology.

How to Make Your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly

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This is part of the Blogging for Grasshoppers series. If you talk to Howie Goldfarb anywhere – Twitter, here on his guest posts, or over at his own blog, you’ll know that he’s fixated on one thing. Howie really really really believes in blogs being mobile friendly.

How Simple Automation Saves Time And Tedium In PR

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Content marketer Fractl created a ‘ blog ‘ that was fully generated by AI to show how easy it is to create such content — and also to raise concerns about the future of content generation. Crenshaw Communications PR Fish Bowl public relations automation technology PR

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Why It’s Hard to Measure PR in the First Place


That said, we rely on technology to identify, categorize, and analyze entities found in a given document (or piece of content). Say you’re an in-house PR manager for a big technology company like Apple that’s mentioned nearly every day in the news.

Happy Birthday World Wide Web

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Blogging wasn’t really a thing – I’d seen Geocities, but those backgrounds … Google maps didn’t exist; my life in London relied on a cheap A-Z map with post-it notes marking night bus locations. The first ever web page was a communications document ; a guide on how to use the web.

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7 Must-Have PR Tech Tools

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PR people routinely use apps for document design like BeFunky, the industry standard software Cision, and a wire distribution platform like PR Newswire. Every pro has her go-to channel for tracking news developments in technology. Web 2.0

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9 Ways To Up Your PR Game


“One app I highly recommend is called SignEasy which, as its name suggests, makes it easy for you to sign documents via phone or tablet,” says Sarah Rose Attman, who launched her own PR firm two years ago. 1– Technological Curiosity.

{PR}edict: Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR, Part 2

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Most predictive analytics software and systems are based on open-source libraries and technologies. Choosing data well comes from great data governance, including documentation of what’s in our data, how we acquired it, and how we prepared it. Listen to this blog post: [link].

Data-Driven PR Milestone: SHIFT Becomes Google Analytics Certified Partner

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The road to becoming a GACP took over two years, as SHIFT had to implement and document multiple deployments of Google Analytics™ for clients and get members of the staff certified in the Google Analytics™ Individual Qualification exam. Analytics Marketing Marketing Technology Metrics

PR tool of the month: Last Pass

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After scouring through files to find that one precious document containing all your passwords, rifling through old emails, usually we just click ‘Forgot your password’. There is also the option for a special business service for teams to be able to easily share and safely store passwords, so there’s no need to hand over a massive document filled with passwords – thank goodness!). Blog PR tools Technology

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Are you stressing when you should be impressing?

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It’s well-documented that Londoners see in the region of 130 adverts each day by the time they get to work. It might feel good in the short term – I’ve experienced this first hand at the Glastonbury Festival where the most advanced piece of technology I used all week was a phone that could barely send text messages and make calls. Blog Christian Sharp PR tips TechnologyA little while ago, we looked at how to avoid distraction as marketers.

An Evening at Ready Set Raise


is launching to provide a marketplace where solo and small firms can access research and documents, and sell their own documents in the marketplace. She founded geeRemit, a mobile app for global money transfers based on blockchain technology. No BS Blog

The Importance of “Being Human” in Marketing

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This rule of thumb applies to all of your platforms–from your website and direct email campaigns to your blogs and social media channels. Document company social events and get behind-the-scenes photos.

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#SelfPub – Part 2: Finding Alphas*


6 Be flexible with your technology I wrote my first draft in Google Docs. Luckily my alpha readers were grown-ups and decided to revert using the technology they felt comfortable with: sometimes email, sometimes Word, sometimes Google Docs. PR/Business blog nooptin

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Lawyering up on Data Protection and Cybersecurity

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They’re not talking to their marketing teams, to their technology teams, and so they have legacy systems with customer data, they have Cloud systems that their employees are using and all of these are potentially vulnerable to attacks from outside forces and inside forces.

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4 Quick Tips to Maximize ROI with HubSpot

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Luckily for us, rapid advancements in marketing automation technology present new opportunities to revamp our marketing efforts. Here, you’ll find a summary of email, blog, landing page and overall website performance. Technology automation

How I 1st-Drafted an 87,000-Word Self-Help Book over 46 Days in 2018*


I’d been business blogging since early 2014, and diligently sending out helpful stuff to my email list subscribers since early 2015. (I My blogging had become more ambitious and I’d written a few unconventional influencer posts that had gone down well. Ahem, that’s this blog post.

It Pays to be Cute


Of course, this was all documented through the owner’s sharp eye, a professional Nikon camera and a series of hashtags and shout outs specifically outlined in the contract. No BS BlogIt Pays to be Cute. If I look to the right of my MacBook screen, there is a puppy.

Corporate Reputation And The Whistleblower Culture

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Her new memoir, Whistleblower , recounts the events that drove her to document the harassment and objectification she experienced in the now-legendary blog post about her “very, very strange year at Uber.”

Bringing home the bacon is going to be tougher

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For those connected to the industry, the Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce document makes grim reading. Engage PR BlogBy Jack Milner, Engage PR account executive.

What is a Media Kit? And how do you create one?


Because of advancements in technology, companies can build a better media kit that not only provides easy-to-digest information on brands, products, services, and leadership, but also engages media contacts—increasing the likelihood of obtaining positive media coverage.

Living and Working in PR in South Africa : Lessons and takeaways ten years later

Karen Freberg

I was doing research on blogs and outlets we would reach out to about our clients. My blogging skills were emphasized in South Africa tremendously. Academics Communications Emerging Technologies Public Relations social media South Africa South Africa Internship

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7 alternatives to time-wasting, morale-draining meetings

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Try creating a collaborative document with your team, and let your colleagues add ideas and feedback whenever it’s convenient. With video chat and teleconferencing technology, you can still have real-time communication without meeting in person.

PR Tips For Winning Business Awards

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It’s also a good idea to consider data visualizations as a supporting document for some awards to substantiate the numbers. For B2B technology companies, publications like The Drum , Digiday, Campaign, Forbes, and Ad Age all put on annual award programs.

7 Media Statistics from an Annual Survey of Reporters that Gives PR a Glimpse of their Mindset

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It’s also a key reason why blogging and content marketing has become an important tool in the media relations toolkit. Also, see these related posts: How to Generate Media Referenceable B2B Customers with a Blog. 6) Technology that will change reporting.

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Why PR pros should consider immersive storytelling

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New technology is changing everything for communicators. The future of public relations and journalism are two sides of the same coin, and both are experiencing powerful technological advances that are reshaping how communicators tell and distribute stories.

Ted Underwood on Topic Modeling and PR

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I had wanted to learn about technologies and research that can help understand online content, and answer questions like “what topics are being shared, discussed and trending?” I hope my blog visitors find the information helpful and interesting, thanks for reading.

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8 tips to craft a sensible corporate social media policy

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Facebook and Twitter are obvious examples, but there are loads of online forums, blogs, chat platforms and video sharing sites that are more ambiguous. Be mindful of your employees’ technology tastes, and consider how your people prefer to consume content.

League of Innovative Schools Districts Demand Data Interoperability

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More than 40 district leaders who are in charge of their district’s technology efforts attended a workshop in October 2017 to tackle data interoperability challenges. Essentially, in many cases, a district’s student information system (SIS), which supports registering students in courses, documenting files like transcripts and assessment scores, building student schedules, and tracking student attendance, is not connected to edtech products that support learning core subjects.

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Are you choosing your words carefully? Use Textio

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Positive language – is highlighted in green and a higher Textio score will show how effective your document is. Predictive technology and artificial intelligence can inform the writer of the most effective words. Blog PR toolsChoosing the right words is a key component for getting your message across. It’s important when looking to recruit new talent in your company, and choosing your words to communicate the job proposition and company ethos should be done carefully.

How to Create a Successful B2B Content Strategy

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Studies have revealed that of the 88% of B2B marketers who use content marketing, only 32% have a documented strategy. The most-effective marketers are more likely to document their content marketing strategy. --Joe

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Would you Run Your Internal Data Through this Media Monitoring AI? PR Tech Sum: Talkwalker, TVEyes, Meltwater, SocialChorus, Cision, Signal AI and Burrelles

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Every month when I go to write this PR technology summary, I’m surprised at just how many new tools and features are being brought to market. And now, here’s this month’s PR technology summary…. The company has developed machine learning technology to monitor news and media.

5 B2C Tactics That Are Sure to Boost Your B2B Marketing Strategy

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In B2B marketing trends, the pace of change in technology, customer expectations and selling techniques can be tough to comprehend, let alone conquer. --Sam Take, for example, Intel’s RealSense Technology. You can showcase elements of your culture on your website, blog, and social media channels. For example, instead of convening in a board room to sign legal papers, could you condense it to an online legal document with a checkbox at the bottom for agreement?

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#AIinPR panel calls for contributions to literature review ahead of report launch at Turing Institute  

Stephen Waddington

Dan Slee has written up a review of the project on his personal blog: A three little pigs warning about AI in PR that you need to pay attention to. Professor Anne Gregory has led a CIPR AIinPR project over the last 12 months to review the impact of AI on professional occupations including PR.

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PR Software Vendors Wrestle with Cybersecurity [PR Tech Sum]

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Welcome to the first PR technology summary ( PR tech sum ) of 2020. For those new to it, the PR tech sum, it’s a monthly roundup of all the news coming from the vendor community that develops and sells PR technology. And now, here’s this month’s PR technology summary….

The Most Interesting PR Tech Announcements in 2019 [PR Tech Sum]

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In each one, I aim to explain in jargon-free language, what is new with the vendors making technology that helps PR pros to do their jobs. The company is “moving away from document-based sentiment to sentence based sentiment. 5) Picks from the PR tech vendor news blogs.

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