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Impact of COVID-19 on NHS comms

Stephen Waddington

The impact of COVID-19 on NHS comms documents the scale of the challenge faced by professional NHS communicators since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic in early 2020. Paul Dunn and Sarah Rose document how Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust created its own manufacturing facility.

How to Self-Publish Your Content Cheap and Quick


Many people have written books of aggregated blog posts (most notably Steve Levitt and Steven Dubner of the Freakonomics blog), many communications and marketing professionals simply have some higher concept ideas that work better in long form and that people would read better as a book. It belongs to a group of self-publishing services that enable you to do most of the work yourself, which substantially lessens the price to print. Think Local.

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Purdah communication and resource rules

Stephen Waddington

The ads promoted £25m being targeted in locations such as Milton Keynes, Morley, Northampton and Workington The ads created by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) are no longer being promoted after being highlighted by the Huffington Post. Purdah covers civil servants of Government departments, local government, and the board members and staff of public bodies, and arm’s length organisations. A similar approach applies to blogs and social media.

How much is your PR expertise worth?

PR Daily

Many consultants and public relations firms offer individual items off the shelf such as TV, radio and print placements, op-eds, press releases and blog posts. based in southern California, bills clients $1,000 to draft two media documents—including the company biography and a press release—and a $250 per month subscription fee. just local media pitching, solely trade media, etc.). Organizations cannot simply buy a positive reputation and credible image.

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How I 1st-Drafted an 87,000-Word Self-Help Book over 46 Days in 2018*


I’d been business blogging since early 2014, and diligently sending out helpful stuff to my email list subscribers since early 2015. (I My blogging had become more ambitious and I’d written a few unconventional influencer posts that had gone down well. This blog post showed me another way. This SumoMe blog post told me that the seed I’d planted myself in 2015 – writing a book – was practicable. H: What about the print quality? Ahem, that’s this blog post.

Top 15 Leeds based influencers


Her feed documents her journey of being a mum which she is very honest and open about – something that resonates well with her followers. Jessica also documents her family’s travels together – both abroad and throughout the UK, providing inspiration for new families to get out and explore! A few things… you all told me what you love/want to see more of on my blog and Instagram and it left me SO inspired!! Full review on the blog v soon ?

15 writing tips from great 20th-century authors

PR Daily

Their timeless advice applies as well to your next blog post as it does to fiction. Use these tips to improve your blog writing skills and avoid some of the pitfalls that tend to detract from quality. Staring at a blank Word document? Let's say you're writing about global versus local supply chains. In the case of blogging, we know that filling your head with relevant writing expands your perspective and teaches you things you didn't know.

Can you Profit Directly from Content Marketing? Proceed with Caution

Sword and the Script

The authors have documented case studies used to support the notion of profitable content marketing. Finally, there are some that have been actually able to sell subscriptions to print magazines they publish (Lifetime Fitness). It was a wild success with thousands of registrations and an absurdly high volume of exposure across news, blogs and social media. The book, in its second edition, looks like something you could print and publish at a small printing shop.

7 pre-Internet PR tools

PR Daily

These documents were often typed on Olivetti or IBM Selectric typewriters. Trips to the local library were frequent, and lengthy. Documents contained in these folders took weeks to write and edit. The design, off-site printing and subsequent stuffing gave a new meaning to collaboration. A version of this article originally appeared on the Get In Front Communications blog

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Future of PR: 2020 edition

Stephen Waddington

Vuelio named this blog the best PR and communications blog in 2019. Gender diversity in PR is an issue as old as the industry itself Gender issues in the PR industry are well documented. Each corporate PRCA member will be expected to engage with a local school each year. The web was the most significant shift in publishing since the invention of the printing press in the 15th Century. Newspaper brands continue to suffer as readers shift from print to digital.

6 Steps for a Better Media Pitch List

Beyond PR

For local news, compile a list of influential outlets in the region; for larger, national stories, think of top outlets across the country and pinpoint their most prominent writers. Don’t just focus on traditional media; the rise of blogging and social media translates to a higher number of online influencers who attract content-hungry audiences. For stories that are more evergreen or broader in scale, consider print periodicals like consumer and trade magazines.

Guide your marketing efforts with an editorial calendar

PR Daily

There are certainly paid options available, but some teams find success by simply using a printed calendar and Post-it notes. Remember, the key is to see your calendar as a living document that needs to be updated regularly. Is it a blog post, infographic, patient story, video, checklist, etc.? Don’t forget to consider local keywords, too. What other ways can that blog post be used? Can part of that patient testimonial video become a blog post?

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The Best Tools For Consultants to Manage and Promote Your Business

Solo PR Pro

Overnight Prints * – On the recommendation of Solo PR PRO Premium member Greg Brooks , I tried Overnight Prints and put its moniker to the test. They also have full-sized business cards, post cards, flyers and other printed items – available in small quantities – that allow you to have a unique, professional presence (useful for clients, too!). Website/Blog. These days, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get a basic website and/or blog up and running.

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6 Awesome Examples of How To Leverage Corporate History in Brand Storytelling


The "Unzipped" brand publishing platform that offers "a deeper look inside Levi Strauss" through Throwback Thursday vintage photos and blog posts on its culture and social progress. Tasked with chronicling the GNP Company history and Helgeson family legacy, we dove deeply into the company’s archives, along with memorabilia from Helgeson family members and local historical societies. The souvenir booklet - a 40-page document with a “Which Came First?”

Improving Your Press Releases – It’s This Simple?

PR Fuel

Try printing out your press releases and slashing through fluff (unnecessary words and info) with a red pen. After you’ve perfected the rest of your document, go over the title and opening paragraph a few more times. We want that spot on the local news. That post on the top trending blog. Yes, you can greatly improve your press releases, it’s simple to get more media coverage and engagement. I didn’t say easy, it surely takes work and focus.

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Are You Using These 33 Ways to Promote Your Content That Most Marketers Overlook?


For content marketers seeking to generate leads from that new blog post, white paper, case study, event, infographic, research report, or webinar, here are 33 ways to ensure that your content is found, downloaded, clicked-on and consumed. Blog - If you maintain a blog, craft a post (or two) that relates to your new content offer with a call-to-action button at the end inviting readers to your landing page.