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Is Digital PR Making Public Relations Sexy Again?

Rock the Status Quo

When you think of the biggest changes in the move from traditional #PR to #DigitalPR, what comes to mind? After decades of media relations and pitching, everything is suddenly changing. Today’s stronger focus on social media and content marketing is also bridging the gap between digital experts and traditionalists, link builders and content creators, community managers and customer service. PR is suddenly sexy again. Digital PR Public Relations

9 expert tips for writing press release headlines

PR Daily

Here’s what PR veterans suggest should guide your efforts to be pithy and exhaustive at the same time. This article originally ran on PR Daily in February of 2018. When writing a press release, even experienced PR pros can get tripped up. We reached out to some of the industry’s top experts in PR, marketing and social media and asked them this one simple question: What is your No.1 proven tip for writing a press release headline?

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From PESO to Instagrammable Moments: 9 Trends Communicators Need to Own

PR News

As a communicator, you can have a powerful impact on just about every corner of your organization by using the platforms, relationships and knowledge that you and your PR team are uniquely positioned to leverage. The post From PESO to Instagrammable Moments: 9 Trends Communicators Need to Own appeared first on PR News Blog.

The Epic List of PR’s Daily Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)

PR News

Reality checked in with me recently when a few parents on my son’s rowing team, knowing my affiliation with PR News, asked me to write the press releases for the club. The post The Epic List of PR’s Daily Challenges (And How to Overcome Them) appeared first on PR News Blog. Sure, it’ll be easy, I thought, not factoring in a few key variables such as time constraints and more importantly that I knew very… Continued.

7 PR Blogs You Should Be Following

Critical Mention

Adjusting to new trends is part of the business for PR professionals. While we certainly encourage PR and communications pros to follow our insightful Critical Mention blog , we also want to share a few of our other favorite PR blogs. Ragan’s PR Daily. PR Daily is a news site that delivers news, advice, and opinions on the public relations, marketing, social media, and media worlds. PR Couture. PRNEWS Blog.

A Logo You Want to Eat

PR News

If you’re looking at an electronic screen as I write this, there’s a good chance you have a craving for a Hershey’s Kiss or two or 10, or for a Hershey bar with almonds, or just a plain old Hershey bar. The post A Logo You Want to Eat appeared first on PR News Blog. Digital PR Media Relations

12 of the best online tools for PR pros

PR Daily

What digital aids do you find it impossible to live without? This article originally appeared on PR Daily in April of 2018. With so many services and platforms for researching PR opportunities, finding the right media contacts and sharing your message—not to mention keeping track of it all—figuring out where to begin can be overwhelming. Cision offers a full suite for PR professionals, but it also comes with a hefty price tag. Tracking PR Opportunities.

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How to Improve Your Media Coverage

The Proactive Report

Media Relations is a core part of PR and can be one of the trickiest. It is, after all, called Media Relations. See what they write about. Follow them on social media. Read their blog. 20 years ago, when I started teaching PR courses, the number one complaint reporters and editors had about PR pros was that we’re lazy and we don’t do our homework. A few minutes reading my blog would avoid that.

SMART News Content

The Proactive Report

Over the past ten years the news media has been under a great deal of pressure. This has led to some major changes in how media relations is practiced. According to the 2013 State of the Media report from Pew Research Center, shrinking newsroom staff has opened the door for news content from nonprofits and brands to be included in news reporting: “With fewer specialized beats your press release has never been more important. adults reported seeing news on social media.

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Google’s Content Rules

The Proactive Report

Content has always been a major part of PR, but now it’s become an integral part of all marketing. Every Google update to their algorithm, and all their rules about how to write content, have one aim in mind: to improve the results they give their users. Owned Media.

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Six Tips for Generating a Content Plan to Boost your PR Efforts


PR experts have a lot of experience creating exceptional content for their brands. In the digital marketing world, making the most of this content generation ability now means investing in new content marketing plans to ramp up brand awareness and cultivate customer engagement.

How to use video in your media pitch

PR Daily

Your media pitch is arguably more important than your press release. So, how do you master the art of media pitches? RELATED: We're recognizing the brightest minds in digital PR and social media. ]. Writing an attractive intriguing subject line is the key to making reporters want to open your email. Write much more and your pitch becomes white noise and readers might miss the actual story. Here’s how to get going: Write a short script.

5 terrific tips for winning industry awards

PR Daily

Putting an industry award on the company mantel can be a nice PR win for a B2B. Along with earned media visibility and recognition, awards build credibility and authority. Your PR agency or team should keep a database of relevant awards programs. Established companies might focus on awards with an editorial component—awards produced or sponsored by media outlets. RELATED: We're recognizing the brightest minds in digital PR and social media. ].

Hey, Influencer, Will You Help Me Do These 10,000 Things?

Rock the Status Quo

Has he ever left a comment on my blog? Like many people who are extremely active on social media, people bombard me with requests. They want to use me as a media platform. I write for three specific reasons – to gain an audience to learn with, to do my part improving the PR industry through education, and to build an audience for my book. a media platform, this pitch is still poorly done. Rock The Pitch media relations pitching Twitter

28 Observations from 28 Months as a Solo PR


One of them was me, Zude PR. I don’t know what the figure is for Glasgow PR firms, but I imagine it’s similar. Here are 28 top observations from MY first 28 months as a solo digital PR pro (just in case you ever need them ). You Should Read This If: You’re c onsidering setting up your own (in my case solo) PR firm. I’m a 43-year-old traditional-media-relations-guy-turned-digital-PR. And I’m a much better PR to boot. #5:

29 Advanced Digital Newsletters That Help You Learn


You’re a public relations practitioner. You want to learn more about digital marketing and SEO. It recommends 29 advanced digital newsletters you can subscribe to. But the overriding one – and the one that concerns me here in this blog post – is the amount I have read. I fondly remember sitting in a room with four PR consultant colleagues in 1997. I’d even started a running blog to practice. Digital Marketing. Digital PR.

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Long-Form Content is King: 4 Studies Show the Power of Long-Form in Content Marketing [UML]

Sword and the Script

I was pretty good at media relations and I was confident I’d be able to turn things around. This is contrary to 99% of all PR advice that says short emails are best. Something similar has happened in content marketing and blogging in the marketing community. >>> Looking for a B2B tech PR with expertise and execution? 2) Long-form wins in data analysis of 912 million blog posts by Backlinko.

The Top 10 Books of 2016 (According to Zude)


Reading this book inspired me to write this blog post , which has been shared more than 1700 times on social media. #2: Social Media & Self-Awareness by Gary Vaynerchuk (10 March 2016) £13.60. A self-made man who’s learnt more about social media through his various disruptive businesses (most famously Wine Library) than anyone I know. If you’re an entrepreneur, own a business, or are interested in digital marketing, this book’s a must. #4:

How to Get On in New Communications: Be Nice


You work in public relations, SEO, content marketing or social media marketing. Your blog is just not working and you’re wondering why. We both own PR companies, with a twist. So I jotted down a list of PR/digital/SEO/content marketing influencers. And they all blog. His personal blog is PR Studies and he edits a magazine called Behind the Spin. Author of 27 Blogging from Paradise books. Adam is a digital marketer.

18 PR standbys that will never die

PR Daily

I can't remember why exactly I asked the question on Facebook, but I did: I think it was because I'd just read a post about some PR standby (I couldn't think of the right word when I posted on Facebook) that was dead, long live the new PR thing… you know the kind of post (or news article) I mean. Media advisories and holding statements, and people complaining about media advisories and holding statements. Trade media relations/bylined articles.

How PR Pros Can Build Epic Personal Branding For Corporate Leadership

Rock the Status Quo

Like fluffy yellow chicks marching in line after their mama, many companies are stuck in push marketing tactics of the past, favoring carefully crafted, conservative external messaging and expecting their executives to rigidly follow corporate directives when it comes to having (or not having) a digital voice. So what’s a PR pro to do? Plus, it’s a great launch point into digital PR tactics, if online visibility is something new to you.

How to get important organization news covered

PR Daily

Most communicators have encountered this classic media relations quandry: Do you pitch a journalist first or share the news on your own and pitch the story later, in hopes of garnering media coverage? Here’s a step-by-step guide to effective media relations.

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Orlando or Bust! Last Chance to Register for Solo PR Event at Discounted Rates

Solo PR Pro

As regular readers of this blog know, each year Solo PR Pro works to provide a one-of-a-kind conference experience for our community – one focused on the unique needs of independent communications consultants and other small organizations (as opposed to the deep-pocketed Fortune 500 organizations or large-scale PR agencies typically discussed at other events). How to Write Short: Word Craft for Fast Times – Roy Peter Clarke, Senior Scholar, Poynter Institute.

How to modernize your PR team workflow – The Essential Guide

Frederik Vincx

Reading Time: 24 minutes This guide provides you with a thorough 5-step plan to evaluate and improve the workflow of your PR team. What’s ahead: Map your PR team workflow. Hence, this isn’t a typical 500-word blog post with 10 tips to ( insert random PR activity ). PR teams need to adapt to the changing consumer. Long form blog posts? And you are not just competing against other PR teams for budgets, but also against advertising, digital, and marketing.