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3 lessons corporate blogs can learn from personal blogs

Communications Conversations

Corporate blogging has never been bigger. According to the annual University of Massachusetts study of how Fortune 500 companies are using social media, a whopping 77% of companies are using a corporate blog. Look through the Fortune 500 companies and their blogs–you’ll definitely see this pattern.

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Blog Contest Winner: Can Mastering the FEEL First Model Unite the Contrasting Generations?

Deirdre Breakenridge

A Guest Post By Michael Matheny, MA candidate at American University and FEEL Blog Post Winner. By Pew Research Center definition, having been born in 1996, I am a Millennial (although many would argue that I should identify as a Gen Y/Z cusper, or “zillennial.”) appeared first on Deirdre Breakenridge.

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Binge Blogging: 30 Blog Posts in 30 Days


What is binge blogging? Similar to binge watching, binge blogging is the practice of blogging more frequently than usual for a period of time. When I explained I was going to heavy up my blogging to a new acquaintance I met at a networking event, he asked if I was planning to post 3 or 4 times daily. I love blogging.

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Top Blogs For PR To Follow

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

There are many public relations industry blogs that offer know-how on everything from crafting brilliant media pitches to perfecting presentation skills. But how to determine which blogs are me-too, and which are worth your while? After that, the blog world is your oyster! Follow these blogs to increase your PR acumen.

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Datelines, Bylines and Credible Citations: 3 Elements of Trust You Should Include in Company Blog Posts

Sword and the Script

That’s the approach some companies are taking with their blog posts and content. The study looked interesting, so I clicked the link for a closer look: the ‘source’ document was another blog post, which in turn cited several other studies. How could this happen on a company blog? That is by definition “ sameness.”

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How Long Should a Blog Post be in 2019? [And Other Key Blogging Statistics You Should Know]

Sword and the Script

Writers that report success with blogging share the following characteristics: They are more likely to write longer or more in-depth content; They tend to spend six or more hours writing a post; They are 2.5 1) How long should a blog post be? Today the average blog post is 1151 words. So, how long should a blog post be?

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My 30-Day Blogging Challenge: The Importance of Syndicated Content


My binge blogging challenge is complete—this post is the final one in my 30-day challenge. You can read about why I decided to binge blog and some of the lessons I learned along the way HERE and HERE. Was binge blogging a good idea? Overall I’d have to say the blogging challenge was a good idea. Business Blogging'

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