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5 Ways to Get More Blog Reads With Social Media


While each component of your marketing strategy (email, PR, social media, blogs) should bring you results, it’s often better when two or more components work together. Take blogging and social media. You can write knock-’em-dead content, but without a push from other places, your blog may see little to no traffic on its own. Here’s how you can boost your blog’s traffic with a few social media tricks.

Why and how to yield your social media account to employees

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Social media might conjure thoughts of hip, young influencers running an Instagram account for fashion brands. GE Power recently showed how an industrial company can obtain strong results by letting employees control its social media accounts.


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Social media dos and don’ts for 2019

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Whether you are looking to expand your social media efforts or just keep up with the competition, there are some rules you must follow. How can you better ensure your social media efforts will help you accomplish your brand’s objectives in 2019? What you post on your personal social media accounts can affect how people view your company. On your blog and social media channels, let your readers see your personality shine through.

Good Social Media Strategies to Improve SEO

Critical Mention

You may have heard the controversy among media professionals about whether or not social media affects search engine optimization. More specifically, encouraging link shares should be the ultimate social media strategy that organizations use to boost SEO. Marketing and social media pros should take advantage and tend to the symbiotic relationship between social media and SEO. Optimize Your Social Media Pages.

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Should You Hire Someone to Manage Your Social Media?


You know you need a presence on social media, and you’ve done your best to update your profiles regularly… but it’s a challenge to stay on top of it when you have so much else going on in running your small business. The main objective here is to ensure your social media thrives, and if you’re getting in your own way because you don’t have time to manage it yourself, hiring a social media manager could be the best thing you do for your company.

The Craft of Creative Writing


The Craft of Creative Writing. For 2017, my super awesome Secret Santa, Michelle, gave me a book by Dani Shapiro, titled, “Still Writing – The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life.” In her book, Dani compares the beginning of the writing process to a jigsaw puzzle. If I’m writing a press release, I like to start with the headline, subhead and first sentence of the intro paragraph. The key is to find an outside reader that you trust with your writing.

6 Social Media “Musts” for Crisis Communication


The airline continued to communicate via social media throughout the ordeal and was universally lauded for its social media response to this crisis. Social media adds an overwhelming complexity to crisis communication. The multiple channels, user-level control of messaging, and real-time delivery make social media far more complex than press releases and conferences. Meet the needs of the media and remain accessible.

10 truths about social media learned from a decade of campaigns

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Nothing stays the same for long in social media marketing, but a few eternal truths can be discerned from years of trial and error. Ten years can seem like 30 in the fast-changing world of social media. Social media marketers are still trying to get consumers talking about their clients—and buying their products—with ever-increasing sophistication and style. In social media, the only constant is change. Social media never sleeps.

Why PR pros should be part of your SEO and social media teams

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The PR communicator is uniquely skilled in creating the content and strategy businesses need in the digital media ecosystem. Under that umbrella, they know they need to have a strong search marketing game—and of course, there’s social media marketing that always needs tending. They’re sinking more money into paid search and social media isn’t always the answer. It’s not enough for a PR or search marketing pro to secure an earned media mention.

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Pepsi’s new catchphrase, TikTok’s transparency report, and the best times to post on social media

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The original tweet and its replies can serve as inspiration for fun (and potentially quirky) questions to ask your followers on social media, sparking both engagement and potential headlines. Image courtesy of Sprout Social. Image courtesy of Sprout Social.

4 Creative PR Ideas for Crisis Communications

Sword and the Script

Constraint breeds creativity. Writing on the Ignite Social Media blog, Bruna Camargo gave the vehicle manufacturer good grades for its response, “Instead of issuing some lame press release about how they’re sorry their guy couldn’t be more eloquent, they embraced it, rolled with it, and are now about to bank on it. The video is embedded nearby — imagine watching this from the social media command center — and then tightening your seat-belt: 2.

William Faulkner on writing from the heart

Doctor Spin

He writes not of love but of lust, of defeats in which nobody loses anything of value, and victories without hope and worst of all, without pity or compassion. He writes not of the heart but of the glands. Doctor Spin is Jerry Silfwer's blog on digital strategy and public relations.

11 social media mistakes brand managers should avoid

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Done well, social media is a powerful and cost-effective marketing channel that can help businesses grow. When developing a social media marketing strategy, it is natural that some mistakes will be made. Here are common mistakes that brand managers should avoid when using social media. Not having a social media plan. Your social media plan should include: How often you will be posting updates. Be creative!

10 lessons from 10 years of teaching social media

Karen Freberg

As we start the spring semester, I realized that it has officially been 10 years since I started teaching a social media class. I thought it would be a good idea to share some insights on what it has been like to teach social media for the past ten years, what has changed (obviously!),

New decade, new social media class

Karen Freberg

This was especially the case as I ventured in teaching social media earlier in the decade (amazing!). 2020 is going to mark my seventh year teaching social media (8th total) at the University of Louisville. I am actually going to use my social media book for my class.

5 Tips to spark creativity and improve writing

Media Bullseye

Writing can be a therapeutic, relaxing way to share ideas and express yourself. Writer’s block is frustrating, especially when you’re unable to even think of an interesting topic about which to write. With the prevalence of content marketing, blogging, and social media posting, PR professionals and communicators are expected to generate interesting content from a fresh perspective to drive traffic to their organization’s site and build stronger relationships with a growing audience.

Approaching Teaching Social Media In the New Academic Year

Karen Freberg

With professors who are teaching social media, this can be a daunting and intimidating task in many ways. Teaching social media, as I have written about many times, is a constant prep. What is exciting always is to see what professors have come up with to integrate new forms of technologies, platforms, and exercises to teach their students all about social media. I know when I started teaching social media several years ago, this was not the case.

The Top 50 Social Media Influencers on Twitter


As Cision’s social media manager, I use top 50 and top 100 lists for three purposes: To follow individuals who will help me stay in the loop when new trends and statistics emerge within my industry. Every year, Cision creates a list of the top 50 social media influencers on Twitter. Contributed: Four ways social can get out of the silo and truly integrate. New York Times best-selling author, global keynote speaker, and digital media entrepreneur.

In your writing, focus on the ‘you,’ not the ‘I’

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RELATED: Join us at Disney World for our Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Communications Professionals. ]. Why angle your writing? My previous blog post said …. The post In your writing, focus on the ‘you,’ not the ‘I’ appeared first on PR Daily.

5 tips to ignite creativity

PR Daily

If writing is part of your job, you know the nonstop struggle to produce inspired ideas. Fortunately, there are loads of ways to spark creativity and generate fresh, compelling article ideas. If you’re stuck in a 500-word, five-bullet blog post rut, consider creating: A how-to guide. For inspiration, check out the Travel Channel blog, which features a lovely mix of topics and formats. Try co-authoring an article or swapping guest posts on your respective blogs.

7 social media lessons from ‘Pretty Little Liars’

PR Daily

On Tuesday, the series finale concluded the seven-year-run of what has been called “the most social show on TV” —and one of the first series to usher in the era of tweeting along with your favorite television shows. Its second season finale generated the most social media buzz of any series in TV history at the time, and last year’s episodes generated more than a quarter of a billion engagements across social platforms. Scooter Media.

How to create your own unique voice on social media

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The concept sounds simple, but then you start to write a post and get stuck. Follow these writing tips for developing your social media tone of voice for your business, organization or personal account. RELATED: Learn how to boost buzz, build brand recognition and engage employees on the hottest social media platforms.]. Why are you on social media? What purpose will each one of your social media platforms serve?

7 ways to make the most of your writing time

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Many people believe they don’t have enough time to write. Almost always they’re wrong, and if you dislike writing, you won’t be particularly motivated to make more time for it. . FREE GUIDE: 10 ways to improve your writing today ]. Writing & Editing

5 Tips on Sharing Press Releases on Social Media

PR Fuel

Are you wondering how you can make your press releases more sharable for social media? If you want to boost engagement when it comes to sharing press releases on social media, keep reading. Craft a Creative Headline. Blog About It. Go Live on Social.

Creative PR: 4 Idea Generation Techniques

Shift Communications

In 1926, psychologist Graham Wallas outlined the basic creative process, which has been the overall framework for understanding and fostering creativity for almost a century. The Wallas process has four general stages: Preparation : loading up your mind to be creative. One of the ways we train people to think about how to use social media and write effective headlines is to move laterally one step away from the core idea. What do they write about?

3 Creative Ways Public Relations can Partner with Human Resources and Recruiting to Attract Talent

Sword and the Script

At the time of this writing, the rate is currently 3.8%. To that end, here are a few creative PR ideas to help the recruiting shop out. Additional considerations include, catering, hire a photographer, sharing photos on social media in real time. It’s worth putting a little paid spend to boost links to announcements, invitations and blog posts with targeted social media advertisements. 2) Think creatively: guerilla recruiting tactics.

10 creative ways to optimise your B2B content

Doctor Spin

It’s common dismiss blogging as a bygone phenomenon. And in terms of how everyone used to have a blog, they’re not wrong. Most forms of blogging have slowed down and almost disappeared from the media landscape. Step 7: Time to write various meta descriptions.

9 Blogs To Make You PR-Smart

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

One of the best ways is to stay on top of key PR industry blogs as well as more general sites that offer a fresh take on business, creativity, and content. Why limit yourself to PR blogs when there’s a whole world of interesting stuff that can offer important information as well as increase specific skill sets? Blogs That Can Make You Smarter. Industry or Workplace Blogs. ” The blog is a reliable source of macro PR information and industry trends.

Why so many Employer Brands struggle with social media

Communications Conversations

In industry media and on PR/marketing blogs like this one, we talk an awful lot about “master brand” social media marketing work. Without a huge agency behind the work, who’s going to write all those scintillating case study posts? So, you would think most brands that create these “employer brands” with social executions would take them seriously, right?

Two Social Media Rules That Drive Results


Posting to social media alone will not build your brand. and founder of the #MeasurePR Twitter chat, joined Cision on a webinar to share her strategy for growing brands on social media. In her latest Cision webinar, “ Unleashing the Power of Social PR ,” Burke outlined two fundamental rules for effective social media engagement. Essential to any social campaign is an understanding who you are targeting.

Just Write

Waxing UnLyrical

Yesterday Mark Schaefer published a terrific post on how to pluck up the courage to blog with confidence. and then some, before I got my started on my blogging journey. And I also recalled how I might never have actually started that journey had it not been for Kami Huyse asking me to guest blog for her back in 2008. Image: Jeremy Brooks via Flickr, Creative Commons. ” Many of them had been blogging for years, and weren’t shy of telling you so.

How Long Should a Blog Post be in 2019? [And Other Key Blogging Statistics You Should Know]

Sword and the Script

Writers that report success with blogging share the following characteristics: They are more likely to write longer or more in-depth content; They tend to spend six or more hours writing a post; They are 2.5 That’s according to the findings of the latest survey by Orbit Media, a web design company that has surveyed about 1,000 bloggers annually for the last several years. 1) How long should a blog post be? Today the average blog post is 1151 words.

The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging 10/10: Bulk Blog Topics Generation

Shift Communications

Blogging isn’t going out of style any time soon; with the ascent of content marketing, blogging, podcasting and video are on the minds of marketers and PR professionals all the time. In this 10-part Beginner’s Guide to Blogging series, we’re going to explore what makes a blog great and give you some structures and frameworks to help make blogging easier. Beginner's Guide to Blogging Series: Part 1: Blog Core Values. Part 9: In Media Res.

A day in the life of one solo PR/social media consultant (and adjunct professor)

Communications Conversations

Take a peek at the social communities for my biggest client (of 10 years now!), Over the last five years, we’ve created a social media playbook document that makes this a lot easier! Start research and writing a byline for my Trustmark client. Blog post research.

How many blog posts should you publish?

PR Daily

There’s no universal magic number of blog posts that every organization should create per month in order to see results. Though the perfect amount of blog content doesn’t exist, there is a range to shoot for. Depending on what your company goals are and what your capacity is for creating content, you can find a blogging sweet spot. Think of this option as the bare minimum, as in one blog post a week or one blog post every other week.

10 outstanding corporate blogs

PR Daily

There seems to be a lot of noise about the "death of the company blog.". In a world with so many shiny balls to chase—such as Snapchat and Instagram—are blogs still viable? A few years ago, I did a comprehensive study of the best company blogs in America, and it''s time to reconsider this channel. What is the state of the art in company blogging? What are the best company blogs today? Social sharing activity. The blog shows the heart of the company.

Writing Hacks to 10X Your PR Success

Social PR Chat

Imagine how much more productive and rewarding your writing time could be if, when you made time to write and sat down and opened that laptop, you could get right to it? In a recent Office Hours Live Chat, I got to pick the brain of a business writer and writing coach Miranda Miller. She’s been writing for brands and other organizations for over 15 years and now teaches other writers tricks and tips to dramatically improve the quality and value of their writing.

Creative PR: 4 Idea Generation Techniques

Shift Communications

In 1926, psychologist Graham Wallas outlined the basic creative process, which has been the overall framework for understanding and fostering creativity for almost a century. The Wallas process has four general stages: Preparation : loading up your mind to be creative. One of the ways we train people to think about how to use social media and write effective headlines is to move laterally one step away from the core idea. What do they write about?

9 steps to better, more effective content writing

PR Daily

Writing sells. You don’t have to be the world’s foremost wordsmith to produce effective content, but improving your writing will make you more successful at work. You’re not just writing for yourself, are you? You should be creating content for others, and it’s imperative to understand the people you’re writing for. It’s the best way to maintain a coherent mix of monthly themes and avoid writing about the same material repeatedly.

9 expert tips for writing press release headlines

PR Daily

When writing a press release, even experienced PR pros can get tripped up. We reached out to some of the industry’s top experts in PR, marketing and social media and asked them this one simple question: What is your No.1 proven tip for writing a press release headline? There needs to be a sense of shock and awe as media are deluged with press releases, pitches and alerts every day. Featured Media Relations Writing & Editing