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Print? Really? Here’s why it’s a smart option for marketers

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Do you evaluate print advertising as part of an overarching media strategy for your brand? If your goals include brand affinity and purchase intent, print outscores digital and TV. A print campaign can communicate the message and connect with audiences in a way that is relevant and motivating. According to a recent study by Kantar Millward Brown Digital, print simply works harder at achieving these specific brand KPIs. The post Print?

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3 power tips to craft an outstanding blog

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Blogging has become an essential part of PR and marketing pros’ repertoire. that 60 percent of marketers consider crafting blog posts their top inbound marketing priority. s Zac Johnson wrote : With over a billion active websites on the internet today, and more than 300 million blogs, it’s no wonder why more people are starting personal sites, hobby blogs, and even business and brand blogs to make their own little space on the internet.


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13 rules to sharpen your PR writing

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When a PR pro writes, it usually is a marketing activity—and that writing must be sharp, clear and focused. PR writing is as varied as marketing content: press releases, brochures, letters, blogging, website content and video-script writing. Here are 13 rules to follow to hone your writing skills and final product: 1. If you’ve studied print journalism, you understand the inverted pyramid. Write: The city council passed the law last night.

Last Night a Blog Post Changed My Life


And my primary sources of information, advice, enjoyment, and inspiration have been blogs (and bloggers). Not spammy 300-600-worders but 1500-word+ writings of real value (yes, I know there’s a degree of enlightened self-interest for the author, but the wisdom they impart is worth the minor commercialism). If I really like a post, I print it out, highlight the best bits, and make notes in the margin. All this blog-reading has not gone unremarked. Print them off.

How to Write a Press Release that Gets Journalists’ Attention

PR Fuel

Write the release first, edit it later. Keep the release looking good with solid writing and formatting. Never Write a Press Release Without a Plan. When it comes to press release writing, it’s easy to see it as just another task filling up your to-do list. What should you write next? In actuality, if you take a few moments to plan out your release before you actually write it, you’re going to save yourself time during the writing process.

How to Start a University Blog

Waxing UnLyrical

Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali How to Start a University Blog November 30th, 2010 Tweet Guest post by Shanan Sorochynski, and also part of the Blogging for Grasshoppers series Since our university launched its first official blog , the question I keep hearing is: how did you do it? So when the idea of a blog first entered my head, I shared it with all of them.

The Top 25 UK Interior Blogs

Norton's Notes

I could spend hours trawling through various interior and style blogs and Pinterest, looking for inspiration and mentally planning what my future house will look like. So, I’ve compiled a list of the top 25 interior blogs – hoping that each one will give you some kind of inspiration and ideas. Bright Bazaar Blog. What I love about Kate’s blog is that the content type differs daily. Her blog is full with lots of tips and tricks that can be used in your home.

Is Pay-to-Post Blogging The New Advertorial?

Waxing UnLyrical

Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Is Pay-to-Post Blogging The New Advertorial? A few weeks ago, they asked a question about paying for blog posts. And I believe the paid-for blog post is the twenty-first century version of the advertorial. If you disclose that someone’s blog post about you is indeed not a piece of earned media, you lose credibility.

Landing Page, SEO and Blog Secrets: An Interview with Clint Danks of ThinkSEM


You invest a lot of time in your ThinkSEM blog , chiefly written by your wife and co-owner Sarah Danks and PR staffer Kayla Hollatz – it’s a fun read. When I first started our agency, I relied solely on PPC and SEO to market ThinkSEM, because I didn’t think blogs, social media or content marketing would do anything for us! A blog is huge from a brand perspective, yet we neglected it at first and I regret that.

How To Write A Pitch For Digital PR In 2021: A Complete Guide


Get creative: a recent study from the past six to 12 months could make your study or campaign relevant – the more recent, the better. So when writing your pitches, avoid including too much fluff or making them dig for the main story. Write a solid subject line.

Cisco, Maxwell PR, Alibaba Group lead the way among Digital Marketing Awards winners

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From repurposing Thanksgiving leftovers to building homes from scratch, from addressing children’s health issues to celebrating older people’s enduring vitality, communicators stretched their creative muscles to develop memorable brand experiences for their respective audiences.

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Facebook bets on video with new tools, Twitter to shut down Periscope, and Ally Bank offers New Year’s babies $250

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It’s also running a contest, offering 90 consumers the opportunity to win one of the copies, and issued a humorous take on the competition’s terms and conditions: We’ve always wanted to be authors so we’ve printed a few copies of the book.

Walmart announces employee bonuses and extended leave, Warner Bros. to stream films with theatrical releases, and Southwest warns of 6,800 job cuts

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In a blog post , Dunkin’ wrote: You may be wondering how that eye-catching purple color came to be. We’re living in unprecedented times which call for creative solutions, including this new initiative for the Warner Bros. Also: McKinsey & Co.

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The Future of a PR Pro

Critical Mention

The concept of influencer marketing has been around since the late 1800s when cigarette companies used well-known stars in their print ads to try and influence the general public to use their product. With the rise of chatbots, PR pros must focus on developing and implementing creative strategies to create awareness, improve their company’s reputation and generate profits. When she’s not writing you can find her at music festivals, hiking or snowboarding.

How I 1st-Drafted an 87,000-Word Self-Help Book over 46 Days in 2018*


Have you always aspired to write a book? 1 The Seed is Planted #2 Doing the Research #3 Getting the Self-Publishing Mindset #4 What the Hell am I Going to Write About? #5 5 Life and Work Sometimes Get in the Way #6 A Stem Forms #7 The Research Phase #8 Attending Writing School #9 Final Preparations #10 What First-Drafting a Book in 46 Days Looks Like #11 Tips on First-Drafting a Book by a First-Time (Self-Publishing) Author Next Steps Conclusion Codicil. I was ready to write.

12 ways to produce a killer press release


Write a snappy subject line for your email, says Elise Copps of Hamilton Health Sciences. Write snappily Use active voice, not passive. Include meaningful boilerplate The simplest points sometimes need restating: Write the boilerplate description of your company as if for somebody who has never heard of your business. As a Pulitzer Prize-winning former colleague once put it to me, Do organizations think we’ll just print a press release verbatim?

Improving Your Press Releases – It’s This Simple?

PR Fuel

Writing just might be the most important skill you can have. It doesn’t matter how many reporters you know or how unique your story angle is, if you can’t write a compelling press release that instantly sucks readers in, everything else is meaningless. Unfortunately, too many press release writers never improve their writing skills. What you need to try is writing them differently. Dare to be different and creative. That post on the top trending blog.

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What Do Journalists Want? Five Elements of a Good Story

Bianchi Biz Blog

This is part of the reason we created our Meet the Media blog series. I want to write stories that thoroughly explain what’s going on and how it impacts them.”. Focus on creative, unique stories from which others can learn.

6 Benefits Of Long-Form PR Content

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Although longer content like books, white papers, podcasts, eBooks, and video can take more time and effort than shorter bites, and it demands greater depth and creativity, it can prove very effective. Whereas it was once important for a book to be printed and distributed by a traditional publisher, today self-publishing is a perfectly acceptable route. Content like blogs and opinion pieces allow a CEO to show depth and personality, which helps build a distinct personal brand.

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The Role of a Brand Newsroom Editor


It’s not exactly marketing and it’s not entirely journalism, but it’s not solely blogging either. They no longer assign or write the same old press releases to send to the same media outlets. Hi-res images, creative and standard executive headshots, logo or product shots, linked high-profile media mentions, contact information and a sleek digital media kit are a few other pieces of the newsroom puzzle a managing editor keeps updated and organized.

How to Leverage AI in PR for Amazing Results

B2B PR Sense

The reason is that AI lacks imagination and creativity, which limits it in many areas of public relations. Instead of being focused on mundane tasks like scheduling follow-up emails or liking posts on social media, PR pros can leave such tasks to AI and work on other, more creative aspects of their PR strategy. Lumen5 can analyze any blog post and create a video within moments, complete with visuals, audio, and text. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is nothing new.

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Multimedia: The Future of Media Relations Blog

” Today, virtually every print publication utilizes video content on its web site. As print readership declines, viewership of web content grows. Writing skills will remain essential. Photo by William Bayreuther on Unsplash.

Holiday Gift Guide Pitching Tips for PR Pros


Do they prefer online media or print? Are they reading mostly blogs, or do they get their info via social media? Write a standout pitch. Be creative. Your pitch may not work right “now,” but it could work for a future issue or a later blog post. Mid-summer in public relations means one thing — holiday gift guide pitching season is here.

Amazon and Twitter cut off QAnon, Signal app responds to investor confusion and Ben & Jerry’s debuts ice cream for dogs

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This is a multi-year effort to uplift and grow Black creators who exemplify the boundless creativity of #YouTubeBlack. Ben & Jerry’s promoted the product launch with a Q&A-style blog post titled, “ 8 questions about dogs, ice cream and doggie desserts: Answered. ”

2016 – A Year in Traditional Media

Shift Communications

Each member of the team has a particular hit that they are extremely proud of purely based on the fact that good old creativity, industriousness and smarts resulted in a hit that wowed the client and broke through. On the day of the woman’s retirement party there were four broadcast stations and a number of print/online reporters on-site. Travel Channel’s blog Roam , Felicia Feaster: Travel Gift Guide . “I Client: Print Syndicate.

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12 Tips for an Effective Joint Press Release Blog

By issuing a press release in conjunction with a business partner, your company receives significant implied referral value from that partner,” writes Dave Orecchio at inbound marketing firm Bristol Strategy, in Business 2 Community. Image by Public Domain Pictures from Pixabay.

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Dramatic Emotional Exits And Destroyed Reputations

Melissa Agnes

There’s an episode of Girls where aspiring memoirist Hannah Horvath, played by Lena Dunham, decides that she wants to quit her job writing advertorials for Neiman Marcus at GQ. She wanted to be her best creative self, writing for a greater cause than simply selling a product. And watching her social circle express their true creative talents in theatre and music certainly wasn’t helping. By Yael Grauer.

2015 World PR Report: Concerns Around Media Relations And Measurement

Mindful Marketing

From there it reads: Digital Build and Production, Multimedia Content Creation, Insight and Planning, and Creativity – all before Media Relations, listed at 15.1%. Sure, budgets are smaller, print is moving to digital-only and some high profile journalist moves out of the industry have made headlines. Purporting otherwise is going to keep the Bad Pitch Blog very busy. We ranted about this a few blogs ago. Creativity is nice. By Seedepth.

Six Content Distribution Tips that Everyone Else Isn’t Already Doing

Sword and the Script

In that case, if you send out one email promoting your content – a new blog post for example – 70% of your subscribers didn’t open it. Everyone hits up the same list and the glamour of it has long since worn off unless you are writing them a check. Read more: How To Promote Your Blog With 107 Content Promotion Tactics. The social media scheduling platform Buffer “started pitching our best-performing blog posts to other blogs in case they’d be interested in republishing.”

6 ways to get press coverage for your startup

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VentureBeat writes mostly about funding rounds, so it might not be worthwhile to pitch them your product’s beta launch. If you’re pitching someone, make sure you know what he or she writes. Don’t pitch your Snapchat-esque app launch to someone who writes about acquisitions or SaaS startups. Try to find journalists you have a connection to—if you are based in London, get to know those who write about London startups—and see which journalists write about your vertical.

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How to use video in your media pitch

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Writing an attractive intriguing subject line is the key to making reporters want to open your email. Write much more and your pitch becomes white noise and readers might miss the actual story. The same goes for multiple attachments and other creative materials. How then do you write a pitch that connects with someone you may not know, identifies a story and includes compelling visuals that don’t land you in the trash bin? Here’s how to get going: Write a short script.

KC Star reports on its past racist coverage, Tropicana apologizes for mimosa-themed campaign, and TikTok’s top 2020 campaigns

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The social media platform also gave away a digital marketing tip by sharing its “creative ethos,” which is: “Don’t make ads; Make TikToks.”. Tropicana surveyed a small portion of potential consumers, which it used to fuel creative efforts, but then changed course once it fielded backlash.

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Thank You, Fairy GoogleMother

Waxing UnLyrical

Something strange has happened to my blog Steff Metal over the last month. It’s been business as usual; in fact, I’ve been blogging even less than usual this past month, since I’ve been busy updating my Grymm & Epic blogging ebook for the World Changing Writing Workshops starting this month. Join the Grymm & Epic community for creative entrepreneurs, or read her heavy metal blog on Steff Metal.

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How to recalibrate traditional mindsets for digital agency work

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At a traditional agency, creative teams help craft brand strategy and execute messaging through mediums such as television commercials, print ads, radio ads, billboard ads and online display banners. As an account executive, I built timelines for campaigns, helped write creative briefs, communicated with partner agencies, trafficked creative deliverables, helped manage budgets and overall helped to ensure that client expectations were met.

Letter from Darlington: In praise of editors

Stephen Waddington

My wife edits almost every word published on my blog. It’s a critical part of the creative process. As I write this I can hear his exasperation at my lack of English language education. “It’s Editing and sub-editing have been a casualty of the shift from print to online. The web app simplifies writing and improves its comprehension. Finally it simplifies the structure of your writing. Feedback on your written work can be hard to take.

Why media relations is alive and well

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Citing a decline in print media, an increase in brand and news media partnerships and a rise in content marketing, some experts say that PR pros rely too heavily on building rapport with reporters. Here’s why: Print media's decline. Though circulation numbers, newsroom staff and number of publications with print editions steadily decline, blogs—along with online and mobile versions of publications—continue to grow their audiences.

5 steps to hiring an ‘editor in chief’ for your content

PR Daily

You'll be better off finding someone who has creative talent, even if there's a learning curve on the nuances of your product. Editors should have proven ability in producing everything from a blog post and a listicle to an explainer and a long-form feature, and on multiple platforms (print, web, mobile, social media). Don’t expect the EIC to write everything. Writing uses a different part of the brain.

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How to recalibrate traditional mindsets for digital agency work

PR Daily

At a traditional agency, creative teams help craft brand strategy and execute messaging through mediums such as television commercials, print ads, radio ads, billboard ads and online display banners. As an account executive, I built timelines for campaigns, helped write creative briefs, communicated with partner agencies, trafficked creative deliverables, helped manage budgets and overall helped to ensure that client expectations were met.

37 ideas for overcoming blogger's block

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The day to post has come, and you're still scratching your head about what to write. The frustration can make you want to dump blogging and get into book writing. Here is a list of enough blog post topics to keep your fingers flying all year long. Again, write about a step-by-step progression of efforts that lead to a successful goal-informative as well as inspiring. How-to meets listicle , with a black or box to check off each action on a printed version.

Future of PR: 2020 edition

Stephen Waddington

Vuelio named this blog the best PR and communications blog in 2019. It’s impossible to keep coming up with creative ideas to reach and resonate with audiences who are not represented by a PR team. Newspaper brands continue to suffer as readers shift from print to digital.

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