How many blog posts should you publish?

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There’s no universal magic number of blog posts that every organization should create per month in order to see results. Though the perfect amount of blog content doesn’t exist, there is a range to shoot for. Here’s what you need in place: Blog guidelines.

Creativity in PR: Too Focused on the Big Idea?

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I’ve been mulling the idea of creativity in public relations lately. I’ve nothing against the big idea, and the creative thinking that goes into it. The ongoing need for creativity in public relations. Tips for structuring a creative PR programme.

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3 lies that are killing your creativity

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You face the blank screen, fingers curved over the keyboard, preparing to put new words on a new page; you are on the brink of creative action. Lift language from an internal document to use in a message for customers. The lie: I'm not creative. How creative of you.).

5 Tips to spark creativity and improve writing

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With the prevalence of content marketing, blogging, and social media posting, PR professionals and communicators are expected to generate interesting content from a fresh perspective to drive traffic to their organization’s site and build stronger relationships with a growing audience.

Two Creative PR Stunts that Turned a Press Release Upside Down

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It’s one of two creative press releases examples that recently crossed my radar and I’m sharing here in this post. A copy of the document that was allegedly sent to reporters included edits to the company CMO had previously suggested – but weren’t for public consumption.

The Top 25 UK Interior Blogs

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I could spend hours trawling through various interior and style blogs and Pinterest, looking for inspiration and mentally planning what my future house will look like. Bright Bazaar Blog. What I love about Kate’s blog is that the content type differs daily. Fresh Design Blog.

History and Stock Photos: 5 Creative Public Relations Ideas

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None of these topics are especially interesting, yet all of them have provided examples of creative PR ideas for bringing those topics to life and in some cases reinvigorating a name or product long past its prime. Have you seen some especially creative PR of late? PR creative PR

The 20 Responsibilities of PR and What They Entail


The flipside of earned media is owned media: publishing content on brand-owned channels such as a customer-facing blog, Medium publication, and the like. Niche industry events, role-specific conferences (catered to developers, creatives, etc.), Blog Musings PR industry

How to Overhaul Your Blog: 5 Steps to a More Distinctive Brand Identity

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Roughly two million blog posts are written every single day. Remember: a blog is not just a metrics driver. A blog showcases your brand’s personality, connecting internal subject matter experts to external readers. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”.

Do company values “add value”?

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And as Ed Catmull, formerly of Pixar, says in his book Creativity Inc , your company will have a culture whether you like it or not; your only choice is whether or not to be involved in setting it! As well as being desirable traits, a statement of values is essentially a permission document.

5 Ways to Break Through Writer’s Block

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And then I lose all the ideas that I had and that dark knight of blogging – writer’s block – gallivants in. Since I typically send the posts in as Word documents, when I wrote them, I’d switch over to Word and get through them much more quickly than I thought I would.

How to Improve Your B2B Content Marketing

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Develop a Documented Content Strategy. While everybody seems to see the need for content, many people overlook the need to document it. As shown by the MarketingProfs report , only 41% said that they have a documented content strategy. Why is documenting your strategy important?

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Why PR Pros Are The Most Versatile Writers

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From blog posts to media pitches, we shift gears constantly, adapting to many different kinds of written content. It’s not the most creative PR product, but the news release is still essential for announcements – and don’t forget the power of SEO. A blog-eat-blog world .

Happy Birthday World Wide Web

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Blogging wasn’t really a thing – I’d seen Geocities, but those backgrounds … Google maps didn’t exist; my life in London relied on a cheap A-Z map with post-it notes marking night bus locations. The first ever web page was a communications document ; a guide on how to use the web.

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The Well Written Press Release #6: Include Multimedia


That’s because the standard on the internet for anything that shall catch our attention is that it at minimum, must include an image, but for the most part it includes some sort of combination of multimedia – images, documents, videos and audio. Including downloadable images, video, audio and documents right in the release so that they are able to use them to make their story unique to the other coverage out there. Read Time: 2 minutes.

5 Powerful Ways to Craft the Best Content for Your Personal Brand

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The study examines what elements within blog posts make for better performing content. Create Longer Blog Posts. We've all seen those posts that read like an essay -- just a big long document. Here are few list examples to get your creative juices flowing.

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How I 1st-Drafted an 87,000-Word Self-Help Book over 46 Days in 2018*


I’d been business blogging since early 2014, and diligently sending out helpful stuff to my email list subscribers since early 2015. (I My blogging had become more ambitious and I’d written a few unconventional influencer posts that had gone down well. Ahem, that’s this blog post.

Kpop Lessons: Handling Defamation Through Public Relations

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Image: twchoi11 via Flickr , Creative Commons Though I wouldn’t consider myself as devoted as some fan clubs. Image: Gitgat via Flickr , Creative Commons Instead, speak up and join the conversation. Oh, one other thing: my blog = my sandbox.

12 ways to produce a killer press release


Stick to one announcement per release Give the one reason why there is something press worthy, and stick to that for the entire document, Telisman says. SaaS,PressPage,Blog,News,pressrelease

7 alternatives to time-wasting, morale-draining meetings

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It’s been found that walking leads to more creative thinking. Also, using a fun format—something other than your colleagues gaping at a PowerPoint—can improve productivity, creativity, trust, communication and morale. Be creative.

How to Get On in New Communications: Be Nice


Your blog is just not working and you’re wondering why. And they all blog. His personal blog is PR Studies and he edits a magazine called Behind the Spin. Author of 27 Blogging from Paradise books. Michael blogs at B2B Marketing Insider.

6 Benefits Of Long-Form PR Content

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Although longer content like books, white papers, podcasts, eBooks, and video can take more time and effort than shorter bites, and it demands greater depth and creativity, it can prove very effective. Two blog posts each week becomes a permanent SEO-friendly knowledge base.

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10 New Year’s Resolutions For Better PR Campaigns In 2019

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Be bold in coming up with creative extensions to make the joint effort as big and successful as you can. Start an executive blog. If your insightful, eloquent founder isn’t blogging on a regular basis, there may be a great PR new year’s resolution worth taking.

10 helpful, handy resources for writers

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Let’s highlight resources that will help you focus, prompt creativity and host your pieces: Tools to help you focus. You can save your work (in HTML, plain text or Markdown), or you can simply copy and paste your work into another document or blog editor.

6 Quick Tips For PR Writers

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On any given day, we can be asked to craft media pitches, bylined articles, PR plans, or blogs posts. Reporters may not appreciate your clever or flowery headline in pitches, so PR writers with chops in the creative area should guard against too-florid content.

Are you stressing when you should be impressing?

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It’s well-documented that Londoners see in the region of 130 adverts each day by the time they get to work. Find the right blend : Make relevant, compelling and creative content with the right cultural feel, distributed on the right channels, sprinkled with the odd sales promotion. Blog Christian Sharp PR tips TechnologyA little while ago, we looked at how to avoid distraction as marketers. But for a while, I’ve been mulling over the flip side.

How Simple Automation Saves Time And Tedium In PR

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But much of it can be automated, allowing more time for developing the creative subject line or the new launch idea. Any public relations agency today needs nearly instant resources — from details on media preferences to data that informs our pitches and programs.

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5 common presentation missteps—and how to avoid them

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If you cram in all the points you’re going to cover so you won’t forget anything, you’ll end up projecting entire documents when you speak. What if you want to circulate documents afterward? They’re conditioned by TV shows with creatively produced commercial breaks).

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5 ways in-house video can boost your PR efforts

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Companies are realizing the benefits of having a dynamic team of creatives under one roof. There are many benefits to hosting strategy as well as creative execution within your own walls. A version of this article originally appeared on the Cision blog.

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Top 15 Leeds based influencers


Her feed documents her journey of being a mum which she is very honest and open about – something that resonates well with her followers. Jessica also documents her family’s travels together – both abroad and throughout the UK, providing inspiration for new families to get out and explore!

How to Keep Your Communication Chugging While Out of the Office


Schedule Your Blog Posts. I’m big on writing several weeks’ worth of blog content at once so I can dedicate a chunk of time to focusing on my (or my clients’) blog. PhotoArt , GotCredit ( Creative Commons ).

4 trends that prove content marketing is on the rise

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Top-performing content marketers value (and prioritize) creativity in their content production process. Thankfully, according to Content Marketing Institute , 74 percent of marketers (and 88 percent of high performers) say their organizations value that creativity.

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7 Media Statistics from an Annual Survey of Reporters that Gives PR a Glimpse of their Mindset

Sword and the Script

It’s also a key reason why blogging and content marketing has become an important tool in the media relations toolkit. Also, see these related posts: How to Generate Media Referenceable B2B Customers with a Blog. You can also edit and delete a blog post relatively easily.

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How to Generate More B2B Leads with 6 Easy Strategies

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For most b2b companies, a blog is essential to lead generation. Before they become leads, most prospects are going to check out your blog. This could mean creating different blog content , landing pages , and offers according to a visitor's personal details.

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How To Develop Your Digital Content Strategy


Your blog? Thiscan be as simple as listening to what they have to say on social media and in the comments section of your blog, and responding to their questions and comments with a genuine response. What’s a digital content strategy? This is a hard question to answer in 2015.

15 enduring keys to PR success

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Every document you write, including early drafts, has your name on it. Write your bullet points first, even though they may belong in the middle of the document. Creative writing? A version of this story originally appeared on his blog

Writing Hacks to 10X Your PR Success

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Structure your writing sprints to maximize your creativity by following the process in this next writing hack. These tools can help you plan a more robust, compelling story, whether you’re working on a blog post, press release, thought leadership article or other pieces: – Type in your topic and see what questions people have been asking search engines about it.

Personal Branding: How to Grow Your Social Media Audience

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Numerous tools exist that can help you along the way -- even tools that will convert your existing blog posts to video within a few minutes. Whether it is a blog image or an infographic, it's a great way to engage your audience and spice up your social media feed.

5 B2C Tactics That Are Sure to Boost Your B2B Marketing Strategy

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Intel craftily plays on the creative emotions of its audience. You can showcase elements of your culture on your website, blog, and social media channels. For example, instead of convening in a board room to sign legal papers, could you condense it to an online legal document with a checkbox at the bottom for agreement? In what seems like a blink of an eye, B2C and B2B marketing have become strange bedfellows.

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5 free resources to spice up your content

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Whether you want to get focused, get creative or get to the point, these sites can help you polish and beef up your content. Smallpdf also enables you to merge, split and edit PDFs, as well as transform JPGs to PDFs, PDFs to PPTs and PPTs to Excel documents.