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Infographic: 21 writing tips to add juice to your content

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Your blog serves a crucial purpose for your organization. Long-form writing about your industry and product offerings helps search engines rank you higher on their results pages, and regular updates help consumers make purchase decisions and develop a relationship with your brand. However, your content must be easy to navigate, consume and share. FREE GUIDE: 10 ways to improve your writing today ]. Write a compelling introduction to engage your readers.

My Top Do’s & Don’ts For Pitching & Writing Guest Blog Posts

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Don’t Overlook Its Importance When I think of content marketing, one of the primary tactics that comes to mind is guest blogging. That being said, here are a few dozen “do’s and don’ts” to help you in your pitching and writing efforts. Remember that most consumers wouldn’t care if 80 percent of brands disappeared tomorrow. Match voice to the publication or blog. Thoroughly understand the audience before you pitch or write.


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How to Write News Release Headlines Reporters Love

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The key to writing a good news release headline is to be both compelling and informative. While headline writing isn’t an exact science, a common formula includes the use of a number or trigger word + adjective + keyword + promise. This is why, when it comes to news releases, you write your headline after you write your news release.

Infographic: How to craft captivating online content

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A flashy new website must feature high-quality writing, or visitors won’t stick around for long. As more and more consumers are discovering new products online, and as shoppers trade malls for virtual retail experiences, an organization’s physical façade has manifest itself in a new form: the written word. Specifically, customers are reading what you write about yourself on your website. The post Infographic: How to craft captivating online content appeared first on PR Daily.

11 writing mistakes that can tank your online content

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This infographic outlines missteps to avoid. Everyone makes mistakes, but some can quickly kill your writing efforts. ProWritingPartner created an infographic that outlines common errors communicators can make when crafting content for online channels—and any foible can cause readers to click away or will severely diminish your reach. Make sure you’re avoiding the following writing flubs: 1. You might think your writing is excellent, but everyone makes mistakes.

Infographic: How to create content that will last

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It’s great when your blog post, video or infographic gains rapid recognition online, but you’ll achieve sustained success if it isn’t solely focused on a fleeting topic. Venngage created this infographic with tips for creating content that is an instant success, but remains valuable to both you and your audience. Tap into dedicated consumers in niche groups. The post Infographic: How to create content that will last appeared first on PR Daily.

Study: Big Companies Lag at Blogging, Social Media

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I see tepid interest in small pockets of consumer oriented businesses among the Fortune 500. I’ve read and blogged about previous reports produced by the UMASS Center for Marketing Research for several years now. Infographic: Millennials and Social Commerce. Blogs as a tool of corporate influence is flat to declining. . It’s a very difficult perception to overcome because a blog is really, or ought to be, a news site.

Stop writing content for the sake of writing content

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Press releases, earned-media coverage, articles, blogs, collateral, data sheets, video, webinars, podcasts, short- and long-form ads and infographics (before they were called infographics)—it’s all content. I received an email from a client asking my team to write content that “spreads automatically and makes consumers want to buy the product,” and to do it immediately. The concept of “content” isn’t new or revolutionary, as we communications veterans know.

11 writing mistakes that can tank your online content

PR Daily

Everyone makes mistakes, but some can quickly kill your writing efforts. ProWritingPartner created an infographic that outlines common errors communicators can make when crafting content for online channels—and any foible can cause readers to click away or will severely diminish your reach. Make sure you’re not avoiding the following writing flubs: 1. Step away from your writing before you edit to look at your copy with fresh eyes.

3 Steps to Equip Your Company Blog for the Road Ahead


Many consumers don’t just want to buy a product; they want to buy-in to a tribe. In addition to social media, one way brands have enabled that direct, personal connection with consumers is through a company blog (hey, like this one!). There, brands are able to promote their unique perspective — and products — while also providing valuable information to consumer audiences. But without a distribution channel, your company blog is like a car without an engine.

How to Choose the Best Press Release Writing Service for Your Specific Needs

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Although social media and content writing has its place, these methods are better at reaching consumers instead of news organizations. Read on to learn how to choose the best press release writing service for your business, and how you can tell the difference between good and bad press release writing! Writing a Press Release. You’ll want to make sure that the company you hire to write your press releases knows how to write them properly.

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5 tips to kick your creativity (and blog) into gear

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With a new year can come a new you—and the same goes for your organization’s blog. However, those New Year’s resolutions to write and publish more blog posts (especially those that entice readers to share online) can be hard to keep. Henneke Duistermaat, owner of Enchanted Marketing, wrote: Whether it’s writing a book, exercising more, or quitting smoking, most people don’t keep up their new year’s resolutions. Luckily, Duistermaat also created an infographic.

7 steps to ace your next blog post

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Communicators experience it after you’ve penned the perfect blog post, put it through the proper approval chain (if necessary), crafted, edited, tweaked, pivoted and are finally ready to hit the “publish” button. There are tons of tips and techniques that can enable you to write the perfect blog post, and if you’re passionate about creating content, you’re probably regularly seeking new insights. Write a catchy headline and introduction.

To Byline or Not: 5 Reasons Why Your Blog Should Identify Its Authors


Must your company identify the author of each of your blog’s posts with a byline? Or is it an acceptable social media best practice to publish blog posts that are credited to an anonymous company voice? That seemingly simple question - asked of our Minneapolis PR firm last month by a client - reminded me of what happened with the first corporate blog our firm helped create. We love your blog!”. 5 Reasons Your Blog Should Identify Its Authors. Blogging SEO

3 Steps to Equip Your Company Blog for the Road Ahead

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Many consumers don’t just want to buy a product; they want to buy-in to a tribe. In addition to social media, one way brands have enabled that direct, personal connection with consumers is through a company blog (hey, like this one!). There, brands are able to promote their unique perspective — and products — while also providing valuable information to consumer audiences. But without a distribution channel, your company blog is like a car without an engine.

How to Overhaul Your Blog: 5 Steps to a More Distinctive Brand Identity

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Roughly two million blog posts are written every single day. Remember: a blog is not just a metrics driver. A blog showcases your brand’s personality, connecting internal subject matter experts to external readers. In the wise words of Brian Clark : “Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”. Implemented the right way, a blog can boost website traffic, fuel community engagement, and drive lead generation.

Financial Services Content Report: Industry Benchmarks & 5 Keys to Success

Contently - Strategy

It’s a wide umbrella, spanning everything from consumer banking, investment banking, credit cards, fintech, insurance, and more. Companies in this space have a unique opportunity to build meaningful relationships with consumers. Consumers, meanwhile, want financial guidance; they’re just not sure who to get it from. Consumer Finance vs. Institutional Finance vs. Wealth Management. Create social videos and infographics.

18 ways to write better business copy

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It’s tough to differentiate between a wise investment and a wasteful rabbit hole, but one thing you should not skimp on is writing. Here are 18 tips to write copy that convinces, influences and converts: 1. Write conversationally. Write with a casual tone, and emphasize clarity over trying to sound smart. Learn how to write a great headline. FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 ways to improve your writing today ]. Write with a specific call to action in mind.

Zoom lifts Thanksgiving call limit, WW launches personalized wellness program, and SEC chair to step down

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USA Today reported : The Oprah Winfrey-backed company’s new myWW+ comes with a more personal approach that can help with stress eating and lack of sleep, which have hit not only weight-conscious consumers during the coronavirus pandemic.

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How to get more PR value from surveys

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Whether it’s polling your audience or customers through social media, your email list or a website survey, or even using a third party service such as Survey Monkey to reach people outside of your existing audience, gathering data has become less expensive and time-consuming. Here are the most important steps to cover when amplifying your survey results for maximum PR impact: 1. Publish a blog post. 2. Create an infographic. 7. Write an Op-Ed.

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Cleveland’s MLB team to change name, Reddit purchases short-form video app Dubsmash, and mobile video games to reach $165.9B this year

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We’ve got everything: reports from projects around the world, hundreds of articles in our Learn Library, and even a whole Insider Blog so you can keep up with us! You can view DCI’s entire infographic here. In a blog post, Reddit wrote : Dubsmash will bring two key strengths to Reddit.

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Copywriters, are you committing these 7 deadly sins?

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Writing for the web poses all sorts of hazards, from an overload of SEO to neglecting proofreading. Whether you’re working on your newsletter, blog, website or a social media caption, your efforts won’t much matter if the words on the screen alienate your audience. Here are seven common but damaging online writing sins to avoid: 1. Writing for a novel, and not the web. Include infographics and pull quotes to draw attention to important information.

Influencer Relations: Magic Middle vs. the A-List

Sword and the Script

In other words, influencer marketing with the big names may not be as effective as brands hope, according to a recent study of consumers. A survey by Collective Bias , of 14,000 adult consumers found, “30 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase a product endorsed by a non-celebrity blogger than a celebrity. If fickle d describes most consumers for brands, then elusive might describe the coveted segment of the millennial consumer.

5 Ways to Reimagine the Press Release


A well-crafted press release can do just that — increasing consumer awareness, connecting you with influencers and helping to generate new business. A century later, companies have to do a lot more to get the attention of not only newspapers but also a newly expanded audience of blogs, influencers and consumers. The easiest way to do that is by including multimedia elements — whether photos, infographics, videos or audio clips.

4 things writers should stop worrying about

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Take a step back and follow this advice for making writing easier. Writing at work causes so much stress. Here are four things you can stop worrying about when you write. The moment you start analyzing the quality of your writing—second-guessing and correcting your work—is the moment you switch off your creativity. You’re not writing anymore; you’re editing. Let yourself write a long, rambling mess of ideas. Write the ending first.

Audi pulls ‘insensitive’ ad, Disney+ to release ‘Mulan’ and Instagram rolls out ‘Reels’

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The effort is a creative way to offer consumers a family-friendly activity while still adhering to COVID-19 guidelines, and can serve to boost the brand’s reputation as well as earn it kudos and headlines. You can view the entire infographic here.

Microsoft announces permanent hybrid workforce, British Airways’ chief steps down, and how far in to the future PR pros are planning

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In a blog post, Hogan wrote : Our guidance is to help employees plan ahead for the future. The effort is a great example of tailoring your offerings to your audience and the power of listening to your consumers’ needs. You can check out the entire infographic here.

Google employees to WFH until July 2021, Target to close for Thanksgiving, and social media channels remove viral video for misinformation

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Also: Many consumers won’t feel comfortable traveling for nearly another year, Instagram attempts to lure TikTok creators to its new service, a social media pun, and more. Here’s how Ketchum split up consumers and their shifting behaviors: Image courtesy of Ketchum.

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Ready to craft a content strategy? Answer these questions first

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How do they consume information? Do we want articles, infographics, videos or motion graphics? A version of this post first appeared on the Column Five Media blog. Branding Content Marketing Email External Communications Marketing Measurement Social Media Storytelling Writing & EditingPore over these crucial branding, distribution and technology considerations before blasting out your next campaign.

10 marketing lessons from Dr. Seuss

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Lesson: Traditional marketing has lost impact as consumers block out noise. Check the daily paper, watch your competitors, scan blogs, interview a client about a topic, or even look to the musings of a famous author. Create an infographic, design a microsite, or record a video series. Content Marketing Marketing Writing & Editing Dr. Seuss Theodore Geisel

Robinhood scrambles after outage; Amazon, Walmart fight COVID-19 price hikes and bogus info; and it’s National Grammar Day

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In a company blog post , Robinhood co-founders and co-chiefs Baiju Bhatt and Vlad Tenev wrote: Multiple factors contributed to the unprecedented load that ultimately led to the outages. Many listeners also report consuming the entire episode, though audience numbers are certainly higher earlier on. Check out the infographic for more. Why it’s important: As consumers’ fears over COVID-19 rise, you can help by providing information and fighting fake news.

Target, others to close for Easter Sunday, Home Depot stops selling N95 masks, and AdCouncil’s #AloneTogether PSAs

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Why it’s important: As uncertainty, concern and panic swirl in consumers, it’s paramount for communicators to relay their organizations’ efforts during the current crisis, both for employees and consumers. The Federal Trade Commission created a game to help consumers spot and report scams, which are increasing along with the COVID-19 outbreak. You don’t have to have a technology offering or social media platform to offer ideas and projects for consumers staying at home.

Facebook tests ‘News’ feature, Lyft offers rides to job interviews and doctor visits, and YouTube’s 20M trees campaign

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However, today’s banner ad gets a click-through rate of roughly 0.5%, partially because the average consumer is faced with 1,700 banner ads every month. Given the sea of content and branded messages bombarding consumers’ attention, marketers must be even more innovative with their tactics. Infographic: The benefits of purpose-driven marketing. The consumer is in the brand arena and away from any other media distraction on social platforms.

Google, Facebook and Microsoft extend WFH dates, Wendy’s offers online scavenger hunt, and Microsoft seeks more inclusive language

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Also: Consumer content consumption trends during COVID-19, TSA embraces humor to share information and updates, take our survey, and more. In a blog post, Microsoft wrote : The new tools are available through Editor in Word, Editor in Outlook and a new Editor in the browser extension, which will allow users to catch mistakes and write more confidently when crafting social media posts or communicating elsewhere on the web.

Starbucks’ plan for ‘new normal,’ Layoffs at Boeing, Lyft and Norwegian Cruise Line, and SEO tips during COVID-19

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Hello, communicators: Family farm Dutch Daffodils and travel blog Tulips in Holland recently shared a message from the tulip fields in The Netherlands: Due to Covid-19 travel plans have changed. Along with continuing to connect with consumers virtually, follow Starbucks’ example and ensure your messages outlining recovery efforts are transparent, straightforward and simple.

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Does Direct Mail Really Work for Millennials?

Critical Mention

As social media and search advertising have become integrated into our everyday lives, many believe that direct mail is an outdated way to reach consumers as smartphones allow millennials to access information, products and services instantly. In an article on its website, MarketingProfs shared an infographic by US Presort that debunks direct mail myths, one of them being that millennials don’t even look through their mail. Millennials are the wave of the future.

Personal Branding Tips: How to Ensure Success for 2021

B2B PR Sense

Content like blogs, infographics, videos and podcasts help your audience to get to know and trust you. If the written word is your creative outlet of choice, then look at creating a website and blog where you can post your own content and share it to social media.

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How to Boost Your Strategy with B2B Video Marketing

B2B PR Sense

There are so many proven strategies for B2B marketing, including blogs, ebooks, and white papers -- why invest in a new content format, especially one that is such a departure from the "norm" that we've grown accustomed to? Look at your most popular blog posts, for example.

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45 Marketing and PR Statistics that Recap the Year We Had in 2020

Sword and the Script

Here’s a look at statistics across PR, marketing, and social media that were surfaced in the various reports and studies covered on this blog throughout 2020. Many of the blog posts published here are based on survey research, analytical studies or other sources of data.

Survey 134

Multimedia: The Future of Media Relations Blog

Infographics, audio clips, photos and especially videos grab and hold attention and tell stories that people tend to remember. As consumers of media, what makes us stop and stay as we scan headlines, scroll through our feeds and otherwise engage with content?