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5 tips to kick your creativity (and blog) into gear

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With a new year can come a new you—and the same goes for your organization’s blog. However, those New Year’s resolutions to write and publish more blog posts (especially those that entice readers to share online) can be hard to keep. Luckily, Duistermaat also created an infographic. that can help you keep your blogging resolutions and kick your creativity into gear. For more on these motivating steps, check out the infographic below

4 blogging ideas for brand managers

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Consumers are hungry for content—and in today’s digital landscape, there’s no shortage to feed their appetites. Communicators of all stripes can increase engagement, boost visibility and entice potential customers or clients through blog posts, especially if they offer people answers, inspiration or new ways to look at common problems. Here are four ideas for moving past boring and making a splash with your organization’s blog: 1.


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My Top Do’s & Don’ts For Pitching & Writing Guest Blog Posts

Rock the Status Quo

Don’t Overlook Its Importance When I think of content marketing, one of the primary tactics that comes to mind is guest blogging. Remember that most consumers wouldn’t care if 80 percent of brands disappeared tomorrow. Match voice to the publication or blog. Blog posts are usually opinion-based with a casual tone; e-zines might be written in more of a traditional journalistic tone – quoting sources, using a formal tone, written in AP style.)

20 tools to help you craft irresistible infographics

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Readers want quick access to information, and infographics are a creative way to deliver it. Infographics are quickly gaining popularity and, in some cases , replacing lengthy blog posts. You should look into infographics because: We receive five times more information. will click on a link that leads to an infographic. Infographics provide valuable inbound links. You, the infographic creator, are also short on time.

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How to Overhaul Your Blog: 5 Steps to a More Distinctive Brand Identity

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Roughly two million blog posts are written every single day. Remember: a blog is not just a metrics driver. A blog showcases your brand’s personality, connecting internal subject matter experts to external readers. In the wise words of Brian Clark : “Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”. Implemented the right way, a blog can boost website traffic, fuel community engagement, and drive lead generation.

Financial Services Content Report: Industry Benchmarks & 5 Keys to Success

Contently - Strategy

It’s a wide umbrella, spanning everything from consumer banking, investment banking, credit cards, fintech, insurance, and more. Companies in this space have a unique opportunity to build meaningful relationships with consumers. Consumers, meanwhile, want financial guidance; they’re just not sure who to get it from. Consumer Finance vs. Institutional Finance vs. Wealth Management. Create social videos and infographics. Get creative with compliance.

How to Boost Your Strategy with B2B Video Marketing

B2B PR Sense

There are so many proven strategies for B2B marketing, including blogs, ebooks, and white papers -- why invest in a new content format, especially one that is such a departure from the "norm" that we've grown accustomed to? Look at your most popular blog posts, for example.

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Multimedia: The Future of Media Relations Blog

Infographics, audio clips, photos and especially videos grab and hold attention and tell stories that people tend to remember. As consumers of media, what makes us stop and stay as we scan headlines, scroll through our feeds and otherwise engage with content?

Personal Branding: How to Grow Your Social Media Audience

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Learn what websites people visit, what kind of content they consume, and what networks they're most active on. Numerous tools exist that can help you along the way -- even tools that will convert your existing blog posts to video within a few minutes. Whether it is a blog image or an infographic, it's a great way to engage your audience and spice up your social media feed. Using a free program like Canva opens up a lot of creative potential for your brand.

11 writing mistakes that can tank your online content

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This infographic outlines missteps to avoid. ProWritingPartner created an infographic that outlines common errors communicators can make when crafting content for online channels—and any foible can cause readers to click away or will severely diminish your reach. Instead, consider one of these tips to give your mind a break and jumpstart your creativity.

Transform your online content with visuals

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Although many brand managers are using content to interact with consumers, not all of them are doing an adequate job. Visuals are emerging from the heaps of hackneyed blog posts and articles to take center stage. To succeed, you must get creative. Use infographics. Infographics present data that are easy-to-consume. Consumers are 30 times more likely to read an infographic than a text-based piece of content.

3 secrets to outstanding Facebook posts

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The secrets are out in an infographic featuring findings from a BuzzSumo research report. consumers love and those that earn the most engagement. Here are three elements of Facebook posts that can help win the hearts and shares of consumers: 1. See more surprising findings from the study in the infographic below: Michael Del Gigante is the president and creative director of marketing and communications agency. When it comes to social media, Facebook is king.

4 ways personalization can power your marketing efforts

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Personalizing offerings and messaging presents an incredible opportunity for brand managers to more effectively engage with consumers. Nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of internet users say they’re frustrated with websites that aren’t tailored to their needs, 72 percent of consumers say they don’t like generic marketing messages, and 58 percent say they’d like organizations to better focus their discounts. Single consumer view. the agency’s blog

4 things writers should stop worrying about

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But the more you fret and obsess over those details, the more likely you are to kill the very qualities a writer needs most: confidence and creativity. The moment you start analyzing the quality of your writing—second-guessing and correcting your work—is the moment you switch off your creativity. Editing is an act of judgment, not creativity. It’s invasion of your own creative space. Once you’ve exhausted your creative mind, take a break.

A marketer’s guide to email

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It isn’t pretty, fun or a particularly creative solution—but it sure gets the job done (given the right dosage, of course). It’s a delicate dance that the email marketer does with the consumer. RELATED: Tell better brand stories on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and your blog. Consumers have touch points with an estimated 11 brands per day through email, compared to nine on Facebook and eight on Twitter. We recommend the following infographic from EveryCloud.

7 reasons organic social media remains essential

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As Top Rank Blog. 81 percent of consumers research a business on the internet—including on their social media profiles—before buying. Social media fosters your creative voice. Organic social media updates are a fantastic forum for exploring your organization’s voice and creativity. Are there particular words you want to use to evoke certain emotions in your target consumer? How will you creatively connect with social media users? Three Girls Media blog.

10 Types of Content That Drive Demand & Boost Engagement


Blog Posts. Yes, I’m talking about blogging. Blogging is no longer an experimental trend that might be a waste of time. No, there is overwhelming evidence that shows maintaining a blog yields business results. Brands who blog have more indexed web pages, which boosts SEO. An active blog authenticates your brand, revealing your personality, expertise, and values, which helps to build your subscriber base and sparks customer loyalty. Infographics.

How to tailor your Instagram for millennial audiences

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Younger consumers won’t respond well to traditional advertising, so your social media strategy must get creative. Millennials like to compare products or read blogs and user reviews before they buy, which means they are less likely to buy on impulse. That’s why you need to take an omnichannel approach by repurposing content for various platforms (converting a blog post into an Instagram post, presentation, or an infographic).

5 social media trends PR pros must embrace

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Ditch the online sales pitch and switch to content that starts conversations with your consumers. For brand managers looking to captivate consumers who are used to 140 characters and 6-second videos: It’s time to adapt. Keep captions short and creatively relay information. Rather than cramming three paragraphs into one caption, create a video or infographic that translates better on social media’s visual landscape. Creativity wins. the agency’s blog.

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How PR Can Help Build An Organic Audience


An organic audience refers to those who are driven towards your website or blog through unpaid distributions. Dove did a great job reaching their target audience through innovative and creative videos. You should also consider what types of content your audience consumes. Content marketing involves much more than just writing blogs. Sixty-seven percent of consumers say the quality of images on eCommerce websites influences their buying decisions.

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30 Pragmatic Marketing and PR Predictions for 2020

Sword and the Script

The consumer privacy battle will rage on, and marketers will be affected by new data privacy regulations. As consumers get savvier about how their data is being collected and used, their demand will grow deeper for transparency and protection. Studies continuously show that earned forms of media are the most trusted ways for a brand to reach consumers. This unlikely union will create some of the most creative, impactful and best-in-class marketing the planet has ever seen.

11 writing mistakes that can tank your online content

PR Daily

ProWritingPartner created an infographic that outlines common errors communicators can make when crafting content for online channels—and any foible can cause readers to click away or will severely diminish your reach. Instead, consider one of these tips to give your mind a break and jumpstart your creativity. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 blog posts, rather than 20, if those 100 articles are poorly written and not tailored to your readers.

Audi pulls ‘insensitive’ ad, Disney+ to release ‘Mulan’ and Instagram rolls out ‘Reels’

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The effort is a creative way to offer consumers a family-friendly activity while still adhering to COVID-19 guidelines, and can serve to boost the brand’s reputation as well as earn it kudos and headlines. You can view the entire infographic here.

Why and how to use a media kit in your 2020 PR efforts

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Here is your opportunity in an owned space to tell your brand story creatively and convey its relevance to consumers. For example, ClosetMaid’s media kit includes trend infographics that can be shared on social media and elaborated upon in a blog post. As journalists face dwindling resources and rapidly churning news cycles, organizations must deliver comprehensive brand information in a central location. Follow these tips and tactics.

#CreativePR: Tools That Give You An Edge


This is post 2 of our 5-part #CreativePR blog series. Canva does an incredible job empowering everyone to be creative. Aim to tell compelling narratives through infographics, ensure visual branding is consistent across all marketing collateral, and integrate more imagery into everything you push out. TechCalendar takes the tens of thousands of consumer- and enterprise-focused events, awards and speaking opportunities and places them into one easy-to-search database.

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2016: The Year of Content Marketing

The Stalwart Blog

That content varies from writing to photos to video and can be shared on a blog, e-newsletter and social media channel. A recent survey from MarketWired confirmed this shift and revealed some interesting insights: ▪ PR and marketing professionals are using an expanding range of content in their communications: blog posts (55%), photos (29%) and news releases (24%) were identified as the content used most frequently by respondents.

Content marketing is changing with every passing second – A discussion

Waxing UnLyrical

The aim is to do so in a consumable format in order to attract and retain a clearly-defined target audience. While blogs pioneered content creation, a lot has changed since its initial inception. Common ones include: Blogs. Infographics. More interaction with consumers. With extra onsite content, there’s more reason for consumers to stick around. As consumers become more familiar with a brand, awareness increases. Guest Post by Alma Causey.

11 Simple Ways for PR to Score Content Marketing Points

Sword and the Script

The salespeople, knew far more about a vehicle than the consumer ever could. It’s easy for a consumer to solicit instant opinions friends on Facebook the micro-moment before a purchase. Here are some easy ways to get involved and make a significant impact: Break sections from existing white papers into guest blog posts. Get to the latest infographic before it’s published – and pitch it to a media outlet first. Thread contributed content into blog posts.

Content Scale & Alignment: 7 Steps for Building a Better Content Program

Contently - Strategy

In 2018, Forrester reported that “most in-house creative teams are small; 54% of those teams have between one and 10 people. In 2017, Joe Lazauskas, Contently’s head of marketing, elaborated on the importance of collecting good data : Block quote: Raw data that you have about your audience—think audience demographics, persona research, and first-and-third party data about what content they like to consume or tends to drive sales—should translate to insights.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Planning.

Shift Communications

Research informs the plan and should include a look at competitors, the state of the market, the consumer/business needs and much more. Decisions need to be made in advance of creating content: Ask yourself if there are internal resources internal available to develop the content and determine a budget for creative executions. Where will Public Relations take us in 2019? Answer: wherever we want.

9 ways to get your message through to skimmers

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The following techniques help skimmers consume content quickly while still comprehending key PR and marketing messages: 1. Web browsers (the people, not the technology) have built in fluff detectors so keep your writing concise,” comments Rishi Patel , founder and creative director of Monazu. Visuals such as charts, graphs, infographics and images can relay complex information quickly. Many people prefer to consume information visually.

4 things writers should stop worrying about

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But the more you fret and obsess over those details, the more likely you are to kill the very qualities a writer needs most: confidence and creativity. The moment you start analyzing the quality of your writing—second-guessing and correcting your work—is the moment you switch off your creativity. Editing is an act of judgment, not creativity. It's invasion of your own creative space. Once you've exhausted your creative mind, take a break. Spencer Grace blog.

SHIFT Archives: Top 3 Posts from Q1 2014

Shift Communications

Want to see how to do this for your blog? Amidst this barrage of content, Mark Schaefer published a blog on Content Shock. This is the idea that we will soon (if we haven’t already) hit a point where the amount of content being produced will increase exponentially while our human and technological capacity to consume it will hit a limit. Read more about how in our second most popular blog post of the first quarter.

Best Practices in Social Media Content


Our recent blog post, Trends in Social: Authenticity , talks about the importance of brand voice: Brand voice is one of the most important elements of online and offline presence. If your brand’s voice aligns with consumers’ perception of your brand, it feels authentic. 5 – Get Creative. Getting (and staying) creative can be difficult. Her creativity has allowed her page to quickly amass over 35,000 engaged followers. By: Pola, Director of Digital Marketing.

3 ways content marketers can sweep customers off their feet

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Whether you love it or hate it, the day of love can be a way to connect with consumers. Valentine’s Day is the first major consumer holiday of the year, making for a great opportunity for organizations to share the love and capitalize on romance-driven content marketing. billion in 2016, with the average consumer spending $146.84. Those most likely to read Valentine’s related content are women (77 percent), Generation X consumers (44 percent) and millennials (41 percent).

Announcing PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards finalists

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Tom Stein’s Blog Post Modern, Stein IAS. Life at Cisco Blog—Cisco Talent Brand, Cisco (@WeAreCisco). Newsjacking, SEO and Social Media: How Our Blog Bounced Back After a Plateau, University of Virginia Health System. Infographics. Ticks, Measles and Movies: Growing our Blog Through Health Trends and Newsjacking, University of Virginia Health System. Consumer Products Campaign. Congratulations to this year’s honorees.

10 marketing lessons from Dr. Seuss

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Lesson: Traditional marketing has lost impact as consumers block out noise. Check the daily paper, watch your competitors, scan blogs, interview a client about a topic, or even look to the musings of a famous author. Get creative. Create an infographic, design a microsite, or record a video series.

State of Healthcare Content Marketing: 5 Trends Transforming the Industry

Contently - Strategy

CSR Is a Popular Use Case That Often Lacks Creativity. “There are certainly exceptions, but one of the reasons it’s twenty years behind is because there are so many rules and regulations about how—can speak to consumers.” However, 15 of them had no content presence whatsoever like a blog or resource center on their websites, while 30 more had extremely limited content outputs such as corporate newsrooms or bare blogs hidden in the footer of their sites.

9 Techs to Take Your Content to the Next Level

PR 20/20

It’s not because you lack creativity, it’s because with millions of ads, blogs, and emails sent and shared across the Internet every minute, it’s hard to push past the clutter. This helps marketers gauge consumer search behaviors over time to fuel content ideas. Templates range from social media posts to marketing collateral to infographics (and tons in between). How often do you create content?

B2C 71

Announcing PR Daily's 2017 Content Marketing Awards finalists

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Driving Brand Awareness and Consumer Choice for Gift Card eCommerce, The Fletcher Group and Blackhawk Network. DEVENEY Insights Blog, DEVENEY Communication. Blue Cross NC Blog, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. The DRIVE Blog, Scott's Marketplace. China Tourism Year, Quartz Creative and Visa. Infographics. DMG-Pediatric Sleep Infographic, DuPage Medical Group. Michigan Health Lab, Michigan Health Blog, Michigan Medicine/Manifest. ·