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Because we love you, one handy dandy, super duper, mostly all-in-one-place Brand Video Checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything when you develop, write and shoot your next video.

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Infographic: Journalists Want Brands to Provide Multimedia-Rich Content


According to the Cision 2017 State of the Media Report , when communicators pair compelling messages with rich formats like photos, videos, social media posts, infographics and data, they can drive better and more accurate coverage and increase earned media opportunities. Journalists value news releases and want brands to provide high quality content. This gives brands a good variety of resource ideas and formats to choose from when they are crafting their next press release.

5 Ways to Step Up Your Infographics

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There was a time when simply creating and sharing an infographic would net you a ridiculous amount of attention. Those days are long gone because now everyone has figured out the importance of visual content and therefore infographics are used much more frequently.

Infographic: Why you should produce less blog content

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When you sit down to create content, do you immediately think about your organization's blog? Does your mind start racing through potential blog post ideas and how you can use them to turn readers into customers? An infographic from HubSpot.

4 blogging ideas for brand managers

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Communicators of all stripes can increase engagement, boost visibility and entice potential customers or clients through blog posts, especially if they offer people answers, inspiration or new ways to look at common problems. Many of the blog’s hot tips don’t require the company’s products.

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64% of PR and Marketing Pros Will Increase Content Marketing Efforts in 2016: Marketwired Survey and Infographic


Check out the survey highlights in our original infographic and read more in our news release. A notable 61% of respondents said they are using influencers and brand advocates to help amplify their content, reach new audiences and increase engagement. [By Lisa Davis].

Infographic: Journalists Want Brands to Provide Multimedia-Rich Content

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According to the Cision 2017 State of the Media Report , when communicators pair compelling messages with rich formats like photos, videos, social media posts, infographics and data, they can drive better and more accurate coverage and increase earned media opportunities.

How to optimize your infographic for search

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Infographics are a great tool to gain traction for search engine optimization (SEO). Just make sure your infographics (and the pages on which they live) are optimized correctly to ensure you get all the benefits. That's one of the main advantages of infographics: They get shared!

Harnessing the Power of Visuals with Infographics

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Who wants to read a spreadsheet full of numbers, or a blog post that lists one statistic after another before getting to the heart of the issue? Enter infographics. Read on to learn how and why infographics can add value to your marketing efforts.

Study: Big Companies Lag at Blogging, Social Media

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I’ve read and blogged about previous reports produced by the UMASS Center for Marketing Research for several years now. Infographic: Millennials and Social Commerce. Blogs as a tool of corporate influence is flat to declining. .

Create better infographics in 4 steps

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When was the last time an infographic made your job—or at least your day—easier? Visuals are a great way to amplify your content's reach and effect, but some brands churn out infographics, e-books and social media images without stopping to think how those pieces can help people.

3 Tips for Effective Infographics: Data, Design and Distribution [UML]

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Infographics remain high on the marketing list of tactics. This week I looked at Google search data for the word “infographic” (and variations) and found interest continues to grow at a steady pace. We see infographics in content marketing survey results as well.

Blogging vs. Press Releases vs. Coverage; Unscripted Marketing Links

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Aside from the well-deserved round of congratulations, it occurred to me the acquisition is an indication of a maturing industry for content marketing, which of course includes blogging. The Blogging Gutenberg . Benchmarks: Blogs Press Releases and Coverage.

3 ways infographics can power your content marketing campaigns

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Despite some naysaying, infographics are thriving. A recent article on infographics on PR Daily reviewed a report from Clutch that stated: “The age of infographics is dying, and most of them are quite bad.”. Use an infographic as a pitching tool.

Infographic design tips communicators must know

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Infographics are suddenly very much in the marketing mix for brands and publishers. Like all visual content, infographics make complex information comprehensible and engaging—if designed correctly. Think of an infographic's story as the foundation of a building.

3 Link Building Strategies For Improving Off-Page SEO (Infographic)

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But if you want to take your brand’s exposure up a notch, you must focus on building an effective off-page SEO strategy. Obviously items like viral videos or viral articles will do the trick, but infographics and other forms of visual content are also a great way to stimulate sharing.

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Infographics: Dead—or still a useful tool for communicators?

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A recent report from Clutch, a research, ratings and reviews platform for business services, suggests the pulse of infographics—at the heart of many content marketing strategies—is weakening. To paraphrase Mark Twain, are reports of the death of infographics greatly exaggerated?

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5 infographic tools for PR and marketing pros

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The popularity of visual content is increasing, specifically when it comes to videos and infographics. Infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than a text article sharing the same information Tall images (with lengths of 800 pixels or more) are more popular with Pinterest users, as well, says Dan Zarrella , social media scientist at Hubspot. Here are five tools to help you add infographics to your content marketing and online PR campaigns: 1.

Why and how to set editorial guidelines for your blog

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Virtually every content marketing program involves a blog. All important ingredients for increasing readership, reputation and lead generation start with your blog. Here are eight things to include in your blog guidelines: 1. Blog and content objectives. Blog images.

Making Your Blog More PR-Friendly

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This is true for the earned media we generate, the thought leadership content we produce for clients and for our own blog content. Any company blogging today must have a strategy for boosting the visibility of their content and ensuring it is shareable and shared.

Infographic: Why content marketing is a must for your small business

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Of course, content marketing can be a massive waste of time, resources and energy, but according to this infographic from Muffin Marketing , it can “drive traffic to your website for years to come.”. How can you turn that little blog of yours into a business-boosting hotspot?

Are Trolls Trash Talking Your Brand?


What’s one pain point all brands share? In a matter of minutes, trolls can get your blood boiling, your fingers tapping a hot-tempered response and your brand well on its way to a potential crisis situation for all of the world to see. Trolls also like blogs and social media channels.

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Elements of the perfect blog post

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The rise of content marketing means that brands compete with traditional publishers for page views, resulting in a cacophony of blog noise. It would be nice if every blog post could be perfect, but does such a thing exist? That’s where this BlogPros infographic comes in.

Maximize Consumer Love This Valentine's Day (Infographic)

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Sabrina is the Marketing Manager for The Shelf , an influencer marketing platform that enables brands and agencies to connect with the most relevant influencers. She's also the co-creator of street style blog, Streetscoutme. Brand Business

Get bigger bang for your blog: Cisco shares 3 tips

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Blogs are challenging. Cisco’s blog. The site recently topped 8,000 page views and continues to set the standard for stellar brand journalism. Here, two Cisco insiders share their lessons for attracting traffic and attention for your blog over the long haul: 1.

3 Steps to Equip Your Company Blog for the Road Ahead


Two recent studies by Elite Daily and CrowdTwist found that millennials, in particular, are extremely loyal to their chosen brands — especially those that are more engaging on social media. Corporations have to be more than simply transactional, or they run the risk of losing their customers’ loyalty for a more engaging brand that can provide the same service. But without a distribution channel, your company blog is like a car without an engine.

To Byline or Not: 5 Reasons Why Your Blog Should Identify Its Authors


Must your company identify the author of each of your blog’s posts with a byline? Or is it an acceptable social media best practice to publish blog posts that are credited to an anonymous company voice? We love your blog!”. 5 Reasons Your Blog Should Identify Its Authors.

How to tell better brand stories

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What's the best story you've heard about a brand this year? According to an infographic by Headstream, 79 percent of people are interested in brands' stories, but 85 percent can't recall a memorable one. Although brand managers are telling stories, they have to get better at it.

5 steps to writing guest blog posts

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Every brand journalist. One should be guest blogs. The definition of guest blogging is to publish content on a third-party website or blog. Use the following steps to turn into a guest blogging pro. Identify the websites and blogs where you want to be featured.

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27 blogging tasks brand managers should outsource

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Corporate blogging tends to hearken the old adage, “We can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way.”. By “everything,” I’m talking about “the works” package of blogging. Crafting a blog post is much more than just writing text in Wordpress and slapping it on the web.


6 Rules of Thumb for Successful Brand Publishing

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The Internet has made brand publishing ubiquitous. Gone are the days when brands required an intermediary to reach their target audience. In order to be effective, brand content must be mapped to business objectives and be appealing. This has made the brand iconic.

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My Top Do’s & Don’ts For Pitching & Writing Guest Blog Posts

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Don’t Overlook Its Importance When I think of content marketing, one of the primary tactics that comes to mind is guest blogging. Remember that most consumers wouldn’t care if 80 percent of brands disappeared tomorrow. Match voice to the publication or blog. Blog posts are usually opinion-based with a casual tone; e-zines might be written in more of a traditional journalistic tone – quoting sources, using a formal tone, written in AP style.)

4 Ways to “Automate” Good Design with Canva

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This way, you don’t have to go to design school to make a simple blog image or email newsletter header. You know how branding works in writing – promoting unity across a brand’s messaging creates a coherent identity.

How PR pros can create powerful blog posts

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If you’re going to do the work to craft a blog post, take the time to do it right. Corporate blogs have been ubiquitous for several years, but it’s surprising how often posts fall short of excellence.

5 Things to Know About Branded Content

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If I’m right, branded content is going to have its heyday in 2017. I think we’ll see brands who formerly invested in traditional advertising start to pour dollars into relevant, useful content in an effort to connect with their customers. Branded Content is Just Going to Get Better.

13 Instagram tools brands should be using

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Embed an Instagram Gallery on your website or blog. Put the best user-generated content from Instagram on your website as a branded gallery. Attend our conference on Visual Communications and Infographics. ]. enables you to embed a photo gallery in a website or blog with ease.

4 ideas for repurposing your brand’s content

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Use audio content as a blog post. Using video can also create an interesting and engaging blog post, as it uses both words and pictures. Turn content into an infographic. Infographics are attention grabbing and engaging on social media.

Study: Consumers want to interact, be ‘friends’ with brands

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It looks like people want relationships just as much as brand managers do. A Trendera study reveals that 63 percent of consumers want brands to treat them like friends. An argument for blogging. Impressions vary depending on the content of the blog post.

5 ways brand managers can use Flipboard

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After you’ve caught up with our news on PR, marketing, writing and social media, here are five ways you can use Flipboard to enhance your brand: 1. The point to creating content—whether it’s a well-written article, a great infographic or a how-to video—is to get eyeballs on it.

5 pieces of content every brand manager can create

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Publishers and brand managers create content that call for readers’ attention, and the more that gets published, the harder it is to break through the noise and be heard. Here are five pieces of content every brand manager can create: 1. Infographics.