B2C Content Marketing Trends: Key Findings from the 2015 Study


The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs recently released their latest joint study on the use of content in the marketing mix: B2C Content Marketing, 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—North America. What else does the study reveal about B2C content marketing trends?

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15 Metrics You Should Measure in Content Marketing

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Did you know that 47% of B2B marketers and 34% of B2C marketers don’t measure content marketing ROI? And one of the main reasons is that they find it difficult to measure. Following is a list of 15 content marketing metrics that you should measure: 1.

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Measurement, Analytics a Hot Skill

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Just this last week there were several articles in the news about the value of measurement and analytics. Deliver measurement and reporting of results and optimization plans and communicate this to a cross-functional team. The PR Measurement course launches April 4, 2018.

#measurePR, Die Hard and Squirrels

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Here’s a peek: On the differences between B2B and B2C measurement: A1: Both need meaningful KPIs (key performance indicators) but B2B side usually needs more direct alignment w/ business goals #measurepr. Happy reading, and happy measuring!

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How to Measure the Results of B2B Influencer Marketing

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Can you measure the results of your influencer marketing program? Does lack of effective measurement hold you back from embracing influencer marketing as a tool in your campaigns? Contrast that with B2C businesses where up to 48% have an influencer program.

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Report: 47 percent of content marketers struggle to measure ROI

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Most B2C marketers use content marketing (86 percent), and 60 percent said that their organizations are highly committed to using the strategy—the same amount as in 2016. Not knowing how to measure (26 percent) and finding measurement too time-consuming (25 percent) are also issues.

The Conundrum of Measuring PR Value


PR pros never had an easy time measuring PR value but it used to be just as hard for advertisers and marketers to prove their worth as well. Digital PR Drives Online Purchases (B2C) & Goal Conversions (B2B) : Most people start their buying journey online. The last point was more a summary of the first 3 points than a thought all its own and brings me back to the original thought; the conundrum of measuring PR Value and how to deliver ROI based PR reporting.

How to Measure The True Value of PR

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This blog post explains how a transformational technology, Cision Impact , provides PR professionals with data that accurately measure the impact of earned media and its value to the business. Cision Impact: True Measurement of Earned Media Value .

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5 Important B2B Content Strategy Lessons That Will Shape How You Use Social Media

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The powerful content marketing gurus at Hubspot and BuzzSumo have joined forces to conduct research into what works and what doesn’t in B2B and B2C content. Their report delves into the nature of B2B versus B2C content, and provides insight into what works best on social media for each one.

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Performance Storytelling: Norton Lifelock CMO, Ty Shay, Provides a Roadmap


Norton Lifelock’s CMO Ty Shay recently keynoted AirPR’s Growth PR Conference and shared a roadmap for success in this new era of media, marketing, communications and measurement. . Transparency in Marketing Measurement. Shay uses the B2C packaged goods industry as an example of how marketing has evolved: “In B2C marketing, I think there was a phase where consumer packaged goods companies were selling to retailers. Tell a Measurably Better Story.

What’s hindering your content marketing efforts?

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The 2017 State of Healthcare Content Marketing , TrueNorth Custom surveyed mostly B2C health care firms, as did DamoDigital in. Of the B2C health care firms polled, 69 percent say they already are engaging in content marketing and 17 percent plan to start creating content in 2017.

Q&A with Steve Cox, VP of PR at Sodexo


Q: How do you measure “share of voice”? Steve: While we recognize there are a number of ways, with increasing levels of sophistication associated to measure share of voice, at Sodexo we use a very basic ‘brand mention’ method to establish our baseline.

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Study by Nielson Underscores the Importance of Earned Media


Nielsen is a global information and measurement company with leading market positions in consumer information, television and other media measurement, online intelligence and mobile measurement.

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Our Top 10: The Best B2B PR Posts of the Year

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From measurement to influencer engagement and social media, tools can make your job easier and help you keep up with the top PR trends. To make it extra useful, we've separated our list into categories, including tools for email marketing, content creation, and measurement.

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3 Key Trends Influencing the Future of Communications


Better Data and Measurement Tools. Having an integrated technology and analytics infrastructure in place to measure the ROI of your communication efforts is critical for optimizing performance and driving business growth. *This article was provided by Cision , a PRSA partner.

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5 B2B Social Media Best Practices That Will Up Your Marketing Game

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In the past, many businesses have assumed that B2B and B2C are two different animals where social media is concerned. In reality, though, B2B social media best practices require a B2C approach. In the B2B industry, it's imperative to measure the results of your efforts.

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How to Succeed in Public Relations & Spark Change for 2018

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PR Measurement is the Top Concern. The challenge of PR measurement has been growing on the horizon for the past few years and is reaching a fever pitch. In fact, out of all the issues facing the PR industry, 63% surveyed cited measurement as their number one challenge.

8 Misleading Myths About B2B PR in Social Media -- Obliterated!

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Myth #1: You Can't Measure Results on Social Media. This myth was probably born out of the beginning stages of social media, when it was just starting to be utilized in the B2C sector. The success of any business - B2B or B2C -- lies in building strong relationships.

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The 5 Influencer Marketing Strategy Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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Because as humans, we like to measure our progress and work toward a goal. Measuring Influence by Audience Size. While B2C brands were the earliest adopters of influencer marketing tactics, it's foolish to think that B2B brands can't enjoy similar success.

Facebook View Metrics Decline Suddenly

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In a statement to the various marketing publications, Facebook announced that it was changing how its measurement algorithm calculated post views to match how it calculates ad views. Sharing rates on Facebook – word of mouth – for B2B and B2C brands is averaging 0.01%.

#PRGoals For 2017

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

We will apply rigor to outcomes measurement. Although there will always be clients who want to know AVEs (advertising value equivalency ) because it allows them to place a dollar value on the PR budget, there are better ways to measure the PR investment.

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How to Craft a B2B Strategy That Will Deliver Killer PR Results

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Measure results. Measure the Results. Take the time to periodically measure your results against your goals. You could measure: How many press releases you distributed. 12 Expert Guides to PR Measurement.

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Five Myths About PR And Customer Acquisition

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Whether it’s a B2C company that needs a high volume of sales or a B2B with a slower selling cycle, every high-growth business invests heavily in customer acquisition. Conversely, if customers are fooled by positive PR for a product that doesn’t measure up, they will feel burned.

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White Paper: Want Content Success? Think Outside the Box!


Consider the following from the Content Marketing Institute’s B2C and B2B reports: 70 percent of B2B marketers and 69 percent of B2C marketers create more content than a year ago. B2B and B2C marketers want to learn more about measurement, automation, video and visual storytelling.

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Breaching 140: Who’s Using Twitter’s 280 Characters?

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Of all the industries using the new format, B2C financial services – banking and retail investment brands – are using the most characters in the new format.

Study: Consumers engage with only half of brand content

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According to the study: For B2C industries, consumers only engage with 20 percent of content on average. Content marketing continues to be seen as leading edge by many pros, but how effective is it? According to one study, the answer is a resounding “somewhat.”.

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4 Questions to Kickstart Your Influencer Marketing


During their Influence by the Numbers: The Science Behind Influencer Marketing webinar, they explored targeting and outreach best practices, the difference between paid and owned strategies and the best measurement practices to prove success. What are you measuring? “I

2018 Predictions: Consumer PR Edition

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From a B2C public relations perspective, here are two trends that stand out as attention-worthy: integration across the board and the ability to take a stand. It’s hard to believe that 2017 has come and gone.

PR Goal-Setting For 2018

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Whether a brand needs B2B or B2C PR next year, the steps to manage the process are similar. A good plan starts with a full accounting of the past year’s PR initiatives and their success when measured by established KPIs.

How to Build a Successful B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy

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Many times these are the easy metrics -- simply set up a landing page to use with your influencer marketing campaign and measure how much specific traffic or purchases you get from your investment. Even if your definition of success is less tangible, you can still find ways to measure it.

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How to Use Multimedia For Better PR Campaigns


Journalists are no longer measured by the quality of their work; they are measured by the effectiveness of their work. Similar to communications professionals, reporters are measured by data and metrics such as: How much traffic did the story drive?

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4 Ways to Connect With Customers Through Content


In fact, only 38 percent of B2C marketers believe their organization’s content marketing program is effective. Measurement is key. Set up measurable goals and analyze whether or not your content is helping you achieve them.

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4 steps to boost PR campaigns with social media influencers

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B2B influencers look much different than B2C influencers, creating different types of content and using separate social media platforms. Craft the right content and measure for your goals.

What questions should you ask your content writer?

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An interview checklist can help you quantitatively measure how well candidates score on the most important factors you need for your B2B marketing team. Are they familiar with writing for your audience (for instance, B2B or B2C)? B2B and B2C content can have ver y different approaches.

Top Tips To Prioritize PR Spending

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Some of the findings were expected; respondents mentioned the blending of marketing and PR responsibilities, as well as the pressure to measure outcomes. Then, allocate a reasonable budget for measurement.

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How to Create a Content Marketing Plan

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Once you set your goals, you can set KPIs to measure your content’s success. This involves testing your content and measuring its success. Measure your results. The most crucial factor in content marketing is to measure your results.

7 Surprising Ways that B2B Influencer Marketing Has Evolved

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Marketing guru, Lee Odden of TopRank, defines influencer marketing this way: “The practice of engaging internal and industry experts with active networks to help achieve measurable business goals.”. How do we measure their success?

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5 Ways to Improve Your Content Strategy

The Proactive Report

A new report from BrightEdge reveals that although marketers at B2C and B2B Fortune 500 brands recognize the AI, voice and hyper-local revolution is here, most are not yet planning to adapt their marketing strategies to these new ideas.

How to Embrace the Future of B2B Influencer Marketing

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A just-released study reports that 55% of B2C companies surveyed are running ongoing influencer programs. There is no more B2B or B2C. Use programs that help you learn more about your customers, their needs and values, and even measure your success throughout the influencer process. Measure Your Results -- What metrics would you like to see from your relationship with an influencer? Despite all the buzz, B2B influencer marketing is still a new frontier.

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What to Know Before Creating a Content Marketing Strategy


The most successful B2B and B2C communicators of today have adopted these new ideas with open arms, quickly adopting new tactics. Producing content consistently” and “measuring content effectiveness” rank as the second and third most daunting challenges, respectively.