3 ways PR pros can win with SEO and analytics

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Especially during COVID-19, SEO is increasing in importance, as organizations seek to reach their target consumers and stand out in a noisy and cluttered digital media landscape. Our consumer insights team was asking which search engine sends the most traffic.

Meet the 2030 Consumer


Analytics software firm SAS partnered with Futurum Research in May 2019 to survey more than 4,000 consumers, tech professionals, and marketers. These findings validate and strengthen studies during the pandemic that an increasing number of consumers depend on digital devices.

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AirPR Acquires Content Marketing and Analytics Company; Changes Corporate Name to “Onclusive”


The acquisition brings together AirPR’s industry-leading communications measurement solution with Ozmotik’s content marketing and analytics offering, creating a unified platform for companies to discover their most valuable earned media and to deliver it to its intended audience at scale. Our customers can now measure content effectiveness across the entire consumer journey – from awareness and consideration, to purchase and revenue.

Thinking Like a Consumer Will Win the Marketing Game

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A cursory Google search for “marketing tips” yields a predictable number of articles promising the secrets to effective marketing and the best practices for winning the marketing game for a leg up above the competition. Mastering SEO, gathering analytics like clockwork, investing in paid search and social — all of these are intended to make […]. The post Thinking Like a Consumer Will Win the Marketing Game appeared first on.

Consumer Public Relations Trends: Consumer PR in 2020


With some states loosening up COVID-19 restrictions, what lies ahead for merchants and marketers? Earlier studies revealed that many consumers who began relying on digital platforms for searching and shopping when the pandemic was declared intend to do so after it’s over.

Creative Uses for Google Analytics in Public Relations

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Analytics should be an important component of the work we do as public relations professionals, but how can we leverage analytics tools to serve our needs? During a PRSA Boston event, Matthew Raven, VP of Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications, presented an insightful discussion about the power of Google Analytics and how it can serve PR professionals. In Matt’s words, the current attitude is one where “marketing owns measurement.”

How to Measure PR & Marketing on a Limited Budget

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A large budget makes it easier to obtain substantial media exposure and measure the results of PR and marketing. Most nonprofit organizations, start-ups and small businesses generally have limited resources for PR and marketing and especially for PR measurement.

A Traditional PR Pro Take on Analytics

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Tap into Google Analytics. Yes other PR peeps, I said it – analytics. Tapping into Google Analytics, we were able to see that BuzzFeed drove sales for the brand. After securing two product placements with the outlet, we went back to Google Analytics to determine results. And here content syndication, another marketing tool to amplify eyeballs of earned media placements, steps in to boost ROI further. Account Director, Consumer.

Big Data or Big Brother? Will analytics soon assess consumers’ mindset in real time?

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Marketers have long relied on demographic information to identify, get to know, and predict the behavior of their customers. With the rise of big data, marketers not only have the opportunity to better predict consumers’ behavior, but also to understand and respond to their immediate psychological needs, according to Columbia Business School researchers. Will analytics soon assess consumers’ mindset in real time? Marketing Public Relations marketin

PR metrics and analytics: 10 trends to watch in 2019

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Impressions , a common PR and marketing metric, will fall out of favor due to its limited value. More PR pros will apply web analytics to track conversions. Greater scrutiny and skepticism of influencer marketing. Early enthusiasm over influencer marketing has waned as companies struggle to measure its ROI. believability, trust) on consumer purchase decisions. Money is moving toward integrated, customer-centric marketing. Video marketing.

Like a Boss: The Ultimate ???? Social Media Analytics Guide #Talkwalker

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Do you understand social media analytics? To some that might seem like a rhetorical question, but most social media marketers say measuring ROI is their top challenge. The struggle is real, but thanks to Talkwalker’s Social Media Analytics Guide we have some help. ” Social Media Analytics Clutter. Talkwalker breaks down analytics from basics-to-intermediate knowledge. I give it a thumbs up for reading to all marketing, PR professionals, and entrepreneurs.

3 Google Analytics Issues to Correct for Better Data

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In between those times where you use Google Analytics to do reporting, there is plenty of maintenance to do to ensure that the data that you rely on to make decisions is accurate and will lead to the best decisions. I’m going to cover three Google Analytics issues that come up regularly in our work for clients that everyone should address. It’s actually not that time consuming to do so, especially if you use something like Referrer Spam Blocker.

4 ways marketers can attract new consumers

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Related: 9 Cool Ways You Can Use Data-Driven Marketing to Gain Customers. This younger generation of consumers is continuing to cause a massive shift in the market across all industries and sectors. There's a lesson to be learned here: To stay competitive, any entrepreneur or business leader has to consider the many challenges of a constantly evolving business landscape, including his or her company's demographics and consumer trends.

{PR}edict: Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR, Part 2

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In the last post, we introduced the idea of predictive analytics in public relations. Public relations would benefit strongly from predictive analytics, forecasting communications needs in advance. The foundation of predictive analytics is one familiar to modern PR practitioners: data. What Data Do We Need for Predictive Analytics? To prepare for predictive analytics, we must clean our data as best as possible. Vice President, Marketing Technology.

Instagram announces ‘Stories’ ads, business analytics

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Brand managers looking to reach consumers online—especially illusive younger crowds—are turning to apps such as Instagram. RELATED: The 2017 Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communicators at Disney World.]. Instagram seems confident that the feature will help marketers and PR pros put brands in front of consumers—and cement the company’s place ahead of competitor Snapchat.

Instagram Announces ‘Stories’ Ads, Business Analytics


Brand managers looking to reach consumers online—especially elusive younger crowds—are turning to apps such as Instagram. Instagram seems confident that the feature will help marketers and PR pros put brands in front of consumers—and cement the company’s place ahead of competitor Snapchat. Ads aren’t the only carrot that Instagram is dangling in front of PR and marketing pros. Thought Leadership ads analytics Business Instagram Stories

Retail PR’s next normal: Experience gap widens as consumer appetite for digital increases

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As coronavirus concerns accelerate consumers’ demand for digital, new research from marketing analytics firm Periscope by McKinsey reveals how tech-driven consumers are reshaping retail’s next normal.

Using PR To respond to declining consumer trust


Gaining and maintaining consumer trust is the goal of every PR professional. Consumer trust is invaluable to brands. However, recent data suggests consumers are growing more and more distrusting of traditional media. Additionally, with the spread of ‘fake news’, consumers are more suspicious than ever. With declining consumer trust, it’s more important than ever to get the facts right.

4 ways Tom’s drives consumer success and sales on social media

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The company’s online success is in part due to the careful way they’ve used a mixture of compelling content and paid social media ads to deliver their messages to targeted consumers at a time when social media algorithms can easily bury branded posts. Put consumers first. Social listening analytics, consumer feedback and audience behavior data can give you a starting point to what types of content resonates with fans, but you should also test and tailor your posts.

How To Woo Consumers: 7 PR Tips For Brands

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Can public relations help consumers fall in love with a brand? There are specific steps marketers must take to achieve full customer engagement. Make consumers love your brand. The best brands have distinct profiles distinguishable through messaging, graphic identity and even spokespeople – each meant to connect with a certain kind of consumer. Let customers know you’re “on the market” .

How marketers can connect with mobile-focused consumers

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In digital marketing, gone are the days of separating mobile and desktop customers. Marketing and PR pros must adapt to the growing number of smartphone users who consult their mobile devices before making a purchase. Google reports that in order to meet this growing trend, marketers should account for new conversion types and think about measurement in a way that connects with consumers using various screens and channels. This is often tracked using analytical data.

Instagram rolls out brand profiles, analytics and promotion tools

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It’s official: Social media marketers can get more from Instagram. Business profiles will roll out in the coming weeks and offer analytics tools that give brand managers a better sense of how well their posts are performing. In a company blog post , Instagram explained its push to offer marketers more: With so many companies using Instagram, and many people on the platform interacting with them, there was a desire from our business community to do more.

Marketing Tools to Measure Influencer Marketing Campaigns


Influencer marketing campaigns are making waves as a marketing strategy since it provides third party credibility and brand awareness to the right audiences. Tapping into influencer marketing requires some planning and dollars so it’s important that our influencers are making a positive impact on the brand in terms of return on investment. Now that you’ve defined your goals, here are a few tools to measure the success of your influencer marketing campaign: Engagement Rate.

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Digital Marketing Tips: Make your Business Stand Out

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In this post, we provide organizations with our top digital marketing tips that will help elevate your business marketing strategy. Let’s say your competitors are practicing successful digital communication by providing clean, simple and straightforward marketing collateral. Whether it’s from social media, online publications or broadcast stations, today’s digital marketers must always take advantage of their earned media coverage. Utilize Video Marketing Strategies.

18 Tips to Improve Your Organization’s Social Media Listening

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Organizations are increasingly employing social media listening for public relations, marketing, competitive intelligence, customer service and product development. That allows your primary feed to focus on marketing, advises Sendible Insights. Public Relations & Marketing.

Top Ad And Marketing Podcasts For PR Pros

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While we have access to a wide breadth of digital platforms to consume our daily dose of news and information, let’s not ignore an essential medium for staying smart – podcasts. Because they’re easy to consume and offer a certain intimacy, brands are using podcasts to inform, entertain, and be visible. Here’s a roundup of some top advertising and marketing podcasts. AdAge Marketer’s Brief. AList Daily’s Marketing Today With Alan Hart.

What Marketing Can Learn From Public Relations Analytics

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We PR pros often talk about what Public Relations can learn from Marketing. How to be more analytical. But what can Marketing learn from Public Relations, if anything? Here’s what he had to say (emphasis/italicization mine): “There are two really important things that PR has been doing in measurement that are fairly new to marketing – and both are due to the emergence of social media channels.

Marketing and PR trends that are impacting the Fintech industry

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Marketing strategies constantly require makeovers based on the latest trends, technology development, new analytics, and, more importantly, customer needs. Consequently, the consumers’ growing […].

Must-Have Checklist: Managing Email Marketing

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Whether or not you’re new to the marketing scene, mastering the art of email marketing is an excellent way to generate ROI, feature your organization’s products and build brand exposure. Segmentation is a wonderful marketing technique that’ll help you organize and personalize your emails. Doing so provides a higher rate of consumer interest and genuine credibility. “40% The point of email marketing is to analyze what captures your audience’s attention.

Brands are taking societal stands, like consumers want—so why are we so skeptical?

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Just as consumers have demanded, brand-sponsored cause marketing is now the norm, but the perceived motivations behind this outspokenness is spurring apprehension about what’s authentic—and what’s simply a marketing ploy. New research from social analytics firm Sprout Social reveals that 35 percent of consumers perceive brands speaking out as “jumping on the bandwagon.” The post Brands are taking societal stands, like consumers want—so why are we so skeptical?

How AI is Changing the Face of Marketing

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While some marketers may be concerned that AI could threaten their job security, the truth is that AI will more likely be a tool that makes it easier to deliver effective marketing campaigns. In this blog, we outline how AI is changing the face of marketing in 2019 and beyond. AI is among the fastest-growing marketing trends, with 80 percent of marketers predicting in 2016 that AI would revolutionize marketing by 2020.

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Earned media best for driving purchases, consumers sour on social media, and IBM battles an age-bias lawsuit

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Also: Delivery drivers are munching consumers’ food, a bevy of PR and marketing job openings, and Burger King Belgium roasts McDonald’s. . Good morning, PR pros: A US Foods survey of roughly 500 food delivery drivers and more than 1,500 consumers in the United States reveals that more than one in four delivery drivers (nearly 30%) eat items from customers’ orders before delivering them. The findings speak volumes about delivery apps’ contractor behavior and consumer trust.

7 Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing for Mobile

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With so much of the population spending so much time on mobile devices these days, optimizing marketing efforts for mobile is crucial for businesses. In fact, in 2018, Statista stated that 54 percent of all consumers now browse social media on a mobile device at least once a day. This makes it critical to optimize your social media marketing strategy to be mobile-friendly to engage these consumers. Blog Data Analytics Media Monitoring Media tracking SEO Social Media

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How an Influencer Marketing Agency Can Help Businesses Grow 


When it comes to companies seeking out influencers to bolster a marketing campaign, employing the help of an influencer marketing agency can help amplify the voice of the brand and extend its reach. An influencer marketing agency is dedicated to the connecting of businesses and brands with influencers or viral platforms. Often, this arm is a part of a larger marketing agency, or in other cases the agency may focus solely on influencer marketing.

3 approaches to marketing measurement

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As competition swells and consumers are inundated with more marketing content, more channels and more choices, marketers face growing pressure to prove that their campaigns are making an impact. The good news: Marketers can transform every customer connection into an opportunity for growth by updating measurement strategies, says Karen Sauder, vice president of sales at Google. Sauder offers three recommendations for improving marketing measurement.

Brand managers speak emoji to reach device-driven consumers

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Emojis are everywhere—including in the marketing campaigns for many well-known brands. Data from Socialbakers Analytics show that in 2014, more than a quarter (28 percent) of Facebook’s top-brands used emojis in their posts. Instead of using traditional emojis such as a coffee cup, doughnut or smiley face to convey its message, brand managers want consumers to “speak in Starbucks,” the website states. I think emoji use will thrive within certain pockets” of consumers.

Top Ad And Marketing Podcasts For PR Pros

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While we have access to a wide breadth of digital platforms to consume our daily dose of news and information, let’s not ignore an essential medium for staying smart – podcasts. Because they’re easy to consume and offer a certain intimacy, brands are using podcasts to inform, entertain, and be visible. Here’s a roundup of some top advertising and marketing podcasts. AdAge Marketer’s Brief. AList Daily’s Marketing Today With Alan Hart. Marketing Over Coffee.

TikTok Marketing


The app analytics provider added that TikTok was ranked third in downloads and even beat Facebook and Instagram, which finished fourth and fifth to end the year. The in-app feature permits consumers to browse brands associated with sponsored hashtag challenges without leaving the platform. She added that she was surprised by all the analytics TikTok provided. According to influencer marketing agency Mediakix, 60% of the platform’s monthly users are 16 to 24 years of age.

How to use Twitter Audience Insights for Marketing

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Twitter just rolled out its Audience Insights tool to all Twitter Analytics and Ads users. How can it benefit your marketing and communications program? You get consumer behaviors such as credit card brands owned, consumer buying styles, and CPG purchase categories. If your brand or company falls into any of the categories above, such as B2C consumer purchases, then the information is an obvious home run. Vice President, Marketing Technology.

Covid-19 Accelerates Shift of PR and Marketing to In-House Staff – Why It May Be Futile and How Agencies Can Respond

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Facing budgetary pressures caused by Covid-19 shut-downs, chief marketing officers (CMOs) are moving more PR and marketing functions in-house. Some of the most common functions CMOs moved in-house include social marketing (53%), audio-visual production (44%) and public relations (39%).