Product Launch Lessons from Taylor Swift

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This is exactly what we do in PR as we approach programs for new clients and new product launches. Each product launch you promote in your career will be a learning experience and will help prepare you for the next one. CES, the baby boom of product launches, is just around the corner. To make sure your product launch is on track, you can take a closer look at these three T-Swift lyrics below: “Cause Darlin I’m a Nightmare Dressed like a Daydream”.

Crashing Your Way to Success with New Product Launches: How SHIFT Helped Launch the Ultimaker 3

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New product launches can be hit or miss. It’s easy to give in to the excitement and guzzle the Kool-Aid when a client starts to tell you about the next generation of their product. New products are getting harder and harder to pitch. It’s not because people don’t care about a new product, it’s just that there’s a new product introduced to the market every day. That wasn’t the case when we launched the Ultimaker 3 this past October….


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B2B PR Tips For Embargo Pitching In A Crazy News Cycle

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PR agency teams are always strategizing about how to tell stories that elevate a brand’s presence through earned media. Once the exclusive runs at an agreed upon date and time, the story can be pitched widely to the broader media targets. As with any pitch, keep it succinct and clear.

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How to Pitch Media Exclusives In Tech PR

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Let’s use this model to get the scoop on pitching media exclusives for B2B technology programs. PR pros don’t pitch exclusives for the biggest stories – those will typically drive enough coverage without making the first-crack commitment to one journalist. Startups and young technology agencies tend to flood the tech media with overly commercial product launches or low-value meetings with founders rather than solid story angles or truly newsworthy announcements.

Smart PR: 6 Stories NOT To Pitch Media

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Based on our experience, we’ve identified examples of when NOT to pitch that will help make clearer the line between self-serving nonsense and the stories journalists need. Avoid the following pitches, and make media contacts look forward to your ideas or contact you when they need an assist. Unless it’s an editor’s specific job to report on moves or changes to the corporate org chart, he won’t appreciate you clogging an in-box with pitches.

6 stories not worth a pitch

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Avoid the following pitches if you want to stay on good terms with media contacts: 1. Unless it’s an editor’s job to report on changes to the organization chart, don’t bother with this pitch. This rule also applies to office moves and, our personal favorite, a website launch. The agency backed it up with facts and started pitching it. The clients didn’t want to “waste” the idea, but they also didn’t want the agency to change it much.

Pitching the press: the complete guide


This guide contains everything you need to pitch the press. You’ll learn how to create awesome press releases, distribute press releases, nurture your media contacts, and send pitch emails that get results. Send email pitches that get results. At its most basic level, a press release is a story that you tell about your brand , such as: the launch of a new marketing campaign. or a new product that will change the lives of consumers. pitch story

6 Ways To Generate PR When You Have No News

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But after the initial executive moves, product launch, or funding announcement, then what? As we mentioned in a previous post, every PR team should have industry monitoring in place to identify reactive pitching opportunities. But an hoc data-driven story is a good option for pitching the media during lulls. PR teams and agencies strive to drive a steady drumbeat of coverage, but tech companies of all sizes run into occasional news droughts.

Connecting Dots on the Map: Building Bridges Across Hoffman APAC

The Hoffman Agency

In Shanghai, I got the opportunity to pitch Chinese reporters, coordinate a CEO media roundtable and support a product launch event. If pitching in the U.S. So, is it really that easy to pitch Chinese media? By Cecilia Zhong, Senior Account Executive.

No News, No Problem: How to Keep a Steady Media Relations Drumbeat

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This week: Launching a first-of-its-kind product. A product launch date shifts, an acquisition deal falls through or it’s simply summertime and everyone is on vacation. For example, asking a product manager what it takes to be in that type of role and pitching a careers reporter on skills to succeed. Not pitching reporters: Seems counterintuitive? Media Media Relations News Pitching Public Relations

How to keep a proactive press office


product launches, company news, events, etc.) On the back of this, we successfully pitched it to relevant media titles and were able to gain several pieces of coverage. Media Relations content leeds pr agencies yorkshire pr agency

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Three Ways to Maintain Post-Earnings Momentum

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The next step involves rolling out your post-earnings pitch strategy. For PR professionals, pitching anything “after the fact” might seem foreign, counterproductive or even downright wrong. Beating the competition is not only a status symbol for the company, but also offers various angles to explore and pitch. Are your client’s product costs lower, making their offerings more accessible to the masses? Media Relations Pitching Public Relations

26 Solid Pitch Ideas that Will Make You a B2B Public Relations Pro

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Journalists and B2B public relations professionals have two different needs regarding a media pitch: The journalist wants stories that resonate with an audience; the B2B PR professional wants a company's story told. The key to a successful relationship (and media pitch) is to align your company's needs with that of the journalist. But not all stories make the cut for effective media pitches in B2B public relations. What to Pitch in B2B Public Relations.

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7 Common PR Mistakes Startups Make

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A high-growth tech company with financing behind it is in a perfect position to make the most of a public relations agency partnership. Some startups make small timing miscalculations, like bringing on an agency right after a major funding announcement. Or, they may bring on a PR team just weeks before a key conference or product launch and expect a full plan rollout. Some startups think an agency can work miracles without help or input from them.

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3 Lessons for First-Time Managers

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Seven years into my PR career—after many pitches sent and stories placed, plans written and products launched—another transition was in store for me as I celebrated a promotion from senior account executive to account manager. Once the dust settled around the excitement, I began to experience something that I had heard about before—the jump to manager is one of the most challenging moves in agency life. Agency Life first-time manager management manager PR manager

Top tips on how you can secure product placement coverage for your brand


There are many types of features, stories and press releases that are regularly pitched to the media and one type that’s fairly common, particularly around this time of year, is product placement. This could be a new product launch, a limited edition product or it could be products that are part of a brands Christmas collection. Make sure that your products have seasonal hooks . Ensure you have strong imagery to accompany your products.

8 Common PR Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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There are all types of PR problems, but the one that nobody wants to deal with is the public relations program that just isn’t generating traction, or one where outcomes fall short of expectations by the client or PR agency. ” But most PR agencies have become more sophisticated about goal-setting and measurement. There’s a tendency to emphasize tech bells and whistles rather than the true benefit of a product or service.

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Avoid These 7 PR “Surprises”

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The client and agency contacts have happily bonded at a new business presentation, with great chemistry all around. Of course, employee turnover can happen at any company, but when it happens on the agency side, it should be a blip, not a breakdown. It helps if the agency leaders are transparent about the change and make it clear they’re working to replace an outgoing team member with someone as good or better. Surprises?

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A Modern Approach to PR: What’s Changed and What’s Here to Stay


Don’t forget to create stories for all of your upcoming product launches too! A media kit is like having your elevator pitch in the form of an interactive package. High-resolution pictures of your products and key people. This direct tactic means you won’t spend money on an audience that has no interest in your product or service, which is a huge plus. PR Agency Advice Advertising award winning PR Brand Stories Content Marketing persona PR Advice Reimagine PR

10 Reasons Your PR Might Be Failing

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If a PR team or agency doesn’t work in collaboration with marketing, it may be spinning its wheels — or worse, working in opposition to company business objectives. It may be tempting to think that a great PR program is the magic ingredient for a critical product launch or the sole solution to a decline in brand reputation. See our earlier article on how PR agencies set budgets and billing.

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How To Write A Rock-Solid PR Plan

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Supporting a product launch? The themes will guide pitch angles, content development, and thought leadership strategy. When GDPR was approaching, tech PR teams were sure to pitch their data privacy experts for bylines and expert commentary. Additionally, always make room in the plan for reactive pitching. A good PR plan includes a variety of pitch angles and story ideas to drive media interest under each theme or message.

Break These PR “Rules of Engagement”

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Face it, the typical client-agency relationship can sink into a routine that, over time, becomes a little too comfortable. Companies partner with PR agencies to add value to their business, and that means offering new ideas and innovative ways of looking at the organization’s challenges and goals. By the same token, there are some PR client-agency “rules of engagement” that can be chucked on occasion. Let the agency handle all media relations.

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4 summertime tips for PR firms

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Summertime at a PR agency is an interesting season for a few reasons. Choose your launch dates wisely for maximum impact. Hard-working reporters, analysts and bloggers also deserve vacations, meaning it’s a good idea to think carefully about conducting big product launches during beach season. We’ve done it many times and have enjoyed success, but it gets a heck of a lot more challenging when you receive a spate of out-of-office replies to your pitches.

Why You Can Run a Campaign Inside Content Marketing, but Not the Other Way Around

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Campaigns in B2B marketing are common around product launches, where traditionally these include basics such as: a press release announcing the new product to the market. an email about announcing the new product to customers or prospect. a webinar with third-party expert, and a tiny pitch at the end. perhaps there is a PPC campaign supporting the white paper or product demos. Can your agency bring big ideas and execute on them?

8 all-too-familiar PR blunders—and ways to avoid them

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Most PR agencies have become more sophisticated about goal-setting and measurement. Many people who work in PR thrive on the creative nature of what we do; after all, not everyone can dream up a winning idea for a product launch or the two-line pitch that will capture a journalist’s attention. There’s a tendency to emphasize tech bells and whistles rather than the true benefit of a product or service.

The Worst Stereotypes About PR People

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It helps to gain a fair hearing for your pitch, and even a negative response can offer insight on how to make a weak pitch better. The more important set of contacts, at least among agency professionals, may be the client types who remain loyal to a PR professional even as they change careers. A successful campaign is often a collaboration – requiring relationship skills like any other – and a top PR agency executive needs to be able to sell ideas.

7 Signs Your Company Is Ready To Step Up Its PR

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When considering an agency to handle reputation management and media relations for a company, consider these signs as indicators of the need to boost PR efforts. Your innovative new product is close to launch…but competitors are close behind. Should there be a launch party before a new product launch? A round-up story that should have included your new product did not.

A CRM with Real Analytics for Public Relations, M&A Report, Geoffrey Moore on PR Technology; PR Tech Sum: Propel, Burton-Taylor, Cision, Edelman and Onclusive

Sword and the Script

PR Week published a story about a new vendor out of Tel Aviv that’s has launched what it pitches as a CRM for PR. Lots of vendors have media databases, but most of these are really just glorified spreadsheets, this company, called Propel, seems to be applying some genuine analytics: “Propel allows users to map out reporters the agency has pitched, who in the agency has received the most responses from a reporter and which 15 reporters an agency is pitching most frequently.

Top PR Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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Mistakes in PR planning or execution are costly, particularly when you consider the typical investment in a top public relations agency team. You don’t need a $500,000 budget to launch an effective PR campaign, but it’s important to be realistic about the budget that is available and to match the scope of the program to available resources. Getting a pitch with insufficient lead time to develop a story is a top complaint about PR pros among journalists.

How To 133

The most essential trait for PR superstars

PR Daily

For a recent product launch I massaged and massaged this one press release—gently at first, to ease out the newsworthy angles, and then more vigorously, like an overenthusiastic masseuse, to really get it singing. I've got a great story for you, I said, before launching into my carefully honed elevator pitch. Gather Creative , an integrated communications agency in Cambridge, England. That story you agonized over?

12 ways PR pros can grab headlines

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Pitch in 140 characters or fewer. Once you’ve identified your target journalists (tip: use Muck Rack ) whom you’d like to pitch to, add them to a private Twitter list and follow them. After several months (and asking permission), you can send a snappy 140-character pitch. The mass pitch has died—and that’s largely because news travels a lot faster than it used to. You’re better off to pitch a story with a totally unique and unexpected angle.

Scoring with Business Press

Shift Communications

Don’t rely on basic corporate announcements or product launches. Is your client developing a new product within a budding industry? Support your pitch with examples of other companies in the ecosystem, ideally complementary versus competitive, to give it more weight and demonstrate the broader impact (e.g., At this point in the process, they’re going to want executive and customer interviews, hands-on product demos, etc.

Print 123

Three Media Tips for Your B2B PR Program

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Knowing that financial institutions made up a significant chunk of their customer base, we began pitching reporters that wrote about the finance industry, introducing them to the idea that advanced analytics can help mitigate risk and non-compliance. Set Realistic Goals for Product News. That’s why it’s important to set realistic goals and expectations for product launches. Many of our B2B PR programs focus heavily on media relations.

B2B 102

8 PR superstitions to avoid

PR Daily

Think twice about sending a pitch with an embargo date for your new product launch, app or merger announcement. Often, these pitches and press releases go unanswered, and a more effective solution would be to practice good brand journalism. Make sure you know the background and beat of the reporter you’re pitching. Show your clients and executives the value of building relationships with reporters, along with pitching smaller, local or vertical publications.

How to decide if PR will benefit your brand

PR Daily

You’ve just started your business, your website is finished, your SEO is lined up, your products are ready to ship, and you’ve got a hungry team eager to seize the moment. All you need to do now is get the word out about that amazing product. When brands work with PR agencies, they're usually looking for editorial media placements above all else. PR agencies will always be happy to take your money.

Brand 100

State of Social Q4 2014: LinkedIn is the real MVP

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Even communicators could potentially use the service for pitching, if your media targets tend to be active on LinkedIn. Overall, LinkedIn’s strong Q4 performance and upcoming product launches make it an essential part of any marketer’s toolkit, especially on the B2B side. The post State of Social Q4 2014: LinkedIn is the real MVP appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin.

10 Do’s And Don’ts For Better PR Ideas

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People often ask how agencies come up with great ideas for public relations campaigns. Agency teams will answer this question differently owing to their unique sector experience and orientation, but there are commonalities. In a recent conversation with agency peers, a dirty little secret was revealed. Launching an attention-getting idea for 3-D printing client, WhiteClouds came to us this way.

Buffalo Wild Wings ups the ante for Super Bowl OT, Krystal files for bankruptcy, and Starbucks sets sights on sustainability

PR Daily

Also: Marketing budgets are growing for digital ads and online efforts, Lego literally launches its newest model, millennials are more likely to impulse buy, and more. Lego launches space station model.

Behind the Headlines with Kristin Daher


Kristin Daher, the President and founder of Powerhouse Communications , spearheads the creative communications agency providing a wide range of media relations, brand strategy, and social media services with a specialty in the foodservice and franchise space. In January 2016, Daher purchased the agency where she served as the firm’s first ever vice president, and rebranded it to Powerhouse Communications. The agency life is the only life I’ve ever known.

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Media release template: Download your FREE media release template

Public Relations Sydney

Or perhaps you want to pitch a story to a journalist or publication? The launch of a new product Launching a new product, such as an eBook is current and exciting news that your target industry and publications will appreciate. For example, if your business goes for a competitive pitch to win a new client have a media release ready to send to your relevant publications. Do you have an exciting announcement to make about your company?

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