8 Media Interview Mistakes To Avoid

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In the PR agency world , after weeks of fine-tuning messaging, crafting stories and pitching reporters, there’s no better feeling than landing a top media interview for a client. Most importantly, of course, a media interview will lead to positive coverage – assuming it goes well. Nailing the interview, however, isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to technology PR opportunities. Referring to other media interviews. Steamrolling the interviewer

Interview with Larry Kim

Critical Mention

It’s a group with thousands of members, all pitching in to answer questions, share strategies, etc. One primary goal is to help marketing agencies. Our software, MobileMonkey, is useful for any marketer, but we have a s pecial agency plan that provides an enormous amount of value to marketing agencies. The post Interview with Larry Kim appeared first on Critical Mention - Media Monitoring.


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How to Build Better Relationships with Journalists

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. You know, we have other interests. We don’t all go home and talk to our families about cloud storage all weekend — well, not all of us anyway.”

Beyond Publicity: What Your PR Agency Can Do

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The PR team or agency’s prime directive is to manage the reputation of the brand – and it does that from many angles. 8 things PR does beyond media pitching. The agency will take any company’s broad or vague notions about what it wants from a PR program and translate it into a clear, tailored strategy, which will inform a set of specific tactics. A PR agency can conduct a brand perception audit to establish a baseline on which to build or change reputation.

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8 Tips For Pitching B2B Tech Stories

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You want to make sure you’re representing both your agency and your client well, and a top-notch pitch is the best way to do it. When pitching top tech reporters, like most media, it’s best to be short and sweet. Pitch the right people .

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6 PR Tips For Staffing A Media Briefing

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PR people are nearly always involved in setting up these briefings, and at our agency, we always staff them as well. Below are a few things we should keep in mind when staffing an interview: Kick things off. Let the interview play out, but pay attention.

How to adapt your pitches during noisy news cycles

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When it comes to media pitching, it’s been difficult to predict how or if the media will respond. And whether it’s a pandemic or an election or a major holiday, it can feel futile at times to attempt to pitch the media during peak news cycles.

How to Improve PR Pitches to Hispanic Media Outlets

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An interview with Telemundo. Spanish-language interviews tend to be more polite and longer in format. Though it might seem unorthodox, pitching through social media and text messaging is not uncommon for Hispanic outlets,” says Jon Salas , a publicist and multicultural strategist.

AirPR Interview Series: Emmy Award Winning Journalist & PR Pro Mika Stambaugh


“Nail the elevator pitch.”. I try and imagine friends sitting around a table talking about a story they heard on the radio that made them think of someone that could learn or benefit from the message and ultimately sharing… so I tend to cast a wide range pitch net! One of the ways I have seen PR evolve is pitching used to be only to the assignment desk and now I mainly pitch directly to the reporter. Mika: Nail the elevator pitch.

PR Tips For Reactive Media Pitches

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PR teams can take advantage of sudden extra relevance by immediately pitching a client as a news source to media hungry for pertinent expertise. Here are the PR fundamentals for reactive media pitches. PR tips for reactive media pitches. Once you spot the opportunity to showcase your client’s expertise, it’s time to pull together a smart media pitch – on the double. The post PR Tips For Reactive Media Pitches appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

From Being Told He Was “Too Gay to Pitch” to Leading an Award Winning PR Agency: Steve…

The Resolution Blog

From Being Told He Was “Too Gay to Pitch” to Leading an Award Winning PR Agency: Steve Strickland’s Story We got the chance to talk to Steve Stickland, co-founder with Gary Wheldon of new award-winning PR agency Talker Tailor Trouble Maker , about starting an agency, standing out, and creating campaigns that have the “wow” factor. You’ve gone from a creative role to starting an agency from scratch and hiring people.

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Tips for targeting trade publications with your pitch

PR Daily

Despite this, PR pitching to trade press editors often feels like an afterthought. Given that PR pros now significantly outnumber editorial staff and trade press outlets are a shrinking breed , having your pitch or press release cut through the noise is a challenge. Over the past decade, in my role as an editor of trade magazines covering the coal mining, shipping and cement industries, I have been pitched numerous articles, interviews and press releases.

Building A Wildly Successful PR Agency: The Doug Spong Interview


What does it take to build a national public relations agency powerhouse from scratch that earns 250 industry awards, competes against the world’s largest PR firms, achieves a double-digit compounded annual growth rate, and still maintains a vibrant agency culture of ‘Spongsters?’. What’s the biggest mistake clients make with their PR agencies? Clients must articulate and frequently communicate to their PR agency what success is.”.

How to pitch health writers during a pandemic

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You can still pitch non-COVID stories, but the current crisis has deeply disrupted how health care reporters are approaching their work. If you’re pitching a reporter a resource that ties in with the latest COVID-19 development, pitch them as soon as possible.

10 Fundamentals for Successful B2B Media Interviews

Sword and the Script

B2B reporters today don’t do media interviews like they once did. There’s only so much time in the day which means fewer interviews are conducted. If you are fortunate enough to secure an interview, then you certainly want to make the most of it. Below are ten proven tips for successful media interviews. Keep in mind these are offered from the perspective of the typical B2B announcement or story pitch. is a common way to close an interview.

PR Agency Life 101: Understanding the basic agency organization

Shift Communications

Basic Agency Organization. The PR agency world can be a confusing one—especially for someone looking in from the outside. Let’s take a look at the basic agency organization of a PR firm and what the different people do. These teams look similar across most agencies with a few cultural twists at various firms. Functionally, however, most agencies operate in roughly the same manner. Agency Life Public Relations

6 PR agency pet peeves

PR Daily

In my first PR agency job, during the times that drove us crazy, the owner had a favorite line: “This would be such a great business if it weren’t for the clients.” But many years later, it’s still a reminder of the unique pressures of the agency life. There are the politics of the agency itself, those of the client company, and those of journalists and partners. Here are some of the top PR agency “pet peeves” that are probably familiar to many communications professionals.

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Elevator Pitch or Twitter Pitch?

Waxing UnLyrical

From what I have observed since I started working in this industry, practitioners and agency heads still place more emphasis on traditional methods of communicating and facilitating news and story ideas to the media. We love following up with them after pitching an interview/story idea. Recently at my workplace (I work at a PR agency in India), I gave a presentation on the importance of social media for our work. Elevator Pitch or Twitter Pitch?

The future of PR: an interview with Maja Pawinska Sims

Stephen Waddington

An interview with Maja Pawinska Sims is a rite of passage for anyone in the PR industry. Like many agency types making their way in the industry I pitched her stories. The top ten agencies in the world bounced back after less than one per cent growth in 2017 to 4.9% They are performing more strongly than most agencies. This differentiates them from the holding group agencies. The rise of the virtual agency is a related trend.

B2B PR Tips For Embargo Pitching In A Crazy News Cycle

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PR agency teams are always strategizing about how to tell stories that elevate a brand’s presence through earned media. Once the exclusive runs at an agreed upon date and time, the story can be pitched widely to the broader media targets. As with any pitch, keep it succinct and clear.

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PR Pitches Journalists Will Love

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Recently an editor acquaintance of mine told a public relations seminar that she didn’t care how PR pros pitched her as long as they didn’t waste her time. Yet getting your approach just right can still be daunting, so we thought it a good time to revisit the rules for successful story pitching. Keep your pitch under 200 words. The best pitches are often those that point out a connection to a hot trend.

Agency Life 101: Nicole Bestard, Account Director

Shift Communications

For my team, for my clients, for the Agency. And then throughout the day I’m checking in on email, monitoring client requests on multiple accounts, fielding new business requests, troubleshooting with the team, jumping in on impromptu discussions around a pitch strategy, media conversation or PR plan that I hear happening all around me. Would you talk about the importance of this in agency life, and how it connects to the larger culture at SHIFT?

Agency 117

How to add some personality to your PR pitch

PR Daily

What most people don’t realize is that building relationships with writers begins at the pitching stage. That’s why Fractl interviewed 500+ writers at publications like Bustle, CNBC and Huffington Post to uncover how developing your personal voice can help your emails get opened and read—and get some responses. Most writers at high-domain-authority publications said they receive over 30 pitches a day, and about 23% admit to never reading them.

5 boxes to check in a PR job interview

PR Daily

College seniors are navigating the crucial—and nerve-racking—job interview season. They have absorbed an overwhelming number of interview preparation tips and know how to dress, walk into the room, sit, talk, present themselves, and more. As a result, recruiters and interviewers are disappointed—though somewhat understanding—when candidates show up with little or no actual news media experience. Find your voice before you get to the interview.

How to Pitch Media Exclusives In Tech PR

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But an exclusive typically means offering a key tidbit, news item, or interview to a single journalist with the understanding that he or she will be first. Let’s use this model to get the scoop on pitching media exclusives for B2B technology programs. PR pros don’t pitch exclusives for the biggest stories – those will typically drive enough coverage without making the first-crack commitment to one journalist. The $ pitches are no-brainers.

Lobbying for Your B2B Client or Pitch Idea

Shift Communications

For PR people, the definition of “relationship” is broad and can include meeting for drinks, discussions on social channels, chit chat about life before an interview, or always delivering on promises, like sources. Quite frankly, the best way to form a relationship with a journalist is to make sure he or she is relevant to your pitch, always serve up a good idea and always meet a promised deadline. I was recently speaking with a lobbyist that works with a client.

Four Ways to Streamline the Pitching Process


Pitching is an integral part of the PR process and communicators are always looking for ways to build meaningful media relationships for themselves and their clients. Here are a few ways you can streamline your pitching process. Major holidays are always a good opportunity for PR and marketing campaigns, but many publications require content pitches months ahead of the big day. Pitching to Canadian media?

There’s No One Path to Agency or Industry Life

Shift Communications

As with many industries these days, people come to agency life from all walks. They prove that it doesn’t matter where you went to school or if you have a PR, marketing or design degree – or even any direct industry experience – to get hired at an agency and be a kick@$$ pro. So whether you’re looking to make the move to agency life or to the industry in general, as someone who took a nontraditional path, let me be the first to say that it’s 100% doable.

Agency 122

Pitching IRL: Using PR for the Greater Good

Shift Communications

I mean, let’s face it, publicists are used to pitching all day, whether a product or corporate byline, it teaches you the value of research and how a well-thought out pitch can be used to tell a story. I’m going to pitch your story!” After tying his personal attributes into the pitch to further characterize Shay, I identified outlets who often share these stories with the hope they would cover his. The pitch received amazing feedbacks and some placements.

7 Pitching Tips For Better Tech PR

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Universal pitching rules apply here, but a few twists are in order when it comes to getting out technology news. In some ways, pitching tech is more straightforward than working with mass media or consumer lifestyle publications, since the parameters for what tech journalists cover are more specific and well defined. Here are our Tech Practice Director Chris Harihar’s best tips for generating better tech PR in day-to-day media pitching.

Smart PR: 6 Stories NOT To Pitch Media

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Based on our experience, we’ve identified examples of when NOT to pitch that will help make clearer the line between self-serving nonsense and the stories journalists need. Avoid the following pitches, and make media contacts look forward to your ideas or contact you when they need an assist. Unless it’s an editor’s specific job to report on moves or changes to the corporate org chart, he won’t appreciate you clogging an in-box with pitches.

How to successfully pitch podcasts

PR Daily

How can marketers like you get your CEO or brand spokesperson interviewed on a podcast that’s heard by tens of thousands, or even millions, of listeners? Just as challenging, how can you convince your CEO that securing a podcast interview could be as valuable for your company as an interview in “Bloomberg Businessweek?” Many podcasts combine the audio interview with text, so your audience can consume your messages in both print and audio form.

Pitching etiquette – How to effectively follow up your media pitch with a journalist

Public Relations Sydney

A media pitch effectively sells a story idea to a journalist and is often in the form of an email, though it can be pitched over the phone as well. The key is to know how to draft a winning media pitch. So now you’ve come up with a great story idea, researched the publications and journalists to contact and sent the media pitch. Remember journalists receive hundreds of emails and phone calls a day and unfortunately not all media pitches are investigated.

10 keys to pitching success during the holidays

PR Daily

Conventional wisdom calls for PR to avoid media pitching during the holiday season, unless the story has a definite holiday-related theme. That perception prompts PR agencies and departments to shift into low gear—or completely stop producing and pitching before and after the holidays. Because most PR departments relax, PR pros who pitch in December find less competition for media attention. Follow pitching best practices.

6 stories not worth a pitch

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Avoid the following pitches if you want to stay on good terms with media contacts: 1. Unless it’s an editor’s job to report on changes to the organization chart, don’t bother with this pitch. The agency backed it up with facts and started pitching it. The clients didn’t want to “waste” the idea, but they also didn’t want the agency to change it much. Consequently, when the team went to pitch the re-packaged idea, it quickly died.

Want the Best Pitch? The No-Fail Checklist For Improved B2B Public Relations

B2B PR Sense

Their finger is already poised on that delete button, so you need to give them a reason to open and consider your pitch. Think of your pitch as the opening of a sales call. If you can’t do this, your pitch is toast. Your Checklist to a B2B Public Relations Email Pitch That Hits It Out of the Park. Do your research thoroughly so that your pitch will be relevant, not an annoyance. Personalize Your Pitch. Offer additional help or an interview.

B2B 207

20 common PR habits that drive journalists bonkers

PR Daily

Here’s what not to do—in no particular order, as they’re all important: Mass email your press release with no pitch or an impersonal pitch. Send lengthy pitches, maundering rather than quickly saying why they should care. Pitch them without ever reading any of their work. Pitch a story they would never write. Set up an interview with an unprepared and/or rude client spokesperson. Media Relations PR pitching pitching tips PR pitch PR pitching

8 ways to select the perfect PR agency

PR Daily

The time has come to hire a new PR agency; with so much at stake, you’ve got to get this right. Hiring a new agency is both exciting and daunting: It’s a big opportunity with lots at stake, yet you have to squeeze it in while doing your primary job. You want to hire an agency that will grow with you into the future, but that’s becoming increasingly difficult. According to the Bedford Group , the average client-agency relationship tenure in 1984 was 7.2 Agency size.

5 traits that give PR agencies a leg up

PR Daily

Organizations both big and small turn to PR pros—sometimes in-house, sometimes from agencies—to boost brand awareness, strengthen their reputations and increase sales. PR agencies can also specialize in certain industries, such as financial or health care organizations, and their employees can be experts in certain strategies, such as social media marketing, keyword optimization, media relations and crisis communications. Creating and executing communications efforts aren’t easy.

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PR Interviews: Heather Baker Editor of the B2B PR Blog

Norton's Notes

As you are probably aware over the last few months I have been interviewing PR practitioners from all over the world as part of my interview series called 20:20 Vision. The concept of these interviews is that I ask each practitioner 20 questions about themselves and they give us a brief glimpse into their working lives and what makes them tick. The first interview was with Arik C. Get your agency or team to commit to delivering against them.